IAA INDUSTRY NEWS :  What city and state are you from?

KNOW1EDGE MUZIK:  I’m originally from Palm Bay, Florida


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS :  What is your music background?

KNOW1EDGE MUZIK:  My music background is relatively minute compared to others. I came up around a lot of guys who pursued rapping. I played sports and left the rapping up to them, but music has always intrigued me. I used to write bars and poems when I wasn’t sleeping in class or running around the hallways in high school. Even though I was interested in music, I never recorded a song until the age of 24 when me and a group of guys in Arizona got together and started taking it somewhat serious.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS :  Why do you want to record and release your own music? 

KNOW1EDGE MUZIK:  Aside from being successful, I like the responses that I get from people who say that my music really touched them and served a purpose.  


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS :  What are your songs about?

KNOW1EDGE MUZIK:  I transform events from my everyday life into music. My songs are about real life situations and issues that people deal with. I believe in connectivity with the fans. 95% of fans that listen to mainstream music cannot completely relate with 95% of the music that they’re hearing. I just want to produce projects that are going to have substance and be the wind behind someone’s back. I make “ignorant tracks” too because I’m from the South and also believe in having fun and letting loose. I like to cover all bases though. Music is an art and I like to tap in to all aspects of it.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS :  Who is your fan base directed towards?

KNOW1EDGE MUZIK:  My fan base is directed towards anyone who relates. I want all ages, races, creeds, and colors to vibe to my music because realistically, we all go through similar problems and predicaments. I don’t want to be isolated to one demographic or to certain demographics. I want to be thorough…I want to be universal.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS :  Who are your musical influences?

KNOW1EDGE MUZIK:  My musical influences are Trick Daddy, Iceberg, Ricka, Jay-Z, and Drake, among others.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS :  How would you describe your music to people?

KNOW1EDGE MUZIK:  I would describe my music as real. Aside from the punch lines and wordplay, overall, it’s real. Even though my imagination is implemented, every statement in my music is authentic and holds a place in my personal history. You don’t get that a lot these days.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS :  What makes you stand out from other artists? 

KNOW1EDGE MUZIK:  I think what makes me stand out is that I go in a completely different direction than what is expected. I’m giving knowledge through my tracks, no tuition. I don’t just brag about this and that. I let you know the process it takes to achieve this and that.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS :  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

KNOW1EDGE MUZIK:  I’m currently working on my “Therapy Session” mix-tape which should be out in late January or early February. Until then I’ll just be releasing different projects on YouTube, so be on the lookout.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS :  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

KNOW1EDGE MUZIK:  My career goals are to leave a stamp on the game. I want to make a difference, not just take the money and run. I want my name and art to be around forever. I want people to remember what they were going through when my music dropped and remember how it brought them out of those dark places. I feel like God gave me a gift and I owe the world. In ten years I see myself being a force, not only in the hip-hop world, but in the music world.


 IAA INDUSTRY NEWS :  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

KNOW1EDGE MUZIK:  They can access my music at http://www.reverbnation.com/know1edgemuzik, https://soundcloud.com/know1edgemuzik, https://www.facebook.com/Know1edgeMuzik and YouTube by searching Knowledge Muzik.









  1. Know1ledge is one of thoes musicians that keep you wanting to hear more. I look forward to seeing him make it big. Keep ya passion and keep spittin that fire.

  2. Know1edge Muzik is a very unique and powerful name; this article painted a great picture of this upcoming artist! Listening to artist who convey real life experiences within thier work is amazing, allowing the world to experience and enjoy the very thing they call life! Possessing such a God given talent and understanding how to use it is truly a blessing. Know1edge Muzik I pray God continues to bless you and pave a path full of success for you. I look forward to hearing more of your music.

  3. Ain’t nothing bad you can say about Know1edge. He is a well rounded musician to deep thoughts to ignorant club bangers. When you here a verse or a track by him you just instantly get hooked on his unique style and wordplay. He is a must hear artist.

  4. Definitely looking forward to hearing more and more! Know1edge is true talent and gives me something worth listening to!! Don’t stop! God Bless!

  5. Not many in this world can achieve greatness but this man overcomes all obstacles and puts his soul into all that he does . He has touched many lives and through his music his reach will know no bounds .

  6. Wow was all i could think when i listened to that Music For Life freestyle… Not only was his flow dope but he had something to say and thats what i look for and enjoy when listening to music. Don’t sleep this dude!!!!!

  7. It’s good to see a positive hometown artist doing something good with the god given talent they have to inspire people of all ages. I went to school with this lil dude he was quite and soft spoken glad to see he’s coming out his shell and blessing everyone with his voice continue to put for Fla and I got your back bruh bruh Know1edge Muzik we starting with you and the real ones gone follow!!! Truth

  8. Sometimes you just gotta love the up & coming in everything that is great esp w/ hip hop artist. I respect nothing but consistency w/ artists esp this man. He lets you step inside his realm & see what he sees & feel his music. He keeps that live connection w/ his fan base. Consistency w/ making good music only solidifies his body of work. Destined to only get better

  9. Talent? Yes. Passion? Yes. But great things come from great people. A true story of good prevailing. Keep up the work! Can’t wait to see what is next…

  10. Know1edge is a wise going man far beyond his years in life and music. Hard to find nowadays within any generation. Can’t wait to hear more from u bruh.

  11. Aye!!! I kno him!!! He really is the truth. Undiscovered talent… Glad to see that he’s being recognized… Can’t wait to see him blow the ….. up!

  12. Fire bruh. Im currently putting my fam on this. I hope this is just the beginning. Need authentic music in these streets. Gone!!!!!!

  13. Great read, great interview. Even checked out your music. Loved it. Keep it coming and in due time your hard work and dedication will pay off.

  14. Yoo man! Im proud of ya! See things are going great for you.. keep the music coming.. can’t wait to see what you have in store for us on the future!

  15. I think the interview was great ur headed in the right direction keep up the good work and may god continue to bless u on ur way to success

  16. Great interview, even better music. Can’t wait to hear the mixtape. Will definitely be getting it. Keep making great music.

  17. This interview has truly magnified your talent. I have enjoyed your music since I was introduced to it. Your way with words is one of a kind and is easy on the ear. I can definitely identify with a few of your bars, in comparison to the mainstream music that is currently being shoved down our throats by big money record labels. Keep up the great work. I expect many more great things from you in the future.

  18. Great interview! And I checked out his music. His flow is crazy..I definitely can listen to his music.. I grew up with “Know1edge” always been a good guy..very talented and it’s amazing to see him going after his dreams and reaching others at the same time. And I believe he will reach the masses! Keep it bro..

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  21. Its great to see someone that i worked and deployed with,doing some great stuff and adding to the music industry. Keep up the good work brother!

  22. I know this young man personally and served with him in Iraq. This cat is a real stand up dude and he is as real as they come. He was an outstanding Soldier and represented all of what’s right with young men coming up now days. He will be a star and Im proud to say I know the man. I hope the Lord keeps the blessings flowing through this young man…

  23. Ayeee im out here in NY and I’m hearing my uncles music going in, I definitely look up to him and support him all the way keep it up unc!

  24. My man is the real deal, we were shipped over seas and sent to war together served in a combat zone for over 14 months… I have a lot of respect for this guy… Good job battle!

  25. the things niggas keeped locked up from you… I was with this man for months in Iraq never knew he had this talent. could’ve made a lot of those nights we actually used u as our doc on mission way better listening to u spit bars but im already on the bandwagon so when it fill up just keep my seat reserved i want front row action and a groupie or 2 lol ….. but for real keep grinding man I fucks with you 100..

  26. Very educated, on point with all his answers and its good to see young men like this making a difference in music and still maintaining relevant to mainstream. I for one can’t wait until someone from one of these major companies hears his music because I’m sure he’ll get picked up and signed right away.. And I’m very critical on hip hop and this man here got it.. 4thumbs up…

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  30. I see you shun!! Hit that YouTube up as well. Def doing your thing homie!! Keep working hard and you will reap the benefits of success!!!

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