Sloec City is a unique hip hop group that brings a sound to the game that is impossible to duplicate or emulate. With roots reaching back to northern and southern California they bring an up-tempo, yet laid back approach to the genre of music we’ve all grown to love for decades. This duo, consisting of N.i.N.E. and FSG (Fyve-Star General), bring an elaborate and explosive message as they take you on a track by track journey through their world of lyricism that will leave you with a sense of satisfaction that can only be matched by pressing repeat.


NiNE began his music career at the age of 12, following in the footsteps of his older cousin. The power of words is what drove him to love the craft. Spending years of practice and personal development has turned him into the hard working artist/producer that he is today. His intense and punchy delivery is something to be marveled at and envied. NiNE went on to collaborate with various other artists including his current group mate FSG. The two realized how much of a unique and charismatic energy they provided working together and began to produce a mixtape called Alliance: Vol 1. The project was never released but the chemistry created the dynamic due Sloec City.


Fyve-Starr General, or FSG took a much different approach to music. Initially only showing an interest as more of a hobby he began to notice that his abilities were much more of a professional caliber. Growing up listening to his cousin, he grasped the concept of putting words together to express a feeling as a powerful skill as opposed to just a hobby. With a bit of practice and self-reflection, FSG has evolved into a smooth yet crafty artist that will be admired for years to come.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What city and state are you from?


SLOEC CITY: Both artist are originally from California but currently live in Las Vegas, NV


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What is your music background?


SLOEC CITY: NiNE has been involved with music since he was about 14 so its been roughly 13 years. He’s been in a few different groups before linking up with General. General has been into music for about 9 years and has always been a solo artist. The two have been collaborating for 7 years and officially formed a group 4 years ago.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?


SLOEC CITY: Collectively we like to be involved in the entire music process. It can be quite a bit of work but we feel it is worth it to put forth the effort and see how much we can accomplish beyond just making songs.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are you songs about?


SLOEC CITY: Our music is a rhythmic depiction of our lives. There’s a track for every experience and emotion that can be related to by anyone. Our goal is to give our fans an in depth look into who we really are. Its an experience like none other.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Who is your fan base directed towards?

SLOEC CITY: Our music is aimed towards both male and female between the ages of 18-41. Our music has a large dynamic and we feel we can appeal to the majority of hip hop listeners.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Who are your musical influences?


SLOEC CITY: Our largest influence would be the group Outkast. Their unique sound brought a new element to music allowing them to cross over and that still hasn’t been duplicated. We want to leave a lasting impression similar to that. We also take notice of unique traits from other successful groups throughout the history of music. There’s a difference in being a solo artist versus being a part of a group. There’s a level of chemistry that has to be present in order to make timeless music.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How would you describe your music to people?


SLOEC CITY: Our music is versatile. When you listen to a SLOEC City album it has a diverse sound that’s suitable for every environment. If you’re searching for something to help you relax or you’re not having the best day there’s a song for you.  Its catchy, lyrical, and deep from track to track.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What makes you stand out from other artists?


SLOEC CITY: We’re comfortable with who we are as artists. We’re not afraid to learn and try something new and allow people to see who SLOEC City really is. From production to recording we don’t allow any standard practice to hinder us from evolving and reaching new heights.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are some upcoming projects that your are currently working on?


SLOEC CITY: We recently completed our album Welcome to S.L.O.E.C. City. This project is really going to elaborate on what makes this group great. From start to finish it keeps our listeners engaged and interested in learning more about the artist outside of the studio. We’re also in production of our follow up project Black Licorice which will feature a more daring side of the group.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


SLOEC CITY: Our goal is to establish and achieve the desired success operating our own record label. We feel we have more to offer to the music industry than just music. We see music as a tool to branch out and pursue other ventures in the music industry.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How can you fans access your music and contact you?


SLOEC CITY: http://www.sloeccity.com is the best way to keep up with what’s going on with SLOEC City. There’s music, videos, and upcoming show dates listed on the website. You can join our mailing list to get in touch with us. We also have a segment called Fresh Inc Fridays where we post weekly freestyles to keep our listeners interested.












  1. Very nice article! It’s definitely time to bring REAL hip hop music back to the music scene and Sloec City definitely have the fire to do just that! These dudes are dope! Watch out world!

  2. OMG it’s about time Sloec City has been recognized!!!!! Great show at the Hard Rock and I can’t wait to attend many more!!!!! Big fan!!!! #teamsloeccity

  3. Sloec city
    The music the lyrics the beats are off the wall
    These 2 artists know how to make music…
    I hear the music .I hear the beats
    The words are powerfull
    This is real hip hop
    There going on top no doubt

  4. SLOEC CITY is what we’ve been missing in HIP HOP/EVERY DAY LIFE. . SLOEC CITY is more then just hip hop, its your persona. . You know, what your bring to the table… Shows what you got for the world to see/hear.. And these two lit a fire under Las Vegas.. I’m just ready for them to get it poppn every where… We SLOEC’D OUT!

  5. SLOEC City is Definitely Las Vegas’s Hottest Artist! Fyfe Star General & N.I.NE have got it all, the beats, the lyric, their drive and charisma are something to recon with.. SLOEC City will have your head bobbing and leave you wanting more… These guys stage performance is simply amazing! A must see! #SLOECCITY

  6. Sloec City. ..New age group with old hip hop style….This group has developed a life long fan and follower in me. Your music and collaboration brings back some of the old school hip hop that music no longer glorifies. I am excited to see were your careers lead you. Wishing you guys nothing but success and prosperity. # teamsoleccity

  7. Sloec city has some of the illest cuts I’ve ever heard. I’ve heard several of their tracks and I definitely can wait to see them perform. Ya’ll should definitely do yourselves a favor and check em out!

  8. Finally some real music to listen to a lot of rappers now a days just put anything together but this group shows you how to do it right and it also give others the courage to become something they look at you guys and say if you can do it then they have a chance as well. Keep up the good work im rolling with you guys to the wheels fall off “FLAMES ON TIRES “. And to my boy I knew you had it in you. #Sloeccity

  9. Loving the music. My boy five star general killing it. Keep up the hard work and catching those dreams. Squad 1!

  10. Sloec City is the next best thing. Finally some real music to come out of Las Vegas. I love the sound these two produce and the drive that keep them rising, it is so inspiring and motivating to others who are trying to reach their dreams! How can Fyve-Starr General and 9ine not make it to the top. Keep it going!! Can’t wait to hear what’s next from Sloec city!

  11. These guys very intervention intentionaland very creative the sounds that they had we’re very unique and it was an all-out blown out showthey got interaction with the crowd and I do have to sayas an entertainer myself I was very pleased with what I saw they will make it just keep up the good work guys.and I also have to say I like the fact that they were very original needed their own stuff.

  12. That is a terrific article, I am really glad you are doing so well. I am definitely going to make it to one of your shows. It is awesome to see your dream coming to a reality. Whithout a doubt very entertaining group.

  13. Unsigned and underground hip hop artist like Sloec City make Hip-Hop worth listening to. Especially, since I’m more of a R&B woman lol.

  14. So dope to see these guys getting recognized. I saw them perform a few nights ago and they immediately caught my attention through their energy and stage presence. Its always refreshing to hear a hip hop group that has real content in their lyrics. From dope punch lines to real life concepts. These guys were dope fresh off the bay and their bound to make a real dent in the genre. I can only hope so. Real talent needs to be recognized. KEEP IT UP FELLAS!

  15. I had the pleasure of working with these two and their talent is timeless, their chemistry is perfect and they can go toe to toe with ANY mainstream artists out there. Real Hip Hop is back!

  16. Sloec city got what it takes for hip hop to shine in the desert. Talent, lyrics, and chemistry is what it takes. You guys put the Rock in Hard Rock Cafe Friday night!! Over kill…oh yea!!! True talent. ..

  17. Looking like you’re ready to tour!
    Lyrics,choreography(yeah I said it),song selection, energy, the beats…. All these things make for a great hip hop duo- as they show what the heat REALLY like in Vegas.
    Great work fellas!!!

  18. This group is hot!!! There lyrics are crisp and performance superb. They’re the best I’ve seen or heard in years!! I’m truly a fan!!! Sloec City baby on the map!!!!

  19. Sloec City goez hard !!! General’s supah hype energy wid his catchy flows goez unmatched!
    Nine’s witty flow & wordplay is off the meat rack!
    Keep grittin fellaz, cuz the grit don’t quit……..
    Much love and success my dudes!

  20. SLOEC City is what the industry is need of! Fresh sound, lyrical massacre on every track I’ve heard! It’s about time, is all I have to say.

  21. SLOEC CITY is definitely what hip hop needs! They are a very unique group. The energy they bring when performing is truly amazing! I enjoy going to there shows and can’t wait for the next one! #TALENT

  22. I like the way there music makes you pay attention. It slowly grabs you in and takes hold of your body and you feel like you are there experiencing what they are saying to you. I see SLOEC City going far.

  23. I love this group! Their music is so different from all the others. I can listen to their music in any kind of mood I’m in. I love that they are so unique and really put their hearts in what they love! I would love to hear their music around for a long time.

  24. SLOEC CITY is the dopest group out there ! When I first heard their music I loved every track! Nothing but bangers , they have a loads of talent and a lot of potential ! Def something the industry needs to have , high hopes to Them both !

  25. This group is one to watch! I love how they are influenced by OutKast but still manage to bring a great sound and interesting message!

  26. Hey wassup broz. I’ve been a fan of FSG for years and I still play his solo project’s before all my basketballs games, and when he teamed up with LIL NINE and became C.M.G the energy became more hyped. . Now it’s time for SLOEC CITY to make the world dance, bounce, and feel the energy. . Here they come world. ….. Here they come. …

  27. As a Friend , major supporter of music our music the proof is there 100% . After careful selection I’m proudest to say SLOEC City is alive spawned from many rough road not too many wrong choices . “As positive as a pregnancy test ” theses two deserve all the knowledge and wealth that my be offered by all music supporters like myself . Thank you for give birth to SLOEC fellas .

  28. I have to give a huge “thank you” to SLOEC CITY for always giving their audience a great show. I truly am inspired by their dedication and love for music. Awesome work and you will continue to be blessed

  29. First time I listen to one of their tracks.. I was like “They got it”. I am also a fellow artist and I appreciate good music when I hear it. I look forward to hearing more music from these two. See you at the top 😉

  30. I have had the opportunity to watch them grow so much as artists and I am so proud! Their hard work and determination speaks volumes in the music they make. They don’t just make Hip-Hop music, they ARE Hip-Hop!! I am excited to see what the future holds for them. With what I have seen over the years and passion they have I have no doubt they will become something unforgettable.

  31. Dope article. Glad to see you guys coming up. Very proud of you guys and can’t wait to see more stuff like this

  32. I have Been apart of these two guys lives for a long time very talented dudes nine followed and embraced all of the knowledge I gave to him about the music and being a hip hop artist I like what they are doing and what they have brought to the table as mc’s. F.S.G my dude he has been a huge part of this group from spittin are rhymes in his closet lol.but keep up the work.

  33. Definitely a big fan of these two … One of the best Vegas artists I know … Keep up the good work … Great show at the Hard Rock !!!

  34. Hearing how much music has changed through out the years, I’m glad that there is a group that actually cares where hip hop came from and that they are trying to bring back real hip hop. Sloec City is the real deal and I’m excited too see what they will come up with next !

  35. This group Is what hip hop needs right now. They both have a unique sound and as combined forces created a sound that’s refreshing to the game and so Damn addicting. I’ve had the pleasure to watch they’re grind and see them grow as artists. West coast music has been waiting for something that they have for years. Raised on old school hip hop with a mixture of high energy beats and crazy metaphors what more could you ask for. They earned every bit of recognition and fighting to keep it. I support real talent and is why I stay in front row as they head on the road to success. Teambeforethemillions. #SALUTE.

  36. Great performance at the Hard Rock! I know N.I.N.E. from way back… He was LEGIT then, but has come a looooong way! Nice to see good talent evolve into an industry caliber artist! Keep at it S.L.O.E.C City! It’s only a matter of time…

  37. In today’s hip hop scene, most people think that if it have a nice catchy beat and a hot dance move, that’s “REAL” rap or hip hop music. This group not only talk about real and relevant things, they apply it in a creative, lyrical way to original hip hop music. These fellas put on a energize performance EVERYTIME they perform. Cant wait until they hit major arenas bringing REAL hip hop music back on the scene.

  38. I love this groups vibe. I cant wait until I can listen to it in the car when it start hitting the radio airways. 🙂 also, awesome performance at the Hard Rock!

  39. Phenom sound, beat and lyrics! All about everyday life. No peacocks here, just two real guys spilling out real feelings. These two, N.i.N.E & Fyve, are so blessed with a gift, not only in talent, but in realism and comfort music. Kind of like comfort food – these guys have a comfort sound that makes you feel, well, comfortable! As a whole, S.L.O.E.C City is fresh, real, down-to-earth and up and coming!! KEEP THE BEAT!

  40. About time somebody can represent LAS VEGAS!!!! For the city to be known for so much, It sucks that we dont have real and true hip hop artists. Thanks SLOEC city!!!! Cant wait to hear more great music.

  41. OMG!!!! I’m so proud of Sloec City…You guys are the truth. Many years of hard work is starting to pay. Keep working hard and giving your fans what they what. #hiphopatitsbest #teamsloeccity

  42. I am not a big fan of hip hop music because I miss the REAL hip hop music, its not the same from the 90’s when artist rapped about REAL life. I know the group on a personal level and their persistence and eagerness to strive for greatness is so empowering. I cant wait until the whole world be exposed to some real rap music.

  43. Your lyrics are fresh and clean! KEEP ROCKING BROS! I was suprised how good the show was!!!
    I hope you guys do a show again locally!

  44. They are cool! I like everything from their style to their music style. I like the way they don’t try to duplicate other rappers but set their on standards. Cool group and can’t wait until they make it big so I can continue to support.

  45. Can’t help but acknowledge real music and talented individuals. They put you in the mind of OutKast who is one of my favorite rap groups of all times. They say history repeats itself and I think this is the modern day Outkast but with some west coast favor. SLOEC City coing to a city near you.

  46. To the lyrics to the beats….. I love everything this group have going for themselves. I hope….better yet, I KNOW they are going to make big and let it be known that there are still some great talented people that need to get their shine. THe performance at the Hard Rock this past weekend was fire!!!!!


  47. Henderson has talent. I like most of the beats. The words and your flow is wicked. Big up guys. Your next up. Thx for sharing your talent.

  48. Hot group…… Very interesting flair they have. The article is nice and got me wanting to know more about the group. I see a bright future for the group.

  49. I went to a recent performance, one of my homegirls invited me to the Hard Rock in Vegas this past weekend and boy did they put on a great show. They were the only interesting group there. The energy they had was CRAZY. I mean everybody was feeling them.

  50. I love their sound. Its pretty different from what Im use to listening to, I like more of a down south type beat and sound, But I heard their song called Liquid Gold and as soon as the beat drop followed by the lyrics, I immediately fell in love with their style. I m happy that they have a fresh, new sound that the new generation can appreciate and recognized real hip hop music ……

  51. I love the fresh new and original sound they have. I love the beats and the lyrics are sick. I happy to hear great quality hip hop music.

  52. I love this article. Its something about the way these dudes project themselves and bring a fresh new sound to hip hop music. I enjoyed a recent performance in Las Vegas. They are very different and definitely set them apart from the others. I cant wait to hear more from this talented group.

  53. Cool sound!!!! Definitely bring quality music to the scene. Im soooooo ready for somebody to put Vegas on the map and represent!

  54. Las Vegas HOTTEST STARS’ is totally an understatement…… The world don’t know yet but they are on the raise to be the HOTTEST HIP HOP STARS in this generation world wide. Please somebody sign Sloec City, the world is over due for creative talent……

  55. Its great to see an article on Sloec City. Im excited for them and wish them the best on their way to the top! They definitely have what it takes to change things up in the world of Hip-hop. Cant wait to hear what they have in store for us. Great guys! Great music! #beforetheriches

  56. Love the new tracks, wish I was able to come see you guys live in LV! Keep it up and I look forward to hearing more. 🙂

  57. I love what y’all are trying to create in this music game!!! I’m love the beats and the lyrics are so different! Great article too!!!

  58. Nice article to expose Sloec City! Time to cater to the world REAL hip hop music! Keep it up because soon, y’all will go far!

  59. Two thumbs up! I love everything the Sloec City has to offer! It never fails when it comes to thm deliver great and original music

  60. It’s only a matter of time when people all across the world, hear creative hip hop sound! I love everything about this group! They put on a killer performance! Just all around talent!

  61. I’m so proud of these talented young gentlemen, pursuing goals and dreams to change the rap game. Nice article on Sloec City to give the audience info on the group: from where they came from to where they are heading…..and that’s to take over the rap game! Be on the look out!

  62. Seen these guys perform at the Hard Rock and they kilt it! Especially the battle round of the performance….. One word Sick!!!! Congrats on the article!

  63. I have been slowly falling out of love with hip hop until I heard S.L.O.E.C city. The music makes me feel hip hop is back. They are actually talking about real life situations and rhyming like REAL hip hop use to be but somehow the hip hop industry lost its way somewhere down the timeline. I love the fact that no matter what song I am listening too I can relate and not to mention the beats are on point! No doubt in my mind SLOEC City will not blow up and be something big and leave a lot of imprints in peoples lives like infamous groups from real hip hop use to do (LL cool J, Busta Rymes, Outcast, Slick Rick…. Just to name a few) I am so excited to hear what else they come out with, YOU ROCK SLOEC City!

  64. known nine for a long time . we first crossed paths in middle school. when i first starting putting words together myself. He dropped some bars that showed me i had a long way to go. so to see where he is now is epic. this is brand of music people need to get behind. Don’t snooze on them for a minute. these aint your ordinary moe’s. they are truly word smiths; they got something to say!!!

  65. S.L.O.E.C city when i hear the name all i can do is smile these guys have come ALONG way, thier bringing a new style to hip hop..and hip hop is in need of something new…This is thier passion and it shows through thier music..two talented young men who WILL MAKE it I believe in them…CANT TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT?.. Take a listen and i guarantee you’ll love them just as much as we do..#teamS.L.O.E.C CITY I LOVE YOU GUYS

  66. This is a very nice article. These two young men are very very talented. It’s time for real Talent to be recognized. Keep up the good work fellas!

  67. I’ve personally known them for quite sometime now, I’ve heard some of there music from the beginning. Great talent, great sound. Huge supporter of what they are trying to do. They are some very high end character people. Hard workers. Together they bring a ton of pop and energy and no question there voice shouldn’t be heard.!!!

  68. This artical is great. ONE thing about these young man is that there HARD workers, and with that anything is possible . They bring everything from fresh beats to the greatest poetic lyrics. Hands down there talented #Team S.L.O.E.C♡`

  69. Wow, this is wonderful. I am truly proud of you guys. These gentlemen have came a very long way, and I know that they will accomplish their dreams in the near future. Keep up the great work guys! 🙂

  70. What up Fellows , I just stop by to tell y’all to keep ya head up continue to what y’all do beSt and for the most part , GRIND HARD!!! cause ain’t S**T given nor free , Me and that Boi G go back to the Park hooping days when I first got to Vegas and he still chasing his dream , that’s why I Fuks with him , never give up and Feed all Hating ass people with Long Handle Spoons , and that Boi 9(nine) , I met him through G and he’s a cool down to earth person as well and an he’s still chasing his dream as well , MAN DO YALL , look at it as driving a Uhaul truck , ( it’s has no rear view mirrors ) , so u can’t look back , so the only way is to go forward , Do y’all thang

  71. This group is AMAZING! I love the sound they’re bringing to the game. They have a creative way of getting their point across and that’s what I love about them. From Producing their own beats to recording their own music, they’ve grown. Keep it up! I’m definitely a #FAN4LIFE

    Oh and if you haven’t heard them go to http://www.sloeccity.com

  72. I love the music from these two, their sound is so fresh and it really needs to be on the radio to be heard by the world not just people living in Vegas, but all around the world this is what you call hot music keep it up guys I know someones bound to pick up a hot group like you two 😉

  73. Great article! I’m so proud of you guys!!!! All your hard is paying off! Keep it up so the world will get a chance to experience real hop hip!

  74. Sloec City is about to take over and I’m soooooo ready!!!! Off the chain beats followed by incredible and creative bars, can’t help but to love it!!!!

  75. The chemistry these two artists have is prefect! Both is highly talented and determined to bring originality. Stand above the rest!

  76. Very happy for you guys to come this far! You guys never give up and definitely deserve a chance to do what you love to do and also blessing people with your sound! Keep it up

  77. This group is a great representation for this generation to hear REAL HIP HOP music unlike some of these artists who either lost the touch to deliver real hip hop or artists who were discovered off of pure luck.
    Thanks SLOEC City

  78. Thanks industry all access for recognizing real artists and allowing the world to get to know them before blowwwww upppppp!

  79. I’ve attended many of their shows in Vegas and every time, They bring high energy and entertaining performances. They have a nice website and a new hot video! These dudes are making major moves!!!!

  80. Amazing group, I have been following their music for quite some time and I am impressed on the progress. Every release of new music is always amazing they never fall short. I am excited to see what the future brings for Sloec City I love this group.


  81. Greatness is FINALLY getting exposed! Very interesting to read this article about the group which identifies how and why they are so dope!

  82. Beyond excited!!!!!! I’ve been knowing Nine and Fyve Starr for a while now and their determination is indescribable. They are destined to shine✨

  83. Nice website! I love the creativity that they have especially showcasing other artists talent on their website by hosting fresh inc. Fridays.

  84. I’m very proud of you guys! You’ve came a long way. I remember when I first heard one of your tracks in your sis car I was lost for words. Most Vegas artist’s aren’t that good to me from what I heard but y’all have what it takes! FYI I took the CD from ur sis car…shhh dont say nothing… Lol…keep up the good work!

  85. I love the perseverance these guys have. They still strive to change the hip hop genre by making creative music and sticking to their style. Love the beats and lyrics.

  86. The style is fresh something needed in today’s hip hop music. I would like to participate in your fresh inc Fridays which can be fun and interesting

  87. They have a creative mixture between the two. Each have a great sound and deliverance!!!! Check out more on the website, great music

  88. I’m a big fan! I love their most recent video which is theirs latest song Liquid Gold and it’s hottttt!!! It allow you to imagine being In their world of hip hop music. Very artistic!

  89. Love their sound, nice to hear something better than this mainstream ‘rap’. The radio needs to divert their attention where the real talent is! I look forward to seeing them in concert!

  90. I was listening to a recent interview done by 50 cent on the radio. He indicted that a group/artist approached him with some of their music….. They had the right sound, a nice look but the presentation was wack!!! It’s about how you present yourself. From past experience working with SLOEC City, they demonstrate great professionalism which is a major attribute to have in this industry.

  91. You guys go hard! I love the way y’all perform at the hard rock a couple of weeks ago! The energy, y’all vibe is incredible!

  92. I love their presence. They actually the master mind of their creativity! I can’t wait to hear more from the group in the future.

  93. I would love to see them make it to the top! They so deserve it with all the hard and non stop work they Put in to be heard in the Vegas area!

  94. I love their music! It’s very original and have a unique sound to the hip hop scene plus their representing the veg!

  95. I’m definitely a big fan. I love the sound they bring to the table: creative and unique! I live the article as well!

  96. I’m also a upcoming artist in the Vegas area. I must say they are hot and representing the Vegas to the fullest, bringing the heat Vegas needs.

  97. Love, love,love the article! I just know they are going to reach the top and take over! It’s time something fresh!

  98. Good Music.. Definetlly Material that should be on the Radio and in The Club.. Lookin forward to hear more Material in the Future..

  99. Sloeccity is great. Their music is live, the are great performers, they make you enjoy every moment. I love them and support them no matter what. Gotta hold down real groups it’s a movement

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