Mista Crain is one of the most versatile lyricists to come out of Texas in recent years. At 28 years of age; his confident delivery, and prominent intelligence, provides vivid imagery in his music. Growing up in Lufkin and El Paso Texas has been beneficial, allowing him to grow culturally and hone his skills over an eleven year span. K. Crain is transitioning to a more rounded musician as a well as producer and recording artist. It is said that scars add character, and that experience is the best teacher; each has helped develop Mista Crain into a mature, goal driven individual. In his own words: “No guts no glory, no struggle no story, So I go through what I do to see what the Lord has for me. I see rap as an outlet to express myself, the events in my life, and to be a voice to those who don’t possess my talent but share or relate to my experiences. Anyone can place words together and rhyme but an artist can illustrate verbally what their trying to portray. That’s what I do and what I am.” Inspired by 2pac, Scarface, Nas, and Juvenile, Mista Crain displays some of their qualities while remaining to be himself. Closing with a quote from the aforementioned artist, “They think I’m water on the beach/but I’m the treasure underneath.”

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What City and State where you born in?

MISTA CRAIN:  I am from Lufkin, Texas and currently reside in El Paso, Texas

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What is your musical background?

MISTA CRAIN:  I have been doing music for 15 years now. I play keyboard and work as an engineer for the majority of my records. I work in the music department at my church.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

MISTA CRAIN:  I want a Grammy! I feel like that symbolizes respect and appreciation for your art by your peers. I record and release my own music to tell my story. I feel like there are others who have had similar experiences or ambitions close to mine who can relate to me. I love music and have been blessed with a talent so why not use it.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your songs about?

MISTA CRAIN:  My songs range from my dreams, hopes, beliefs, fears to my shortcomings and accomplishments. I usually let the beat speak to me and tell me what the songs supposed to be about.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Who is your fan base directed towards?

MISTA CRAIN:  My fan base is directed towards ages 13-45. Although I’m a strong believer that good music can reach all audiences and does not have a specific genre.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Who are your musical influences?

MISTA CRAIN:  My musical influences are 2-pac, Scarface, Nas, Juvenile, and T.I.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How would you describe your music to people?

MISTA CRAIN:  In my catalogue you will find a song for any occasion and if you like lyricism, beats, and catchy hooks, give me a listen.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What makes you stand out from other artist?

MISTA CRAIN:  My versatility is unique. I can get on any record and own it! I can’t be put in any box. What also makes me stand-out is my character. What I do when no one’s watching. I’m a teacher, I’m a Christian, and I’m a rapper. I love to help people.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are some upcoming projects you’re working on?

MISTA CRAIN:  Recording for my next two mixtapes LTX II and Track Junkie. I’m also working on album no.2 Integrity. My debut album I Am Mista² is currently on Pandora, I-tunes etc. by the way. I also anticipate releasing three more videos off of that. “Mattress Actress”, “A Little Sex”, and “Bust it on the Beat”.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

MISTA CRAIN:  I want a Grammy! I desire to be a household name and be recognized for my talent. I see myself with several honors, platinum records and signing artist to my label. I also will be ghost writing rap and R&B records like Rico Love in the next ten years.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

MISTA CRAIN:  Fan can access my music on I-Tunes www.itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-am-mista2/id726315496 , Pandora (create a Mista Crain station), On youtube MistaCrainVevo, and https://soundcloud.com/mista-crain/

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  1. I have no doubt in my mind that Mista Crain will be receiving his much desired Grammy award in the future. Not only is he not a one dimensional rapper like a lot of these cats in the game but he stays true to who he is. Keep making great music. I look forward to reading more about your success in the future!

  2. I’m not too crazy about rap music, but Mista Crain brings something different to the rap game which I really admire and respect. He is not the typical rapper, listening to his struggles and events in his life in his music is what I call real music and I love it. Very ambitious young man and I can’t wait to hear more. Good luck to you!

  3. What a humble guy. He will definitely be getting his Grammy. I loved his response that good music can reach all audiences. While I mostly listen to gospel, there are some positive messages in the hip hop/rap music genre and Mista is definitely there!!

  4. It’s awesome to see and hear about an artist come out of your hometown. I have nothing but respect for Mista Cain and his work. All his hard work that he’s put in is finally paying off and I wish him the best of luck. I know he’ll get his Grammy and become a household name.

  5. S/o to Mr crain the music he creates is nothing but hits he deserves everything hes getting because he’s the prime example of a hard worker

  6. I appreciate the interview especially when asked what are your songs about “I usually let the beat speak to me and tell me what the songs supposed to be about” and What you do when no one’s watching is impressive — you teach, you are in the church , you rap and love helping people. You expressed your hopes, dreams and ambitions quite nicely. I wish you the best and am certain you will accomplish any and all endeavors.

  7. Mista Crain definitely brings something different to the rap game. Your music and your hard work is an inspiration. You are the type of role model this music industry needs. Best of luck to you and I cant wait to hear more!

  8. In this day and age you sometimes get negativity in RAP, but I do enjoy the great perspective and very positive attitude he has. If you listen to Mr Crain’s lyrics, it will move you. The messages I feel comes from his heart. That’s dedication, meaning he truly loves what he does. I know he will go far. I wish nothing but success. Mista. Crain has the stuff and a good soul.

  9. How exciting! I support local artists especially ones that have goals and ambitions for themselves and this is yet proved that with hard work and dedication anything is possible! I hope everything does work in Mista Crain’s favor and he can later have my fiance work under his label! Congratulations!

  10. Mista Mista K Crain that’s his name. He’s the hottest thang around. I appreciate good music and that’s exactly what’s being represented on this album. What I like most about him is that he has his own unique sound. Be on the look-out for him because he’s doing big thangs. Keep doing your thang young man and we’ll see you at the Grammy’s! God bless!

  11. Very nice interview! Definetly going to have to listen to him. I’m not big on rap these days but after this interview I am genuinely interested!

  12. I just love everything about you. You are humble, sexy, make great music and overall a great artist. I believe the music industry needs more artists like you. Plus you represent for us Texans!!!

  13. Mista Mista K Crain’s talent & heart shows through his music. Stay dedicated & humble! Good Luck & can’t wait to see you at the Grammy’s!

  14. Always love hearing how someone can turn their struggles into something positive. Keep reaching for the top. Lovin my Mista Crain station on Pandora. Can’t wait for ur upcoming album!!!

  15. I’ve know Mista Crain since he was a young child. He’s always been talented and driven. I think if you take time out to listen to his cd, you’ll find out how creative and focused he is.

  16. I have been on mista crain for 15 years. ive been on his whole catalog since his early days, he has polished up his sound and is putting out classic after classic after classic and alot of those are mixtapes.

  17. I listen to him all my life and he is my favorite rapper of all time. He is something that this generation need to listen too. Big things are coming his way so watch out for Mista Crain!!!!!

  18. I really have enjoyed listening to the Lyrical and musical style of Mista Crain!! He is so versatile with his music and it will appease the attention of a wide range audience! Stay focused and we’ll see you at the Grammy awards….God Bless.

  19. Mista Crain is definitely Mista Future. The style, the versatility, the sound….this guy brings is all with each release; giving us all something that we can not only relate to, but also move to…im on that Mist Crain wagon…

  20. Its great to know there are still Artist out there with stories to tell! Mista, keep telling your story and we’ll keep listening!!!

  21. Mistake k. Crain is one of my favorite artist/entertainer lyrically and personally he is an great example for a role model in today’s time

  22. Nowadays rappers try to stay relevant. But a true artist is one that speaks from the heart. Mista Crain has his heart in the right place and a message that speaks to the ages. Representing for a city that takes care of its own. Keep shining Mista and the Lord will take you to places that we can only dream about.

  23. Being able to share life lessons and mature growth experiences is a sign of the true essence of expression. Mista Crain speaks and delivers a message way beyond his years; the beat makes me move, but the lyrics keeps me listening. I am a fan.

  24. He is passionate towards to music. He understands what people need through music. His attitude brings pleasant to people who listen to his music. Keep up the good work!!

  25. Note this momentous occasion as a foreshadow of events to come. A Grammy is attainable if you keep releasing great music. May you be blessed with much success.

  26. Beautifully answered! I am your number 1 fan and Support you from yesterday ,today, to the Grammy’s and beyond. All of Your hard work leading up to this moment is inspiring and motivating to me and others.
    Grammy’s here we come!

  27. Mista K Crain’s album is good from start to finish. Theres slow songs, dance songs and just straight up rap. Im looking forward to hearing more from him in the future.

  28. I enjoyed your music really catchy chorus on all of them. Very passionate lyrics you can really tell music is in your soul. I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to hearing more upcoming music from Mista Crain. I love your aspirations and I can’t wait till you win that Grammy =D

  29. I thought the lyrics had depth and I like the songs they show your hard work and determination. I like supporting local artists and think local talent need all the support they can get. You have many aspirations and dream big, keep at it and you will get what you want.


  31. I don’t listen to much rap because it’s dull and repetitive, but Mista Crain is energetic, versatile, and very different from all the other artist out there. I really enjoy listening to his music and I know he’ll get a Grammy!!!

  32. Mista Crain really puts his heart and soul in to his music. When I listen to music I want it to paint a picture for me, take me somewhere I’ve never been before. That’s what I get when I listen to his music. Definitely a different style than the rest. I can listen to his songs and it makes me wanna grind harder to pursue my dreams and turn my dreams to reality. I love good music that challenge my mind. When ever he use parables, it’s his life story on what he has been through. Been through some things that would’ve cause most people to give up, but he stayed focus and kept pushing. Streets smarts and extremely education to help work his mind over muscle. A man that has God in his heart with morals that can’t be broken. My prayer and blessings is with you Mista Crain.

  33. I am loving your music. One of my favorite song is “Watch Me Work”. I definitely can see you getting that Grammy. Remember your roots and the sky’s the limit.

  34. Ive been a fan since forever and im just waiting to see him on the Grammys and MTV awards. The well roundedness of this guy is unsurpassable. You can’t throw anything at him that he can’t take and turn into something beautiful. If he continues to pour his life experiences into his work it will be amazing to see how it positively affects people.

  35. Mista K.Crain is the truth! A real Artist with the passion Put into words.Visions made into Movies through your ear.I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to create with you.Keep doing what your doing Bro!I’m here to help.PEACE…..

  36. Wow! Continue to let your light shine and reach the world through your music. Your hard work and dedication is going to pay off! It’s great to hear about dreams coming true for people in your hometown. Keep following your dreams and stay focused. You are a great example and inspiration to those following behind you. God Bless You!!

  37. Mista Crain! A very talented songwriter whos going places if he keeps it up! His lyrics actually say something… That what i admire most about his work…
    Salute Brother!

  38. Congrats Mista Crain! Keep believing and dreaming big, you can do it! Can’t wait to see ya on that Grammy stage. We wish you well and all the best of luck from Washington and CHMS!! 🙂

  39. I really want to congratulate Mista K. Crain, for not allowing himself to be changed. I appreciate the humbleness that he exemplifies, these are the signs that he has a respect for his craft. His versatility allows him to be open to all that music today has to offer him. I hear the deep impact that artist like, 2pac, scareface, and even Nas, have embedded into his choice of words and the strike of his delivery. I anticipate the future lyrical journey that Mista Crain will expose us to. The industry can rest assured that this young man is a solid lyricist and will be around to stay…….Zdubb…

  40. Mista Crain is a very diversified artist that incorporates many great aspects of life into his music. I haven’t heard such versatile lyrics since NAS. I think Mista Crain’s music is revolutionary meaning that it’s taking hip hop out of the dark ages and actually using it as a teaching tool for the young.

  41. Keep doin ya thang fam. U been killin it for a while now. Everything in due time and it looks like ur time has finally arrived!!!

  42. 100% truth I’ve seen you evolve a lot over the years from the FCB days to now keep it up I have much love for you bro.

  43. I gotta say Mista K. Crain, Nuff Respek man!! Keep doing what you do best, and that’s blessing the mic with great lyrics and music overall! Let’s get this Grammy homie! One love!


  44. Wow, I am surprised! A lot of people claim to be rappers or musicians from here and they are real bad!!! I listened to a few songs and I am shocked to say that it was really good!! Mista Crain is definitely doing his thing and doing it well… Wish nothing but success for him!

  45. Mista Crain is the hottest star coming out of Texas. All the other rappers in the game need to keep their eye out for Mista Crain , no doubt. He is a great man to work with and it is obvious that he is passion about his music. He loves what he does and soon the whole country will know his name.

  46. Best of luck to someone so ambitious as Mista Crain. Hope his talent will help him achieve all his goals and show the world what an amazing artist he is

  47. I love real hip hop this youngster has a bright future ahead of him. To be compared to the greats is truly an honor and a privalage. Keep up the good work! I have nothing but love!

  48. Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

  49. Wow! What an amazing talent!!! Mists Crain is what is missing in this music industry. I’ve never been much into rap, but man does his music touch my mind, body and soul. I sure look forward to watching him receive his Grammy in the future. Mista Crain, you have a forever fan in me. God Bless! And thank you for the wonderful article!

  50. I been listening to mista for awhile now and he always drop some good music out something you can vibe too..keep working hard

  51. I can honestly say he is a complete artist, dedicated to his craft. His drive has him in the fast lane to the top but all these weaker artist are making traffic jams !! I expect to see and here more from him in the future.

  52. Great music, real talent, hard work and dedication. Mista Crain has it all. He is a true inspiration! Can’t wait to hear more of his music 🙂

  53. Congratulations son I’m proud of you! I’m all that you do be sure to acknowledge God and give God the glory. Continue to strive for more and be blessed.

  54. The true essence of music is supposed to inspire and reminisce on past experiences. Music has the power to change people for the better in times of distress. Mista exemplifies the essence of change and inspiration. Live the true essense of Hip Hop dont follow the crowd follow your soul.

  55. Sounds very humble and hungry. Exactly what we’re missing in the industry today! That hunger will take you far… good luck!!

  56. Mista Crain’s music is something serious! He is where music NEEDS to be today and how humble he is about his work is inspirational! That Grammy is DEFINITELY in his future!

  57. I consider myself avid lover of all genres of music. I see lots of talent with M Crain. I can’t wait to hear some of his new music. Will be following his career and I certainly wish him the best.

  58. I’m not much into rap but I would still listen to his music because it stands out to what is out there. Plus he produces his own beats which is really awesome as well.

  59. NIce article Mista Crain! I’ve known you since you were a young boy and I’m very happy to see that you’re fullfilling your heart desire. Keep your head up, put God in all that you do, and enjoy all the places He will carry you! God bless!!!

  60. Great lyrics and over fantastic beats; this guy provides it all!!! This is an artist who’s consistently on my list of the best!

  61. I would like to say keep it positive and follow your dreams. Maintain structure and keep your head on straight and you will continue to thrive. Godspeed

  62. I first heard Mista Crain rap after a church service at his grandfather church on the second floor. Mista Crain was rapping with his cousin as back up. The rap song was dedicated to his mother. I must say after hearing the song, I wanted a copy of the song for myself. I knew then that Mista Crain one day soon will be rapping professionally. This young man has the momentum that will soon place him center stage in front of tens of thousands of fans. Mista Crain is very smart, unbelievably talented, and will go far in the music industry.

  63. Such a talented and hard-working young man!! Cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. Stay focused .. We are so proud of you.♡♡♡♡

  64. First of all I must say impressive and unique style ..that stands out the crowd..a subtle way to greatness …man that had to be a lot of persistence and dedication to get to were you are…keep on believing ….

  65. It’s yur time 2 shine-keep doing yo thang- The race is not giving to shift, or strong-but they that endure to the end. In other words- keep grinding-it got to come to past your dreams-that’s scripture- regardless of race, religion, or what ever! Persistency and Grinding will get you the GOLD

  66. K.Crain has been a great young man that has come from a great line of people hard working young man ,I am glad to know him

  67. Mista Mista is doing big thangz!…I have always enjoyed listening /watching him perform. Mista Mista has a true passion for the music industry and is his true calling.

  68. I’ve mastered quite a few of this artist’s tracks. Great working with you and I wish for your success in the music industry!

  69. Keep an eye on Mista Crain. He’s got some real passion about what he does and it shows through his music. And he seems genuinely happy to do it. I like it when artists are ARTISTS and this man is definitely in it for the music. I hope he does well.

  70. keep rising to the top and doing tha dang thang. like they say use everything for ur good. motto /mantra have skills will travel and last but first to God be the glory.

  71. In this day and age with all the negativity in music, it is refreshing to hear music that doesn’t have to stoop to that level to be heard. Keep it real, dude!!