Dynasti-The Don Diva, formally known as Janeisha Smith, is a small town artist from Des Moines, Iowa; aspiring to share her talent with the world. Having acquired the gift of writing, she embarked on her journey of becoming a legendary phenomenon at the age of 13. Unknowing the reaction to her creations would be so stupendous, she continued to write her life within her songs. The Antidote, is what she calls her music, because regardless of the circumstance music is always the perfect medicine. It allows her to explore different avenues of her mind, exhausting every emotion in order to turn them into Dynasti ammo. Ambitious and dedicated to the lifestyle, Dynasti is on a mission to contribute her Midwest flavor to the industry. Why the name Dynasti? Dynasty with a “Y” defines an empire of powerful ruling figures usually within a family. Dynasti with an “I” slightly means the same thing, however being that she is a party of one the “I” signifies her singularity. As far as Don Diva goes, it speaks for itself.

For 8 years Dynasti has committed herself to perfecting her craft and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. Music is her life and she looks at every opportunity as a chance to give the world a piece of her. Slowly but surely presenting parts of her puzzle in order to complete her life painting. Why give the world that much? It’s all about connecting with her fans, if the people that support her cannot relate then who is to say those that haven’t heard her will. “Give a little to get a little” she says, “Or maybe in this case give a lot to get a lot, either way it has to be done”. It is not about the fame or “living the life” for her it’s more so about proving that there still is genuine good music being made. No one is left out with Dynasti, she tries to reach out to as many people as she can putting forward something that they can feel while still being true to herself. With influences like; Mary J Blige, Usher, Monica, and Jay Z how could she not. It has been a long road to get to where she is now and for that matter why stop? Not only does she possess the drive but also the potential to be a star. So look out world she’s on the move and nothing is going to slow her down.


IAA:  What is your music background?


DYNASTI – THE DON DIVA:  I started writing poetry when I was 13 years old, and then one day I decided to experiment to see if I could make one into a song. I accomplished that and everyone I showed loved it, so I kept it going. That motivated me to do more, which brings me to where I am today.


IAA:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?


DYNASTI– THE DON DIVA I want to record and release my music because it helps me express myself. If there happens to be someone out in the world that is going through the same thing I am, I just want them to know they are not alone even when they think they are. I want to touch people in all areas of the world with as many aspects of life I can, whether good or bad.


IAA:  What are your songs about?


DYNASTI– THE DON DIVA My songs are about any and everything I go through, witness, and feel.


IAA:  Who is your fan base directed towards?


DYNASTI– THE DON DIVA My fan base is directed toward the 18-30 range age bracket because of the content of my music.


IAA:  Who are your musical influences?


DYNASTI– THE DON DIVA I love the old school and meaningful rap so artists such as; Mary J Blige, Usher, Monica, and Jay-Z have influenced me.


IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?


DYNASTI– THE DON DIVA My music is laid back with a smooth vibe type of sound. I have a little bit of everything for everyone. I am a realest, which means my music is not very metaphoric but realistic so to speak.


IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artists?


DYNASTI– THE DON DIVA I stand out because I have the ability to do so much with my voice whether I am rapping or singing. I can make an R&B song and have people under the impression that I am just a singer and vice versa with rapping. All the while I am diverse with my music and dibble dabble in a little of everything


IAA:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?


DYNASTI– THE DON DIVA I am currently working on my solo mixtape, as well as other mixtapes with other local artist. I have my hands in many projects at the moment.


IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


DYNASTI– THE DON DIVA My career goal is to be successful in what I love, which is my music. I see myself living comfortably, owning my own record label, and being my own boss. In all I am striving to be the best I can be at my craft. I like helping others so I am definitely aiming to give back as much as I can and that includes doing anything in my power to assist anyone with fulfilling their dreams. I also want to put my city on the map to give the world a feel for where I am from.


IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

DYNASTI– THE DON DIVAwww.reverbnation.com/dondiva21https://www.facebook.com/neish.smith?ref=tn_tnmn





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  2. Music is totally got and Dynastic is defiently real and comes hard with her music. She is defiently what’s up and will have you totally into her music.

  3. Her music is one of a kind. her flow mos deff got u like damn nd gives them goose bumps that make you go oooh wee!! She’s deff. the one of best artist in DMI! sHAOOW!!

  4. Girl this article was very nice… your music is very uplifting and you are always bringing something new to the table. . Love ur raps but loooove ur voice .ur going places ma I see it…. don’t forget about me… we still need to hop n the studio too. Love ya…. ur fave lab partner—- laura lol

  5. This sistah has a lot 2 say and is worthy of your ears. If you don’t get a chance to listen, do it now or you’ll miss out! Dynasti has got “it” and that’s what makes a MC

  6. Yo, If there’s anybody that can make it out the IA, It’s this girl right here the Don D. Her music is so versatile, she can give you any kind of music you prefer listening to while still being herself. Keep doin’ ya stuff girl, I’m a fan.

  7. She is the Don Diva!! Her music is so surreal that you can relate to whatever it is she is rapping or singing about. She has what it takes to me in this business she pays attention to everything and so detailed in her creation keep it movin young lady!! You got my vote!!

  8. Dynasti “The Don Diva” is a very talented young woman. She brings a lot to the table in her music that will keep you captivated the beat, her words will just make you want to dance or just bob your head!! I hope this young lady goes far in life and her music good luck in all you do!!!

  9. This young lady has it goin on!!! She can sing, rap and write her own music wow!!! You don’t see that too often… All I can say is I love your music!! keep that hard drive you have in this industray and stay focused on what is real. I feel you will make it one day cause I’m your biggest Fan right here in the DMI!!!! Get Grimmie wit it!!!

  10. You can definitely hear the talent and versatility through her music without question. With the movement she has the potential to create behind her craft, it shows a sense of a voice for the city of Desmoines that is very well needed. PLUS, she goes hard. Straight like that. I support 1000%

  11. I think you’ve always been such a motivated and dedicated artist. Your talent has been undeniable since such a young age. I really like your music because it has its own style that is not like anything I hear from other aspiring artists and from mainstream music. The struggles that you do write and sing/rap about are so personal that I think your listeners can connect to. Overall, plain and simple, I think it is amazing that you can rap AND sing!

  12. Glad to see Dynasti finally get noticed again. Everytime I hear her music I think, “why isnt she on yet?” Ahaa, but seriously.. She could be the one to change shit for Iowa as far as rapping goes. Definitely got my support no doubt.

  13. Her music is fresh! She is truly devoted to her craft. I wish nothing but the best for her success. Work hard, like she does, and she shall be rewarded! You go girl!

  14. One if the best female artist to come out of the midwest hands down….glad to see you get your recognition from your hooks to a hot 16 you got what it takes to blow a triple threat with a great work ethic Ms.Don Diva Dynasti

  15. I’ve listened to your music when your mom brings it in to work and you are a very talented young lady…. Stay true in what you do and you will go far by the way I really liked your profile story on yourself very moving.


  16. I read your profile it was very nice stay focused and don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do it cause they are wrong!!! Your picture is the sexy look lol!!

  17. Keep that motivation and drive and congrats to you young lady!!!! I know your mom is very proud of you…. Loved your article about yourself and how you got started singing and rapping nice…..

  18. We need more people from Iowa to make it!!!! Keep pushin @ working hard and your reward will be waiting. (Keep your nose to the grind stone) and remember to put God first you will go far……

  19. Good luck in all you do I liked your story very nice and I love the pic you have on display. Your music reaches out to everyone that listens even older people like me lol!!! You have my support!!! I’m happy for you!!!

  20. whas good sis “O” U know a nigg love u, keep doin ya thing and shittin on these niggas, and I do mean niggas. “FUCK NIGGAS, BITCHES TOO ALL WE GOT IS THIS MONEY, SHIT, THIS A DOOOOO

  21. Hey lil sis u coo I love your music u need to keep doin u and nobody else. Hope u stay strong and move forward dont forget everybody else because they will forget u love u.

  22. yea my nigga definately verbally.talented and needs to be heard world wide. she has a story to tell so.EVERYONE get.ready.for.the.ckome up

  23. Love the flow and the realness that comes from your music. You can tell this is really you and your not trying to be something your not. Real Midwest music. Its about time DMI/IA got some shine and Im happy your representing us RIGHT.

  24. S/O to Dynasti for grinding hard and putting out real and great music. she go hard for those of y’all who has not herd. Go listen to her and i bet you won’t skip a track!!!


  26. I had the chance to work with this talented young woman on several occassions, from recording, producing,performing, & videos this cat has got it. Determination and drive for the best. By far the dopest female Emcee in Iowa. Shes got those die hard lyrics when needed and can easily switch it up for hot track. Theres nothing here to hold this woman back and it was my privilage to work with her. Big things are down any road she travels.

  27. special s/o to my good friend and truely one of my fav artists. so much heart, drive, commitment,and talent all equal the ingredients of a great artist folks your lookin’ at the next best thing!!!! real music right here!!!! keep on <3


  29. thank you everyone I appreciate and love all of you make sure to check out my new single Straight Like Dat and drop ya feedback about that as well

  30. Ayye Yo!!! Wats up Dynasti?!! Showin Madd Love!!!! Really appreciate the support, sincerely! #Teamwork Makes DreamsWork! Ya digg! Stay real.

  31. Dynasti, Dynasti, Dynasti…there isn’t anything you make that I don’t love even when you think its wack lol Best of Luck!!!

  32. the girl has got what it takes to be the next be thing coming out of iowa…don’t forget bout me when you blow up

  33. just starting to learn patience and it sucks cus u with that voice… you aint got nothing to wait for you got it all right now!!! keep at it