Lesson7 is a creative combination of Rock, Hop-Hop, Pop, and Soul. Created in the cold winter of 2009, Lesson7 has endured the elements and has continuously written ground-breaking music that has created a fusion of genres all its own. With melodic vocals layered over powerful grooves in conjunction with precise lyrical delivery, Lesson7’s music is cutting edge and explosive, yet warm and soulful. The show is an entertaining roller-coaster of energy and emotion- not to be missed.

IAA:  What is your music background?


LESSON7:  We all come from a really diverse musical background. Some of us have grown up on Classic Rock and Metal, while others R&B and Pop, and then others grew up on Hip-Hop. We all have been cross-pollinated through many ways and influenced by everything from Acid Jazz, to Underground Hip-Hop, to Metal-core.


IAA:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?


LESSON7:  Playing music is something that we all love to do and we thoroughly enjoy the entire process. When a flash hits us there is an excitement in the room that is hard to explain. We want to get that out to people. We want to share a feeling. When you communicate with music you connect with all sorts of people, and we want to share that connection in any way we can, live or recorded.


IAA:  What are your songs about?


LESSON7:  We write music that comes from the heart. We all write and contribute and therefore the musical concepts come from many places. Some of our music is tied to a social-conscious message, some of it hate, some of it love, some of it is simply about having a good time. We don’t draw lines in the sand. We create music that tells a story and relates to concepts that everybody deals with throughout life.


IAA:  Who is your fan base directed towards?


LESSON7:  Our fan base is wild. We get videos of 8-year-old kids singing along to our songs. We have had 50 year olds stopping us in the street to talk about our songs. We don’t directly target a fan base per se. We do appeal to a younger crowd because of certain production techniques and upbeat grooves, but we also appeal to an older crowd too. We would like to think it’s because we write good music that connects with people and as long as we do that, our music will be universal.


IAA:  Who are your musical influences?


LESSON7:  We all have so many influences it is hard to list them all. Those influences range from Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, to The Roots and Jay-Z, to Incubus, Guster, and 311. This is something that we feel makes our music unique. We take this amalgam of music and stir the pot and we end up with something not unlike the music of our influences, but yet something unique unto itself. Our name reflects this concept. The many lessons one can learn if they just open their ears and their mind instead of closing themselves off to certain kinds of music.


IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?


LESSON7:  Our music is a combination Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Soul. We make music that connects with all sorts of people. Sometimes it’ll make you want the world to burn and other times it will push you to build. We express many emotions in our songs and it is raw.


IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artists?


LESSON7:  We are usually told that our eclectic mix, and our ability to perform well live separates us from other artists. We aren’t sure if it’s true. We feel that we are connected to other artists much more than separated. We like making connections, not separations.


IAA:  What are some upcoming projects you are working on?


LESSON7:  We are currently working our next album. We have about enough songs to fill two albums right now so we have plenty of material to draw from. It is exciting moving through this project, but the downside is always the cutting of songs from the album. They can’t all make the cut and sometimes those are hard decisions to make. We want the world to hear them all and, hopefully, eventually, it will, but decisions have to be made.


IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in ten years?


LESSON7:   Rockin’ a town near you. We love performing and traveling. We want to come to everybody’s hometown, wreck a venue, and just make those connections with people. Hopefully we continue to get to do that. It’s been great so far.


IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?


LESSON7:  Our fans can find us on our website: Lesson7band.com, as well as all of the other normal outlets of Amazon and Itunes, Spotify, etc. We also have a Reverbnation page and even a couple Facebook pages under Lesson Seven and Lesson7. We love getting mail and we respond to it. We are working on getting some cool things put together for our fan club which you can find on our website. Contact us. We want to hear from our fans.




  1. Lesson 7 is, by far, the most talented group of musicians to come out of the Midwest in the last couple of years. The live shows are high energy and their first CD is awesome. I can’t wait to see these guys make it big.

  2. I checked them out on their Reverbnation page and their Youtube. Very LEGIT! It looks like Myles Jury (pro UFC fighter) uses their songs to walk to the cage too. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of them before!

  3. Lesson 7 brings under appreciated diversity and realism to the world of Hip Hop/Rock. Content, delivery and cohesiveness are only a few of qualities they have build their foundation on. It has been a pleasure to catch these guys perform. Their work ethic and commitment to making good music rivals that of any artist in any genre.

  4. When I first saw these guys play a few years ago, they were awful. But they were a new band and you could tell they just needed more time practicing together. Today its easy to see how much work and dedication they have put in to become one of the best bands out of Iowa. Their genre is unique in that they really cannot be defined, I still struggle in describing their style. It’s awesome because every song sounds entirely different than the one before.

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  6. Great Band! Saw them here in KC not to long ago. They have amazing stage presence and outstanding vocals and lyrics. The drummer is probably one of the most enthused drummers I’ve seen live. Almost every song played sounds exactly like it was recorded and that just shows that it doesn’t take a lot of editing to make them sound great. Over all Great Band! Big Props From Kansas City!

  7. Lesson Seven is by far THEE best band I have heard in ages!! Their cd is amazing from start to finish!! Every song my daughter sings along too. And their shows are second to none! At the end of every show they ALWAYS leave you wanting more and searching for their next show. I’m excited for the nice weather to start and see more of them this summer!! #showgang

  8. Lesson 7 is an entertaining band with a one of a kind sound. The mix of genres is captivating. These boys know how to rock the stage and make sure their fans get the show they came for!

  9. This band is amazing! So much talent and energy….live shows are the bomb!

    You become hypnotized n just crave more!

    Can’t wait for the rest of the world to discover them….destined for the big time!

  10. Have seen this band play a lot and it’s always a great time. Love all the different genres of music they put out. Love going to their shows!

  11. Lesson 7 is an awesome band who seems to have no ceiling. Everytime I see them they are better than the last time. I honestly believe the sky is the limit for them. They are a great group of guys and are the best live band in Iowa that I have seen.

  12. I’ve seen this band perform multiple times and every time they seem to throw a better show then the time before. They really get the crowd involved and all members have a stage presence that really works with the others on stage

  13. Honestly, I’m shocked they aren’t on tour bringing their awesome music that makes you move, dance, jump, and sing along as lous as you can… Specially their LIVE shows!! I’ve never followed a spacific band/artist regardless how famous they were, but LESSON 7 you’ve made me a true fan!!#showgang Give them a chance and see what happens, you won’t regret it…

  14. Lesson7- Quality! Uniqueness! Energetic! Stellar performances- I enjoy every minute they are on stage! #ShowGang

  15. Been rockin along with Lesson 7 since ’09, Always a good time, Always bringing the energy. Looking forward to the next album and can’t wait till they go mainstream. With the hard work and dedication this band puts in to bringing their fans the best show around, they damn sure deserve it!

  16. These guys are amazing, best act in town. They always put on an electric performance. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for lesson7!!!

  17. Couldn’t find a more dedicated group of guys….to their music, to their lyrics, to their fans! Love’em!

  18. Having had the pleasure of seeing Lesson7 play, I have to say, They really have a great live sound and ability to connect with thier audience! I’m excited to see them getting more and more good press, and to have many more opportunities to attend shows in the future!

  19. Great article! These guys rock the house and always please the crowd. What I like most is they take time and get to know the fans and value their input. These guys are on the upswing!

  20. The best local band. Amazing talent and always coming up with great new material. These guys are really going to make it!

  21. Lesson Seven is an extremely talented group of musicians FULL of energy. They keep their fans rockin and coming back for more! L7 is the best local band in Iowa! #showgang

  22. I’ll support these boys alllllllll day!! I’ve been a fan for a few years now, seen quite a few shows & every single show is full of so much energy & they just KILL it! Ridiculously amazing talent with passion you don’t find everyday! Their first cd is crazy good from the first track to the last. Proud to say they come out of the 515!

  23. Very talanted and entertaining band! First album is great from beginning to end! This band is a must see! I have been to the past 3 shows and definitely do not plan on missing shows in the future!

    • I’m one of the the 50 year old people you spoke of in your interview. I have to say your one the best bands I’ve rocked to ever!! And I love Lesson 7’s music and raw energy!! And I agree with the Dude who saw you in KC..the Drummer Bryan is sensational!!

  24. Their live shows are what set them apart from any other band you will see. They have the ability to catch the attention of the entire crowd, because of the diverse choice of music they play and are inspired by. There’s a Lesson7 song for everybody!

    From the #ShowGang dancing up front from the first to the last song, to the bartender working that night, to the kids at the all ages show… Everybody will enjoy a Lesson7 show!

    If you don’t know who Lesson7 is, make the effort to see one show… you will not be dissappointed!

  25. Great article. Great group of guys with great talent. Music everyone can get into and enjoy. These fellas rock it. They’re definitely on the rise.

  26. With high energy shows, a dynamic front crew & solid surrounding tunes…can’t wait to hear more of this bands’ sound….

  27. Lesson 7 is right on point, with their music & performances!! I love seeing them play live, b/c their show’s energy is so addicting! I usually don’t buy band CD’s whether they are well-known or not, but after the 1st Lesson 7 show I went to- I bought 5 copies & gave them out to my friends:) YES, they are that %$!*# awesome!!

  28. I have not had the pleasure of seeing you guys perform but ive had the pleasure of working with one of your members if im not mistaken The Gift is his name if not sorry lol. Anyway much love stop by my article and return the love we must all support eachother round these parts one love

  29. I’ve been watching these guys for a couple years now and I’m still amazed they aren’t signed. More talent that Kanye, Drake, or Lil’ Wayne will ever have

  30. I agree with Kevin. Their album is amazing and the new stuff I’ve heard is ridiculously good. The world needs to know already!

  31. L7 I look forward 2 checking u out..sounds entertaining! IA n here strong! Check me out as well on IAA spotlight RDS str8 out of DMI