IAA:  What is your Music background?

TroubleMakerPhilip:  During my childhood, I would perform Red Hot Chili Pepper songs/lyrics like “Give it away give it away, give it away now!!” or “ Take me to the place I love…Take me all the way,….I don’t ever want to feel…like I did that day…” inspired my life. Some I knew by ear and some even by title when I heard them. I have been writing poetry and songs since I was nine. The good songs and lyrics didn’t come along until later on. My lifestyle choices and knack for trouble helped inspire a lot of my music. Writing music helped me curve my thoughts and directed my path in a lot of ways. I used to carry an mp3 recorder/player everywhere I went recording freestyles and playing them back, shaping and changing them, I did a lot of self editing when I was like 19. I was never satisfied until I was expressing my point as clear as possible. I’ve been practicing from age 19 to 28. I don’t know, I just like to express myself. I want to make good music, and I don’t mind listening to advice. I want this more than anything, and I believe that I have the talent to perform it as long as I’m aware of what’s on my schedule.


IAA:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

 TroubleMakerPhilip:Well I enjoy the whole overall process. On the recording side, I enjoy making beats even though I don’t always want to make my own beats typically I make my own beats.  I used to use Magix Music Maker and Ujam online. I give them credit for my Reverbnation accounts beats. I made my own layers though and sped some layers up and slowed others down. One track is their(UJAM) original beat but I added layers to it.  Layers defined is when you have a snare on one layer, drums on another etc. But my point is, it’s fun and inspiring. That’s why I love it so much I guess. I get to express myself and put a beat behind it. Who wouldn’t love that?


IAA:  What are your songs about?

TroubleMakerPhilip:  My music is about haters – people who don’t like you because you are so good at something. I don’t know maybe its more of a case of paranoia lol. My songs are of this cocky ass troubled New England kid who’s slightly psycho but a freaking genius in his intellect and talented in his abilities. My music is about me, the TMP baby. The greatest part is that I am my own character. I’m in character when I’m performing.


IAA:  Who are your Musical Influence?

TroubleMakerPhilip:  I love this one, that’s easy. I related to Marshall, SPM(Carlos Coy), Master P, Outkast, Lil Wayne & Cash Money, Bone Thugs/Mo Thugs Family and Fifty. Nas was always tight and Pac & Biggy. Snoop Dogg, he inspired me to write my first rap song at Fourteen, I am also inspired by Ice T, Ice Cube Easy E, Coolio and Slik Rik.


IAA:  How would you describe your music to other people?

TroubleMakerPhilip:I would say it’s a crazy tight a** twist of troublemaking, simple as that. I’d hope people looked at my confidence and let it inspire them to move past their own troubles. I want my listeners to develop an outlet for all their extra energy and aggression. I try to let the music do most of the talking for itself. I like feedback. I would say it’s tight to listen to it.  It’s by yourself in the car type of music. It’s thinking time music.


IAA:  What makes you stand out from Other Artists?

TroubleMakerPhilip:I believe that I am very in tune with my character. I am a person who is focused on my next move. I only want to be around people with the same focus. I don’t feel like I’m better than or sound better than anyone else. I sound like one tight solid a** individual who grew up the hard way, which we all know is not the easiest way to live your life. I feel like my music could increase focus within the industry and its artists as a team by coming up with new big projects. I have high expectations of myself and of the industry.  I have a duty to perform what is needed of me to take care of all of the tasks that I will be assigned to.


IAA:  Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in your music career and how did you overcome?

TroubleMakerPhilip:Honestly, myself, Its all or nothing with me. Nothing else was ever good enough. I caused and got in so much trouble that I missed out on so many opportunities throughout my life. I’ve always had the talent, I just couldn’t stay out of trouble long enough to do anything about it or with it.


IAA:  What upcoming projects are you planning?

TroubleMakerPhilip:I plan on writing/working on another album. I don’t have a pre-release date yet. I’ll be in the lab seeing what concoctions I can come up though. Maybe I’ll come up with the Crowd-Love Me potion while I’m in there lol. I just had a baby, Old Gavin Michael who is 13 months with my wife Mariah so that’s been taking up most of my time. I also spend a lot of time with my other on, Justice Xavier who is four years old now. Now it time for me to get back to work.


IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in ten years?

TroubleMakerPhilip:Well I see myself still writing music but having picked up producing along the way. I want to pick up a few movie deals and get a few novels published. I see myself being pretty busy in the future. I see my wife and I with another kid. I want to be a great dad who shares his attention with his wife and kids. I want to live life and enjoying its thrills, but always make time for work and staying alert.


IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

TroubleMakerPhilip:Facebook/Philip Hebert/click TroublemakerPhilip link for freestyle Videos





    • I appreciate your props…..I will continue to make sure that I write and perform at my highest peak….I do what I do…I just hope that I can flip this into the oppurtunity I’ve been chasing for so many years…..thanx

  1. Dont forget to leave a reply….that’s what I’m getting judged upon…by A&R..veiws are cool but those count against me unless you leave a reply…thanks…TMP

  2. awesome! I Find Your Efforts about writing and Music Totally Powerful, It Is not Everyday that I Encounter Someone quite Like You, Keep Up The Good Work and Remember Never Give Up! Keep,In Touch, Artist Paul Borges..

  3. I’M glad that my lifelong career goals could come down to some lousy comments….
    I’m going to get there regardless….I deserve this, not to mention rightfully earned it…………and this is how the worlds going to repay me after working so hard for so many years, for all of you…Oneday you’ll appoligize…and wish you did comment…Love yall fans friends and I thought fans but obviously not…eitherway I have what it takes…depend on statistics and I promise ou’ll miss out on the most creative man who ever lived…ME…..see you round….I’m really disappointed in this…guess i’ll just have to keep working diligently.

  4. I apologize formally for my obvious frustrations…ive worked so long and hard for this…there is nothing that could deliver like my career..i just need somones belief
    …so much is at stake…i more than need the opportunity..i just need someone to both believe &back me up in my campaign

  5. Ohh I get it….Timing..I fully appoligize then…..Hope you enjoy the journey of the TMP…threw a hell of a show the other day.wish yall had been there..check out..my show on Facebook..much respect.