David Idol was born in Watts, California but was raised in Texas. Considering himself a rolling stone, David Idol is a lyricist and a rapper/singer that is in love with music. Besides music David also enjoys modeling and even landed a small acting role as a cop in a movie called Astonishing News in 2004. Throughout all of these interests, music remains his passion. His element and zone is found while he is on stage, extracting energy from the crowd and giving it back in his performance.

In California his oldest brother Chris was shot by a Black Panther affiliate while sitting on the porch. One bullet made eleven holes and yet his brother survived. His father had a hit man pick up a contract against him and had even met the shooter while setting up his tent in preparation of preaching later that night. He was a full time street preacher who traveled and preached where others wouldn’t. To this day, David thanks God that he is still alive. Racism was heavy in California at the time and the threats were serious from both sides. This spurred David and his family to move to Tyler, Texas.

It was David’s father who sparked the musical interest in David. His father was also a performer who was incredible on stage and David indulged in watching him on stage, mesmerized by his father’s “it” factor. His father had picked up a sponsor who saw him on TV. Then certain people went against the sponsor and David’s father’s ministry came to a halt. His family lost everything and moved in with David’s grandfather.

 David began rapping and singing at the age of 18. He started out with gospel but as tough times began to take a toll, his perspective of the good in life, what natural and spiritual was, and the crookedness of society opened David’s mind to a whole new type of writing. Now, David writes the truth about life and what it really brings. He believes that things are not solved with just prayer alone and good people don’t always reap what they sew.

Eventually David got married but after his wife’s issues with Cocaine, David decided to leave Texas. He headed to New York where he dropped his first official CD and has been trying to be heard ever since.  Tyler says, “It’s been emotionally tough. My dad is doing bad. My second oldest brother committed suicide. My best friend Tom ended up in a motorcycle accident, R.I.P. It’s been tough. But as long as God blesses me to continue to wake up every day, I will keep moving forward. I have a story and something to say. There is so much more to this story. It is just too much to tell at this unsigned level. I just can’t wait until I am able to bless this world with it.” -JAYO a.k.a. #David Idol. Stay tuned.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?


DAVID IDOL:  I sing as well as rap. I couldn’t help but love music after sitting in the audience as a son and fan of my dad’s. Hearing him captivate audiences with gospel songs and playing guitar so passionately inspired me by the age of 18 to become what he was: a real gifted performer.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?


DAVID IDOL:  Simple. I feel that music is one of the greatest and effective tools that people turn to when they want to feel happy, bitter, motivated, inspired, angry, sad, or just better.  To take that same ability that music has over people and add it to my very emotional and passionate characteristic traits will help me change this world for the better. I know I will. I move people with my words without music. Add an instrumental beat which translates my experience to a song? With a little bit of others’ life experiences I just know that I will change this generation as well as the next for the better. Bottom line, I love the power of musical instruments.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?


DAVID IDOL:  My songs are about the truth and daily problems, as well as the ups of our everyday lives. From relationships (which I love to talk about, be it good or bad) to life’s reality concerning harsh and unspeakable topics: drugs, money, rape, molestation, disownment, loneliness, suicide, hatred, etc. Etc. Whether it’s political or domestic I sing and rap about it with passion. My songs are 90% of what I face and struggle with every day and the other 10% is from other peoples’ lives.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?


DAVID IDOL:  MY DAD. It was just something about his power of captivating when he sang. Then I would have to say Bob Dylan, Aaron Hall, R. Kelly, Jon B., Anita Baker, Al Green, James Brown, Elvis Presley, 2 Pac, Stevie Wonder, and Ray Charles to name a few.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?


DAVID IDOL:  I would describe my music as passionately inspiring. It is positive and thought provoking.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

DAVID IDOL:  What makes me stand out is my story, my story, my story…period. Nobody in this world has a life story like mine. I can’t wait to bless this world with it.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in your music career and how did you overcome?


DAVID IDOL:  It would definitely be when my second oldest brother, Gene, committed suicide on March 13th, 2004. He was only 36. There was also the time when my friend Tom aka 1punch Manzella was tragically hit by a car while on his motorcycle. I was actually writing my next album when I got the call. Not only was he a friend of mine and a father figure, but he eventually became my music sponsor. We were about to tour right before he died.  Wow. And my brother was unbelievable…I owe him my life because he saved mine when I was going through hardships and he refused to let me kill myself and helped me out of Texas. 


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects that you are currently working on?


DAVID IDOL:  I am working on a video as well as my next album which is going to be my greatest album to date and my official return to the still unsigned scene. I’ve been riding off of old music. Even though the masses have never heard it, my few fans have been ready for this new album.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


DAVID IDOL:  My career goal is to be a worldwide motivational speaker, with or without music. I feel in ten years, if I’m finally blessed with a career in music, I’ll be a very giving individual. There are so many people I’m dying to help, individually as well as collectively. I see myself as a Robin Hood type of individual. By any means, somebody’s getting bless before they leave this cruel and tough world. I’ll be blessing the “uncool” and the “have-nots”.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?


DAVID IDOL:  I can be found on WWW.REVERBNATION.COM and iTunes. Or hit my email up at JAYOMUSIC38@GMAIL.COM.












  1. A brilliant artist, a good friend and a truly philosophical thinker with ‘rock star’ written all over him. Truly a ‘diamond-in-the-rough’ in a rhinestone world, and the real deal, to boot…clowns and haters take the train, because this man came to play. Stay up, soldier!

  2. What i think sets this guy apart from other is the electrifying energy he can bring into any type of enironment! Hes not only able to capture your attention, but can inspire you into thinking and moving too.

  3. YES! And play i shall! Thank you brian. Humility consumes me. But yet by the same token” held back for now. Because It’s WAR. It’s GAME TIME. And I’m ready. I’m ready to win. Bless you and yours for the years of continued FRIENDSHIP and UMATCHED SUPPORT.

  4. Great music and may God continue to bless you on this journey.And I’m waiting to hear your whole story that needs to be told to the world.Your a great person continue doing YOU!!!!!

  5. Good music, sounds like usher in a lot of songs… good shit bro u got talent hope things go big 4 u!!! I wanna hear more hopefully on the radio soon…

  6. I don’t know this artist, but I listened to one of his songs called “I LIKE THAT” and I have to say that it is truly amazing and encouraging that a man takes the time to write such beautiful and meaningful words. I, if presented the opportunity, would buy any album from him with beautiful words such as this particular song! ”

    • @Angela . THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your BLESSED & choice words are a blessing to my soul. And speaking of soul” I write from my SOUL. With every song. But YOUR AN ANGEL #truly you are. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  7. Your story is really touching on so many levels. I know I personally can relate to your spiritual story a lot and respect you for being so open about it. Can’t wait to hear your album! Seeing you succeed gives me crazy motivation!

  8. Some of the biggest influences is found in music, David has that influence to make us, his fans listen and wait for his next track. God Bless him and what his dream is….make it in the music industry! Best of luck 🙂


  10. You’ve got talent to make hot fire man. You’ve got energy, charisma, and so much confidence to boot. I read your story and I was really suprised about what happened to you. If you’re still in the game after all that, your perseverence level is unprecedented. You won’t stop until you make it and probably not even then. All you need is excellent promotion. Amazing talent + poor promotion= no career. Amazing talent + excellent promotion= great career. The world doesn’t just want another rapper; there’re plenty of those. Let the people see what’s special about you and then give them what they want to hear. Jay Z never gives me what I want to hear, I can’t even follow along because his flows have no rhythm with a song’s melody. So maybe if the industry replaced the Z with an O I’d be a lot more excited to hear the song.

    • @SHAUN Wow. The power & words of a FAN. Reading your comment reveals such TRUTH & HONESTY concerning ARTIST NOWADAYS. And their ability to keep fans yours ATTENTION. Incredibly written sir. Tank you so much for the love 7 support. TRULY.

  11. I have a fairly large playlist..alot of songs have come and gone over the years. Replaced by newer or just different songs to keep it fresh! Some have earned their stay..”Cleaning out my closet” by eminem, “Bad” by Micheal Jackson, “Dirt of Your shoulder” Jay-z and ..

    “Club Chick” and “Backpack” by Jayo. Been my favorite playlist since 08.

    Can’t wait too see what future holds for you!

    • @DAVID. It humbles me the category you put me in. Wow that’s an insane play list of artist. And you got me amongst that list? INCREDIBLE! THANK YOU SO MUCH DAVID. You’ve continued to support me YEAR after YEAR. Witch leaves me speechless. Thank you for the amazing LOVE & continued SUPPORT. WOW.

  12. I just had to post again. There are some awesome fans on her David. I’m so excited for u. I also can’t wait to hear your name all over the radio. At the music awards as well! Oh another thing I’m looking forward to us to be stand ing in the audience nd seeing ur face when u walk out on stage to a SOLD OUT tour! ♥♥♥

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  15. David, or as I knew him, Jay-O was one of the most absurdly cool people I’ve ever had the opportunity to have blow into my life. As we progress through the days, we don’t have the sense to just stop and appreciate the time we had with people like David.

    I do miss the days of hearing him roll up in his car blasting his music outside of our job. We’d sit for 10-15 minutes and just listen to his work. Or hearing him belt out some lyrical stylings while preparing food for others. Going to Dave & Busters and seeing him on stage was simply amazing. He has a stage presense and power of attraction that keeps the audience in sync with him.

    So if there is someone with the power to give David a break, and you’re reading this, take this man for what he is; a talented, hard-working individual with nowhere to go but to the stars.

  16. I worked with dude I know hez gotit no doubt in my mind he got the juice if you got any real sense of talent yull see this dude for all hes worth and thats alot if you hear one track yull be hooked

  17. If ya’ll aint stopped what your doing to listen to his music then ya better make the time!! Once you listen you’ll definitely be hooked!! Best music Ive heard in a long time. Its all I listen to now. NOW DO ME A FAVOR AND LISTEN TO ONE SONG AT LEAST THEN LEAVE A COMMENT LETTING HIM KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT EVEN IT JUST A LITTLE COMMENT. LETS GIVE HIM SOME COMMENTS AND VIEWS!!

  18. From the cradle to the grave, is the best way I can sum up such a truly gifted artist. Jay, you were born to perform, and I know the sound of your voice will resonate in peoples ears long after you’ve departed this earth. I’ve had the pleasure to watch you work, a briefly share a mic beside you. Your drive and tenacity should be an inspiration to anyone on the planet. Keep ya head up, and never let the weight of the world get you down. Remember, not even Christ could carry his cross for the entire journey. Lean on me when ya need me!

  19. Looking and sound good my friend. Glad to see you still going after your dream! Still waiting for the call to be your roadie someday. Lol. Best of Luck going forward.

  20. You are one of the most genuine people I have ever been blessed to meet. The amount of talent you have just blows my mind! Get ready world! TRUTH.

  21. This guy is the real thing!! Listen to his music and you will see. He deserves to be heard. His music is fun, inspiring, and real. No artifical cookie cutter stuff here. Truth teller. You are awesome David Idol. Word.

  22. I knew this guy before he was David Idol and, let me tell you, he’s the real deal. David, your story is so inspiring, the way you want to share it and show what people can overcome. Can’t wait to see you dominate the music industry! No one deserves it more.