IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What city and state are you from?

MR. BOSSMAN USA:  I am from Nokomis, Alabama. It is a small town near Atmore, Alabama. Where everybody knows everybody. I grew up on a small farm in the south along with my family. The farm I grew up on has been in the family since the 1890s. It was passed down from my great grandfather.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:   What is your music background?

MR. BOSSMAN USA:  Every since I can remember, I have always been in the church. My mom made sure my siblings and I went to church often. At the age of seven, I grew a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit. My grandmother played an important role in my life and the church. When I would get off the school bus, everybody could hear my grandmother singing and praising God. She was my role model, friend, teacher, and whatever she did I wanted to follow. My grandmother was there for me in general and listening to her sweet soft melody influenced me to want to do the same thing. My musical background is gospel and soul. In the precious sweet memory of my grandmother Mary Lee Dixon Barron.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:   Why do you want to record and release your own music?


Recording and releasing my own music means, I will have full rights to what I want to express. I have a vision I have been trying to unfold since forever. When I get my name out there, I want to help build and support other up and coming artists. I want to show my kids and others that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box. I want people to know its not about killing each other, and negativity. My music promotes respect for one another, teaches the youth, and has a southern gospel hip hop twist. I always knew music would become a big part of my life.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:   What are your songs about? 


In my songs I put God first. I teach the love of God, respect for each other, I target the youth, the old, and I push for a change. I focus on shining the spot light on the dark places that took place in my up bringing. My mission is to show people who I really am and where I come from. I give praise to God for keeping me and teaching me. His unconditional love shielded me and my faith got stronger.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:   Who is your fan base directed towards?


My fan base is directed towards the young and the old. My sound is geared towards ministering through gospel rap. In one of my songs, I talk about how proper education is a must. It teaches how to be a leader and not a follower. There is no age limit to happiness. Don’t let something from your past or present keep you from being what God created you to be. No one is perfect but we all should strive for perfection.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:    Who are your musical influences?


In the music industry it would be, Charlie Wilson, Sam Cooke, Pimp C, Bobby Womack, Biggie, and Ice Cube all influenced me. Charlie Wilson he is a living legend. The song “You Dropped A Bomb on Me” is one of my favorite songs. Sam Cooke sound is so smooth and captivating. Pimp C is one of the best lyrical guru’s. I like the way he brought his on country way of living to hip hop. Biggie Small is the “father of music,” telling a story through his music. The pictures he painted through his words took you with him. Bobby Womack there is one word for him “genius,” because he can make his songs seems realistic. He had a way of making his songs seem like you were there right with him. All of these artist’s influence me, gave me hope, and made me want to be the best in what I do. Their unique style and message made me want to follow in their footsteps.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:   How would you describe your music to people?


My music is open minded, all the way live, spiritual, up tempo, soothing, straight to the point, Holy Spirit influenced, everyday life, different, and will capture your heart. My music goes both ways like an interstate, meaning it can be hardcore and spiritual. When I’m conversing, it sounds like I’m rapping and vice versa. That’s how musically inclined I am. 


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:   What makes you stand out from other artists?


I’m Bossman USA, BallN like a King, trademark. Kingdom Living is the name of my record label. I have my own style, and music. It is designed to reach and promote growth in the music industry along with the world. My music will remind you of old school lyrics, new school beats, and gospel roots.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:   What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?


Right now I am in the process of making my second album, getting some shows setup, networking, promoting my label Kingdom Living Music, and I have two new artists who are joining me on the label. Also, I have two books I wrote between five to ten years ago that I will publish one day. My first book is about going through struggles in life and how I overcame them. God brought me out of the storm and the rain. Now I’m here telling my story to make life different for the young growing up and the old getting older. My second book is about promoting love, obedience, life sacrifices and to show God’s love. My passion is directing films, promoting artists, photography, owning my own clothing line, acting, and ministering. The only help I had was the Holy Spirit and my grandma. When doing something life change, be patient instead of trying to find the cheap way out.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:   What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


My long term goals are to become well established, an entertainer, director, promoter, role model, manager, minister, youth worker, and a legend. My focus is to help build communities, give back, and become financially wealthy. When it comes to networking, I am interested in appearing on TV shows, radio interviews, speaking out to the youth, entertaining and ministering to the world. In 10 years, I see myself debt free thanks to my books selling good, writing and producing movies, platinum selling albums, building and promoting new artists, starting a clothing line, and becoming a well known recruiting agency dealing with sports. After it’s all said and done. I want to open up a mega church and really start what I was put on this Earth to do, which is preaching the word of God.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:    How can your fans access your music and contact you?


My music and video can be accessed on itunes, amazon MP3, CD baby, Google Music Store, and Shazam.  I can be contacted by phone at 205-260-2547, email mrbossmanusa@gmail.com and these links: www.facebook.com/mrbossmanusa

www.reverbnation.com/bossmanusdastreetminister  www.twitter.com/mrbossmanusa
















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