IAA:  What is your music background?      

RDS:  My grandfather, Al Roland played with the great Cab Calloway. He really inspired me to start writing music. 

IAA:  What inspired you to do music?

RDS:  I was inspired to do music when I found out I was good at it. I would never rap in front of an audience until my homies in my neighborhood told me that I was the best they had ever heard.

IAA:  What are your songs about?

RDS:  My songs are all about real life experiences that I have been through. 

Everything that you hear from me is like an autobiography and a handbook of game all in one.

IAA:  Do you write your own music?

RDS:  Yes I write and produce my own music. 

IAA:  Who are your musical influences? Who are your currently listening to?

RDS:  As a kid, I grew up listening to the Isley Brothers, George Clinton, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. Michael Jackson influenced me to do music, and also KRS One and Public Enemy.  I currently listen to Snoop Dogg, JadaKiss, Young Jeezy, T.I., Rick Ross, and 50 Cent. I also like Kanye West because he elevated his game. 

IAA:  How would you describe your music?

RDS:  My music is rap meets funk again, but this time with an outrageous voice, lyrics, and true life stories.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artists?

RDS:  I stand out because of my originality, deliverance, and Midwest slang over West Coast swag.

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects that your are currently working on?

RDS:  Right now I am finishing up a 2 part album entitled, “The Black Book” Part 1 and 2 produced by myself and some family members I call the Madhouse Redemption.   

IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

RDS:  I want to elevate my own rap game and take it to different stages. I want to put what I call “reality rap” back into hip-hip. I want to go back to when hip-hop music gave you strong emotions while listening to it. In 10 years I’d like to see those goals accomplished and still be relevant in the game.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

RDS:  You can access the music on my site www.reverbnation.com/rds11and numberonemusic.com/rds  You can hit me up directly at lostcityrecords11@yahoo.com



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  2. Ron is true rap music is in his blood I have know ron for a long time and he has a gift keep doing you am a fan from the beginning

  3. I though the article was great and gave some insight into who RDS is. I’ve known him for years and he is very passionate about his music and to see someone who appreciates what they have and doing something with the talent they have make me continue to support them in their music career. I look forward to hearing more and can’t wait for the cd to come out….

  4. whats good rds,this boss fross.was already up on you bruh!lol..yeah,i said the same thing when i read the article.much love for the support and hopefully we can link up and change the game!!!keep it goin!!!

  5. I have known RDS for quite sum time, I always known him to be involved in music!! I like listening to music especially whn thrs a tru story behind it…. Im waiting for tha release Im mos def gettin a copy!!! At tha end of tha day RDS continue to do ur thing n SHINE!!! Thanks for sharing ur gift cuz….

  6. Ron you have always had great music. You are an amazing artist and I believe when the rest of the world gets to hear your album you will Truly indeed elevate the listeners mind. Keep it coming we are ready for more!!!

  7. Been waiting for RDS Album for over 7 years. I am hoping you get a chance to drop the Albu this year So the world can get a chance to hear your great music and production talent.

  8. Yo yo Ron’s Been in the rap game for a while working long days and nights to Represent and express himself reaching the street of the Des Moines,Listen to his music as seen through his eyes…Gongratz and the Best to you Ron

    Da P.O

  9. i cant wait for the whole world to hear how real rap is suppose to be done and believe me if u dont have game u will by the time u done listening to rds u will have much game madhouse redemption much love cuzzz

  10. That was a great interview Ron I’m proud of you and all your accomplishments Keep giving it to em can’t wait to hear your latest I also can’t wait to see u perform again see u at the top baby….

  11. Hey Ron,
    Keep doing your thang brah and keep the real hip hop alive and well. There are way too many moist cats in the game right now and I think you bring what has been lacking for a long time . Midwest flavor with west coast sound. “It ain’t easy mane” but can’t stop won’t stand. DMI Stand long & strong. “Cheah”

  12. Ron great look BRO…you been doing this for a min and you awready know I’m a fan bruh. Even tho I live in Houston I still rep DMI to fullest!!! when the album drop awready know imma get that huh?…lol…holla at me BRO…keep doing ya thing…never give up..

  13. RDS I can def see a collab in the future im always down to make greatness…thanks for the love I appreciate it not enough ppl round here like to give it when its due and im sure u kno that already but whenever u ready jus let me kno congrats on this here sir WE GOTTA PUT THE CITY ON FEEL ME!!!

  14. I knew you could do it! I’m really proud of all you’ve accomplished. You keep pushing forward. Your music is hot and thoughtful and provocative. Most importantly, it’s all you. And you rep DMI the best! MAD HOUSE!!

  15. What it wuz cuz? Its Redemption Time, get the phillipine its automatic, ya dig? Is that track in the black book, too? U know cuzn, u been stayin sleep on the hottest nigga to grip the mic since u cuz. Time to wake up. “Redemption time, get the phillipine its automatic”. U be the grip. I’ll be the trigger cuz. Pull me and watch me bust! But u already know that tho, lol!
    I’m really feelin the interview tho cuz. Precise, concise, and to the point. No additives or preservatives. Stayin true to form I see. Keep on pushin like Bun B cuz and let these polyurethane, now and later ass, sponge bob sqaure pants wearing, single celled amebias, know how to stay in they lane. U know no matter what, I’m ridin right next to u cuz.
    Congratulations on the coming release of “The Blackbook”. Its been a long time coming. Time for us to suit up and unleash the 515 upon the world. Let’s get it cuz.

  16. RDS is the deal. Real talk! We go way back (Eastside DMI) and we’ve worked together in the studio on a few tracks with me doing some background vocals. He is a true professional. His talent is legit and he works hard at his craft. Can’t wait to see him in the big lights. He’s due. Much Love Fam!!!

  17. I just want the people who read this to know that in the stidio or the booth as we like to call it. Ron is a fish in water which means right at home my mother and father both picies so i know how it feels to be at home rds is a map to success the road to redemption i just never thought it would feel so good Midwest shotodatruth

  18. what up RDS ? remember when you were one of the opening acts for young jeezy u did the damn thang then and I suspect you will continue to do so handle your business stay focussed and get yours

  19. I know theres ALOT of people tht should be leaving comments cause of the lov & clout u recieve out here evrytime u step out its enormous but i had 2 say U hav basicly inspired alot of the young crowd locally and 4 those who don t kno RDS has been doin this since a kid one of the first on the scene 2 open national concerts as the local act u was what? 14,15 I was a bit younger then but i ve heard and i ve now got 2 listen 2 the incriedible talent u hav especially when i found out all tracks where wrote & produced & arranged by u! Very Decent Im now inspired thru my music & look forward 2 listening & learning from u in the studio in the Future. U GOTTA BE NEXT!!! cause yr tardy 4 the PARTY!lol ALL LOV!

  20. True storey! I remember bac n like 94 or 95 i saw RDS he was younger then talkin 2 Tupac after a tupac concert in Des Moines at the i think it was called the Days inn at an after party! The two were talkin 4 awhile and 2pac told him 2 get ahold of digital underground. long story short he ended up performing with digital underground & humpty hump like 3 years later on the iowa state campus when they called him up on stage cuz the locals told humpty he was a rapper..funny how things happen Do u remember that RDS!!! I WAS THERE its funny how stuff happens! KEEP IT GOIN YR MUSIC IS SPECIAL!…by the way RIP TUPAC SHAKUR

  21. from East 17th to capital grown up back in the day always listening to your flow you drop me off a hot CD with the new hot track ask me how I liked it up in the studio why you making beats put your run to it I always knew you were going to be big don’t stop now Family its in sight all you have to do is go get it now the world can hear what we been listening to it for yearsdo your thing family DMI got your back.

  22. RDS!!! I feel ur music, ur bringin it in a “real way!!” MID-WEST!!!!!!…ur “the diamond in the ruff” cuz. U turn into sumthn else when that mic’s in ur hand, and thats real rap! The life-line to Hip-Hop is “originality” (undrstand that!) and that’s wat u demostrate, its in ur veins, fo-sho! Signin u, wood tare off anothr layer in the game, cuz its ALL soundn the same! (Ya Kno!) So keep doin wat u doin & keep it funky! Can’t stop Won’t stop! Family Up!……

  23. This is the one that show RDS is the truth
    An now it’s time to shine move over here he come new style can’t be denied get on boared this is hot no one got this style open the door he here d m I finest from the beginning now it’s on

  24. I listened 2 yr music & Absolutely love it! I need this in my ride like now! I heard u also hav a very talented daughter Someone told me? I also joined yr FANMAIL so I can follow u deliberately lol kiddin

  25. I jus saw your profile again and i have 2 say your music is pure brilliance. The sound , style and originality it came together really well and i really like it. I really enjoyed it. Thanks “theres no love in fear…”

  26. Hi, You don’t me but ever since i looked at your 1# site i ve been hooked on your music. I know u must get so many emails like this but could u please(if u have the time) email me back and tell me how i can buy your CD. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank u very much for your time and hope all is well with u. Heather

  27. I really like your music.I’ve listened to it 20 times now. Anyways LOVE IT and i hope to hear from you in the future. Take care

  28. Hello! About the tunes:They are really good,I love the sounds… I been really captured by this one its called “WHERE U GET THAT GAME FROM” I really like it!! I hope my surpport will help you and soon I ‘ll listen to your new music! 🙂 many Regards!!

  29. What up homie! I jus got done listening 2 yr tracks on yr music site “INCREDIBLE” Or should i jus say with alot of respect “DIFFERENT” in a Great way! becuz of 2day’s industry all sound similar! yr defintly ORIGINAL. by the way i m waiting on the album first thang in my ride!! this is Reality

  30. I had 2 say i like “Where u get that Game from” But the prime song for me is “4 THE HUSTLE N U” the song u got dedicated 2 strippers the do’s & don’t of the game inside the work club thts shit is Dope & on point like a muthaf–ka excuse my language but tht all is true its a handbook like i heard u say before 4 girls gettin into that game! TIGHT RDS u know yr stuff…

  31. Liked the interview! Loved the Songs! on both sites searching 4 a video so i can see u in action! i can already visualize it….:) my gosh!

  32. Thank u alot 4 stickin with yr craft showin tht music is yr first love & life…Me & Lin was sittin here re reading the article and listen 2 a song u got on yr reverbation called “We Get It On” it reminds me of us…partying til the early! but people need 2 go listen 2 tht song now! or when yr a lil tipsey lol its Great! Im a fan of RDS…Period

  33. I dont think no one has touch on RDS’s work ethic sum kno sum don’t so i goin 2 give a quick inside all access behind the scene short storey.I seen him make a beat lay the drum track couple seconds! Then make a bassline took him about 3 to 4mins then two 2 different chords in the background few mins or so wrote 2 verses in roughly under a half hour recorded the vocals one take then went back over them.MIXED IT DOWN DONE THT QUICK! I left went 2 go eat change clothes i come back about 3 1/2 4 hrs later He had did 3 more songs the same way and was mastering em down at the same and had another instrumental playing real shit! wouldn t lie 2 u! others that were there can back the storey.I hear em on tv & social networks talk about the way artists work in the studio.AND I thought wait RDS does tht all the time! had 2 tell u that…I told this yesterday 2 sumbody & they said share tht with the article!. LQ

  34. Good evening! Me and my mates saw u perform in Las Vegas over the weekend great sounding there! great read as well. take care nice 2 meet.

  35. RDS been around Dirty Money Island that represent Des Moines Iowa since 94′-95′ that’s just in music that I know of. What iowa needs is an identity majority of entertainers in Dirty money Island sound like the south. A friend of mine had a guy by the name of steven I do believe in from sony entertainment. For some reason I don’t know why things aren’t happening for entertainer’s here in iowa, but for RDS this right here is a start for him as far as marketing and advertisement right on cousin. There are entertainer’s here right now in Dirty money Island in R@B that have million dollar voice’s and it kills me why there still here. Maybe everybody is just to greedy and want the fame and glory to their selfs. What I don’t understand is iowa has the biggest fan base in sports so why we can’t have in entertainment. Cause if your not a star in your own town where are you a star at…Please let me know P.S. Good luck and many blessings cousin and show em’ what you got peace Dirty Money Island