IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What is your music background?

 D-A-DUBB: I started rapping at the age of 14 in a West Side Story play in the 8th grade. I had a good performance. All my classmates were pretty surprised. After getting and hearing all the good responses, I started free-styling at parties. Once in high school, I pursued a keyboarding class that allowed me to start composing my own music. The production was horrible, but it gave me a sound to build off of. By the time I was 17 and a junior in high school I had made enough music to take 3 partners, 13 beats, and a number of songs to a premier studio in Denver. Sixteen hours and $500 later, I had my first 13 song LP. I didn’t think much of it, but my classmates were blown away by it, and so was the school’s principal. I was given a spot in a big talent show, and needless to say we rocked the whole school. From that point on I knew it was a career choice for me. I loved being on stage performing and feeling the energy of the crowd. A year out of high school, on July 15th, 1998 I went into business. I released my first tape, with cds to follow. This was not music burned or recorded, but professionally pressed. I then joined the Hip-Hop pioneer movement in Denver and took things to a professional level, with marketing and sales all over the state of Colorado. After 2,500 units sold, it was time for more products. With the work I put out, I helped build a Colorado sound for up and coming artists. Since then I  released 11 total projects, which I have overseen the whole production on. They include titles like: Lyrical Ammo, Mental Advisory, I2K Volumes 1 and 2, The S.P.I.C.S., Anutha Relm of Gangstaz, The Trailz of What I See, Nokturnal Playground, Veterans Day, The Sik Sence, and The Knightstalker. I do it all from rap production, engineering, mixing and mastering, marketing, sales, to video directing, which I pioneered in Denver, Colorado. I also started a street team and did promoting as well. I am a true Colorado Veteran.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Why do you want to record and release your own music? 

D-A-DUBB: I’ve been recording and releasing my own music for some time now. I do it for the love of hearing somebody else recite my words. That attention you receive is incomparable to anything else. People respect you more when they hear your music. People listen and either hate it or love it. There isn’t another profession that gives you the kind of life experience that music gives you. I’m not talking about listening or simply producing music. I’m talking about when you’re getting out there on the streets, festival and fairs. It’s great, and the exposure gives you an opportunity to experience what the known artists went through before you. It’s a tough business, but it’s so much fun.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your songs about?

D-A-DUBB: The majority of my songs detail different aspects of life. When I first started, my music was gangsta street music. It was all about dirt, guns, and drugs.  I wrote about a lot of nasty stuff that I considered comedy rap. Over time I began to cover aspects of real life situations with a hype approach. I keep it real without boring you with a life story. I try to touch the listener and make each track something that the majority of people can relate to. I also love making club music. It’s the kind of music the ladies love without the lyrics getting tasteless. Smooth music also is another love of mine. Cruise music, mob music, car music is my thing and is always a must in my arsenal. Also, rock rap is a way that I present my many talents with gritty choruses and emotional feelings. I’m not much of a hip-hop/b-boy type of artist, but if something nice is presented, I can switch up to that style type. In short, I do every kind of rap across the spectrum.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Who are your musical influences?  

D-A-DUBB: My musical influences are Rolling Stones, Sting/The Police, Fleetwood Mac, Def Leppard, Michael Jackson, and just about any Oldies. My rap influences include the G.O.A.T. in my opinion Ice Cube. Then I’ll say N.W.A., MC Ren, 2 Live Crew, Sir-Mix-A lot, Geto Boys, and pretty much all 90’s Bay Area Music. Also, No Limit, Dayton Family, Top Authority, South Park Coalition, Ganksta Nip, 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Bone Thugs, Ant Banks, Spice 1, Cypress Hill, DMX, and DJ Quik before he dissed Denver (Haa!) are a part of my musical influences. And last but not least, Tech N9ne and the whole Strange Music Camp, the beast of our time now, influenced me musically.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How would you describe your music to people?

D-A-DUBB: When I describe my music to people I try to tell them take Ice Cube, Tech N9Ne, Geto Boys, Dayton Family, and 2 Live Crew, roll them up in a ball, flatten it out to a cd, slap it in the deck, and you will get D-A-Dubb. My music is rough, smooth, real, fast, street, high energy, with a sense of humor. It is legit music.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What makes you stand out from other artists?

D-A-DUBB: What makes me stand out is my voice. My voice is mixed with my high-powered lyrics, beats, harmonized bridges, fast to slow delivery, and a captivating sound. All of these characteristics make me stand out. There is nothing pop about me or my music. My music gives you something with a familiar background, but nothing like you ever experienced.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in  your  music career and how did you overcome?

D-A-DUBB: One of my hardest challenges in my music career occurred last year. It’s a tough, tough biz as we all know. You can’t just be a rapper, you have to expand your horizon, and venture into other businesses within the industry that’s accessible to you. Well I am one that takes on everything. I produce music, record, engineer, mix, master, run promotions and book on my own. I do record label promotion, artist management, artist production, recording, mixing, and mastering. I work with clients, and do music video directing. I do scripting, camerawork, editing, marketing, shows, rehearsals, venue and club promotions. Really there’s more but I’m just not going to say everything. Well when you juggle all that and try to flip pancakes with your feet, it makes it hard to stand. Work last year got way too intense, and it seemed I wasn’t receiving the anticipated support from fellow co-workers to get a lot of the tasks done. Lack of support has always been an issue for me . It was believed that 2012 was going to be a breakout year for the label, and when it didn’t happen I kind of broke down. I simply ran out of gas. It was my 14th year in business. Many miles of work just didn’t pan out and it all snowballed into a big ball of rage. I needed time to myself. I took a break. I got into home and self-improvement, but it seemed it turned into pharmaceutical self therapy. By the end of the year I ended up in the hospital. I figured at that moment I was too young to be having the procedures done on me that were being done. It was time for some change. At that point I vowed to change the game one more time, only with the intention of leaving my plate clean of nonsense. No stress, no tolerance, and make sure I take care of my health first and foremost was on the agenda. I now have invested in and been invested in another round of feeding my music to the world. I am on a quest to live off my talents.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

D-A-DUBB: Expect projects in the upcoming weeks. Singles are being released by D-A-Dubb every few weeks on my Mobile App available for Android and Apple Markets. My music is in your pockets. It’s 150 plus songs along with my Beatbox Radio Show Episodes. The App idea I think is a new channel for artists since the sales in music have suffered dramatically due to the rise of modern internet music marketing. I recently completed, ‘Droopy G-The Knightstalker.’ The LP is fully recorded, mixed and mastered by yours truly. Aside from that, we got an Individual Kings Media Enterprize artist coming out with work soon. Currently, I’m working on another IKME Artist LP with Mike D Chill entitled ‘Collaborado’, and I’m working with Menice and the work is entitled ‘Renegade’. New D-A-Dubb music videos are coming mid- August. I’m always working on new music. As far as D-A-Dubb music goes, I don’t make you wait for the album anymore. I get it to you right now. Also my producer team website www.coloradobeataddicts.com is releasing some stuff in a few weeks. A team of 5 producers named the Colorado Beat Addicts supply the market with whatever they might need in the form of beat production. They go by the names D-A-Dubb, Diz White, Case Keyz, Hevy, and J-Skillz.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

D-A-DUBB: My career goal is for my music to be constantly bumped in every neighborhood of every city of this great nation. I’ve always received the kind of love that made me believe that is possible. I could be an average dude, but if a complete stranger comes to me and says I’m bumping your music right now, and starts reciting my words, my day is made.  I know that I have made it. I just couldn’t bear to see my talents get dusty on some shelf somewhere in the middle of nowhere undiscovered. Instead, I see myself in 10 years producing 5 projects a year on time and getting top notch biz. I see myself as that engineer with that mountain studio, making music on my terms and getting paid top dollars for it. I’ll be rocking the crowd, city after city, better than anybody. That’s where I see myself, living off my dreams that I have worked so  hard for.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?


D-A-DUBB: All my fans please download my FREE Mobile App available for Android and Apple Markets or the www.reverbnation.com.dadubb/app. Even if you ain’t my fan, go download me. It’s FREE. www.dadubb.com is my official website where you find out everything that’s going down with D-A-Dubb. www.facebook.com/dadubb or www.facebook.com/dadubbikme is for my page on facebook. For all my music videos and my TV show 303TV please visit www.youtube.com/individualkings. I thank you if you have read this entire interview. I hope I have intrigued you enough to check me out and continue checking me out after you see that I actually do put work into my sound make you, the listener, satisfied every time you slap on some D-A-Dubb. Thank you.







    • I have followed DADUBB from the begining, I think I have all of the records that he has been part of. The lyrical content over the years has broadened. I enjoy listening to the sick styles of DADUBB when chillin, mobbin, relaxin, workin. SICK. I wait for the release of the next sickest album.
      Rudy, If I had one thing to say is, keep me in the loop IM A ROAD DOG 4 LIFE $$$$ $

  1. D-A-dubb has the talent, the dedication, experience, talent, intelligence, diversity, talent, showmanship, and OH, did I mention Talent(?!) to be recognized as a force to be dealt with…….I LOVE YOU, D-A-dubb!!!!!

  2. Genuine, focused, driven, talented…are only a few words of many that I’ve chosen to describe this incredible artist, business man and leader. He’s the real deal, proud of you!! Love love Besitos!!

  3. A true legend in the Mile High City he is definitely focused,determined,and extremely dedicated in his work.That’s why they call him the Veteran..keep grinding for the Mile High Homie..DA Dubb

  4. D-A-dubb is one of the best out there true dedication to the rap game from day one real rap with a message let the king be crowned!!! ikme all day

  5. One word comes to mind when describing D A Dubb: dedication. Dedication to his craft, music, and business as seen in the interview. Hard work is starting to pay off (finally). Keep da faith Dubb! Love this man!


  7. D-A-DUBB, more than words can discribe he’s truly a very dedicated, hard working, highly motivated, and very talented Individual to all aspects of his music. Most definitely one one the best reppin the 303,720,719 keep up the good work love ya…

  8. Very inspirational interview. That confidence in yourself will no doubt take you a long way. Not to mention your music is siiiiiccckkk! Can’t wait to see you at the top.

  9. that is a great interview and i hope it inspires everyone to follow their dreams and work hard in the process…nothing just comes to us, we have to want it to achieve it 🙂 great interview…Lady D

  10. My brotha D-A-Dubb one of the men who pioneered the movement I am proud to be apart of this is a very great article much love! You’re an inspiration my dude I’m blessed to have nd still working with D-A-Dubb

  11. I have had the pleasure of working with this artist more than a few times at his live shows. D-A-DUBB is one of the best performers in the Denver hip hop scene. He consistently rips the stage with his nonstop energy and chopper flow. This dude gets down for real and never disappoints the crowd.

  12. first thing i gotta say is DA DUBB is the man he does what he does & he good at everything he do.hes puts in hard work,time,dedication on anything he do he gots mad talent,skills & cant nobody say different trust & believe he shows it in everything that he do hes the hardest artiest reppin tha 303 he gots it n he got it goin on thats all day & hes taken it 2 the top & cant nobody stop him now thats tha homie yeeaah boi….much luv n respects DUBB!!

  13. For those that don’t know about D A Dubb, you are missing out on some of the best music in the world. I have watched him perform live, bought his Cds, watched his videos and been a fan for many years! If anyone deserves a shot to become a national superstar it’s him!!! He works harder than any artist I’ve ever met!!! D A Dubb the mile high city loves you!!!

  14. What a great interview!!! It’s so nice to see the spotlight shed on such a talented, dedicated person!!! I have had the pleasure to see many live performances almost from day one and I gotta tell you, each performance and song blows me away EVERYTIME!! I can’t even describe the amount of energy that spews from DA DUBB when he’s on stage with that mic in his hand……you can’t help but draw from that energy and positive vibe that he shares, each performance is always 110% and nothing less. He epitomizes a real music genius. And if you don’t know, you better ask somebody!!!! He is what legends are made of!!

  15. If you have any aspirations to rap, or make any kind of mark on this DENCO music scene, then DA DUBB is someone that you need to know. He is one of the most inspirational and well respected artist in the city. I am proud to say that I have worked with him numerous times. You can tell that he has a passion for this game, even while working on another persons project, he gives it a hundred percent. Thank you for recognizing the real!!

  16. Had the pleasure of working with DA Dubb on a song called ‘Star Status’ were he totally blew the track to pieces man! All I know is that when I heard about this geeza an started listening to him I knew I had to step my game up! Respect from the UK my brother!!

  17. This dood is a monster on the mic very versatile. Has good good writing Skillz & freestyle like a boss. I’ve been hearing put it in sense the early 90’z when more than half these rappers out ask why u doin this. Now they tryin the same thang but can’t do it as good as DA Dubb much luv boi!!!

  18. just to let you know! Da Dubb is Denver Co. proud of you dog !! i always know you can go all the way. keep it up

  19. Da Dubb deserves to be recognized for all his hard work and dedication hes instilled in his music! Hes one man that truly stands out when it comes to hard work, commitment and loyalty! He always keeps it 100 and nothing less! Yay! You go DA Dubb!

  20. From the first day I met DA Dubb he has always presented himself with true dedication to his music! His music is what he stands for! I have never seen anyone work as hard as he has when it comes to perfecting each and every bar to every song he has ever produced. He makes it a true art! He becomes what he produces and he is one man that deserves to stand proud! Way to go DA Dubb… you deserve it!

  21. Brother Ruuud, I don’t know for sure how many of your gigs I have caught but just when I thought I’d seen it all you go and blow ALL their socks off!! What a show. Ya know, we all knew deep down inside that you were going all the way and maybe even before you did. We are all grateful for the opportunity to be there when you did. You’re beautiful man, lets keep a prayin’ that someone else sees it. You’re the greatest!!!

  22. Brutha, Brutha, Brutha Dub, you B da man! What style, what grace, what finese! They have judged it correctly and hopefully you are on your way. Don’t forget us bro. If I could be a road warrior I’d be there to see it all with you. Denver is with you and many others in Cal as well. Give ’em hell. We know you will.

  23. D-A-Dubb, excellence as always! We out here in Cal have again enjoyed yet another performance par-excellance’. May you never have an end to all these outstanding performances. You are a cut above…WAY ABOVE the rest. Although we missed the next to the last set we will try to assure that we won’t miss any more. I knew that you had it. Keep pluggin it.

  24. D-A-Dubb he is the man-No one can rap it like he can-If he’s playin on your street, you’ll know it ’cause the sounds are sweet. If you behave and you be good maybe Santa will bring him out to your hood.
    Congrats bro, when might we catch ya in Cal?

  25. Dadubb, you got it all! The talent, the energy, the beats etc,etc!Once again you’ve proven that you’re the man! I love everything you do. All the work and all the heart you put into everything you do…..it was bound to pay off sooner or later. And on top of all that…you’re a man with heart!!!…LOVE Ya! Can’t wait for more!!

  26. Me compadre Da-Dubb You don’t remember me or me spousa but I saw you take the prize. And rightfully so. You have talent more than any others which we are seen. You really dont belong here in denver. I really hope that you will continue to make cd’s and dvds. I send one to the brother in arizona and hey loves it. I will get more when I can. I will check you out more but I am on a friends computer. For now, congradulations. Alejandro

  27. Dubb, What a performance!!!!! My husband and I just were able to go to your last gig and you are better than EVER! We are definitely a 2 Dubb family. We were trying to explain your style to our kin down in Alabama and they want to hear you so we will send them one of our CD’s and get another. How do I explain your style? I can only make comparisons with what else is out there on the market and let them check out you on DVD. We dont do the facebook thing. Maybe they will be able to catch you next time theyre up. Keep up the good work and Im sure that someone else will see what we see. Love yas

  28. D-A-DUBB is one of best artist coming out the mile high city aka Denver Colorado. This is coming from a veteran dj that has been in the game 10 plus years in Denver Colorado. I get so much local music from all around the box state. There is a lot of talent out here and i got much love for everyone, but my opinion is there is no one out here in Colorado that puts in as much hard work, dedication, heart, rawness, and Colorado soul in there music like Dubb does. This is guy leaks raw talent and so happy for him that he is finally getting recognized beyond Colorado for his hard work. All i know is i really enjoy listening to his music and will always support his movement/music. Proud of you my Mehoe! I riding with you until the wheels fall off. Keep on pushing and you know you always got my support since day uno. IKME BABY!

  29. I’ve known this man for a very long time, I have watched him grow as a artist.I think this man deserves everything coming to him the man put in the work to b DENVER’S BEST!!!

  30. Amazing talented and super dedicated to his music. DA DUBB has definitely captivated me from the beginning. much luv and respect to him and his work!

  31. I have known rudy for only a couple years now. But over these few years I have really learned about “local” rappers he has shoen me the ins and outs and I have to say I have only seen a few people put in as much hard work and dedication into their label but dubb is the only one that puts his heart and soul into his. Not only does he care about his work but his fellow team mates. I feel he deserves this not only as an artist but as a man who has put everything into what he does.

  32. I do a little work for dubb and I have never seen someone so dedicated to a group of people and calls them family. I dont think any one deserves this as much as he does. He alqays puts everyone before his self and now its his turn to get something in return.

  33. Wow!! Let me start by saying this guy is absolutely awesome and extremely talented.. He brought me in a few years back and has taught me what it is to have values and ambition.. He is very smart and talented, always being positive and willing to help everyone grow.. To see him succeed would be the cherry on top, he is definitely some one who deserves it..

  34. Da Dubb has to be one of the most hard working and dedicated entertainers I know ! His music comes from the heart , to see him succeed would be great he has so much talent and the whole world should be able to hear and see his talent

  35. The’re many positions to must be played in the music industry. Few people have the ability , focus , and motivation to play a single position exceedingly well. Even fewer who can play more than one position correctly. It is rare you find a person who can effectively play all positions precisely. DA DUBB is a true VETERAN in the Colorado Hip Hop movement. I am honored to have him apart of the foundation that is helping to build and expand the Colorado Beat Addicts coalition. If this is your first time hearing of him you need to hear him and there’s plenty of music available as well as upcoming to keep you reeled in . Mile High Salute to you brotha! DA DUBB/IKME/CBA Colorado’s Up!!

  36. DA DUBBBBB!!! A Denver Rap hero, hittin’ em off with the most hyped live shows, and real life music that people can feel. Helping show the world what Colorado has to offer. This is what I’m talkin’ bout.

  37. DA DUBB Is best raper in Denver i love his work you cant find good rap now a days i will keep bumping DA DUBB for a long time keep that good shit coming….

  38. All you have to do is, take the time to look into this mans work. Its goes way past makin music! i personaly feel like D-a-Dubb is one of, if not the hardest workin individuals in the game! I am one of the many artist who has had the oppertunity to work with Dubb, Not just as an artist on the lable but, I also like to look at things as an outsider. and it blows my mind how much this dude absolutly loves to be involved in music. If this guy isnt recording or makin some of the hottest beats in the state, he is ALWAYS tryin to find another avenue to travel. Not only for himself but, the rest of the artists on his label. this is the one to keep your eyes on! Much Luv My Dawg!!!

  39. DA Dubb is an amazing person!!! His talent as an artist is immaculate. Loyalty, dedication and determination are some of his best qualities. He definitely has worked hard to get where he is at today!!!! And nothing will stop him from becoming the best at whatever he puts his mind to in life. Keep up the hard work friend!!!! You deserve to be recognized!!!!

  40. There is no one in Denver that compares to the talent DA Dubb has when it comes to producing music. His work is original and it represents his unique character. He is a man with true talent. No one deserves to be recognized more for his hard work than DA Dubb.

  41. Not only are D-A Dubb live performances off the hook but the music videos he makes are dope also wouldn’t think hes just another local rapper but a local superstar with everything he does from producing , filming, beat making,song writing just an all around entertainer.

  42. D-A Dubb..
    Probably Denver rappers biggest competitions hands down! I could honestly say ive seen many performers and they don’t have half the passion or dedication to music like he does. I believe that’s what makes his performances stand out and his music so real! I love hearing and watching him perform in Denver. Its actually a show,and not some boring rap battle or not just another event to attend and watch what most guys out here who “think” they can rap do.. same thing nothing really great! D-A Dubb you have a fan for life! Never give up because you truly came along way and to wrap all this up all i have left to say is…REAL RECOGNIZE REAL!

  43. DA DUBB Is The Best out of Denver rappers out here. I know him personally and he has been my boy since back in da day. He has came along way since then with hiz music its unbelieveable how my boy came up so fast. I got every cd that eva came out i got hiz app on my phone. If u suport local music like i do man u gotta get hiz app fo sho. He iz a real azz strait up dude,Everything from hiz music, tv show music videos, shows all around Denver everything he does iz off the chain n i will alwayz sapport my boy DA DUBB in anything he doez I luvs ya homie u are da bestes in my eyez N no matter what anyone sais much luv sweetnezz . Mz.ShyGirl.

  44. Been following and supporting my friend D A Dubb and the other guys of IKME since I met them three years ago. I have seen the ups and downs as well . D A Dubb has grown so much as a person and in talent. I look forward to what he brings next. Will be a major supporter of his and IKME forever. Keep on grinding my friend. 🙂

  45. When I think of true dedication I think of my cousin Dubb!! I have mad respect for him and all that he does with his music and performances. Love his music, some would say i only like it because its family that’s where the are wrong I like it cause it comes from the heart and soul of his life and what he knows first hand. Dubb music is what I call real shit. Most proud of all he has done. Luv ya cousin

  46. Ive known DaDubb for some time know and what ive seen is a true musician in the making. from S.P.I.C.S and all the otha great albums$$$ till now it seems to me his whole Team is very very taleted no suprise though!!! the guyz true to what he does!!!! love the music!!! talk bout somebody that doesnt give up Damm keep it G ONE

  47. DA DUBB is one of the most talented artists in the rap music scene representing the Mile High City! He is dedicated to music and producing music. His lyrics are amazing, his words and voice capture audiences. He is a natural entertainer. What I respect about him most is his commitment to rap music and his love for entertainment. I am proud of you! Keep doing what you love!

  48. I will always support DA Dubb! His style is unique and amazing! Way to go Dubb… he deserves to be recognized for his talent! Keep up the good work! 😉

  49. Dubb is the real deal!!! He is a stand up guy and is always supportive of other artists trying to make it as well. After reading this and getting a chance to chop it up with him personally, it is obvious that he does this for the LOVE! With that, the hustle, the grind, the longevity, and the plethora of material available to the masses, you MUST RESPECT this man! And oh yeah, y’all got to get that app! Very impressive…get em Dubb! Peace!

  50. Ever since I have known Dubb he has been very committed to his passion for rapping and performing. I have been to countless shows and never have I been disappointed in their performance. I’m going to love seeing IKME reach the top because for about 16 years I have witnessed Dubb working very hard he is one of the realist people I know and I feel blessed to see him doing so well.

  51. Great job Da Dubb! I just started listening to ur music cause of a mutual friend (Spiffy) and u got talent! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for more!

  52. I’ve been to a few shows when DA DUBB was performing… and he is a great entertainer! I try and make them whenever IKME is performing. .. keep krinda bro!

  53. I learned of DA Dubb when I came to see Tiff in Colorado (I’m in NM) she hooked us up with a CD and we have been listening to it ever since! Just heard that IKME won an award a few weeks back….Way to go! I will keep supporting u guys! You are talented… with great dedication… u can tell through ur music. This article is great… I learned more about you. GREAT JOB!

  54. Well said dubb! I have much love and respect for d a dubb he is the hardest artist! Dubb has my full support in any thing he does! He sincerely has put in a lot of hard work to get where he is and Dubb I’m super proud of! He is who he claims to be n has the proof in All of his talent n work! Keep up the good work Dubb mlmf

  55. I first heard dubbs music when i was about 15 and was suprised to learn that he repped the box state because untill then every other fellow denver artist i heard either had no talent or bad production. I started rapping myself and never thought that i would have the priveladge to work with him in hi studio. Not only can the man rap but his production skills and everything else he does is top of the line and he really opened up alot of oppritunity for young new colorado artists like myself. Bottom line i said this before DA Dubb is to Colorado rap what N.W.A. Is to gangsta rap. Respect!!!!

  56. Wow great article. Very inspiring to any kid that grows up in the hood and has accomplished what you have Rudy. We all know that growing up in hood is a struggle to dodge all the negative bullshit but you did and made it happen which means anyone can if they have talent and desire. Congratulations on all your future endeavors. Keep up great work. And as always I appreciated you and still do for loving my son so unconditionally. He is the man he is today and you have hella lot to do with that.

  57. Dubb as long as I’ve known u, u have always brought it, i love ur music ur smile n ur company, I Kant wait till the next show boo, luv u.

  58. Dam I’ve been following this guy for a long time and I gota say he’s more than ready for the big time… Dubb we got yo back in the P-town


  60. Love everything you are about Dubb!!! You songs about Denver are perfect examples of your dedication and loyalty to putting Denver on the rap map and gives me that strong feeling of the pride I also feel for this beautiful kick ass city!!! Keep up the amazing work Dubb!!! For everyone else, next time its raining, go put on you headphones and bump Denver Mobbin real loud and stomp the crap outta some puddles, lol. Trust me, its the shit!!!

  61. I’ve know DA Dubb for a while now. On top of that I’ve been in the entertainment industry for a while and have seen it all. By far DA Dubb is one of the best out here. Not only is he talented within his music, buy the man is one cool ass Hu$$la. He is very humble and strives for success. Mad props to your DA Dubb – keep on doing your thing – never give up my Hu$$la…. Thomasito/Hu$$la Ent

  62. YES! D-A-DUBB is a straight OG in the 303, Shoot I remember listing to his albums in school with just a few others back then. But as an artist hes came a long way and all the shit I hear from IKME (Individual Kingz Media Enterprize) Is just DOPE! AND IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER! I am glad to know him and proud to be his friend now! Looking forward to the future! #IKME

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  64. Win or loose you gotta respect the hustle D.A.Dub n da whole camp has put in for Colorado!!! Grit n Grindin for dat Mile High son!!! Young vets puttin in dat footwork all day all night, just keep yo mind right n stay focused bro!!! Much luv bro!!!

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  70. My birthday was the night at Herman’s… I tried to make it but was unable to. Heard it was an amazing performance by IKME… can’t wait to make the next show. PLease let me know when that will be. Keep up the good work. This article is great!!! You’re definitely a man of character.

  71. Been following IKME for the last 3 years when I was working at Physicians Management that’s all we listened to in her car on our breaks. Not only that we had the bosses there always asking about you guys. You guys have definitely come far in all the years you have been striven to accomplish greatness. I hope to see lots more in the future. Thanks for the great sounding music. It beats listening to the crap on the radio!

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  74. Talk about perseverance, dedication, talent, love, and passion! My boy DA DUBB has been doing it since I have met him which has been more than 13 years ago! He has perfected his art, his craft with every album. He keeps getting better and better and really has made a name for himself in Denver Colorado and always represent represents! Love my boy, love his music and the whole IKME! Great work, great music to provide to the masses!! Much love!

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    love you cuz

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    DAdubb.com…..Man Check you out! Great interview. I look forward to following you into the future!

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