IAA:  What is your music background?

YOUNG SNIPA THE ALIEN:  My music background is party life music, feel good lyrics , and motivational

tracks .

IAA:  What inspired you to pursue music?

YOUNG SNIPA THE ALIEN:  The love and the emotion that I hear from other artist when they perform their own songs. It made me feel like I was onstage performing myself. I have always had a love for words and some friends of mine put me to the test . My love for music is deep.

IAA:  What are your songs about?

YOUNG SNIPA THE ALIEN:  My music is about hustling and it’s motivational.  I write about making a way out of no way , and not letting anything stop you from your goals and plans .

IAA:  Do you write your own music?

YOUNG SNIPA THE ALIEN:  Yes, I write my own music .

IAA:  Who are your musical influences? Who are you currently listening

YOUNG SNIPA THE ALIEN:  My musical influences are Tupac , Notorious BIG , Wycleff John , Bob Marley , Jay-Z. I am currently listening to Kendrick Lamar , 3d Tanae , Cy Hi The Prince , Kanye West , Lil Wayne , Eminem .

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people ?

YOUNG SNIPA THE ALIEN:  My music would best be described as a artist on the road to success. I’m battling day to day life obstacles with one goal in mind  which is helping someone heal through music.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artist ?

YOUNG SNIPA THE ALIEN:  My struggle, my life story, my pain, my love, my energy , and my creativity is what makes me different even from the greats.  I also shoot videos and come up with my own concepts for them I work on my craft as much as possible.   

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects, you are currently working on

YOUNG SNIPA THE ALIEN:  I am working on a movie named “Muscle”, which is a drama / action film that will be

shown in theaters Dec 13.  I also have a single called “I Aint Worried” ft. Youngin So Lyrical. Also I have 2 videos that I will be shooting next weekend in Texas and Arkansas for artist Deuce Debonoire .

IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

YOUNG SNIPA THE ALIEN:  My career goals are to have my songs played on video games appear on various movie soundtracks and showcase my talent throughout this large music circuit. In 10 years I see myself still writing music and working with other great talent I also want to be a music talent scout or counselor. I also feel that with my personality I could do voice-overs on video games.  

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

YOUNG SNIPA THE ALIEN:  My fans can access my music through Reverbnation as Young Snipa The Alien



  2. What up sniper! I was peepin yr interview bra different…my partner’s from NO im a check u out on reverbnation asap..Check me out on here as well RDS-IOWA’s-HOTTEST-STAR Leave sum feedback keep it goin

  3. Thanks for all the supporters and prayers from all over the world i look forward to bringing a big difference to the game and give a historical visual of the rap game like I grew up seeing it Welcome to my Aliens Jungle .

    Young Snipa The Alien

  4. Nice interview homie keep grinding and keep god first your only be destine to shine. Your next move will be bigger!! Keep it up and continue to think big and stay focus!! Nothing but luv from ya homie C-staxz!!!!

    • Thanks C stacks faamo I know you can identify with my struggle and how I bring emotion to the audience much love and I will remember to keep God first and haters last .

  5. Whhhaaaaa! Wuzaaam roun!?!? U kno da Louisiana Girl had to cum thru & show sum luv baby. Keep HustlingTil U Str8 2 get these Rap Bucks, Cuz only u can Make This Cash Come When U Want It!! Show IAA, that u wont letem down!!#mmmwahh!!

    • Ms.Kaye aka Louisiana K I really appreciate all the support that you have given and prayers you keep doing your thing for the ladies in the industry shoot for the stars Bow Bow Bow !


    • thanks for the love and I appreciate everything all the support and prayers big homie one love YOUNG SNIPES

  6. yo bro was good jus showin some love good shit. im on hear to show me some love when u get a chance

  7. started….. started frm da bottom now he hea! S/O my nigga YSTA Yung snipes. Stoppin by to show love yall make sho yall check out his latest music and check out that dummy track outta every Artist i’ve worked with he give me tha run for my money!..

  8. Great interview Snipa we have some tattoos to finish up dont forget. Keep giving them that music they wanna hear . Motivation is the key stay focus and you got it .Berto the Tatto Artist

  9. Hey Snipes this Natalie just showing some love nice q & a i see you doing big things in life dont forget about the little people lol. Love your music keep it up .

  10. Snipa there is alot to say about you and this sums it all up in a nut shell . I know your struggle and respect your grind . Your Reverbnation page has alot of good songs stay positive Snipa ya girl Kim P.

    • I have been hustlin all of my life strugglin all of my life I done seen things went wrong and alot of things done went right cause I’ve been hustlin all of my life.
      Skip its so much that I can say fam thanks for being a great friend indeed .

      #YSTA #HTIS


  12. Hi Robert i remember you when you were rapping at Xavier University you were hot then and you still doing ya thang now . Good to see you are still rapping and moving forward. Keep up the good work .

    Sincerly yours,
    Tyeasha Boyle

  13. Hi Porter we had some great times in the Navy together didn’t know you rapped though but this Jersey girl supports ya music 100 % . you need to come out here and do some shows and turn up for Jersey.

  14. Hey Young I like this interview they did on you . I see you holding it down for New Orleans 504 baby . We see you down here round and we got ya back 4 life ya heard me .


  15. Whoa whats haam round basketball to rapping thats tight . I see you on here you know I am on Sound Click now hit me up and we go hook up fa sho .

    D. Wise

    • You know we have many projects to work on and this music has become the both of us I see . Your Soundclick page is official and yall beats are amazing thanks for the support faamo need more people like us .


  16. Hey Rob I told you I would check you out and I did they did a great job on this article . I will be following you now so keep me entertained boo. Stay up lol.

  17. WAAAn wats good boi doin big things I see on that music blast . Keep ya pimp hand strong on these beats hits is what you do so do you 1.

    Big E

  18. Hey Snipes good music good interview 504 type of dude all around . You keep doing ya thang and make it to the top cause thats that stuff they dont like …

  19. Its been a long time bro but I seen this through a friend of mine on here . I told em I know that dude we was in the military together . Thats some live stuff Snipes so thats what you go by thats cool man keep ya head held high an look up to God for all the help you need . Stay strong .

    John Tujague

    • Thats whats up family I thank you for showing support even though its been a while . Check out my music on reverbnation also and soundcloud I have alot more to come though .


  20. Hey Snipes! It was great meeting you. You’re very good at what you do with your music, and how you do it. I would love to catch up and listen to see what else you’ve got! Keep up the good work, i believe you’ll go far.


  21. Whoa na Snipa I see ya on here the interview was better than I expected and thats a plus so when can I do a video for you hit me up .



    • Thanks Ken you know power circle in the building and we straight up gettin it Sosa whats good Chef Boy DR what it do we here for sure ya dig .


  23. i really like his music i think he is someone check him out simmiler to lil wayne but in his own bars i like it and i think yall would to

    • Thats whats good luv thanks for listening more music on the way soon be on the look out and tell other friends about the website and my page .


  24. Say Round, I heard u & Sosa on dat UOENO…U KILLIN IT ON DEM MIXTAPES!! I hear u singin too>>>>BOW BOW BOW!!!

    • First time I heard your music I was bumping it and didnt know that was you but this nice Snipes keep going forward.

    • Shot out to Ms.Kaye you hold me down like no other keep praying for ya boy and I will keep that Elevator Music ya dig .


    • That’s whats good love Winfield to the N.O all day . You got that Louisiana Girl swag I always love . Shot out to our future thats that shit they dont like .

      #YSTA Kaye’d Up

  25. Love the work we did this weekend great picture choice also . Stay on a steady grind as usual and all will be well in the future .


  26. Hey Snipes cool working with you and I would like to work with you to build your brand you have my email great work takes you to great places indeed .

  27. This is really nice Sniper i will tell others about this website . We here at HM Ent . will support you in all of your endeavors let your heart and mind be your guide .

    HM ENT .

  28. Whats poppin Snipes I downloaded that Hustle Til I’m Straight spin that everynight just wanted to stop by ans show some love to ya #HTIS is in the mix fa sho.

    DJ Mike In The Mix

  29. I have always known that you were a talented individual and I want you to know that we are always praying for you and keep God first in your life nephew . Dont forget about us na .

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    Del III

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    Margo G.

  32. Liking what I just read didnt know you rapped thats whats up hook me up with a cd or a T Shirt . Keep the dream alive .

  33. So when Imma be in ya next video Snipes let me know cause this is really nice. At the top its just us ! ya gyrl Q..

  34. This ya boy Charles D coming through to show ya some support. We went to High School together you were a heck of a ball player I be checking ya music out too keep doing what ya doing thats all I can say . Take it to the next level on em .

  35. I seen New Orleans hottest star and had to take a look . Send me some of your music Snipes you know I got you in the mix 24/7 .


  36. Snipes this is your Nigerian friend Bazil it is an honor to see you in this way . I am looking forward to the day we meet God Bless and Keep the Faith brother.

    • Thank you so much Bazil for showing support you are miles and miles away from where I am and I truly appreciate you stopping by my page and showing luv . My Nigerian Brother


  37. I love your music Snipes and the cool part of it I know you and get to hear it first well sometimes but love the article . Keep in touch Hollywood .

  38. The Boss coming throuhg ta show my boy YSTA some love. Yall go check him out on Reverbnation good music from the South . Do ya thug thizzle YSTA The Boss signing off.

  39. Thanks for all the feed back and to all those who have come and still are coming to my page and leaving a comment I am truly blessed to be an Artist to all. So again thank you all for all of your support .

    #YSTA Grade A

  40. We have to hook up on a song together Snipes heard you been doing big things and this is Live for the record I have been following your music and you have it Snipes just stay focus and you cant lose .

    Lady T

  41. Just checking out the page again Snipes but I had to leave a comment you ask so many times so keep your music going cause I will be listening .
    Brittany B

  42. Hey Snipes this Nateasha showing you some love and support you looking like your headed in the right direction and thats a good thing . My husband says he wants to meet you one day he does beats so I will send you his number through text God Bless.

  43. Wow Snipes this is like a nice Bio on you when you called I didnt know what you were saying but this is nice keep up the good work though and stay in that studio.

  44. To the homie Snipes keep doing ya thang but make sure you stay focus on the business and not the bull of it all Cali Boy Swag always got ya back boi .

    RON G

  45. YSTA my partner in rhyme whats good fam you know I had to stop by and show ya some luv that boy JUJU was looking and was like that boy Snipes done made it huh . You know what kinda product we bring that Grade A Product we winning even when they think we losing . YSL

  46. When I’m in Chicago they hollin out whats up Joe . Shot out to Snipes Grade A Artist keep ya head up f hatas cause they only for promotion . You know imma hold it down for ya on the promo end . YSTA HTIS

    Miz Berry………

    • Thanks so much Miz B for stopping through and showing your support . We will be going back to the Chi soon luv and shoot some more footage . Stay with the movement .


  47. Hi there Sniper love what you do with your music . Stay prayed up and trust no man but God . We bump your music in Beaumont Aliens Jungle my favorite though keep the hot music coming for us Sniper .

  48. First off let me say that you are holding it down for my city like a mudd and I respect the fact that you are in another state doing your thing. They need more inspiring artist such as yourself taking the path that you are . I know the road gets rough but know in the end the ride will be smooth and easy ,

    Blaque Diamond .

  49. Hey Snipes Its good to see you are on a positive note thats cool. Send me the link again to my phone for that video you did in Chicago. Keep it going Snipes .


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    Yatta Mean

  51. I am about to call you up after this Hollywood you all access now . Hook me up with a CD I need a feature or something a verse a hook you know I specialize in it all ya know so na Im bout to call ya much luv Snipes .

    Chachi The Don

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    Cathy P.

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    City Boi

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    E . Jones

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    Tha Boss

    • I see you out there to doing them shows you are a crowd pleasure keep rocking the mic the way you do . Thanks for the love and support .


      • I see you ladies in New Orleans holding it down much respect to yall follow ya plans and dreams . YSTA go bump ya music fa sho lets get it N.O to the H Town .

        #YSTA Grade A Product

    • Thanks for the love and support I will be down there soon I see they say you doing shows now I need a invite to the next ya dig . thanks for all the prayers and everything .


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    Vonnetta Hush Ent.

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    New Hood

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  65. Soul I read up on the Article as you told me and this is some thing that eberyone who doesnt know you should really read up on you lil brother and see that you are on a different path than alot of people that you be around stay focus Snipes and stick with positive people thats all I ask. Much love to you Young snipa The Alien .


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    1 luv G Beezy

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