IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What is your music background?


BIG MIKE:  In high school I was in the choir and I was also a part of a church choir. I have been writing music since I was 16 years old, but my dream of music and performing truly began in 2007. It all became a reality when I joined Who Dun It in 2010.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?


BIG MIKE:  I want to be able to provide a great life for my daughter and show her that anything is possible, no matter where you come from. I like to make people feel good by dancing and vibing with my music. I also want to prove to myself that I can do anything I feel is important to me.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your songs about?


BIG MIKE:  My life! There is nothing in my songs that falsify me. I am young and still want to have fun. My music portrays my individuality and lifestyle.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Who are your musical influences?


BIG MIKE:  Jody Breeze is my favorite musician. I like Ludacris because he doesn’t conform to current trends. I also like Rascal Flatts because their lyrics are real. I am inspired by all genres of music, from classical to jazz and country to hip hop. 


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How would you describe your music to people?


BIG MIKE:  My music is unique and original. It has high-energy, club based dance music, and life reflecting. I stay in my own musical lane and do not follow trends. I provide music that is real to me and people seem to vibe well!


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What makes you stand out from other artists?


BIG MIKE:  My drive, motivation, and hunger for success make me stand out from other artists. Staying humble to my beginnings and always looking out for the people who have always been there for me and believed in me. I am a genuine individual and I don’t follow trends.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in your music and how did you overcome?


BIG MIKE:  One of the hardest challenges was just convincing myself that I have the talent, courage, and confidence to work towards my music goals. I overcame this with the support of family and friends and just my strong will to succeed. I kept telling myself that I can do this, this is my dream. I strive for success.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?


BIG MIKE:  I am currently working on my first nationally released mixtape, due out September 30, 2013.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


BIG MIKE:  My career goals are to sell out stadiums and provide my daughter with the best life possible. In 10 years I see myself performing for sold out venues and being able to provide opportunities for artists who are walking in the shoes that I walk in now.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?


BIG MIKE:  My fans are able to access my music through multiple social networks along with our website, realwhodunit.com. My management contact information is also located on the website. We also have the fan pages on facebook.com/whodunitentertainment and my personal fan page facebook.com/OfficialBigMike










  1. This guy has worked so hard to get where he is right now it’s crazy! But not only about his music… His personality says it’s all! He actually cares about his fans and he gives great advice! He deserves to be at the top!

  2. Yayyy! So glad to see all your hard work and dedication paying off. I love seeing how much you have grown as an artist over the years. Can’t wait to see where your perseverance takes you to accomplish your dreams!

  3. Nothing but love for Big Mike. His music and lyrics are real ans from the heart. That’s all you can ask from someone chasing their dreams. Keep on fighting man.

  4. Big mike I remember cheering for you at the hawley football games and now I’m cheering for you on stage doing what you are meant to do! I’m so proud of you and I love your music!! 🙂 keep it up and just know you will always have my support 🙂

  5. Its great to know and see someone put a lot of effort into their life goals of what they’ve always dreamed of doing..and this guy, right here is a perfect example. It doesn’t matter the size of the crowd for him to entertain, he will do whatever to get his name out there. He’s true with his choice of lyrical words and deserves a spotlight out in the big world. Keep up the hard work Big Mike!

  6. Keep up all the hard work it’s going to keep paying off. You’re achieving your dreams don’t let anyone tell you differently!

  7. you are one amazing person who has SO much talent! you’ve never once lost sight of your dreams. you’re accomplishing them one day at a time. i’m beyond proud.

  8. I’ve known mike for awhile now and I can truly say he is one of the hardest working guys I know. Truly inspiring guy to hangout with and willing to help you out if you ever need help. I’m not suprised to see him come this far I’m just waiting to see what the future holds for one of my good friends. Mike keep doing your thing and I will make it back up north soon to hangout.

  9. Big Mike awesome job on the interview. Your a big inspiration to everyone ur around. Have an amazing heart. Ur music is from the heart. I love all ur music. Keep it up. ♥

  10. Mike has alot to offer the music insustry, with his great music, high energy, willingness to work and positive attitude towards the future. I do belive he can make it to the top and live his dream of making music for a living, while inspiring other musicians also coming up.

  11. I’ve seen so many artists perform at concerts and I can say in all honesty that i have NEVER seen any of them with the ounce of passion that mike has! he has so much love for the music he creates and watching him do what he loves and songs he comes up with, will guarenteed put a smile on anyones face and a beat in anyones heart! Keep up the amazing work mike! i know you’ll do awesome! lots of love!

  12. Mike you are probably the MOST devoted person I know, you never give up even when things don’t turn out the way you expected. Always keep your head up, you’re going to go far in life no matter what path it is! I am happy to call you a friend bud, I hope the best for you 🙂

  13. I am so lucky to have met you! I will remember when I met up with you to get a tshirt. You said that someone told you that “you finally made it!” And your response blew me away!

    You said, “I have not accomplished my dream until someone is headlining for me!”

    Right there shows me that you are legit. You aren’t doing this just for you. Your family as well.

    I’m definitely impressed! You can do anything that you pursue! Work it!

  14. I’m so proud to say that you are one of my closest friends. You are a great musician, and I’m so excited to see the things you are going to do in your future. This is a great example of what kind of person you are, and how you excell in your career.

  15. Mike, you are doing some GREAT things in life! 🙂 Your music has grown so much and has so much potential! Keep up all the great work! Can’t wait for your next show!

  16. Definitely love that you’re keeping it real Mike! Stay that way and your fans and friends will never stop loving you! We’re all proud of you and continue to support you! MUCH LOVE.

  17. I have only known big mike for about a year, but I can say that I have really no doubt that he will be successful and accomplish all his goals. His passion, work ethic and love of his daughter push him to accept nothing less. I liked the article, it truly represents The real Big Mike

  18. Big Mike aka the realist and most determined friend I know. He stays on the grind and never gives up. No one deserves to succeed in this music industry more than him 🙂

  19. Keep repping for the FM area, Mike! You truly inspire me with the passion and effort you put into your dreams. I have no doubt it’ll pay off. You have the talent and the drive to get you there!

  20. Keep up the awesome work Big Mike. You are such a talented and gifted person you are going to go very far in life and be very successful. You are a inspiration to so many people trying to follow their dreams and a great role model. P.s. great article!

  21. so proud of you Michael! you’ve come soo far these past few years and you work so hard to make your dreams come true. keep it up!
    love you!

  22. Dope article fam. Just stopping through to show support for my boy BIG MIKE and bro keep grinding. This Kenyon The DAWN – IAA Spotlight Artist – Arkansas’ Hottest Star – showing love now return the favor.

    Read and Comment on my spotlight article

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  23. Your hard work has paid off. You are an inspiration to many. Keep looking ahead and you will go far. The stars are in your reach.

  24. You have the potential and strength to do exactly what you came to do. Your daughter doesn’t know how lucky she is to have a dad like you. Wish you the best always and represent Fargo. Proud of you.

  25. Michael,
    You are hands down not only an AMAZING artist but also an AMAZING guy with a heart of gold, who is very loyal & willing to do just about anything for his friends & family! A few months ago u did more for me than u will ever know or even think u did! I thank u for that! Last but not least.. You are an AMAZING dad! I know 2 other little girls that have a special place for you in their hearts! You have come so far & are going to go much farther! There are so many people who are so very proud of you & who love you! If you ever need reminding or proof scroll through & read all these posts on here as I have! The proof is right above me!

  26. Keep doin what you’re doin Mike! You’ve come a long way from our dancin days, now it’s everyone dancin to YOUR MUSIC!

  27. Wow mike u r doing great….u going somewhere i hear ppl talking about u alot very very good things proud of u n ur team keep it popping boy….

  28. Keep your head up and keep moving forward! Your passion resonates from you when you perform and it’s amazing to watch you succeed in what you love.

  29. Its nice to see a big dream coming true! Best of luck to you, and I really like that your dream includes providing for your daughter. Way to Mike!

  30. ever since i saw you perform in Bismark a couple weeks ago i knew you’d be a star keep pushing & if someone dosnt sign you its a shame they are missing out on some hella good talent

  31. I dont know you but i saw this online & i just want to say that your music is inspiring & that a label better snatch you up keep up the good work

  32. Mike, i Love your music and you will go further in life then you are right now. Dont let anyone bring you down. Just stay listening to your inspirations and you will find more then just music <3

  33. My Big Mike!! I have known you for almost 5 years now and all I can say is I am sooo unbelievably proud of you and where you’ve gotten yourself in these past few years!! Never have you ever given up and anything especially your dreams! You are an amazing artists, a great friend, and a wonderful father… Your success is well deserved and all I can honestly say is your are a true inspiration to those who know you and those who are lucky enough to meet you!! Love you bunches and bunches

  34. Hey Big’Mike i read this article because one of my friends shared it. this is realy deep i like how you want a god life for your daughter that shows me your passionate about what your doing. your music is goos but you have some work to do, but a label will sign you because you have the drive thats needed to be successfull. i hope everything works put for you

  35. Big’Mike i have faith in you if you dont get signed by anyone i dont know whats wrong with the world Big’Mike Big’Mike Big’Mike

  36. Big’Mike i dont know you personally Ive seen you around & just want to say your the best in the area including MPLS St.Paul area keep it up

  37. Mike, you are such an inspiration to others to follow their dreams and to be yourself!

    Such a genuine, nice guy who is finally getting recognition for his hard work!

    I have no doubt that you will succeed and make the best life for your little girl!

    Can’t wait to see where this journey takes you!


  38. I am BEYOND proud of you baby!!! Your hard work and dedication has definitely paid off, especially these last few years! You have soo much passion in everything you do and you never let anything ruin the sight of your dreams, no matter what happens. You are truly an amazing person inside and out and a wonderful father to your baby girl:) I know she is soo unbelievably proud of her daddy! You have so much love and support from your family, friends, and fans and you never cease to amaze them!!! Keep fighting and pushing and I have NO doubt in my mind you won’t achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of!
    I love you <3<3

  39. Michael i mean Big’Mike as you liked to be called Ive known you for about 7 years and i ave to much to say about you hahaha but you are a great father and you derserve to go far with your music big boy seriously love ya bud

  40. I see you putting in hard work dedication time sweat effort because you are always posting about it tweeting about it & thats what labels should want not gang shit everyone likes to party & you give us that music Big’Mike you are the man

  41. Hey Big Mike i ment you in new orleans & saw this article this is amazing what your doin for your state your daughter your fans & family keep it up Ya Hurred Me

  42. Good job bro, nothing but respect for you homie! keep it up and don’t forget us little people!!! (like I need to remind you anyway! lol). best of luck in all the future has to offer you!!!!

  43. Hey bra, awesome interview, good things happen to those who work hard. Been watching you and seeing you grow as an artist and musician. Keep it up and can’t wait to see whats coming next. One

  44. I saw “Big Mike” perform in person & I got to say he brings a lot of energy to the stage & spits that heat we can relate to. Keep it up Bruh with your dedication to your music you will get your break!!! Don’t forget about us when u making those Milli’s lol cleche but keep doing u & duck the haters for real!!!

  45. Mike words can’t describe how proud I am of you and how proud taya is to be able to call you daddy! You show her strength love and fight! You fight for what you want and because of that you are an amazing person! Someone that always does there best! So proud!

  46. Very proud of you and the amount of time and commitment that you put into your music. Keep up the great work and you’re bound to go far.

  47. Big’Mike my sister showed me your music & i thought this guy has to be garbage coming from ND but you are the truth keep it up man

  48. Who Dun IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big’mike all day your daughter must be proud she should be you are an inspiration Keep goin

  49. Big’Mike i met you a couple weeks ago at the bar but you told me to checkout your music i did and I’m amazed keep doin what your doin

  50. I’m new to the F/m area but i heard your the man with the plan i checked out your music & it bangz hard my dude they need to be playing all yo stuff if the clubs On everything keep doin yo thang

  51. Big’Mike your song with Sugga Shane “Girlfriend” needs to be played everywhere that song is so amazing its played at least 5 times a day keep it up

  52. Imma Beast is so catchy i love that jam your verse is so cool and i love your laugh its so sexy keep doing what your doing Big’Mike

  53. Big’Mike your a great guy great artist but most of all a great father keep it up and i have no doubt youll be on the radion and tv

  54. hey bigmike i talked to you in the cities and you told me to check it out so i did its a great article and your music is very easy and fun to listen to keep it up man

  55. Big’Mike what do I say looks like your gunna make it hope you do you deserve it all your hard work & dedication perseverance I’m glad man

  56. Big’Mike its crazy because I’ve known you for 10 years & when 2 chains said I’m different he must been talking bout you reppin ND like this & stating humble but not letting people talk bad bout you without standing up for yourself you are honestly a good guy who deserves this

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