Detroit native Gary Ward (better known by his stage name G-BLEST) is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur.  G-BLEST began his career at the tender age of 10, and by 21 he was working with the legendary Kurtis Blow. Most recently, G-BLEST caught the eye of Grammy winner, Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons of the legendary group Run DMC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn5pR6CKdqc.  As the CEO and brainchild behind DS9 Music, G-BLEST released his first record “I AM BLEST” (2011) to rave reviews.

G-BLEST is a dedicated community leader whose efforts have significantly impacted some of his favorite organizations. These organizations include the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and FUSE- a high school ministry based out of Central Christian, the largest non denominational church in Las Vegas, Nevada.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

G-BLEST:  I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

G-BLEST:  I have been a hip-hop artist, producer, and song-writer for over ten years. In 2001 I was given the opportunity to work with hip-hop legend Kurtis Blow. He helped me record my first demo in the Bronx, NY- the heart of hip-hop.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

G-BLEST:  I want people to dance and have a good time; however, I want to create an unforgettable experience on and off the stage, allowing the audience to face their fears and feel the passion within the music along with the truth of the music.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

G-BLEST:  They are about truth, life, love, and pain. My songs are a life journey.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who is your fan base directed towards?

G-BLEST:  It is directed towards all genres. I believe my music has broken the plague that stereotypes hip-hop music.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

G-BLEST:  My influences are 80’s hip-hop, Motown legends, and alternative rock. My artist influences include: Outkast, KRS 1, Nas, Jay-Z, Common, The Roots, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Genisis, Coldplay and Green Day, to name a few.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

G-BLEST:  I would describe my music as passionate, honest, and good food for the soul.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

G-BLEST:  I have the ability to be creative and unafraid of trying something new. My intentions are to take people on a journey they will remember for a lifetime.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

G-BLEST:  I’m working on my second album titled #ProjectLiv. ProjectLiv was inspired to shed light in what often seems like a hopeless world.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

G-BLEST:  My goal is to own my own record label so that I can also help launch the careers of artists and producers. In ten years I see myself as a successful business man, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and a Grammy award winner.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

G-BLEST:  Fans can contact me through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, iTunes, and Reverbnation.











  1. This couldn’t be more true– G-Blest shatters his genre’s recent stereotypes, while staying true to the rawness and authenticity of true hip hop. His beats and melodies are inventive, and exceptional, but on top of that, perhaps it’s his lyrics that I have witnessed really leave an impact on adults and young folks alike. In a world that’s used to facades, G-Blest exposes the truths of life for what they really are. What you’re left with is a thought-provoking, eye-opening, challenging, and inspiring message from each and every track and performance. Blessed by G-Blest, and can’t wait to see how he continues to bless others.

  2. You have been very influential @ FUSE. From a HS parent’s point of view, the boys hear you and your message. Congratulations on the great write up. You will accomplish great things!! Keep on keeping it real 🙂

  3. Gary and I serve at Central he and his Wife are huge contributors for our youth, there family structure and support system encourage and inspire young and old to be open and responsive in their own relationships.
    When he is on stage the heart of his faith glows about him the core of his heart is exposed for all to see
    The gift of his voice and being are a direct reflection on his belief in Our Lord and the grace of his son Jesus ..
    I am proud and blessed to know him, to watch his growth as well as the knowledge that he will continue to be a voice for us as we continue our personal journeys with Christ.

  4. G Blest is the real deal. Amazing talent! I love his passion for life and the positive message that comes out again and again in his artistry. His gift with words is remarkable and the way he makes you not only listen, but FEEL what he’s saying is powerful and something to experience!

  5. G-BLEST has a passion for what he does that shines through his words. Not many rappers can make me cry, throw my fist in the air in celebratory victory with him, and dance all in the same song. G-BLEST can and does whenever I hear him!!

  6. G-Blest brings it soulfully home. In a world so consumed with notoriety, G – Blest brings a whole new level of talent that is inspired and in turn shares this unbelievable gift with his audiences. His skills are purpose driven and his messages meaningful – transcending far beyond anything entertainment offers these days. G-Blest will make the body move while the heart soars.

    Be blessed G – Blest!!!

  7. We’re ALL blessed by G Blest’s tremendous talent, heart-grabbing phrasing, and abundant love for people…but the absolute best? Watching the youth of our church absolutely LOSE IT when G Blest takes the mic. This much-loved voice of our family always raises the roof…raises the praise…and raises the bar on bringing glory to an amazing God.

  8. When our worship team is singing and G steps out on stage…or when he steps out on his own..its like angels just opened a gate to my heart and G walked right in and Im soaring higher than anyone could imagine. He makes you happy, makes you cry, makes you feel the pains you may be experiencing all the while making you feel the grace of God at the same time. There is so much passion in his music you feel his and your emotions together. And its ALL good. When he walks out on that stage I get so excited because I know where Im going and I wanna go there. He is incredible. God has bestowed on him a talent like no other. This man is amazing.

  9. G-Blest is not only an incredible artist but a great friend and an amazing father. He is so transparent and genuine throughout his music and his life. When you hear his music or see him perform you can feel the passion that he puts into his lyrics and there’s no denying that this is what he was born to do. I’ve always been impressed not only by his talent, but also by his character. He’s crazy talented and incredibly humble which is so refreshing to see in an artist. There are no limits to what he can, and will, achieve and I wish only the best for him!

  10. G-blest performs. He leads. He prays. He rocks! He does all of this for the sake of the Gospel and he has an ability beyond contemporary restraints! As he continues to write and perform, the impact of the work the Lord is doing with him is going to grow. We will continue to be witnesses to what God is doing with him as an artist and be blessed ourselves in the process. Truth.

  11. I have had the amazing privilege of having Gary on stage with us. He absolutely rocked the house and set the place on fire. Amazing talent in both composition and delivery. Rock on G!

  12. What can I say I am a fan…I’ve been banging GBlest music close to 4 years now…from the “Happening” to “I Am Blest” ….His music definitely speaks in volumes and has impacted my life. …skip a track??? Nah let the whole joint play. …because from beginning to end not only does it bang..but you will be Blest….countless bars that I can personally relate to…I’ve had the chance to see GBLEST preform numerous times and oh boi he pours out his all on stage!! I’ll end this like I started it ….what can I say I am a fan! #SupA

  13. G-Blest has touched more people and students then he can imagine. He has shown upcoming artists that the passion and story you are telling through music can be heard and felt with out swearing and being vulgure. No matter what life throws your way you can overcome, your dreams can come true! Thanks! Keep rapping! God is not done with you yet!!

  14. I love watching Gblest perform at our church and telling people sometimes there is rap at church it blows peoples minds. I’ve had the honor of meeting him and his family and they are all genuine people that God is working through. I can’t wait to watch and see where God takes this man!

  15. I’m a huge fan of G-Blest! He has changed my life in so many ways and has effected me deeply with his music. Not only is he an awesome MC, but he is an awesome man period; always taking time to connect with his fans no matter how many press against him!

  16. Great article!! To those who doubt that hip-hop & worship can work in a cool way= check out his album!! His worship music is relevant & crosses age/gender/cultural barriers! When G Blest steps on stage the audience goes cray-cray!! Keep up the great work & we are praying for that Grammy!!

  17. We are blessed to have G Blest serve at our church! He is an amazing artist and all around great guy! His passion for music and life is undeniable. There is no doubt that he will do great things in his future. With his talent I’m certain the world will come to know and love G Blest! God bless brother.

  18. G-Blest has soul, heart, and passion…and it all comes out in his music and life. It’s time for his music to be heard by the masses. He’s that good.

  19. Well, I must be honest, I never ever really liked hip hop much at all…..On the other hand your music GBlest has made a change in my heart. Your song’s tell a story and are oh SO inspiring to the heart and the soul. I have a love for music and God speaks to me the most through music and He has talked to me through yours. Now I can listen to any kind of music….I just listen for the stories behind it. You rock G

  20. GBlest has influenced so many people through his raps and freestyles! It is amazing how he makes his rhymes flow so smooth. A natural born rapper that has touched mine and thousands of other peoples hearts through his songs

  21. What a great honor it is to know such an awesome and faithful dude in G Blest! It’s so obvious through your music and your passion that you truly care about what your doing. Your music has great meaning and most importantly carries a strong meaningful message! Your lyrics and music influences all those who get to hear it! Thanks for blessing us with the sound of “G Blest”… Keep pushing forward!

  22. G-Blest knows how to capture your emotions, your heart and your soul. His passion is explosive. The lyrics are well thought out with perfect timing in sync with his music and his heart. G-Blest knows how to take hip hop and give it a whole new meaning. One that makes you think beyond your problems and the purpose behind them. He is extraordinarily inspiring. It brings hope to all people as we journey with him trough his life experiences and how Light shined through to better days.

  23. I’ve had the privilege of experiencing his craft through the great virtual world of YouTube. His lyrics are truly a testament with his art… They make a great combination! Hopefully, I will be able to have the awesome GBlest experience live!

  24. G is the real deal. Not only is he incredibly talented, but he’s also incredibly authentic and humble. One of the best artists I’ve ever worked with. Sky is the limit for this dude. Can’t wait for the next album to drop.

  25. he is a real amazing and talented guy known for a really long time and hes come a really long way. He can do anything he puts his mind to cant wait to see what the future has in store for him and all of us.

  26. We need to to hear more positive music with with a message from artist like this, rap still has A Negitive reputation and vibe, but G-blest is helping turn the tide, with his positive and energetic fun music


  27. I met Gary at central here in Vegas. he prayed for me. Then I heard his music and was blown away. I actually had a chance to get to know him easter service while serving. The man is genuine, real, and talented. I hope Gary his music and message can be heard around the world soon! More artists like him are needed.

  28. G-blest is such a talented man. And he uses that talent to bless and inspire others. You can see right down to his soul. What a good role model for other aspiring rappers/artists

  29. G blest ohhhh how we love him!! Such a talented and inspiring artist. My boys always get extra excited when we find he will be at church. Thanks for being such a great role model for my boys and myself.

  30. Gary (G-Blest) has this ability to capture the attention of a very diverse demographic. Age doesn’t matter, race doesn’t matter – and in my case, prior choice in music genres doesn’t matter. He truly turned me on to classic & new hip hop through his music – because of his inspiring arrangements of tone, beat and voice (as well as his solid production skills) he has opened my eyes to the TRUE hip hop culture and music.

    He is Blest withe the knack to communicate through his REAL and founded lyric – and help lead people who may be searching… Find what they need – not just what they want.

    And he is inspiring as an entrepeneur – because he is selfless in his Vision, and RELENTLESS in his passion….all while maintaining a life balance.

    Thank you, G for all that you’ve done, continue to do an what your future holds.

    B’cause of you… I also feel BLEST

  31. “People this is Hip-Hop!” From old school Hip-Hop to contemporary Christian, G-Blest is the one who can respectfully combine the two. Yes, it’s possible; just listen to his music…

  32. You go G! It’s amazing how far you have come… Yet his plans for you are not done…. You will continue to rise and inspire! We are are truly blessed!

  33. G is a beacon here in Vegas. He has been a great influence to my sons. His music is so powerful and shout Hope to this generation. Keep looking up!

  34. G-Blest has the perfect name for what he is doing, I was totally blessed every time I hear you perform and work for the Kingdom of God. The Best!!!!!

  35. This is sooo cool! I am so happy Gary Ward keeps pursuing his God gift! Now he is stepping up and raising the bar! Keep up the amazing work!!! Amen!

  36. G-Blest has an amazing talent and such a heart for his ministry and people who are hurting. His music is the real deal and he takes it very seriously. It’s so awesome to hear his message, but it’s even better to actually SEE him perform! I DARE YOU to be in the room with him while he is delivering his message and try to stay in your seat! I’m pretty positive that it can’t be done! G has a message that literally gives you hope no matter where you are in your life. Another really great thing about his music is that I can let my kids listen to it and never have to censor it, or look for the “cleaned up” version of it. It’s all positivity, light and love! We love G-Blest in our house and I know that anyone else who has the chance to hear him will love him as well!

  37. I’m so proud of you G-Blest God has really smiled on you! I pray that he continues to guide and use you to minister to the world with your awesome gift! Keep up the great work and I’m proud to say we are related!! You represent Detroit well and your a living testimony that no matter where you come from you can be anything you want to be when you walk with The Lord! Love you so much!

  38. Wow, it’s great to keep seeing you raise the bar with your music and your life. You’ve stayed true to yourself and have followed thru on everything you talked to me about when i met you at AI. God Bless Brother.

  39. G-Blest is so talented! His music and lyrics are empowering and inspiring! I really enjoy seeing him perform with our worship team! His music can have a huge impact on so many young lives. You are an inspiration!

  40. G-Blest is on fire for God, every minute of every day. This shows through his actions and through his music. What a role model for the youth 🙂

  41. I’ve had the priveledge of serving alongside GBLEST the past 5 years. He is one of the most gifted & talented guys I’ve ever met. At the core of his calling is a heart for God. I’m thankful to call him one of my good friends and look forward to see what God does through him!

  42. GBlest is amazing and awe inspiring. He lifts my spirits when I’m feeling down and brings tears to my eyes with his wonderful music. He speaks to so many people young and old. He’s truly a talent and Central is so lucky that we get to have him!!

  43. G-Blest! I love how you help me Worship Jesus via Central online! Thank you for your service to our Lord! Bless you and be a Blessing brother 🙂

  44. This man has the ability to bring people of all ages and denominations to their feet with his pure passion for Christ. Every lyric is embraced with love and pours into us when he’s on stage. I’m am so thankful that God was able to penetrate his heart so that he could share his uncontested talents with us at Central as often and selflessly as he does.

  45. My husband and I have known G Blest for over 3 1/2 years. The only thing this man cares more about than serving his family, is serving the Lord. . .that’s exactly how God intended. I look forward to seeing this man and his family grow in ministry. I AM BLEST !!!!!!!!

    Check out this guys music! Uplifting, inspiring, and real to life.

    Krystal Marshall

  46. When I first visited Central. He was the first person that came and talk to me. He made me feel welcomed…he was friendly, approachable and his face radiated with joy and peace. Not only that but is a great rapper!! 🙂

  47. GBlest brings it home everytime! Not only is his stage presence phenomenal his heart is all in for Christ and is centered for worship! From his spin on changing lyrics on others tracks, to his own music, there is just such a heart of worship behind it all! God is using this man like non other and is working through him to lead youth to Christ!
    What More can I say, he is truly G-Blest!

  48. Through Central, I was introduced to you; through your music, I have been moved to tears. Your music is incredibly moving and inspirational. I consider myself blessed to have experienced it. Thank you for what you do!!

  49. GBLEST is the real deal. He not only has talent and commitment to his craft, his draws inspiration from the truest source. He doesn’t use his art to point to himself (like so many other performers). He uses his are to point through himself, to the hope that everyone needs.

  50. GBLEST you are an awesome artist! The love you have for the Lord shines through your music. I pray the Lord blesses all you sow. God bless you and your family

  51. Every single time Gblest is on stage at our church Central Christian it is amazing! My daughter who is 13 and goes to the junior high ministry loves him as well. Gblest you are an amazing person and singer! Anyone who goes through a horrible time in their life and uses it for good can not go wrong. You are awesome!

  52. I’ve seen and experienced his artistry through his awesome performance that glorified Jesus! But today was a special day for me because I’ve had the grand privilege of meeting this great Hip Hop Artist, most of all, great worshiper of our Savior! MORE POWER TO YA!!! WORD UP!!!!

  53. G-Blest is the real deal! He whole-heartedly lives his life on and off the stage with a genuine passion to reach people with the love of Jesus. He is such a gifted artist and a true servant leader whom I have the privilege of calling a friend! Love the Wards and so thankful for your incredible impact on the entire Central family!

  54. G blest! You’re an amazing artist and trying to spread the word along the way. You’re good at what you do and inspire others along the way. You’re the man g.

  55. You inspire so many people and open so many peoples eyes to faith and help change stereotypes. You deserve great things and I know god will open all doors to you!

  56. This man is TRULY a blessing from the most high!! The ENERGY he brings to the crowd when he is onstage is undeniably AWESOME!!! His words have great meaning and I feel lucky to be able to witness his talent on a regular basis!! He is loved by ALL!!! We are “BLEST” to have him as a part of our ministries!!!


  58. Very Very talented and have enjoyed the opportunities I have had to hear him and believe he would make a great impact on many communities through music!

  59. You are blessed by God, I have been to Central when you have been performed and I have been moved and blessed every time. Thank you for being open to God and allowing him to use you!! God bless!!!!

  60. G-BLEST is truly a Godsend. We here at Central Christian Church are truly blessed to have him here. His passion shines through with every word he sings. To see how he can instantly bring a crowd to their feet is something to behold. I wish him all the success and hapiness. RAP ON!

  61. He is one the most talented lyricists I have ever heard and I know he will accomplish all his goals he’s driven committed to his passion and I wish nothing but immense success in his career. His words really have a meaning and purpose and I’m sure have impacted many lives not many artist around that can make you feel that way these days. Truly unique and blest!!!

  62. G-BLEST We love you! You are a great inspiration to anyone who loves the Lord & music!! Your amazing!! I thank God for you!! <3

  63. G-BLEST I am so grateful for your commitment to share with so many your gift of talent that God has blessed you with – and I pray that the world gets to hear you. Your love of Christ is evident in your worship! God Bless!

  64. G-Blest is an inspiration to me as a musician and a Christ follower as well. I’ve been privileged enough to have had the opportunity to perform with him at the Northeast Campus. Everything he does he does with a passion. He truly is an inspiration and role model. From tearing it up on stage to getting down and dirty at summer camp with the kids he is a light in his community.

  65. G is an amazing artist. His passion for leading people to Jesus through his music is palpable!! I will always be standing and rocking to your music @central xoxoxoxo

  66. G-Blest is my favorite artist too me cause his music is so real and can relate as well plus for me it’s motivation and pre game music for my basketball games! Also his music and him just as a person made me better and taught me somethings in life. When his next album best believe I’m getting it cause I gotta support my big brother. Just know he is a legit and one best artist out now !

  67. G-Blest is an amazing talent that has positively influenced young and old alike with his genuine heart felt musicianship during worship and in the community. I and many others are so blessed to be able to listen to and witness to his testimony through his many talents!! God Bless you G-Blest!!

  68. A shout out from here in Kingman. G-blest is an amazing artist. He has blessed us by performing in Kingman. He is amazing and a positive influence with our youth. He takes the time to make connections. Love seeing God work through him.

  69. I’m so glad there are Christian rap artists like you out there giving kids and adults out there a voice without all the swear words. Rap was always about HEART not HURT. May you continue to grow under God’s grace.

  70. I am so thankful that God has brought G-Blest in my life. He is so very gifted and remains humble and willing to serve whenever asked. His lyrics, his voice, and genuiness bring charisma to any platform.

  71. You are such an incredible artist Gary!! I have witnessed the impact you have had on people inside the church as well as on the streets of our Valley. You are a true blessing to me and our community. So much love from my family to yours! Side note *Your wife Nicole is amazing* xo

  72. G-Blest is amazing. He definitely brings new light to worship to everyone from the young to the young at heart. God has blessed us with his gift.

  73. So blessed to have G-BLEST on stage at CentralOnline.tv Your an amazing individual spreading God’s word to so many! Thank you!!!!!

  74. G-Blest is such an amazing Father, Husband, Friend! He is such a great influence and we are so blessed by his impact on our city! He is the exact role model that I want for my kids to imitate!

  75. Not only does his music impact all who are blessed to hear it, but Gary is such an amazing testimony to the indescribable power of God. Gary is a front runner when it comes to carrying the light of God to those who need God’s love the most. The amount of time and love he puts into his music is trumped greatly by how much love and time he puts into the community. All this while still leading a Godly life for his beautiful wife and children. Gary has been a great blessing to this world and especially my family and our men’s small group. Love you brother…Three Up!!!

  76. The first time I saw Gary on stage I was amazed how he captivated the crowd through his music. THere is something special about Gary and the way he can move the audience. You can feel his heart and soul in every word and Ive seen him bring all ages to tears through his raw and real material. Humble, fearless, and a great leader, Gary is an incredible man!

  77. I’m so excited for you “G”!! I know you are going to impact many lives, and honor God while doing so with your amazing story!!! Love you bro!!

  78. He is so talented! Everything comes from his soul! We love when he performes at our Church! Awesome person, seems to be one heck of a father, and most importantly, a child of God!!!

  79. So awesome!!! G-blest is the real deal! A true man of God on a mission to impact the world. He is a HUGE influence on the community and everyone he meets. Such an inspiration! Truly honnored to know him and his family.

  80. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know G over the past couple years on a friendship level. He stands for what he believes in & lives it out daily. He has an amazing heart for God, his family, & the music he blesses us with.. No pun intended.. Lol.. I’ve also heard him preach & the Holy Spirit just rolls through his words.. I not only consider him talented & obedient but my brotha…

  81. I still remember the first time I saw G-Blest on stage at Central. He was incredible! And still is every single time I see him. His music has impacted so many lives, and I feel lucky to have seen it first hand. Keep it up Gary you’re amazing!!!

  82. G Blest has been a joy to see and hear many times at Central. I got his CD for my teenage daughter and she played it over and over in her car for weeks and absolutely loves his music. He speaks the truth through his music along with sharing his story of struggle and pain and more importantly, how Christ turned his life around and changed him forever.

  83. I know G Blest personally and he’s a blessing to all who know him. He loves God and his music brings people to the Lord! Amen!

  84. Always a blessing when G comes to the stage during worship. However, it was even a bigger blessing getting to know him and his family personally. G-Blest is a man of God with the musical talents of any major recording star!

  85. G Blest—this 79 year old Great-Grandma can’t wait to make you known to my family! So glad your pleasing all generations..

    “God Bless you, and give you Favor for open doors and open hearts.” Amen!

  86. G-Blest is a Godsend. I first saw him at Central Christian Church are love to watch the crowd go wild when he comes on stage we are blessed to have him here.

  87. G-blest gets everyone’s attention. He makes hip hop music suitable to all ages and makes our church even more of a fun and loving environment. He is a true inspiration and I look up to his positive energy!

  88. The first time I heard G Blest he preformed a remix to eminems “Im not afraid” I was blown away by his testimony and the impact it had on my heart. Its transparent by all the comments how many lives he has touched by using his God given talent. Keep sharing His goodness!!!

  89. G Blest uses his music to show how God has transformed his life. I think some people don’t enjoy rap because people can hear it from the car next to them at a stop light with the base cranked up, and the message it portrays can be bad. But God has done an amazing work in G Blest, where he trades the ashes of the typical rap & lyrics the world puts out, in for beautiful, holy worship.

  90. A great insight into a guy that I’ve listen to while at church. Good to see that he’s got passion and drive to fulfill his dreams! Reach high, and good things will follow. I Am Blest

  91. I’m not a huge fan of rap music but I love listening to g-blest. I love his heart for God and when he sings, it is truly inspiring. When I first heard him, is lyrics brought me to tears. Love! Love! Love!

  92. Gary is an awesome man. He is real and never holds back the greatness stored in his heart. His music and lyrics have touched my life and many of my friends, especially those that feel burdened. Thank you.

  93. Gary is for real! Gary’s music is a positive influence for all…I see young kids on up to grand parents jump up when he comes on stage. Upbeat, inspirational and exciting music. Keep it up, G! Three up!

  94. G-Bless is a inspiration through is music and outside of his music. Love this guy and his passion for rapping and his love for people, especially the youth of our future generation. His music is blessed and a blessing and more need to experience and hear this brothers story. It’s powerful, inspirational and life changing!

  95. G-Blest is a one of a kind artist! His music is inspired and has a timely message. His passion is undeniable. I do not doubt that he will hit all his goals and even exceed them. He is one of those artists that you know is going places. He is personally responsible for me giving hip-hop a chance. Thank You G-blest…you are a star in my universe!

  96. Thank you G-Blest for your great spirit filled music. My three daughters (6, 12, and 14 years old) know you from Central Christian and love your style and music. Stay sweet and true to Christ. See you here, there or in the air! Susie

  97. G-Blest music is amazing it”s has capture the attention of the older generation with full force. His music has a powerful message the world needs to hear and most can related to shore to shore.

    Thank you G-Blest

  98. I am so thankful that God has blessed us with this talented and faithful servant of God. Your passion is undeniable. Keep reaching high!

  99. G-blest is truly amazing. The passion that comes through the mic and the truth behind the words make him an incredible performer and inspiration. I love the days at Central when he comes on stage…he lights up the crowd and brings it! Thanks G-blest!!! Keep rock in that mic!!!