IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What is your music background?

KB THE GENERAL:  I developed a love for music at an early age because I was introduced to a wide variety of music from different cultures. My parents were heavily influenced by African culture. As a result, they wanted me and my siblings to explore different types of music. I played samba drums in middle school and that helped my timing and rhythm when it came to making beats later on in high school. While I was in high school my love for music grew and I became interested in hip hop music. My high school provided a basic piano beat machine which I started using to develop my own music while simultaneously rapping along. After I graduated high school I went to college to study communications. While I was in college I kept working on my craft. I got my hands on some better software called “Fruity Loops”. I began making better quality beats and took rapping more seriously. While I was in college I did a few shows on and off campus, building a substantial local fan base. After some time I discovered the sound that I believed would work best for me and that no one else could imitate. I really recognized the direction that I wanted to take in the beginning of January 2012. Since then, I have worked with many local artists, dropped a mix tape titled “Live Free”, and shot six official music videos- two of which were posted on WorldstarHipHop.com. Since the beginning of 2012 I have had a few shows around the DMV [D.C., Maryland, Virginia] area. I also have three projects complete, one of which I plan on releasing within the next few months.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

KB THE GENERAL: I want to record and release my own music because I feel like I have so much to offer the music industry. I think what I will bring to the game is like nothing that is currently out there, simply because of my delivery and the content of the music I create. I believe that I am extremely versatile as an artist. I have the capability of making music with a message and a meaning. At the same time I am able to create songs all about partying and having a good time. I like being able to express my ideas through song because music has the potential to change lives. I don’t necessarily make music just for the fame. However, I do like being able to showcase my talent and artistry. I make music to give a voice to those who don’t always have one. A rapper is only words, but an artist represents an entire vision.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your songs about?

KB THE GENERAL: My songs are mostly about my personal life and the trials and tribulations that I have experienced. They also represent the beliefs and ideals that I live by. Not only do I make music about the way things are, but also about the way things should be. My songs aim to motivate, inspire, provoke thought, and above all contain real content that people from all different walks of life can relate to.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Who are your musical influences?

KB THE GENERAL: I grew up in a house where all different types of music were played. As a result, I was influenced by hip hop, reggae, R&B, Afro-Brazilian, African, and even a little bit of rock. I appreciate good music from all different genres but some of my direct influences are: Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Luciano, and R.Kelly (to name a few). I truly appreciate real artists who know how to deliver a message and make music with real content and talk about real issues.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How would you describe your music to people?

KB THE GENERAL: My music is a mixture between what is commonly referred to as down south hip-hop and old school hip hop, but I would definitely say that I have my own unique sound. I would say that these two sounds most represent my personal sound because of my beat selection and the fact that my lyrical content is genuinely infused with a message. I am able to entertain while delivering a good story to my audience. My music captures the ups and downs that I face and I know countless others face on a daily basis. This makes my music appeal to people of all different types of cultures, languages, races, and lifestyles.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What makes you stand out from other artists?

KB THE GENERAL: What sets me apart from other artists is my ability to relate to all walks of life on every level. I have a wide range of topics that I discuss, so there probably won’t be one genre of music you can put me in. I do it all. I’m capable of making motivational music, educational music, trap music, reggae music, R&B music, and the list continues. I would say nowadays there are too few artists that make music that actually means something. I am one of those artists whose music has a purpose. I am not only a “rapper”, but I know how to write a broad range of music. Nobody is making music like me right now. My music is so descriptive that it can take the listener to plenty of places without them ever leaving the room.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in your music career. How did you overcome it?

KB THE GENERAL: The hardest challenge I have had to face so far in my music career was not having the resources to get my product in the right hands and convincing people that I have what it takes to be a successful artist. I overcame this obstacle by taking the time to invest in myself first. I began researching and studying the industry and artists within it who started out independent and were able to break through. This allowed me to create a plan for myself on how to acquire the necessities I needed to produce and promote my own music. I started by taking my own money and seriously investing in my craft, and with the help of a few I was able to acquire the studio equipment, promotional materials and other items necessary to complete my project. I knew that these things would allow me the freedom to have total control over my project and its success. I learned how to use the equipment to record and mix my own music so I wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else to complete my studio projects. I also realized that another obstacle was gaining access to a broader audience. In order to do so, I needed to make official music videos for my songs and put them out on the web to get my music out to a broader audience. By adding videos to my resume, I was able to broaden my fan base and get noticed and taken more seriously within the industry. Finally, as a result of overcoming these obstacles, I was able to complete my first project and shoot multiple music videos. I realized afterwards that people are more inclined to help when they see you taking the initiative to get the ball rolling and help yourself. I thought making and promoting music would be enough. I’m glad I learned how to be self efficient and to get more accomplished at a faster rate.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

KB THE GENERAL: Within the next four weeks I will be shooting two new music videos for my upcoming project “Hook King”, which is set to release sometime in the 4th quarter or in the beginning of 2014.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

KB THE GENERAL: My career goals is to take the current music that I am producing independently to a major label in order to broaden my distribution and enter the mainstream. Like hip hop of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, I want my music to help shape the minds and ideas of the next generation. Not only do I want my music to entertain, but help my community and people all over the world recognize their true potential. Within the next 10 years I see myself at a place in the music industry where I have established the “KB The General” (KBTG) brand making it recognizable and synonymous with not only music but all aspects of urban life, fashion/merchandise and other commercial ventures. In 10 years I see myself at a place in my career where I have developed a huge core fan base and will be touring overseas.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How can fans access your music and contact you?

KB THE GENERAL: My fans can reach me through the following social networks:























  1. i keep the love and support for a fellow brother of mine its been a long time coming and i feel as tho he needs to be up in the ranks with a lot of these other rappers. Its hard for a native washingtonian to actually get in the industry but with all my heart i know when he gets there everybody will see / hear what kb the general has to say…………..

  2. I been watching you for awhile now and i’m glad to see things working out! I learned a lot about you that i didn’t necessarily know before. Keep pushing forward!

    • Words cannot express how big this man can get. I feel as though KB has been lining up his ducks for many years now … And now it’s time to knock em down! Stay on grindtime like I know u have been. Hard work does pay off. Bless.

    • You have everything it takes to manifest everything that you want. You have prepared thoroughly and the opportunity you’ve been waiting for is right within your reach. I can’t wait to watch you shine brighter.

  3. From personally knowing KB The General by being around him…he could seem at times to be a bit stubborn or overly passionate in a seriousness nature when conveying his messages to people, but from listening to and observing him and his musical soliloquies over the last few years…he and his musical content along with the quality has matured somewhat modestly. His creative ability to evolve for the better will take his music artistry beyond the so called immutable labels and boundaries given to by some to others in this world.

  4. I love KB and hope he makes it big and achieves all of his dreams. He deserves it. He is a great guy and makes amazing music. He had always been there for me. We went to college together and I got to witness him in action. He was always working on music and I could hear it through the walls. It was always fun video tapping his shows on campus and I hope to one day see him on tv and tell my kids all about my friend KB and the amazing music he makes.

  5. showing some love. keep up the good work. your music is inspiring. I believe in you, people love hearing music they can relate too. something you are good at. ive only heard a few of your songs and I see you rap about your life, your hard times and even partying, having a good time. some of your music I can even relate too.

  6. So proud of you KB! Keep following your dream! I’ll never forget the Shepherd days when we would chill in your dorm room and watch you start from just one beat and turning it into a tight ass song!

  7. Man KB I’m so proud of you! When its to the point I’m walking down the street and a car passes BLASTING your music….thats how I know it real! Congrats hun and keep up the awesome work!!!

  8. We’re rooting for you, KB!!! Your hard work, determination & love for what you do will not go unnoticed! Keep up the good work. Xoxo

  9. The article was truly inspiring! Enjoyed learning about the variety in KB’s music and learning more about his passions for the ARTS!!! Keep up the great work! looking forward to more music!

  10. Shout-out to my brother KB The General who is on his way to the Top. He is that special somebody!! You know how when you listen to a rappers demo or cd , you know rt off the bat if he or she has that gift to blow up. Well that’s KB The General -“blowing up rt before our eyes” He brings to the table hardwork , work ethics , leadership, respect & dedication. I don’t know anyone personally that spends Hundreds & hundreds of hours promoting himself ,working on his craft , making sure that everything is rt to the T. I’m proud of him I know his family is too. Keep giving us “Live Free Music”brother you will Capitalize Amen.

  11. So proud of you KB !! As ive always told you , I love how dedicated you are to your music ans how hard you work. You rap about some real shit and thats one thing that def sets you apart from the rest !! Keep up the good work I have NO doubt that you will go very far with this !! ♥♥

  12. Shot out to KB the General one of the hardest working artist I know! Always putting out new hot & fresh music and will be without a doubt the next in line for DC. So keep up the good work my guy and looking forward to hearing and seeing you continue your way to the top as well as working with you again in the future.

  13. Shout out kb da general for putting uptown DC on the map. I could see you now on da XXL cover. Hard work n dedication takes you far. #Livefree

  14. I recently have gotten familiar with KB’s music and I must say this man is talented! His flow is super smooth and he’s spitting some real live sh*t. He has showmanship, drive, smarts, and tenacity that I know will take him far. At this point I know his hardest feat is getting the masses to see that. They will though KB sooner than you think. Keep it up!

  15. Everyone continue to show this good man some love. He is a blessing to our communities and shares his gift of wisdom through his music. #Support #Respect #KB

  16. Always been a fan and a friend. U make the type of music that I like to listen 2. That mindset that you have will take you a long way with your music. Keep bringing the heat!!

  17. My brother from another doing his thang. S/O to KB The General for bringing da hits to da street…Uptown 4 Life…LiveFree….this message has been approved by…YoungCutthroat, change my rap name 4 u brah…DevintheGeneral to YoungCutthroat…lol stay up brah!!

  18. KB the General is by far the hottest artist in the DMV, he has been dubbed the “Hook King”. He has a extensive catelog that would win over the most skeptical critic. The proof is in the pudding, check out his youtube and website http://www.livefreenation.com. My two favorite tracks right now are “get it on” and “oh no” ft. Tonn3D. There is a movement in the DMV and KB is one of the artists leading the way.

  19. Thank you to everyone taking the time out to comment and share the article with your friends and family! I appreciate each and everyone of you! I definitely am reading all of the comments and it feels good to have the support of my friends and fans! THANK YOU!!

  20. KB The General has an uplifting flow…dudes on the up and up bout to breakthrough for sure. Grabbed his mixtape off Datpiff and couldn’t stop playing it! Big ups from Shepherd to the Penthouse…Good luck bruh

  21. KB and the #Livefree movement is breathing life back into the rap game. From the content, delivery/flow, sick production, the visuals and the innovative thinking; there are huge things in store coming out of DC. This is a lifestyle he representing, raised in the culture/truth, my man main goal is to uplift the youth! Soon the world will know what it means to #LIVEFREE. Like I always tell him remain focus, consistent, creative and conscious. I’m proud of you man, keep manifesting your dreams and inspiring others…

  22. A true rep of DMV lifestyle #LiveFREE #LFNXII keep speaking for the streets. Keep them hooks coming DC needs you to be next! GRIND! GRIND! Grind!

  23. KB, with your talent, your devotion to perfection of your craft, and your eclectic musical background, I know you will go far. Thanks for sharing this information about yourself and your musical aspirations. May you continue to rise up the ladder of success — keep moving on up!

  24. My good friend sent me here I thought it was gon be another artist from dc talkin bout some trappin shit but my man did the dammm thing on sum different shit bring dmv back on sum dimensionnal shit loveee youuu brothaa

  25. Kb is a very talented and hard working artist….. One of the very few artist I seen with determination and drive to be great , I wish you nothing but the success you deserve…. #KEEPGOING #KBTG #LIVEFREE

  26. You know I have always told you that you are very talented. You are a very versatile artist that keeps me on my toes. I love that your musical talents convey a message instead of sticking on one topic. Ever since you gave me that mixtape in 2009 I knew that you had to tell the world something. It’s not often that the industry actually has good talent in the mix. Just keep pushing and keep God first because I know you will make, it you’re too ambitious not too. #LIVEFREE

  27. I’ve been following KB The General’s music for some years now. I can relate to all of his music and every time I hear something new from him it influences and motivates me to make great music too. #LIVEFREE

  28. I am so proud of you. Blazing a trail, following your dreams and LIVING FREE!!! The movement is REAL and is the brainchild of a musical genius. I pray that you get the sponsorship you deserve to spread your message and reach the MASSES!!!! Keep Shining! Love you MUCH!!!

  29. I too can relate & identify with being exposed to different cultural music at such a young ago. I more than respect KB’s creativity & turning that exposure into his own style of music. It’s always good to see people be so bold & ambitious about something. It’s great to see people fight for & own what’s theirs. kB is a true fighter, who holds all the passion in the world & expresses it through his music! I love it! #LiveFree

  30. KB is what the music industry needs. No pre-fab cookie-cutter fake mc. KB is confident, yet humble. He doesn’t bullshit and he has your back. Whether its a club banger, some thought-provoking lyrics, or feel-good music, KB is an artist!

  31. So very proud of you! I have no doubt you will be a trailblazer in music and among the greats. Keep going after your dreams, and never stop even when you reach the top!

  32. Look mann I’m from Da City by way of Africa and the Caribbean growing up we ain’t have no rappers blowing up big until Wale put the city ON sum what honestly we have few lyricist who spit hot fiyah…no dylon…Just heard KB’s Track ‘Early Grave’ the other night…I was like “DAMN SON WHEA JU FIND DIS!”

  33. I’m here to support my man Kb who’s been doing good music before I met him & will continue in the future. His hooks ain’t nuthing to play with. Much success bro!! StrongArmDivision

  34. KB The General is an extremely hard worker who has never let any obstacle sway or deter him from striving towards his goal. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing his music from the beginning to present and I can say that the maturation of not only his sound, but his music content and delivery have improve drastically with no signs of slowing down. He devotes limitless time and energy into perfecting his craft. Once he breaks through onto the national scene there will be no stopping him. Its not of matter of “IF” but “WHEN”, and it will happen soon.

  35. KB you are one talented, and amazing individual. Your music has always been my favorite to listen to anytime of the day. No matter what obstacles you face you still come out on top in my eyes. Keep making bomb.com music and making a impact in your community success in more them one way will soon be yours! God bless you, and your talents!

  36. KB the General is a true Artist, I can’t say this about most people making music now of days. I hope he remains real and true to his fans. KB The General, keep the hits coming, because the industry needs you!

  37. Gotta support my old roommate KB. The General had put in work and is a tireless warrior for his craft. Biggups, brother. Keep moving upward and remember to Live Free!

  38. YO KB is the MAN! One of my prodigies and a young dude that understands the game!I SUPER MC PRODUCER OBI-1 AKA OBISANICHIBAN SUPPORT HIM 100%!!! DO IT BIG BOY!!!!

  39. You and your music are powerful! Keep doing your best and all great things will continue to be presented to you…muahhhh. I’m proud of you brother!

  40. Perseverance pays off!! When you keep at it you can’t go any where but Up!! I believe in the movement and can’t wait to see the big things to come! His passion is obvious, you can’t do anything but respect it!!! Go KB!!!

  41. I loved you from the moment you performed at my school…ur music is so real and relatable. You connect with ur audience jus like an artist should

  42. Big ups and a shout hit to KB the general … Keep doing you my dude… From soccer practices to the mic… still remember the “northface and nike boots ” track ! Hahah … Do your thing homie

  43. although i havent known kb very long i truly wish him the best and hope that life brings him much success. i enjoy listening to his music and i feel that every song has a message, which is more than i can say for a lot of other so called rappers. keep doing ya thing kb!!


  45. Your path can only go in the rite direction from here..make sure u have the freshest shoes on cause ur walkin in nothin but bright lights my dude..keep everything up and higher..were all here wit the most support. .and when the time comes for a stylist or designer jus kno ill be here!!

  46. And #3 I’m happy for you keep up the great work. Not many people get to live their dream but you’re living yours. Congrats 2thumbs way up. (I’m jealous lol)

  47. When I heard your music I knew you was on your way to the top! Very talented and looking forward to hearing more.The article was very inspiring .I’m Looking forward to big things in the future for you…I’m glad to say your my cousin Salute …..

  48. Best wishes and love for your accomplishments.
    When you were younger you were quiet around me but I still noticed things like consistency, gratitude, respect and love you always stood tall!
    Well it definitely shows now and your stronger because you have grown into all those things so go KILL EM ALL DONT LOOK BACK GO ALL THE WAY!!!

  49. KB you got what it takes to make it in the industry. I’ve heard most of your music and everything i listen i’m impressed with your flow and delivery! Keep grinding because your time is coming!

  50. So happy that such a compassionate artist as well as a great person is finally getting some recognition for their hard work! Also a very talented lyricist! ! Keep up the hard work my dude! ♥from Dub Vee!

  51. Always been a fan, always saw the talent, and always enjoyed working with you in the early days. You still know what song was my fav back then…, in fact I will continue to make the case to get the band back together to redo the track. Keep the passion young lion. Only God should love the craft more than you!

  52. In the 2 years I’ve known KB I’ve come to see that he is more determined and persistent then any person/artist I’ve ever met.. KB the General is the most self motivated individual I know and if there’s anything I know about this guy is that he breaths, eat, and exhales music.. If anyone deserves to be sponsored I truly have to say it’s this guy!!! Anyone who takes every dime they have and invest it into their career deserves to sponsored. What seperate KBTG from any other artist is his artistic individuality, and his ability to captivate and inspire the minds of his listeners through his music but he’s not just talk he has the walk!!! All call him the #hookKing because you put on a beat and dude will have the hotter hook that will have you straight vibin with minutes. KB’s music is very versatile and he will be a household name.. He can get you turnt up with hits like “get it on”, “high heel swag”, “just like that”, and slow it down for the ladies with hits like “secret lover”, “break me off”, and “undressed”!!! KB is a forced to be reckened and he’s going to take the industry by storm and change the game!! I salute the sponsor in advance because this artist right here is going to be a game changer even for the sponsor!! If I had it, on a 100, I’d invest, no questions ask the proof is in his music, videos, performances, and in his work ethics!! If you haven’t hit this dude up already what the heck are you waiting for?!?!

  53. Love to read about talent out of the DMV ! Not to mention he’s extremely attractive looking forward to seeing this artist do big things !

  54. Yessssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fire on the runway !! The revolution is on the move !! Proud of you Bro !!! Can’t wit to see your creative awesomeness recognized by the world!!!!! Harambe !!!!

  55. Not only do you effortlessly create music that all different types of people can relate and vibe to, but you have a work effort like no one else I’ve ever seen. You are completely devoted to your craft and it’s so inspiring to see someone with that type of unstoppable drive. And it’s even crazier to think about what else you have in store, especially because your such a well rounded individual. Anybody can rap about strippers and trappin, but it takes much more talent to tell a story to someone and make them think about their life and things they may or may not have experienced. Of course you can put out those club bangers as well! There’s no doubt you will be a leader in the next phase of hip hop!

  56. Put my ear on his music several times and definitely found myself download a couple tracks and would always look at all the videos on seen majority of them all …good quality music you know I believe in the DMV area he definitely has a voice and in great potential to be here to hold the city on his back

  57. “The General stands for generations show some Re-spect! And we rep! Live Free Nation…”-KB The General bridge the gap home boi! A breath of fresh air my G! stay humble decisive and strategic! Surprise the hell out of these niggas cuzz! we wit it! #FreeMinDs #FreeBodies #LiveFree #Almighty

  58. KB I am proud of you and your accomplishments! Continue to work hard to pursue your goals…The sky is the limit!!!! I can’t wait to hear and see your new projects.

  59. I don’t know you personally but I know some amazing people your close to…stay grounded stay patient and always keep your eyes and ears open! Be Blessed! Congratulations continually!

  60. KB The General is the truth. I’ve known him for many years and he more dedicated to his craft than most people I know. He’s constantly grinding and will take the industry by storm. Watch out!!!

  61. If your in to good original music then KB The General is the artist you need in your life. I enjoy the music he puts out and his energy that he gives in his songs. One of the few DMV artists that have a unique style that separates him from the rest. #LIVEFREE

  62. I’m so very proud of ur achievements and pray for more for u! Keep up with the persistence for what u love!!! MUAH!!! Congratulations again!!

  63. His time to truly shine is long over due!!!! Nobody is as dedicated and focused as this man. Don’t delay the inevitable, stardom… Sponsor KB THE GENERAL!!!

  64. KB, take the game to the next level bro. I hope you get the sponson you deserve homie and I’ll keep sending good energy your way. Love the music and I hope artist like you change the world.

  65. I love KB’s music, I truly believe he will go far in his music career and business endeavors, his music stands out among fellow artist! I haven’t heard a song i don’t like yet!! This is def a good look, keep it up KB! You headed in the right direction!!!

  66. Look at you kb !! When it comes to what your passionate about you go for it and dont let anything get In the way thats one the biggest reasons why you deserve this more than anyone!! You make GREAT music that alot of people can truely relate to !! Im sooo proud of you and cant wait to see you go further !!! ♥♥

  67. KB you are definitely an artist i plan on keeping an eye on. I know with the right sponsor or investor you will have no problem making an impact on the music industry! Keep up the good work!

  68. Ima fan of that real music. KB be spitting that real truth. I think it’s only a matter of time until he gets his what’s coming to him.. Keep grinding

  69. Hard work really does pay off and I think that KB is a perfect example for it. In my opinion KB is one of the Hottest rappers In The DMV area. Keep Pushing Fam, Your Time Is Near

  70. One of the most innovative artists i know. Always willing to think outside the box, taking concious chances for his music. A true musically inclined gift to the DMV. And always a pleasure to work with.

  71. You were born to do this KB! Keep Dreaming, Keep Believing, Keep Conceiving because you can and will ACHIEVE IT!!! Living out your dreams and giving back is the ultimate meaning of living free. This is just the beginning. Much Love. J. Scott

  72. The interview was fantastic. It’s great to have artists who are not only musically creative but articulate in communicating via any form of media. May much peace, love, harmony and prosperity reign over KBTG!

  73. Hey just wanted to send my love, prayers and blessings your way. Continue to produce amazing work; I know you have so much more to show us!

  74. KB has hits for days.. He got hooks for days and is an all around artist.. He is on his grind with this music Everyday and its motivation. Salute KB! Keep doin ur thing homie!

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