Formerly known as “GEMINI,” Adrian is a Houston, Texas native, church influenced musician with hood swag, who loves to create and perform music for his fans! He’s been called an uppercase “G” on a mission to share his gift with the world.

Born to be a singer, song writer and actor, Adrian was raised and reared with a strong church background. Growing up in one of the biggest, black neighborhoods in Texas, called Acres Homes, Adrian also obtained a little hood swag along the way.

Musically, Adrian has already accomplished a lot. As early as the age of 13, he appeared on the Texas Gospel Music Awards and opened for both John P. Kee and  V. Michael McKay. He has opened for several other recording artists since then as well, such as Anthony Hamilton, Floetry, India Arie, and John Legend. Adrian has worked all over the country with many artists, both established and rising.

From January to June 2012 Adrian was a featured guest every Friday night at The Horn, which was one of Houston’s hottest nightclubs. There, he’s had the pleasure of opening for Carl Thomas, Case, and more.

Not limiting his endeavors to music, Adrian has traveled with the stage play “Laura Mae, Lord Have Mercy” by Professor Robert Simms, playing the role of Billy Jr. He also played the lead role of Brian Matthews in “Only God Can Judge Me” by Curtis Von. Additionally, Adrian has appeared in a TV commercial for Crockett and Sons, Inc., that aired on BET, VH1 and TV-1.

Currently, Adrian is working on his debut solo project entitled, “ADRINaline RUSH” featuring the hot new single, “Rain Dance.”

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What is your music background?

ADRIAN B:  I started out singing, playing drums, and directing the choir in church at the age of 6.  I started playing in the band in the 1st grade.  I come from a musically inclined family so music has always been around me. My great grandmother was a gospel singer and musician. She was also a music teacher who taught my grandfather (Gussy Daigre’) and my mother (Rose Brunswick).  My mother taught several singers and musicians herself who have done great work in the gospel music industry. She taught my late big sister, Stellar Award nominee Rosalyn Brunswick McDuffie, Zacardi Cortez, and Rev. Paul Jones to name a few.  I am the first of her students to actively pursue a career in R&B/Pop music.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

ADRIAN B:  I believe that with a great gift comes great responsibility, but I don’t feel that my family’s talent has gotten its just do. I am the last one left who knows the family history and has the ability to carry on the legacy to the next generation.  If I step up to the plate and own that responsibility, I can make my ancestors proud as well as pass on the family gift.  I believe recording and releasing my creative works will be the greatest example and motivation for the youth in my family.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your songs about?

ADRIAN B:  Some of my songs are about my own personal experiences. I view this as a business and not just an avenue to vent, I also write music that I believe my consumers want to hear.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Who is your fan base directed towards?

ADRIAN B:  My fan base consists of a young, but definitely grown and sexy audience that loves to enjoy life as well as a night out on the town.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Who are your musical influences?

ADRIAN B:  My number one influence is now and has always been my late big sister, Rosalyn Brunswick Mcduffie, “R.I.P, love you always, I’m gone to make you proud.”  I grew up around other great gospel singers in the Houston area as well, such as Kim Burrell, Shawn Mclemore, Rhonda Mclemore, and Yolanda Adams just to name a few.  There were also other outside influences such as the late Michael Jackson, Stevie wonder & Whitney Houston.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How would you describe your music to people?

ADRIAN B:  I’m a Gemini and my music definitely reflects both personalities. Sometimes it’s edgy, sometimes it’s hood, sometimes inspirational, and sometimes it’s fun. One thing about my music is that it’s always commercial!

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What makes you stand out from other artists?

ADRIAN B:  I think my level of talent brings back the feeling of real, feel good music.  My music is all gift and less engineered.  This is an element of myself that is God-given and can’t be taught.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

ADRIAN B:  I’m currently working on my debut cd entitled “ADRINaline RUSH” and will be releasing a new single from it entitled “Anywhere” on July 26, 2013.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your career goals?  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

ADRIAN B:  My career goals as an artist are to share my creative mind with the rest of the world and gain the respect of my music industry peers as well as fans (ADRINaline Junkies). I am CEO & founder of my own record label entitled “BirthMark Entertainment.” 10 years from now I see myself not only in the billboard top 10 as an artist but as a songwriter/producer as well.  In my mind, these are goals that are realistic given my family gift and legacy.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

ADRIAN B:  Fans (Junkies) can access my music, contact me, and follow my career at www.adrianbmusic.com












  1. Great article! I have heard Adrian B’s great voice and I hope that the world will have the same opportunity to experience his music. Keep grinding young brother. The sky is the limit if you allow it to be.

  2. This boy is baddd!!! His versatile vibe is a welcomed asset to Houston’s music scene. It’s time for Adrian B to be introduced to the rest of the world!

  3. Adrian B is a talent to be reckoned with. It is way past time for him to get his just due. His style and versatility as well as his desire to perform his original music sets him apart from the rest that rock the “cover scene” here in Houston. It is HIS time!

  4. I am so proud of you!! You definantley have my full support and endless friendship!!!! Keep up the good work!!

  5. There are many great talents in the world but everyone doesn’t deserve a national platform. Adrian is one that does! Great talent, great spirit and destined! Continued success is the only option I see in his future.

  6. OMG! This is amazing! Adrian B’s talent is definitely God given. The music industry thirst for such talent. It’s been a long time coming so it’s time to SHINE!!!

  7. Congratulations!!!!!! this is wonderful! im so proud of you cousin … you have been doin ya thang since i was a youngin!! we love you, love your music!! keep doin ya music thang!! never stop!!

    I love you! congratulations again

  8. Great article!! Glad to see this talented Houston artists get recognized for all his talents. I’ve seen and heard his music plenty of time.. he’s the definition of a true artist and a fan favorite throughout the city. Let’s continue to show the industry what real music is about…keep doing your thing young brother.

    • My ni**a…& a true ADRINaline Junky. You’ve always traveled far & wide to see me perform live when some don’t come when my show is around the corner from them. Also the 1st person I ever heard sing all the words to all my music. You are greatly appreciated bro!

  9. He’s a great talent with a commanding on stage presence. Really a humble guy with music you can groove to or party to I’m proud of you bro keep pushing .

  10. Your time is here now!!! Embrace it!!! I can’t wait till we get in the studio and do work… ijs keep up the good work!!! 🙂

      • Adrian, it is just amazing to see all of these blessings that God has bestowed upon you. Guess what Bro.? You deserve them all. Through it all you have remained humble Adrian, many more blessings and much success is yet to come. Congratulations!!!!!!


    • FYI…I pay attention homie & I appreciate how u always check up on my social networks fam. I see your “Likes” & “comments” everyday bro! #teamADRINalineJunky

  11. Man, it has been such a privilege working with someone as talented, driven & focused as Adrian. It’s looking like the blessings of hard work & constant motivation are about to pay off! This is only the beginning! Cup runneth over!!!

    • NoIzE Kuntroll Productionz in the building. Bro you are very much a part of my accomplishments. Thnx for awsome production on “Rain Dance” & many that the people have yet to hear. Love, respect & brotherhood!

  12. I knew Adrian back when he was playing
    drums in the band. I always knew he would someday be a talented musician. He has always had an awesome voice and incredible rhythm. Congratulations Adrian on how far you have come and best wishes for all you will accomplish in the future!

    • Thnx a lot Cara. I remember those middle school band & choir days just like yesterday. Preciate your kind words. #teambethanylutheranschool

  13. Adrian is a great musician! I’ve heard his music and have seen him progress in this music business and I do believe that one day he will make it to the top! 🙂

  14. Ultimate adrinelinerush junkie here,out of all the times I’ve had an opportunity to watch Adrian in action hes never let me down, you leave his shows feeling good and think to yourself there’s still great music and artist that exist out there

  15. I have known this brother for most of my life and I have to say there is no one on earth more deserving of the top. He introduced me to music production in my teens which became the great love of my life! You people don’t even know how deep this kids talent goes! This spotlight is just the beginning.

    Adrian B is coming to take over the world!

    Great article! Great artist!

  16. You are such a Dope artist! The industry is missing this sound and feel. Great timeless music. I can’t wait to see you at the top and doing more!! The industry NEEDS ADRIAN B!!!! I’m a fan for life!

  17. Great Job Adrian B. It’s great to see good things happen to good people. You are very talented and I wish you all the best. You are not only a true cousin but also a true friend. God has given you a gift and I hope that you can go far with using it. Whom ever backs you up will not be sorry. So proud of you!!!

  18. You are truly an inspiration to all. No matter what life deals you giving up is not in your path. Congratulations. Proud to say I know you.

    • Q-q-q-q-quitting is not a part of my conversation or in my blood. I’ve always known where I belong even when people I had great respect for told me different or gave up on me. “Cuz I ain’t never ran from a ni**a (obstacle) & I damn show ain’t bouta pick 2day to start runnin”~ Tunechi

  19. My man, my homie, my brother, my inspiration. Adrian B possesses effortless ambition with natural desire to breakthrough in mainstream Pop & R&B as if the industry has been familiar with him for as long as he has been trying to get there. I’ve always believed in his vision and inspired by his drive to make his mark. He’s only one opportunity away from fulfilling his reality. The dream was fulfilled long ago to never give up. A friend first, fan last. He’s major!

    • C…thnx for ALWAYS supporting & believing in me. My homie, my bro & confidant! One of the people that talk sh*t to me & get away w/ it. You help me stay grounded. Love you bro!

  20. Adrian B. is a phenomenal Artist with a lot of passion for what he does. He has paid his dues and now it is his turn to be in the spotlight. I am so proud to see what he has accomplished so far! I cannot wait to see what lies ahead. Adrian B. is taking the world by storm; so get ready!

    • Hey Lici I was watching & rooting for you on Sunday Best. Thnx for your kind words & may God bless you on your journey as well friend

  21. Adrian B aka Gemini, what can I say about him ? Well the comment section wouldn’t be long enough, I know this young gifted man personally , he had song to me and for me, he has been to many of my family functions and I have enjoyed him. I really need my on personal cd’s to enjoy his phenomenal voice, he’s my son not by blood yet still my SON !, I know he will go far in all of his endeavors….I love Gemini keep in pushing honey. Mama Lynda

  22. Adrian B is an excellent talent who’s music soothes the soul, brings smiles to faces, snaps to fingers and a special energy to any room. If you dont already know, now is the time; Adrian B should be in everyone’s playlist.

    • I’m glad that up to this point I’ve soothed your soul & I promise to do everything in my creative power to never let your soul down in the future.

  23. First and foremost, Adrian B is one cool dude. Great personality! Vocally he is BEAST!!! He and I have shared the stage on a few occasions before and he is quite impressive. He’s not just a singer, but rather a phenomenal performer! He ensures that whatever he presents is on point due to his dedication, hardwork, and willingness to practice until it’s right. His show is just that, a SHOW! You are bound to see a well thought out musical experience which includes stylish wardrobe, a diverse repertoire, choreography, a smashing band, and most importantly – BLAZIN’ VOCALS. Undoubtedly, his studio work is just as incomparable. As a writer and arranger he is a “fresh wind” that is revitalizing R&B music as we once knew it. Adrian B doesn’t need autotune nor does he need any of the extra effects that most people need and or/use. He, as my mother would say, is a “flat-foot” singer that can wow a crowd with his vocal technique and ability alone. I respect his grind and artistry. I foresee a prosperous future in the music industry as long as he keeps God and his loving family first. Hats off and two thumbs up bro! I on behalf of Houston’s own Six Minutes ’til Sunrise wish you the best in all of your endeavors. Go get yours!!!

    • Yo, these are awesome words bro. I sooooo value your artistry & opinion homie. To hear you say those words gives me a since of accomplishment. Your one of my fav new vocalist in the “H” bro so the respect is mutual.

  24. Used to be a co-worker of adrian. Had an opportunity to listen to his music and acapella. I really liked what ive heard so far. Brotha has got a great voice, looking forward to enjoying more. I wish him good luck on his journey.

    • Preciate the love Homer. It was a joy every time we worked an assignment 2gether. I definitely miss SOME of the Walker Engineering fam lol.

    • As long as you got my back bro, I gotta strong back. Preciate everything bro…& still look’n forward to that “Rain Dance” remix lol

  25. Adrian B is definitely the truth,there please believe there’s a very big slot for him in the industry. He’s a real genuine person,no denying raw talent. One love bro.
    God bless

    • Still got Gemini fans that won’t let that name go lol. It’s cool to know I was able to make such a lasting impression. Thnx for making ME feel good bro!!!

  26. Adrian B has truly been a success all of his life. I know traveling into this next level of his journey, he will be nothing short of a Tremendous Success. I have watched him grow into a awesome young man; as we were raised in the same Church (Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church) in Houston, TX.

    Adrian has a natural love for music as it music flows in his veins. My Prayer is that Adrian is continually Blessed beyond measure as he brings to the world ADRINaline. Adrian, I charge you to keep the songs coming.

    Luv You Much Baby Brother……Your Loving Big Sis!

    • Tashona, it is & has always been a pleasure to have supporters like you. Though I have a long way to go, you make sure I always remember where I came from. I receive every intercession on my behalf. Thnx “T”!

  27. I’ve been knowing Adrian b. since 96 I watched him grow musically and I only have to say each time I hear him he gets better and better we will enjoy him for many years to come.

    • My ni**a “B”, I love you bro. Yep, I’ve been on this music thang since I was a shorty. Thnx for never giving up on me homie……

  28. I’ve known this gifted dude over 10 yrs and to watch hiM grow into this man that has such a powerful anointed Gift is fuel for tue gift God gave me to stay on top of my game, AB is due everything coming his way it’s his time and season I told Kelly Price about his commercial vocals and how cold he is he have my undying support fo life.

    • The “Mr Shawn Mclemore”…wow! Thnx a lot bro for taking out the time to read my article. You have been such a big influence for my musical journey. It is a huge HONOR to have you say those things about me bro. Preciatcha big homie…love you!

  29. I know what kind of voice adrian has he is remarkable. He has a love for music that pours from his soul and it is contagious. I know he will be successful in all of his endeavors because he is the truth and you cant deny the truth.

  30. My friend, I am so excited about all of the great and wonderful things coming your way!! Not too many are my favorite, but this guy Adrián has made my top 5!!! I absolutely love to watch him perform, his voice is amazing… Many blessings and much sucess to you….

    • Preciatcha Ms Richmond. I’ve enjoyed sharing the stage with you several times as you have done with many. So to be in your top 5 is an honor knowing it’s not just 6 in the equation lol. Thnx for the love Vicki!

  31. I love the article on Adrian B I love to hear him sing he can do so much with is voice and I have had the pleasure with working with him. He is and Awsome person n I love him. He is a very humble n sweet guy. I am very proud to know such a wonderful person.

  32. Adrian b can really sing heard his music the first time today enjoyed every moment so yall go check him out yall self.

    • Man…preciatcha Ms Franchae. I love my new junkies just like the ones who’ve been riders since the beginning. I won’t let you down!

  33. Congratulations Adrian ‘B’. Keep using the wonderful Talent God has blessed you with and you will definitely always have us on the edge of our seats. I am very proud of you and I thank God for you. Be blessed my son.
    Love you, Mother

    • What can I say? You taught me everything I know about music & it makes me $. You taught me how to be a constant student of my craft & let no one misuse my gift. You taught me how to be a professional at all times, build relationships off of integrity & never burn bridges. I hope to achieve greatness so that people will see how great my mom & teacher is. Thnx & love you Mom

    • I really appreciate your confidence in me. I’m blessed to have fans junkies like you. You keep believing & I won’t let you down.

  34. Adrian B was born to touch the world with his God given talent. You truly sing from your heart and soul. I can’t wait for the videos and to see you walk on stage to receive your Grammy. Walk into your destiny. I love you cousin.

  35. Practice is always beneficial but it’s only a supplement to being born with abundant talent, which has a way of jumping from one generation to the next. I watched your video, I listened to your music and it left me thinking that four generations of musical talent have produced yet another star.
    You are an awesome performer!
    Best wishes,
    Uncle Ren

    • Haven’t talked to you in forever Unc, but as soon as word gets out that I need you, you pop up. That’s more appreciated than you’ll ever know (man-to-man). Love you man!

  36. Being the aunt of someone as talented as you is uplifting. I was in awe of your performance as I watched your video and heard you sing. Your mom’s singing is heavenly and yours gives me pride. I wish you success in everything you do,

    Auntie Brenda

    • Glad I could uplift you auntie. The talent all stems from your dad & grandmother. I hope to make you & them as well, as proud as can be. Love you!

  37. Cuz! Your NY Family is super proud of you and inspired by your ambition and talent! Can’t wait to listen to your music driving through the concrete jungle!


    • Hey cuz if you tune in to the right XM stations, we can ride through the concrete jungle 2gether right now. Thnx for your support fav cuz!

  38. Adrian you are an amazing artist. You have a gift from God. Continue to use it in the right way and you will go far in life.

    • I will definitely continue to use it cuzzo…especially as long as I have support from my cuz & soon to be BROTHER (everybody ain’t gonna catch what that means lol)

  39. This artist is talented and very open with various styles. Artist will be on my wedding program when I decide to make that step

  40. I attended one of Adrian B’s performances several years ago in the city of Houston. It was a gospel venue and while he sang, people around me were in tears along with my guests and me. By the end of his performance, there were few dry eyes in the audience and only words of praise for this extraordinary talent.

    I predict that when Adrian steps far enough out of everyone’s shadow, he will begin to see his own.

    • I’m glad that I could touch you guys through song. Brings tears to my eyes to know that my gift can have that effect. For me this is a dream come true. Love you!!!

  41. Adrian you are a stellar performer with true talent and professionalism. I look forward to seeing your name at the top of the music Bill Boards!

    • Thnx a million…especially for the comment about “professionalism”! That’s the one my teachers (mother & big sis) would be most proud of.

  42. I’ve enjoyed the article. I’ve seen his live performances and if you haven’t then you need to. I’m glad he is being recognized. He is a true artist.

  43. I’m proud of you lil bro. I have watched your talent mature for a long time. Your sister and I use to talk about you growing up and doing big things. I see that you are on your way. The race is not given to the swift nor the strong but to the one that keep pushing on. Keep it moving my man. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Email me at frank@steveharvey.com Come on to the top I’m reaching for you grabb on. Peace frezzy

    • Freezy, it’s been a long time bro. Thnx for taking the time out of your busy schedule to comment on my press release. There are a lot of other “big successful” people we both know, that looked at the article & kept going. I know big sis is smiling down on your “keepin-it-realness”. Yep, I made that up lol…much love bro!!!

  44. Well this was a nice way to know more about Adrian B. Congrats to all of your accomplishments keep reaching for your dreams. 🙂 give him the green light he deserves this blessing so he can continue blessing others. I hope this helps but your leader has the final say so I’ll keep you in my prayers as well

    • Thnx Trace…I need all the sincere prayers I can get. There’s nothing like having people in your corner. Thnx again!

  45. What can I say!!!! The Boy is off the roof!!!! He is the real deal!!!!!! He can do it all!!! But fail!!!! He’s going places!!!!!! I love it 100% do you Adrian!!!! The world need to see what you do……..

    • Uncle Bobby B…every time I hear that I think about Bernie Mack on “Transformers” lol. Man I thank you for your confidence in me. I still remember the 1st day we met. You heard me sing & you stood up & asked “man how u make your voice sound like its got auto tune right here in the living room with no microphone”? That was the weirdest but most gratifying reaction I have ever gotten from anyone & I’ll never forget that day as long as I live. Every since, you’ve always asked “what you could do to help my career”? Dude…your the best!

  46. Adrian is a supremely talented artist who will very soon bust into the mainstream. It’s gonna be EPIC when he does climb that mountain! You know the saying “The sky is the limit”… FORGET THAT! There IS NO limit for Adrian. He was born for this… His time is NOW! Congrats Fam… I’ve got ya back!

    • Thnx for the love Will. There’s nothing like hearing positive words from a fellow musician who is a perfectionist at him craft. Really appreciate it bro.

    • Brother Jo-Jo I appreciate your loyalty to the Adrian B movement. It’s been a pleasure having you as a fan, as well as a student. I can tell you actually practice what we work on week-to-week cuz I hear the difference. I can’t say that for all of my students. Keep up the good work & I promise to bring the best out if you.

  47. I have the pleasure of knowing Adrian B for most of my life… He is a phenomenal singer… I am so excited about his accomplishments.. this is only the beginning… true star…

  48. Not only is this GREAT artist my God-brother, he is talented and stays TRUE to the musical gifts God has given him! He’s the one to call upon whenever you need a genuine artist representation.

  49. Adrian is the most talented young man I know. His vocal ability is soul touching. You will always remember when you have an Adrian B experience. His big sis is smiling down from heaven as he is making her proud. He stays true to his roots and his musical capability is unmatched. A rare raw talent that the world needs to hear.!!!!

    • Wow…the most talented man you know…you must not know many men lol. Thanks Trice…& she is one of the most important people I would want to be proud of me, so I do hope she’s smiling!

  50. I’ve been too many of your shows and was blown away by your performance and your voice is like non other , keep bringing us great music please , you are truely awesome !! 😉 I’m your biggest fan .

    • Hey Nikki Perez The Model, I really do think you’re the biggest ADRINaline Junky & I absolutely love you for it. It’s an honor to have a model like yourself to acknowledge my music & artistry the way you do. Thnx babe!!!

  51. Props to mad talented brother that I’ve known for quite some time! Adrian, continue to pursue your dreams. Continue to show & prove; this is only the beginning…

    • Honored to get props from an accomplished artist such as yourself. Your a pleasure to work with & I appreciate the love & camaraderie bro!

  52. Adrian I’ve been knowing you since we were about 8. You have always wanted to be a singer, lol. and now you are. IM proud of you keep up the good work friend! Im always here to support you. yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  53. Adrian B is an amazing performer and hes good at whatever he does. Congrats on how far you’ve made it although we all know you gon make it farther… keep it up

  54. Its been a long time coming bro …more than just change gone come ….cha..ching u know what I mean.keep doin u …its Your time to shine . U know Roz is smiling down from heaven and Im proud of u and ya gogetit state of mind….4th quarter big bro 3.2 seconds left in the game..and someone left u with the open shot…….oooooooohhhh
    luv you brother keep it coming ….redi red a.k.a

  55. I just saw Adrian B. at Skinny’s in Katy. Props to Musical Director Alvin King for showcasing him and much respect to owner Mike for giving Katy live music. Adrian B. is the type of vocalist who combined his gospel roots, soul, passion and great vocal training to bring the house down. He also let the crowd see why he was a Houston stalwart on the neo-soul scene for so long. Good luck Adrian B in this next phase of your career.