IAA:  What is your music background?

TRULY BLESSED:  Well my Grandmother rapped in Germany, no I’m kidding but I started out in music as a bboy. I grew up watching old movies like “Beat Street” and “Breakin”. So the four elements of hip hop(breaking, mc’ing, grafitti, Dj’ing) were like my life from a early age. This was due in part to television and the streets in the California during the “boogaloo” period. lol. I actually began rapping towards the end of high school, but didn’t make it a career choice till about 25.

IAA:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

TRULY BLESSED:  I like recording my own material cause it allows me to be hands on with everything. I feel the music while it’s being created and the energy is flowing. I couldn’t just be partially involved. I have to be there. I record and release my own music to keep me involved in every aspect of the creation process.

IAA:  What are your songs about?  

TRULY BLESSED:  My songs are about life. Not a glamorized rap life but a real life of struggle and real issues. My music is about God, education, and health. My music is not religious but still gospel, not grimy but still street. TB music is music above the standard. I am a lyrical assassin if you ask me but with an edited flow, lol.

IAA:  Who are you musical influences?

TRULY BLESSED:  I consider myself to be an entertainer who exceeds the limit. Michael Jackson is my greatest influence because of what he stood for aside from the scandals. He was an entertainer. He was my glisten to spark my dream. On a lyrical ability and all around hip hop level, the list goes as follows: Run DMC, TuPac, Jay-Z, J.Cole, Outkast, B.O.B.

IAA:  How would you describe your music to people?  

TRULY BLESSED:  If you were to take the “church” out of the Church and take out the whole religious aspect, you would have the sound that I have created. Cross-over hip hop is music for the cross-overs in life.

IAA:  What makes you stand out from other artists?

TRULY BLESSED:  I am different to the extreme. Nothing is the same, and nothing will ever be plain. My material and my dedication to please the fans during every stage performance is what set me apart.

IAA:  Tell us about one of your hardest challenges you had to face in your music career and how did you overcome?  

TRULY BLESSED:  The pursuit in itself. A lot of people have fallen off since the beginning and left me without support with my music. My family didn’t really believe in my vision and parted ways with me early on. Being alone through all these ups and downs I would have to say is the only hard challenge. But I reverse that pain and get healing through music and give my fans music they can relate too.

IAA:  What current projects are you working on?  

TRULY BLESSED:  Currently I have a new mixtape out. I am working on a tour schedule for promotion. I also have a new single that is due to be released July 31st entitled “Sweet Dreams”. All I can say about the song is that it’s fire!

IAA:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

TRULY BLESSED:  Once I have obtained a record goal, I plan to invest in other business ventures. I have been forming proposals in order to obtain proper funding for my future businesses. 10 years from now, I see my last name as a corporation of many businesses that have been designed to help a broken area in our nation. On the music side, I plan to be killing the stage for my fans for 20-30+ like Jay-Z. I never want to stop making music till I see the deathbed. 10 years from now, TMZ going to have me on repetition, but not for anything negative but for bringing back America through music.

IAA:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

TRULY BLESSED:  I’m online everywhere. Here is the rundown: www.lafango.com/epk/trullytb www.reverbnation.com/tbtruelyblessed http://soundcloud.com/tb-truelyblessed facebook@ TB Truely blessed Twitter@ UAE42349706 instagram@ TBofficial



  1. ok my honest opnion………..wow! phenominal sound. I checked out the links gave you likes and plays. I m going to share with everyone i know. I have been looking for hip hop that has a message. I mean there is christian hip hop. but brother you have given it a new face. Keep grinding and when your show comes into town please let me know. I would love to catch you live. Thank you for caring enough to bring real hip hop back to the people!

    • We just began the tour season for the “Back Burner” mixtape. Stay tunned in on reverbnation for show dates and times. Ty you for all the remarks. A true fan for lyfe. Mad Love to you!

  2. man thats real shit my nigga. The music industry need a reall ass nigga like you real talk. Fam keep spittin that hot shit. Making thugs feel the presence even in this twisted thang called life. Mad love my nigga!

    • Man that presence is for everyone. I think the church be hogging the blessings. lol naw but God do love us all. Even on our best day we still arent good enough for God. Keep striven homie just to live life listening to God trhough a realtionship. Life is simple once we grasp that. mad love!

  3. must say my nigga. You got it! Full package. Your shot is coming fam. Keep spittin that real shit that niggas can feel. Got everything you have out and im ready to hear more. keep grindin!

  4. Very hot intervies i felt like i was there. TB keep working. The game needs artist with your stature. Hot Hot HOT! the song “only thing poppin” is my jam! I love it…….You are on repeat at my house all the time.lol. BTW you fine brotha! Is TB by any chance single? lol anyway great story IAA. This is that artist that you need to promote more of!

    • Great comment. TY for the support. The game will have me soon and the world will feel me then! God is awesome just living the dream and helping along the way! ty again for your support

    • Same goes as the NYC just waitig on the boking. Tour schedule should be coming out soon. But for sure in the next year I will plan the tour route to make sure to hit all especially the ones mentioned thanx for the love fmaily!

  5. fresh ass sound bro! when you touring? I would love to see you in Boston sometime. Mad love. keep shinnig. I would say grindin but you obviusly got that down packed. mad love

    • we just started the tour season for the “Back Burner” mixtape. Keep up on reverbnation for showdates and locations. Ty for your support! Boston is another city i am anxious to see!

  6. can i hit it in the mornin? i promise i want hang on!
    boy boy boy! you just dont know! Find me when in Htown. Not hard to find tha baddest bitch! especailly when you a top notch nigga! keep it trill daddy!

  7. Dang ladies. Slow udown on the brotha. lol! He is cute but damn did ya’ll listen to what he said. This a great artist. Music is definately his passion. TB you got groupies already young hommie. Keep doing young thing boy. And dont let these fast women get to you, stay pure with what you doing. Cause the higer you go the more they going to pursue. God speed with you young man! Great interview Inudustry News. And agreed on the tour thing would love to here you live.

    • They dont faze me mami! im used to it God blessed me lol. But ty for your support and love for the music. God got me wraped so they cant get it that easy. dont worry nun you feel me! TY once again mad love!

  8. hey i love the image. I love the sound. I love everything about it. I will be contacting on a social network soon keeps your eye’s open and stay doing what you doing. The leak whewwww!

  9. you killed it bro. The leak is fire. And i am a veteran of the iraqi war serving two terms. Thak you on behalf of the soilders of my plattoon that faught and died defending what you so proudly represent. True american men.

    • Aint to many of us left but were here!. Respect soilder and ty for your service. Salute. my goal in music is to reach, and messages like this let me know i did. Love you sir with all the respect in me! TY for your support and service to this Nation and its people!

    • that was my moms first name choice but thought it sounded famine lol. thank you for your support. and mad love to you keep rocking with us as we climb tot the top of the charts

  10. man i seen this guy live…….amazing stage performance. all you waiting to see…..it’s worth the wait. Would love to catch you again though. loven the leak! And Change positions….how you know my story! lol

    • change position is a good one. True story right there lol. Mad love on the support. And keep coming out and say wassup sometime. Mad love again and be blessed!

  11. hey i think this is the guy i seen @ a place in Austin called HeadHunters. He did a birthday show where he had like these empty boxes as stage props then said at the end of the concert they were going to be filled with toys for kids during Christmas. Real brother right there. Heart is right, talent is amazing….and he gives one hell of a show. Just wait your promotion is coming TB. you deserve success. the game needs you! Good interview!

    • wow what a great review. thank you for such great compliments. You are obviously a true fan and yes that was a show for a promoter I don’t really work with any longer but better shows are now in the mix and music is still going crae. thank you for rocking with us! all the way to the top!

  12. I met this guy in person and he is a sweetheart. Very glad i ran across this interview. keep it up TB gifted house loves you brother!

    • shhhhhhhh…. they aint suppose to know I aint a tuff guy. lol thank you for the love and support. Very nice of you to broadcast that maybe I get a girlfriend now lol. continue rocking with us all the way to the top!

    • please check the site for more info just like what you asked. thank you for the support and stick with us as we rise. thank God for fans like you that make it possible and stronger and stronger!

  13. sorry it took so long TB. Love you always. A real friend to his closest and a amazing artist. Every time you have something new it’s blows my expectation of what can come out of the heart of a true artist. Keep doing you baby boi. Well im more than baby here lol. Love you sexy man! keep it up we see you all the way in Cali!

    • wow back home fans. Love it. Mad love on the support. Would say stick with us but its obvious you have been down from way back. So I will say im going to keep killin it just for fans just like you. Thank you sincerely!

  14. rap music that actually doesn’t suck. No lie I was expecting your music to sound way different than it did. If more rap had this outlook on life the hip hop industry would be changing the world for the better. I don’t at all disapprove of your music, but I still think collectively. Hip hop sucks. Its the same thing a million different ways that all sound the same. But like I said your music will be my exception. Thanks for being different!
    -hiphop hatter

    • though I must disagree with your statement about hip hop sucking I must say your comment is very, very, very, much appreciated and taken with great thanks. Hip hop has some loose ends. Hip hop has some dead weight. But its far from a dead movement it just needs direction. Stay with us and watch us change a million more minds just like yours.

  15. Hip hop doesn’t suck! There are a lot of artist like this one with a unique twist to the craft. But I will say you have an exceptional way with word usage and the way you fit it together. I am amazed that you haven’t been discovered. Your the full package my brother. Keep grinding someone is going to see it soon!

    • Good statement. I too do not believe hip hop is dead. Its a wounded solider if anything. Im healing it! thank you for the support and continue rocking with us on our way to the top. mad love once again on the support!

  16. Truly Blessed……..the name fits you perfectly. Music that defies religion and the world at the same time. Your going to change something young man!

  17. I just listen to your song “Crossover”. Wow…..it was like you took the words right outta my life. I love Drake but I think today you just became my new favorite artist!

    • Drake I got one. lol Mad love. Thank you for your support. Continue to ride with us all the way to the top. Big moves is all that’s in God’s nature so its definite!

  18. Well if JayZ would invest in this guy he definitely would have a better roster. JCole is whats left ROC. Kanye is gone to the crazy, and JayZ just saying the same thing over and over. If the ROC pick you up they got one solid fan. Bring back the roc TB. True poets of life!

    • Thank you for such a remarkable comment. TB music will continue to push good hip hop. Music that has the feelings we all feel and not the ones that only pertain to those with. Purpose goes further than the music. ROC halla at me hahaha 512-584-**** lol

  19. Well done TB. Hey everyone follow him on twitter, f/b, or reverbnation. Tour has begun. I snuck in for the show on the fifth at Lucky Lounge. He killllllllllllllllllllllllllled it! Lyricist! Your the last of a dying breed TB!

  20. I still have my TB autograph. Killed it at kick butt coffee lounge a while back. This guy is a beast with those lyrics. Don’t let em mold you bro stay you cause your fans love it!

    • thank you thank you thank you. true support right there, Mad love brother and look foreword to shaking your hand and getting a photo next time. mad love keep rocking with us the movement is moving