Marcus “Coop Martian” Cooper was born to Mervyn and Allison Cooper on May 13, 1986 in Baytown, Texas.  Coop Martian’s earliest musically inclined memories include asking his father to pick him up to go watch records spin during house parties.  His father taught him to use the “art of pan” as a joyous expression and as an emotional vent for the frustrations that life may deal. 

Martian was a graduate of Robert E. Lee high school where his favorite subject was math. He was also a part of the basketball team and a choir member for four years.  In high school Martian balanced being educationally bored, academically intelligent, and socially popular.  Shortly after high school he joined the Navy for seven years.  Apart from his regular duties as a FC2, he performed with the Ship Company when dignitaries came aboard.  During a Black History program in 2007, he received an award for his performance and original lyrics for a Five Star General.  His fondest military memory is spending time with children in Lithuania who had never seen black people. 

In life, love of family is a very important entity for Marcus behind knowing, loving and serving God.  His mother is a perfect example of the radiant love that he emits and he feels blessed to be the offspring of one of the best men to walk the earth.  His parents are responsible for his forward thinking mindset.  Opposed to the over saturated industry of pointless music, Coop Martian wants to make substantial musical impressions by giving people music infused with quality and substance. 


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What city and state are you from?

COOP MARTIAN:  I am from Baytown TX also known as “The Eastside.”


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What is your music background?

COOP MARTIAN:  I have been making music since 2006. It started as a way for me to vent due to the stresses and situations that come with being an active member of the USN [United States Navy].  The passion for the art form came when I was tasked to make a tribute song for black history month on board my first ship. One of the veterans approached me after the performance and told me how much the song really touched him and told me how impressed he was with the “realness” of what I said.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

COOP MARTIAN:  I love the craft and the challenge of lyricism and producing. I also love the fact that I can have an influence on the world. As artists, we provide our listeners with 3, 4, or 5 minute journeys through our music. Some of these journeys provide them an escape from their situation, a spiritual awakening, or guidance. As a listener of music, I personally think there is a lot of misleading going on and I have a voice that can raise the bar and clear some of the smoke and mirrors.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your songs about?

COOP MARTIAN:  My songs are about life experiences. Every single one of them have came from real life events, a lot of which people never want to talk about or glorify- I just give the truth. I give my experiences and I do not speak on things that I do not know.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Who is your fan base directed towards?

COOP MARTIAN:  It is for real thinkers. For those that are the type who approach the world as a vessel of experimentation and experience. You will love my music but if you think you know it all or have seen it all you will still love my music but you might not learn or take anything from it. That being said my music has reached age groups from 17 up to 76 and I have yet to get told it wasn’t good.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Who are your musical influences?

COOP MARTIAN:  Marvin Gaye, Tupac, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Z-Ro, Short Dawg, The Mighty Baron, Shadow… I could go on for days. I love all genres and styles, including country music. But a lot of my musical influence is, once again, LIFE and the vibes I get from it.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How would you describe your music to people?

COOP MARTIAN:  Honest, honest and, more importantly, honest. It is different for sure and very well articulated. It also provokes thought. I don’t shove my opinions down people’s throats, I force them to think and form their own opinions.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What makes you stand out from other artists?

COOP MARTIAN:  My honesty and humbleness makes me stand out, but more than anything knowing who I am. I have never ever followed the crowd or the trend; I always do my own thing. It may get a little lonely at times and I may be misunderstood a lot, but I can only be true to my heart and my mind. I am my own worst critic. I always find what’s wrong with my music and never relish in what’s right about it. I go to clubs and venues and rarely dance due to me watching how different songs influence people and their reactions. I tell the truth in everything from relationships to drug use. I don’t make excuses or change any personality traits unless I see it as a problem.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

COOP MARTIAN:  My brother King Jigg and I are working on another mix-tape. We currently have three of them. Other than working on the mix-tape, I am getting the various singles perfected for release including. These songs include: Different, Im Ready, Im da shit, Moving Slow, Stay writing…Just to name a very few.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

COOP MARTIAN:  In ten years I see myself being a top level industry figure, while running my own label. I want my brand to become a worldwide top tier conglomerate and a house hold name.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

COOP MARTIAN:  I can be contacted at www.coopmartian.com which is my website. On it are links to my Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud. On Instagram I am coop1328 and on reverbnation I can be found under coop and S.B.U.







  1. I don’t even know if I should call u Mr. Guy anymore lol ^^^^^^. Anyways this is just the beginning bro and even more motivation for me. Keep it a hunned , stay humble , and relentless on this music. Ain’tno telling when its going to blow.


  2. So proud of you COOP MARTIAN.

    “It’s only a few people who still want something real these days. Most just want something that’s convenient but convenience is temporary. Sometimes it’s not easy but it’s worth working through and that’s how you get to happily ever after.” I know you will reach your goal.Keep moving forward.

  3. Knowing Coop Martian, from the time I met him in the U.S. Navy from the USS Normandy, he is the true IT rapper. He’s naturally born with his singing gifts, and even poetic gifts, he’s talented, humble, respectful, always a scholar, a teacher to teach the youth and every soul to the realness and meaning of the world . He is a type of person that once you met, he’s a magnet with so much knowledge and enlightenment to open your mind to understanding. I am really blessed to have met Mr. Coop Martian is really STARS OF ALL STARS. And I always tell him he’s an old soul and music and acting too are his calling and destiney. He’s really need to be known in the world as a true musician and with his delivery in music, you won’t be dissappointed neither wasting your money. He’s well worth it.I know he has to be in main music industry. Mr. Coop, I know you will make it. You are a true STAR. Stay blessed. Thank you so much giving me the opportunity to learn something from you. Wish you all the best. Keep charging to success! !

    • Liva you have been one of the nicest realest most understanding women I have ever met from the woman in supply support on USS Normandy to the queen I am currently addressing I have watched you blossom into a true motivator and a primary example of a Good Women I thank you for shining your light and giving a good example of what a real women is and should be I love you my dear friend and will never forget you you are a true inspiration

  4. We are so proud of you, I actually had tears reading your write up cause out of everybody I know how much you want this, ive seen the blood,tears and sweat you put out to get this movement moving and to see your dreams finally coming to life brings joy to my heart. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what the future has for you. S.B.U and M.H.C 4 lyfe

    • From the girl who used to watch me in the studio to the First Lady of SBU to the mother of my child there isn’t enough comment room for me to write what you mean to me our prince is growing into a fine young man and I want to thank you for giving me the best gift I have ever had to this day I love you and thank you

    • Tyrell man pimpin it’s been a long winding road and though we still ain’t met in person you are still on the top of my priority list to meet you always been real and genuine and gave me a lot of game I look forward to making something happen with you in the near future pimp thank you for all your support my G 100

  5. unique creative and bars! it’s like you said it.
    a message can’t be delivered any better my geeson.

    Strive 4 Perfection I knew that’s you when I seen you become a scientist on the aspect of sound vs you already knowing there not a beat you don treat accordingly with overall bars.

    I kno I’m see you become a scientist on video directing and editing .. watch lol

    independent artist

    I fox with

  6. I’ve known Coop since 2007 and from the first time he was a real ass dude. We bumped heads sometimes but that was strictly because of our huge take-charge-take-no-mess attitudes. We eventually clicked because we are on the same level and in the same state of mind in a specific time of our lives. The first time I heard him flow it was good. As time went on he got real damn good. His craft has become great and his passion for it is amazing. I can remember the days where we in “the studio” and tracks were being judged. It is an honor for him to ask for my opinion first when they (he and Jigg) finish a track. I know the game is about to witness something spectacular. Im glad I was there to witness it from day 1.

    • Most definitely one of the realest people i know. you was always in the studio to lend an ear when i needed one and always gave an honest opinion with people like you in my corner my shit gonna always be hot peace homie

  7. Keep rising like the star you are homie……you are honest to yourself and your fans and with that integrity they will always feel your music…when writing your life story don’t let anyone else borrow the pen!

    • Mr Moore I appreciate you big homie. You always have the perfect knowledge when a young brother needs it. Look forward to seeing you again pimpin. Remember, we fam now tell lil bro i whats good and I’m gone need a tat when i c him. Peace

    • Uncle Dan I love you man you been a true friend and brother since day one unc you always told me i had it and never give up. You with me for the long hall homie wherever this road takes me. Peace fam

  8. Stand tall, live for what you believe in, never back down and piss on regretting mistakes. We live once and we choose our paths with all the knowledge we have at the time. We live, love, take risks, and see what comes today. Proud of you man.

    • My Brother from another mother. We have been around the world and though we can sometimes be bipolar opposites we are the same you are a genuine soul in the world and i thank you for the many lessons you have taught me through your actions and for your continued support Peace brother Geyer

  9. Well boo you finally reaching what you been wanting for so long. I love you with all my heart don’t stop reaching and stay who you are no matter the change of scenery. You spirit is meant to fly and you are made to be heard. Keep rising and I’m proud of you

    • Het boo. Well you have known me since day one and you know i will always do what is best for you no matter what even if it hurts, but i want to say thank you for being there for me when you could and no matter what on this side its all good. I give you my word i will never change all i have ever known was keep it 100. I hope all is good and that you are getting everything you want and deserve. stay up twin I luv u

  10. Big Brother superb as always I will always be a big supporter of your art and as I’ve told you many times you deserve this dream from the days on CG60 til the day we die you deserve this. Thank You for calling me brother and showing me dreams are possible so go out there and continue to rise Little Brother will always be here for you man One Love.

    • BlackStarr we are a misunderstood bunch but we always have each others back and that is one thing that has and will never change thank you for being there on them long drives to help me find clarity when the world was looking gloomy i look forward to when i come down there to see you until then stay safe and B E Z and i am episode 16 of shippuden and it is going to hard already

  11. Yo Coop,that’s what’s up!!! You got what it takes,now take it all the way to the top! Let nothing stop you.Just keep coming with them hits and bangers and the world will see your greatness homie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great music COOP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tino-V I am just emulating the greatness you show on stage every night fam you are a true entertainer and believe i paid attention to every second when you was on stage. can’t wait to come back to Pattaya its going down we gone turn up to a whole other level then and i want to shoot a video Thanks for all the support Fam real talk Peace.

    • Moe Jane those compliments coming from one of the realest and most multifaceted people i have ever met means the world to me. thank you i will see you at the Top because you definitely gonna be there. Peace boo #Team MoeTrilla

    • Well I’m about to be traveling around the world doing promotions with @Notnice Records @DJROCKSTEADY347 @Tayla_Taniye and @Managerdavila while i am out absorbing more info on this world and enjoying life i will also be perfecting my projects so that they will be ready for the world.

    • Definitely this year just trying to get some of the necessities out of the way but definitely be looking i am about to drop this mix tape on band camp so everyone can get a lil snippet of what to expect and i got some great features on this album a lot of hot up and coming talent like myself and i also had two of the Hottest Producers i have ever met do a lot of the production on this one.

  12. Dont Even Know What To Say About This Guy Im goin to just shorting it as possible.
    An Extravagant Artist
    Honest,Loyal,Dependable Brother.
    Honorable Father & Son
    One Of The 2 Gods To Look Up To.
    His Music Can Motivate Alot of people if you take the time and sit down to listen to his lyrics.
    Brown liquor reflection says it all through the whole entire song for any guy.
    Purple cup is one of them grammy turned up smooth ride out song with your boys when its a night out in the town.
    Overall He’s one of my favorite unsigned artist in 2013-2014

    Much love Martian.

  13. I see you bruh!! I told hard work a pay off and pretty soon you’ll have the world as yo play ground and all you had to was make them listen. If they ain’t know who had next up by now they will in do time… Keep bring it to they head bruh

  14. I am so proud of you… You were always a little different then the rest… More goal oriented, and knew what you wanted to do. I am so happy to see you doing it. Best of luck with your music and whatever else you choose to do…. Remember the little ones when your having drinks with the big dogs.

    • Thank you very much Kristen for everything in the past as well you used to hold us down fa real and I got this far being and staying true to myself and i always acknowledge and remember everyone that i come in contact with as long as it was a positive experience so with that said i surely will not


    • appreciate it fam its good to have day one brothers that was literally here to watch the whole process and you guys know how much i went through to get this far and i am appreciative that you stuck with yo boy all the way through you always had a nigga back and would literally give the shirt off your back for your Fam its an honor to call you Fam Peace

  16. Bro you been doing your thing for as long as i’ve known you. I’ve always believed that you had what it takes to impact the music industry in a powerful way. I got your back but you already know that. Keep doin what you doin!

    • already bro you are most definitely one of the oldest souls i know. you was the first to plant the seed that would begin the tree that became The Martian you put on so much game in the times we hung out on the boat and off it. appreciate you pimpin you definitely get the title of one of the most influential people i know.

  17. From a military lifestyle to one that has more obstacles than most. From the time we celebrated to be S.B.U. Then fight and be like n**** f*** you. Haha! The Life… To express the fact of knowing you is typical, but to express the things I’ve learned could be difficult. Real Talk I have learned some great things from you. And Lord knows this road has met mother nature a few times. Forget keeping it 100. You have always keep it C. double O. to the P. with your bro. May we all see a great and very talented Martian hop in his spaceship and take flight to the stars so high. To My Brother From Another Mother ConConConConCongratulations!!! youhavebeenselectedtowinthreehundreddollarsallweneedyoutodoistakeaquicksurveyandtellusyourthoughtson…. Haha 1Luv.

    • Thank you for everything bro. This has been one crazy ass journey but you been right there through it all. G’s swap knowledge and one thing you showed me bro was dedication there is an eternal spot in my heart at my table and in my life for u bro Hope you can be there for every triumph peace and love my G

  18. you’re on the way to the top homie…i been down with you since the start because you were rapping about real stuff back then and know it hasnt done anything but got better since then keep it and you will be at the top in no time

    • MATT you are literally my day one homie you were the first one to support my dream but more important you have always kept in touch Fam and real rap that is the greatest honor of it all I can’t wait till we meet again my friend loyalty b4 royalty and ain’t to many more royal or loyal than u thanks homie I will c u soon peace

  19. Big coop!!! I remember you killin it while we chilled on the ship. You still have the sickest flow I’ve ever heard. I am really feelin ya man best of luck!!!

  20. Coop, my man! youve always had an undeniably magnetic presence. You’ve got a way of pulling people in & making them feel like they are at home around you. That’s a gift my man! & Its clear you don’t take that gift for granted, especially with your music. You’re killin that music, Coop! As soon as I hit play I know I’m about to be transported into a world of clever verses & killer hooks… Man, I’ve got to tell you it’s not a question for me of IF but WHEN You’re gonna blow.. It’s coming man.

    That’s inevedable when you mix raw talent with hard work & you’ve got both homie!
    No question about that.. God put the shoes of a creative motivater on the planet and you slid right into em with ease.

    coming from another artist.. & a more importantly a friend.. I’m proud of you, coop! Keep killin em, pimp!

  21. Glad to see your doing well bro. I know you’ll exceed everyone’s expectations. I’ll see you when you’re head lining in Cali one day.

  22. Coop, it’s been awhile my dude but I knew you’d make it! You got that drive that a lot of people wish they had. I’m proud of you man! Keep it up brother!! DT

  23. Coop! Texas’ hottest star! I knew you could do it bro. Your talent and hard work are going to take you to the top. Your style is inspirational and connects with so many people. I can’t wait to see you performing at the Super Bowl halftime show. #Ki200

  24. Coop this is so awesome to see; you getting closer to all your dreams. Not only do you have the smarts for it, but you got the Voice, and the heart. Always keeping it 100 no matter what…that’s a package. You make it easy for people to become a fan and a friend. Big ups to you my dude.

  25. Coop, glad to see you get some recognition. I knew back then when you used to freestyle on the ship that one day you’ll make a name for yourself. Your single “I did this for y’all” got me thru some tough times while in the navy. Keep speaking the realist ‘ish I’ve ever heard, I’ll always continue to listen brother. One love

  26. Keep spitting that fire lil brother watching you grind has given me the desire to pick up that pen and pad again. I can truly say that you deserve everything that’s coming your way I’ve watched you grind for a long time we didn’t always see eye to eye because I didn’t want you to put all your eggs in one basket. I’ve been there for you from the womb sometimes a lil over protective but that’s what big brothers do. Love you like a fat kid loves cake I actually sat down and listen to every track u have up on Reverb Nation and must say I’m impressed. So vibes me nah.

    D J Hide.

  27. Congratulations brother, I always knew you could achieve great things! I’m happy you are able to pursue your dreams, I loved your music from back in the day, I love your music you put on Reverb Nation, and I look forward to hearing new music from you in the future. A great person achieving great things, again, congratulations and I am very happy for you!

  28. Big coop!! Glad to see you doing your thing and TAKING WHAT YOU DESERVE! Congrats with everything and best wishes on the future. Hold it down and keep doin it!!

  29. You are the smartest person i know and its much more than your music you a good person if anybody deserves whats coming to you its you just remember stay humble and stay strong bro

  30. Coop! Glad to see things are going good for you. I always knew you would be something great ever since I had the pleasure of working with you on the USS Normandy! Keep it up and keep it real man. Love your stuff bro.

  31. For the many years that I have known Coop, he was always a leader,motivator,different and ingenious…To me he signifies friendship on so many different levels.He has made a name for himself but always stayed true to him and everyone that has ever been in his corner. I can say this from my own experiences….he always had my back…..it overwhelms me with pride and joy to see HIM get to live HIS dreams and experience…but its even better that he is allowing us to take a walk in HIS shoes through his music… the honesty that he portrays in his lyrics and the realness that it brings to the table is something that we have never experienced…This is someone we can relate to…someone we know…someone who has experienced hardship and knows what it is to struggle….if you dont know COOPMARTIAN get to know him…its an experience youll NEVER forget and NEVER regret!

  32. coop!!! ive known you since we were kids riding bikes n ish, as long as ive known u ive always known you were destined for greatness your a great guy so kind to everyone and always there to lift ppls spirits! and u have always been one of a kind truly unique! much luv bro! ur gunna be famous!!!

  33. You deserve it cuz. You eat sleep and breathe music. No one can ever question your love and passion for making music. The top is where your headed and at the top is where you belong… as long as you stay humble, stay true to yourself and to who you are the sky is the limit. Love you cuzzy

  34. I see you COOP….
    But DONT Stop here or get satisfied with just THIS!!!
    Push on n Continue 2 Strive 4 GREATNESS, I Told u I will meet u COURTSIDE homey!!!

  35. Keep yah dreams rolling Cuzzo… Its time for the world to know you my Dude…I see you profect your skills in my living room years ago..Let these weak ass, so call rappers have it…. Homes.. Bless Big Man.. Si Mi…

  36. I remember like it was yesterday when all of us was in the studio back then, Jigg, Mika on the hook like she say stay writin late night! and we passed the cup around lol We always knew you had it in you, You deserve whatever good comes your way. I just wish you good luck with the dream bro I’m on your side.

    • Marcus has nothing but talent the world will soon know the Martian and he is very humble keep up the wonderful attitude…. it will take you far in business relationship