IAA:  What is your music background?

RENEGAD3:  Growing up, I would freestyle on my walks to and from school. One day, I listened to the Marshall Mathers LP and recorded myself rapping along with “The Way I Am” instrumental.  I wrote my first full song and had my first studio session in 8th grade. I stayed persistent and eventually found my voice.  My skills have gotten better, and I ended up landing a #1 spot on Reverbnation and onenumbermusic.com for Indiana and Oklahoma.  I know that hard work pays off.

IAA:  What inspired you to pursue music?

RENEGAD3:  Honestly it’s hard to explain because I can name many artists that have inspired me to pick up a pen. I never wanted my music to  sound identical to the type of music those artists were doing. I wanted to sound different but good at the same time.  The beats I heard through the years have inspired me more than the lyrics. I would  hear hi hats and want to speed up my tempo. I would hear a deep bass and want to make a trunk banger. I would hear a piano or strings and want to make something deep and relatable. I would often listen to hundreds of beats a day and freestyle in my garage, until I found one I wanted to write to.  Some beats are so inspiring. For example, “Changes” by Tupac has a great beat and so does “The Way I Am” By Eminem.  That beat was the darkest beat I heard that made me go crazy. More recently I have found myself getting inspired by beats I hear off of soundclick.com

IAA:  What are your songs about?

RENEGAD3:  My songs vary. I write songs about my life, about my son, about the type of parties we had, or about the type of girls that are from my hometown. I turn all the stuff that I’ve have done or witnessed into music.

IAA:  Do you write your own music?

RENEGAD3:  Yes, I do. I have over 100 notebooks in my closet that have lyrics on every single page and even on the brown side.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

RENEGAD3:  The first time my mom actually allowed me to buy a cd with explicit content I bought “N.W.A The Greatest Hits.”  From them, I moved on to Biggie, Pac, Dr. Dre, Eminem, T.I., Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Nelly, Chamillionaire, Bone Thugs N Harmony. My more recent influences have been Yelawolf, MGK, Wiz Khalifa and myself.  I always want to do better than my last piece of work.

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?

RENEGAD3:  My music has a mid-west style, fast tempos, hard punch lines and clever/witty metaphors and similes. My music is meaningful with a twist of just don’t give a F***. Based on Reverbnation, my fan base consists of ages 10 to 60. I try and make songs for everyone. I write everything from party to angry to sad to funny songs.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artists?

RENEGAD3:  I stand out because I have my own style, flow, lyrics, and wordplay. I can’t stand when everyone wants to sound the same. To me, that’s not being a true artist.  If you are truly an artist, the majority of your material should be unique and original.

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

RENEGAD3:  I’m working on a couple tracks for my boy Fat Guy’s mix-tape at the moment. I am also in the process of recording an album using all of my own beats, so in the meantime expect some collabos. I will be releasing a smaller mix-tape before the album is released. Everything will be coming soon.

IAA:  What are your career goals, where do you see yourself?

RENEGAD3:  My career goals are to do music for a living, provide a future for my son, perform on the biggest stages, and work with a lot of my musical influences. Obviously, I also want to make money. Me always fighting to achieve my goals and never giving up will feel like all the money in the world.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

RENEGAD3:  You can access my music on reverbnation.com/renegad3 and numberonemusic.com/renegad3 or follow me on twitter #Renegad33 You can contact me through any of those sites or my Facebook page which you can find through those links.









  1. Showing some love and support!! I’m lucky to be by your side:) you are sooooo talented!!!! Keep up the GREAT work and dont let anything stop you from reaching your goals or making your dreams come true. I love how original you are and that you write all of your own songs. Geeeeet it whiteboy!!!

  2. Homeboy Ethan!!! Glad you found something in life that makes you happy! Keep being you and stay real! I miss your craziness in the Fort. Come back and visit when you can and let me know when 🙂 I still have the song you wrote for me. Your good at what you do, so never give up!!

  3. Your a true inspiration and I love your music . I really like how you throw in true facts that have happened . It reminds me of a lot of things that have happened. I’m proud of you and happy. I am a fan but even more I am a supporter !!!

  4. It’s ya boi Fat Guy stoppin in to show my boi
    Renegade some luv I see ya dude do ya thang
    Holla at me on more beats if u need em

  5. My nigga this shyt is raw ur word play is sick ur speed is raw ur hooks are catchy u got it all my nigga keep up the good work and shoot ya boi sum new shyt asap

  6. Such a talented young artist, SOO happy all your hard work is starting to pay off cuz! Keep doing your thing, much love! 🙂

  7. Renegad3 youre a true inspiration to young artists coming up in the music industry, just goes to show that hard work really does pay off.

  8. so much talent, I haven’t been so into what an artist spits in a very long time! i’ll keep up with this one for sure!

  9. It’s your time homie, you’ve done nothing but grow since you put your mind to the music game. Whoever gives you your chance WILL NOT regret it. Your one of a kind, your a renagede never been afraid to say what’s on you mind at any given time or day

  10. This is my grandson and I am so proud of him for his accomplishments. He has his dream, his focus and he keeps driving towards that! You go Ethan! You will realize your dreams sooner than you think! I love you, Granma Nancy

  11. Ever since I heard you the first time on your little mini recorder when you were in grade school, I knew you had mad skills son! You are a true lyrical artist! Your words have and will help someone, someplace, at some time! I Love what you do! I Love you! Momma, is a VERY proud Momma!

  12. Here’s the deal, he’s the best there is, plain and simple. He wakes up in the morning and he pisses excellence.
    Keep your head held high bro, nobody can stop you now, work harder everyday and show em what you got.

  13. This is my son who is very talented…. Love his music!!!!
    Be a sport and support….thank you all and most of all thank you Ethan…..

  14. Im SOOO proud of you Ethan! I remember sitting in the garage listening to track after track and couldn’t decide which one was my favorite! You have came such a long way! You are very talented and I knew from the beginning you would go far, and look at you now! Good luck with everything and keep up the good work! <3

  15. Renegad3 you my brotha much love from me here bro we been through alot your a great man and an excellent artist wish the best of luck my dude!

  16. Renegad3 you deserve this bro your perseverance is unmatched your a great man and an excellent artist. I know you aint doing it for the cash you have a extraordinary mind and personality that you express through music,you’ve touched people all around the world in a positive way, I’m honored to be the god father of Bentley and to be apart of the family i love you bro keep up the hard work fam.

  17. It’s about time bruh! I’m so proud of you and I’m looking forward to what god has bestowed before you. Youre sich a talented person theres no way someone is going to let that go to waste. You’re forever in my prayers and I love ya bruh !! And good luck on everything!

  18. That’s my boy! Go big or go home. You got that swagger it takes to make it bro! Keep your head right and your homeboys tight! For your back and you know that. Just remember be you!
    God bless ya and keep doing what your doing man!
    Music is life! We ride together we die together!
    ON1 for life

  19. Ethan, keep doing your thing! You work hard everyday at work, then taking care of your son when you’re off and maintaining your family, friendships and home. Somehow, you still make time to do what you have always loved. Everyone who truly knows you cant be anything but proud! Getting your name out there can take time and the persistence that you continue to show. This has been snowballing for years through all your hard work and raw talent. Whoever invests in your talent–with your level of intensity, passion, and creative ambition–would be very wise to do so. You’ve had some offers in the past and have been wise to be patient in waiting for something that just feels right. You collaborate with many other great artists! All the while you stay grinding with your pen and pad and producing your own. You consistently grow and have developed your artistry. It goes to show that you are also very business minded and are staying true to yourself! I have to say its rare when I hear someone that lyrically blows my mind these days, but you’ve got that. You always have; just keeping it real. You share your experiences and paint your picture in your music and people can feel what you’re putting out. You also have an ear for beats and can get a crowd going with the catchy club hopping jams. You are truly amazing and diverse. You would be an asset to any label! Most importantly you enjoy what you are doing and your ambition will take you far! Much love!

  20. Fantastic for you. Congrats on the write up. Good Luck Ethan from all of us here. Your a “keeper”. Never stop fishing for what is yours. The lake is always here. I know you can do whatever you set your mind and heart on. Hope the ole’ truck served ya your cousin was glad to let it go!! We Love ya and will look forward to keeping track of your artistic ventures. Take care of yourself and your family. Let us know when your in town. Love you very much. Beautiful little boy you have :)!

  21. Ethan,
    You have always been so talanted and have always done things yoir way. I am so happy for you and I hope it pays off for you. I know you are doing what you like to do. Keep up the good work for you and your family. Love you Gama Alice

  22. I always Knew You would go far with ur music. God gave you a great talent.Enjoy It, Be Safe. I am Sooooooooo Proud of you. I love you Keep up the hard work.

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