Multi-talented/Rapper Songwriter/Actor/Producer/ Composer/Activist, and Vocalist Dirty Red “Da Gift” is a major star on the rise. The Champaign, Illinois native, whom now resides in Anaheim California, has spent most of his young life surrounded by talented musicians and entertainers. He has embraced all aspects of the music industry and is conquering it at an astonishing rate. Dirty Red “Da Gift’s” captivatingly handsome looks, charm, and charisma make him the new “Gift” for all longing for a clean hot new artist that all the women will want to be with and the men want to imitate. Make sure you check out his critically acclaimed album “Now Hiring Haters”

As an artist, Dirty Red “Da Gift”, has been compared to Tupac lyrically also in style. Dirty Red “Da Gift” has a strong knowledge of today’s musical compositions and a love of “old school”. Uniquely hot in his stage presence and lyrical ability adapting song to fit the crowd, Dirty Red “Da Gift exudes class and charisma. The buzz is that Dirty Red “Da Gift” is the new era in music. His music ranges from mellow hip hop fusion to hardcore rap, leaving the audience craving more.

IAA:  What is your music background?

DIRTY RED “DA GIFT”:  I come from a long line of musicians so it’s been passed down through generations of gospel singers, blues singers, and of course rap and r&b.

IAA:  What inspired you to pursue music?

DIRTY RED “DA GIFT”:  Pursuing music was inevitable and was instilled in me. I had a passion for music from as far back as I can remember. I loved performing, rapping, and singing at a young age at family functions. As I got older I just pressed harder towards it and got more serious with it. I have dedicated my life to making it my career.

IAA:  What are your songs about?

DIRTY RED “DA GIFT”:  My songs are about life experiences ranging from love, passion, and pain.  I try to rap about things going on in my life, going on around me, and current events. I can only speak the truth, “How it is, is what it is.”

IAA:  Do you write your own music?

DIRTY RED “DA GIFT”:  Yes I do, no ghost writer needed. Not only do I write my own music, I also write for other artists in every genre.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences?

DIRTY RED “DA GIFT”:  First and foremost my family have been a strong influence.  I definitely have to say I have been influenced by Tupac, Scarface, R Kelly and last but definitely not least Michael Jackson to name a few. So many different artists have influenced me, but these artists have made the most impact with me when it comes to my musical career.

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?

DIRTY RED “DA GIFT”:  My music is real life no holds barred everyday everybody music. My music is relatable to everyone. I have a song for every occasion and every kind of listener.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artist?

DIRTY RED “DA GIFT”:  I have a unique sound of my own, and as I said earlier I have music everybody can enjoy. I have music for every kind of occasion and every kind of listener. There is no box for me. I’m not just a rapper or singer. I am a true artist that express myself in all of my work. I produce, I arrange, I master, I mix and I can play any instrument I touch.

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects, you are currently working on?

DIRTY RED “DA GIFT”:  Right now I’m in the studio working on my newest album self-titled “Da Gift.”  I’m doing a lot of collaborations with well respected names in the industry who’s names will be revealed when my album comes out.  I don’t want to give up the goodies yet, but I know the people are going to love it. I’m about to start a short 11 city promo tour to begin midsummer. Right now I’m currently performing all over Southern California.

IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10years?

DIRTY RED “DA GIFT”:  I want to boost my record sales, raise my company, sign artists, gain a phenomenal fan base, and make a major impression on the music industry. I see myself an established entrepreneur and mogul owning a fortune 500 business. I want to give opportunities to those with similar goals and ambitions.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

DIRTY RED “DA GIFT”:  I am on every major media social network but the easiest and fastest way to find me is to Google Dirty Red “Da Gift” to find music, videos, show and tour dates and whatever else I’m doing.



  2. Da Gift is exactly what you are….very talented artist you get and have my full support every song I hear I love keep up the good job your the next best thing very proud of you headed straight to top!!

  3. WTF..cant get enough of this Dirty Red Da Gift shit be bump’in He from the land of the Fighting ILLINI !!! great artical guys

  4. WHen does the album drop? When it does I want it autographed because I know that this is only the beggining of something great.

  5. I seen this artical on my girls facebook and I was pissed,but dude be on some real shit..Now if only I could get my bitch off his dick ..she be killing me dirtyred this dirtyred that..

  6. Hey Man, good to hear all the great stuff they wrote about you. It was definatly an inspiring interview, looks like they finally gonna give you the props you deserve. Keep up the hard work and perserverance, see you at the top!

    • One of the Hardest working men I know. They are finally gonna give him the chance he needs to prove to them why they call him Da Gift

  7. Finally real music… “Da Gift” offer a large array of music that is pleasing to all age groups. Keep it coming….the world is yours!!

    • Da Gift’s music is the real deal your right his music is the truth and made for everyone anyone who appreciates music needs to check out DirtyRed Da Gift…..

    • No other way or option for Da Gift….but straight to the top!!!! If you ever get the chance to see Dirty Red perform it will be the best experience you will see

  8. Dirty Red is doing big things! Nice to see people following their dreams and being successful at the same time.

  9. GREAT WORK ! Continue to be true to who you are! I’ve enjoy your music on iTunes and your videos on YouTube. I look forward to hearing more from you.Keep it UP…

    • GREAT WORK ! Continue to be true to who you are Red Da Gift! I’ve enjoy your music on iTunes and your videos on YouTube. I look forward to hearing more from you.Keep it UP…

  10. I am so proud of you and all tha you are doing!! Keep up the good work and keep God first! I see big things to come for you!! Love ya=)

  11. Da Gift is phenomenal, simply amazing never can get enough don’t think the world is ready for you nothing but greatness headed your way much love to you my full support!!!

  12. Got a chance to see him do a show he was one of the realest I’ve saw in awhile music for everyone. Keep hard work up my brother

  13. Funny thing is I just heard your music the other day on reverbnation & I have to admit your headed straight to the top your amazing!!

  14. First off I have to say the man has the right name, because he is TRUELY gifted.. His range and depth is amazing. I’ve had one of his cd’s playing in my whip for months now and everywhere I go someone ask who’s that. I hope the world is ready for the takeover because I have no doubt Da Gift & Top Secret Records is about to show up and show out… IJS