IAA:  What is your music background?

HYPNOSIS614:  During my teenage years I played the guitar. I am currently working on obtaining my Bachelor Degree in audio production using Pro Tools 10.

IAA:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

HYPNOSIS614:  I love to record because it keeps me calm and it’s a great way to express myself in a legal way. Now that I can record myself I don’t have to pay. Plus no one can make me sound the way I want to sound. I release my music to gain exposure and opportunities such as this so that I can book shows and perform my songs to people live.

IAA:  What are your songs about?

HYPNOSIS614:  I can make any song depending on how I feel at the time and how the instrumental sounds.  I’ve made songs about my life, girls, relationships, trap, party, struggles, visions of success, school, and much more.

IAA:  Who is your fan base directed towards?

HYPNOSIS614:  Anyone who has an ear for new music and time to listen closely, male or female from ages 16 to 25.

IAA:  Who are your musical influences? 

HYPNOSIS614:  Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, N.W.A., Eminem, Notorious Big, Big L, Big Pun, Mobb Deep, Busta Rhymes

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?

HYPNOSIS614:  My music is live and lyrical with hard-hitting beats and most would call it “trap music” but it’s deeper than that. Most of the time I just tell people to shut up and listen.

What makes you stand out from other artist?

HYPNOSIS614:  I refuse to do a “dance move” song and conform to anyone’s standard other than my own. I try to be as original as possible, and I don’t use samples. If anything, I rap as an artist from the 90’s because that’s when hip-hop was hip-hop.

IAA:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

HYPNOSIS614:  I just released my new mixtape “Internation Crooks” on datpiff.com. I did the AZ hip-hop Battle of the Bands on May 17, 2013 which was my first show out here in Arizona. I came in 3rd place and that earned me a spot for the next show on June 20, 2013. I’m always in the studio cooking tracks.

IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

HYPNOSIS614:  My goals are to obtain my degree in audio production, and start a huge recording firm back in Columbus, Ohio to help other artist fulfill their dreams.  I want to make Ohio a go to state for the music industry like Cali or New York. I also want to branch off into clothing, movies, video games, and TV shows (like the boondocks). In 10 years I should be living out the country and still make money in the U.S. I want to be talked about as a pioneer by the generation under me and be considered as a top producer/engineer in the game.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

HYPNOSIS614:  Hit me up @ twitter, facebook, reverbnation, linkedin, myspace, youtube all under the name hypnosis614

New mixtape can be found @ http://www.datpiff.com/Hypnosis614-International-Crooks-mixtape.484952.html




  1. Your sound is HOT, your flow is tight, I see you going far. I definitly will be on the look out for Hypnosis 614 projects.

  2. I knew you would do big things cause I could see the drive in your eyes. Keep pressing forward. I can’t wait to one day see you in concert. I don’t expect nothing but excellence from you cause you have talent. Also Congradulation on winning 3rd place in the AZ hip hop battle. Much love!

  3. I’m so proud of you & your so talented. We have been on this roller coster ride since the cassette tape (people really don’t know about), and your CD’s The Book of Rhymes Vol. 1,2,&3, and with your singles “Limo” & “Faded”, along with your mixtape “Old To Me New To You, now your bring the world your newest mixtape “International Crooks” which is unbelievable. Man your on fire, the people in this industry should take notice of the passion you have, and the hunger you’ve had since you were a little boy & drive you have that keeps you going. I am so proud of you!!!! Keep up the good work and go the for that #1 spot.

    • thank you mom none of this was even possible without your help and support and together we gonna get out the truck and make big moves

  4. Jason I’m very proud of you and your great accomplishments! I know u will go far. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to send me tickets to your concerts. Much Love!!

    • thanks auntie and the shows are out here in AZ right now but ill still send you some if you want them and soon the shows will be on youtube

  5. Hypnosis614 is a creative artist! i been down with his music since his “Old To ‘Me New to You” mixtape! keep your eyes on this musician! maken magic!!!!!

  6. six.one.foe. !!!!
    had to show respect and qive mad props to my boi Hypnosis614 aka Hypno
    this man is a powerhouse, one of the coldest artist i know out here in Arizona, this Ohio cat lyricly qifted; i mean word play iz off the meter.. i first heard this man rap throuqh a mutual friend at Collins Colleqe, he captured my attention instantly (haha!! I’ll never forqet that day) best of wishes to yew Hypno !! #RiseOnEm #614

    • thanks alot shea and yea that day by the car was a dope session we went in i wish it was video taped but thanks for the love

  7. I’ve been listening to hypno for like 4 years now.. playing ball back in the 614!! He showed me a few tracks and has done nothing but impress me with the tunes he drops!

    Someone’s gotta rep Cap City

    • i rep the 614 and the whole midwest so its all love we need to work together more often because teamwork make the dream work

  8. My nigga is gifted… Iama eat with the niggas i starve with and i can say where ever that nigga go i go where ever i go he go… He the truth, he lives for the music he writes, every word he spits on the mic is his blood line. Everyday his words is getting stronger so in the next three year or less them industry niggas better look out… RESPECT!!!

    • LanoBeats you a huge part of why we are where we are without your beats i would just be another rapper on industry beats and thats played out i thank you for them banger you always cook jus for me and the help BSO!

  9. it’s your boy russtizzle dropping in to tell one and all to check my boy hypnosis 614s IAA magazine article and show much love. this dude grinds all day everyday to succeed at his art form and needs the credit he deserves so check my homie Hypnosis 614 out and pass it on. skies the limit!!!

  10. Man bro yo shit iz sum bangers, u went hard on ur Intro on International Crooks, & So Alive ya that woke me up. Lol. Ya Murder Ink freestyle was like….Whoa n the u even caught me off guard wit Soldier With You…… Man bro u got spit fo yrs Bro. Keep doin what u doin. BTW Bro that Runs in the Blood joint…ha yea that’s what’s up.

  11. Hypnosis 614 made it to the top you go boy got them big bucks, if not get them! Straight out of my hometown you go boy rooting for you Straight out of the 614 Columbus, Ohio. YEAH BOY YOU GOT IT!

  12. Amazing artist with an amazing heart. Keep it up and never hold back. The world needs you, man. Dream big and dream on. It’s a dream worth fighting for. Proud to see you in a publication.

  13. You are going straight to the top, Your music is better then some of the music they wear out on the radio. I see success in your future. Much Love!!!

    • i know i dont like whats played on the radio so i dont even listen but thank you for listening to me and not that other stuff

  14. I love this dudes music, I can put the cd on and let it play like I use to do back in the days. Keep the good grooves come with that knockin Beat bro.

    • thanks bobby i always try to make albums that people can press play and chill out more music is on the way stay tuned in

    • you know we go back and i was grinding since then im almost there bro keep listening and thanks for the love

  15. Hypno is the best deal out, always bumped your shit since you were back home.

    You got heart bro, and you got this. Columbus love

    • thanks auntie im still grinding hard in a different state and gonna get it in new music is on the way stay tuned

  16. yo bro was good jus showin some love good shit. im on hear to show me some love when u get a chance

  17. MY NIGGA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS614 !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Ayy Yuu Out There Gettin It Bro Makin That Music . . . . Naww Scratch That , MAKIN ART ! Keep Doin Ya Thang Bra Much Love !

    • they dont know about the BoR v2 and how we use to turn up off that joose lol yea im still putting music out so keep your ears open

  18. My big cousin puttin on for 614 looking forward to making some new tracks with you! Keep up with this music and lets get this work in

  19. from the 614 to the 480 keep doing the darn thing see u got what it takes grab it run with it keep it. love them beats

  20. CROOK SET!!! Hypnosis leading the takeover keep grinding cuz and you kno I’m creepin till the death much love

  21. Keep it up Lil cuz’n!! I’m so proud of u!! I’ve listened to the music and I can hear ur growth from ur earlier work, so again keep it up and put 614 on the map!! Love u!!!

  22. I’ve been listening to him since 2009. He works harder then any rapper I know. Music is better then most rappers out now. He got all my support. ! If u haven’t heard him yet.. Please do.. His music is FIRE!

  23. Ive Known This Dude For A Long Time Lol There Is No Question About Ur Success Bro Skys The Limit And We Will Work On A Project Soon #realtalk

  24. Jason you are very talented young man,I wish success and many blessing, keep up the Great work..by the way I love the Music.

  25. I Love that you are following your dreams and doing well. Stars are NOT the limit any more so aim high and keep making me proud.
    I need more hot beats to bump in the SL500 so let’s goooooo.
    Love you,
    TT Jess



  28. Wow!!!! I finally get to comment!!!!! Jason Im proud of u & ur accomplishments!!!!!!! Keep striving to b lyrical sweet!!! Im not going to lie, my leg starts jumping when I listen 2 ur music!!!!! I can truly understand ur words, which makes it better 4 me 2 enjoy! No more misunderstanding of musical lyrics with u around!!!!!!! Keep up the hypnosis cause its truly working!!!! I finally get 2 actually hear the young spit their rhymes and 4 that I thank u!!!!!!!!!

  29. Listening to the work of this remarkable artist I can easily imagine him climbing to the top of his career in the music industry. When an artist has so strong elements in his personality: a muscular vocal performing managing clear concepts on the lyrics section, a rhythm feel that lead the listener to the stage with the artist, an intimacy refreshing ambience created in conjunction with all the elements of the musical production, you can certainly will not forget him the first time you hear his songs. It s obvious that he has the gift for show us and impress us. Definitely an star aura artist that must be promoted, listened, and seen on stage performing to the masses. The entire world is his home to stay now in the music panorama. Well done job. Congrats.