EZM was born Malcolm Antonio Erskine on November 14, 1989 in Bethesda Maryland. At the age of 4 his family moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia. While growing up his parents would always play a variety of music and that is what inspired his passion to being song writing. At the age of 16, he started writing lyrics for fun. It wasn’t until the age of 18 that he began to pursue his passion full time. After graduating from high school he shortly attended college before enlisting in the military to make money to build his own studio. While in the military he met and collaborated with many other independent artist. The networking helped him build a solid foundation for his own career. EZM got his name from his personality and lifestyle. An easy going person with a lavish lifestyle hence the nickname “EZMillionzz”. EZM is self-taught in song writing, vocals, and music therapy. 


IAA SPOTLIGHT: What  city  and  state  are  you  from?

EZM:  I was born in Maryland and raised Virginia Beach, Virginia which is apart of what we call “The 7 Cities”  


IAA SPOTLIGHT:  What  is  your  music  background?

EZM:  I would have to say that my music background comes from my parents. As a kid they would always have different types of music playing in the house. From K-Ci & JoJo to Tupac & Biggie.  I fell in love with music at a very young age and they are the reason for that.    


IAA SPOTLIGHT:  Why  do  you  want  to  record  and  release  your  own music?

EZM:   That’s simple. I want to bring real lyricism back. The way the music is today it doesn’t really take great lyrics to make a hit song. You get a good beat and a catchy hook with some sub par lyrics and you are good. When you think of music that is timeless what is it about that song that makes it that good? It’s the lyrics and that is what I want to bring back. I want to bring music that is not only catchy, but also has serious meaning behind it. Also to put VA back on top. We haven’t had our style of music. We are overlooked a lot, and I want to change that way of thinking   


IAA SPOTLIGHT:  What  are  your  songs  about?

EZM:   My songs are all about my experiences. Things that I have done, seen in my family, and things I have seen and witnessed. My music is about my life and the things that I represent.  


IAA SPOTLIGHT:  Who  are  your  musical  influences?

EZM:   My influences are 2pac and Biggie of course. Ace Hood, Gorilla Zoe, T.I., Kevin Gates, Yo Gotti, 50 Cent. I even listen to different artist in different genres such as rock, R&B, and even pop music. The way these artists can take life experiences and turn it into music is the main reason why they are the ones who influence me.    


IAA SPOTLIGHT:  How  would  you  describe  your  music  to  people?

EZM:  My music is Real. Every bar has meaning. Music is meant to entertain and inspire.  That is what I strive to do. It is also very versatile. I can make songs that can be related to by any person from any background.   


IAA SPOTLIGHT:  What makes  you  stand  out  from  other artists?

EZM:  Every artist is different. No one has experience life the way I have. I allow listeners to experience music thru a new set of eyes. Each song I make will tap into a different emotion and different feeling for the listener to vibe to.   


IAA SPOTLIGHT: Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in your music career and how did you overcome?

EZM:   The hardest challenge would have to be to get people to believe in you. They say any one can rap, but only a few can be artists. When you listen to a song and you hear what that artist has to say you should believe every thing that song is about. That is how I want to capture my audience.  


IAA SPOTLIGHT: What are some upcoming projects that you are currently working on?

EZM:   Right now I’m currently working on my latest single “Amen”. That will be the lead single of the upcoming mixtape “#CAMEUP”. I’m getting that setup right for a big project that will be dropping this summer.  


IAA SPOTLIGHT:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

EZM:   My goals are to establish myself as a serious recording artist. I wan to drop like 3 Albums and then turn to my focus more behind the scene. I would definitely like to get into song writing and artist development. In 10 years I can see myself a successful established artist with a label. I want to develop new talent while also holding my own in the industry   


IAA SPOTLIGHT: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

EZM:   My fans can access my me thru Twitter & IG: @EZMillionzz and facebook: EZ Millionzz https://www.facebook.com/malcolm.e.erskine. my fans can also access my music via reverbnation. http://www.reverbnation.com/ezmillionzz



  1. I know EZM since high school & that’s my nigga for life. I support him in whatever he does cause I know he won’t give up until he succeeds & even then he would still reach for higher. Love you EZM.

  2. Bro I always thought you were extremely talented and I know you’re gonna make it big one day! Don’t forget about me when you make it to the top. 😉

  3. I’ve only had the opportunity to listen to a track off of a mixtape but I’m positive my boy got the talent and drive to succeed and that’s real talk

  4. Way to go, Malcolm! I know you as Malcolm so that’s what I’m still gonna call you when you make it big. Keep pushing on and amazing things will keep happening. I love that you said Gorilla Zoe inspires you too 😉

  5. I known my nigga Malcolm since high school. My nigga mad smooth and his music shows it. Keep pursuing your dream. The sky is the limit.

    • Bro u already kno imma never forget wen I come from Benjamin grizzly made the sound I got nuttin but respect for u bro wen I make it u goin eat right along wid me

  6. Proud of you Nephew…..it’s like a nightmare when you never pursue your Dreams. Stay focused & keep doing what you love. One.

  7. Young people today want everything to be quick and easy. Too many of them do not want to put in the work. I am so proud of you for being willing to work hard to achieve your dreams. Know that you still have a lot to learn and plenty to offer on this journey of life.
    Remember that even though we may forget about God he never forgets about us the “Footprints” that are needed to succeed.
    Keep stepping out on faith, stay strong and will achieve all you desire.

    From your first and most devoted fan!!!!!
    See I can use my computer and phone. Love Always.

    • Definitely keep ur eyes and ears open this project will b big and make sure to follow the twitter so I can keep u up to date on the progress

  8. Keep doing your thing! Keep working hard and you’ll definitely make it to the top. Don’t forget about us, I want to be able to whoop you in some more video games lol j/k. But seriously, good luck on your success 🙂

    PS: No Lullaby is still on my rap playlist

  9. Yo I still remember us spitting back in the day go get it my nigga always new you had the talent can’t wait for that #CAMEUP to drop

  10. Keep it up boo, you music has its own uniqueness unlike these other rappers today. Your a great supportive person, and I found out knowing you on a different level, just make sure that money doesn’t change you once you make it, and don’t forget the ppl that helped you get to where you are . and remember to keep God first!

  11. sheesh . words can’t even describe how proud i am of you . you have grown so much since highschool & I wish you all the best w| your music career . you know I’m here every step of the way , supporting no matter the distance . love you malc : )

  12. Yo bra I heard ya music n i think you got a very unique style it’s a mix of southern swag and northern lyrics deff something special

  13. Yo jus listen wid my boy n i agree with him u got something new I ain’t neva heard before u need to out there more…keep on grinding bra

  14. Ezm did a song with my artist awhile back and from working with him in the studio I know he had a drive and a special talent that can and will take him far in the industry

  15. I have worked with him in the studio he brings A whole new vibe to the studio one I haven’t experienced since our session I kno he has mad potential

  16. Ezm came to work in our studio and he was different from other artists I have worked with. Deff has the skill just need the right people around him

  17. I have been rocking with you since the 808 state days!!! It is hard to get people to believe in you, believe in yourself, keep grinding, and the ones who didn’t believe will have no choice but to at that breaking point!!!! Keep it up bro!!!! Proud of you

    • you aint never lie but everytime i get up here and see a new comment i see who really believes and support and wen everything is said and dun thoes are the ones imma look out for

  18. Haven’t heard a good Rapper from VA since clipse I think you might be the one to bring back the 757 keep it up boy we counting on you

  19. At I couldn’t say it any better then lifted we told you all u gotta do is get wid the right ppl and u will go far and it looks like you listened and see wat u got niggas hating wen they see this aha #YuMad?!?

  20. Even down range he were still writing and recording music I see the drive I kno u have the passion keep up the hard work it will pay off

  21. Yo Im loving your sound, I need to get a copy of your music if possible. I know you will make it far. Keep it coming!

  22. EZM u been my homie high school I support all that you doin. ..u makin much better music then most these ppl out here now