Rene Cortez, aka Jay, was born December 17th 1986 in El Paso, Tx.  Growing up was hard for him due to his parents divorcing at the age of 4. Seeing the abuse going on between his parents, he lived in pain.  As a teen, he had made choices that would lead him down the wrong path. Being held at the juvenile detention for nearly all of his teen years, he  learned to put his pain and heartaches into poetry. While being detained, his mother submitted one of his poems to a Poetry Contest. He won. With that happening, his motivation for poetry had just started. At the age of 17, he met a group who introduced him to hip hop. At that time, Jay wasn’t ready to take that commitment to music. At the age of 18, Jay was giving the greatest gift (at that time). A baby girl named, Ava Patricia. Being a young father. Jay knew what he had to do. Work a full time job, go to school and of course. Being a Dad. In 2007, his daughter was taken by her mother without a goodbye and since then, there has been no contact. With so much hate, anger and pain, he returns to poetry. Able to purchase studio equipment (laptop and mic) he starts recording. In 2008, Jay finds love again. In 2009, once again Jay was given another baby girl, Amy Renee. Soon after her birth, they broke up. Again, a situation leaving nothing but hate and pain. In 2010, Jay turned his negativity in positive. Starting a non-profit organization “Light In the Dark” to help families in his home town, El Paso, Tx. Planning events to raise goods for the need. In 2011, Jay was now homeless. A whole year of thinking, praying and hoping that life, will soon get better. Not knowing, he put himself there. With help from loving family and limited friends. He gets back on his feet. In 2012, Jay had his last child and luckily for him, it was a boy. Tre (short for the third). With all the happy and sad memories, Jay never gave up on pursing what he now loves, music. Music being the autobiography recording of Jays life. Till this day, now on his 6th year. He continues to help and inspire people to be positive and continue in their dreams and goals. Like Jay always says,”Don’t follow your dreams, chase em. Because if you chase em, you’ll catch em. But if you follow, you’re always going to follow”. So now having a little bit of knowledge on Jays life. Take the time to hear his music. Jay’s motto is “Everyone deserves a chance to be heard.”



IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

JAY CORTEZ:  I am from El Paso, Texas. A city on the borders of Mexico and New Mexico. You probably know for the military base Fort Bliss.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What is your music background?

JAY CORTEZ:  My career started when I was 18. At that time, it was just a hobby. Along time, as I learned Acid Studio, I took my music more serious. I’m not going lie, I really couldn’t rap. Practicing and continuously playing my music over and over again and rehearsing it every chance I had, I improved. Since then, music has been my journal.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music? 

JAY CORTEZ:  The main reason why I like recording and sharing my music is the motivation from the fans who like my music. The fans who can relate to it. I remember the first time I sold a demo, it wasn’t even five minutes of the sale when I heard it being played by a passing car.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

JAY CORTEZ:  The majority of my songs are about the struggle. Not only in my life but for those who still do. I try to let people know through my music that, you can’t give up, believe,  and have faith.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

JAY CORTEZ:  I’m going to have to say Emimen & T.I. The passion and the whole life story is similar to mine. When Eminem came out, I learned the whole style change and lyrical vocabulary. From T.I. I pretty much picked up the story telling and the way T.I. delivers.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

JAY CORTEZ:  I’ll describe my music as inspirational. My goal, through my music, is to help change people for the good.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

JAY CORTEZ:  My character. I’m a humble guy who cares for others rather then myself. My style and how I can pretty much switch.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in your music career and how did you overcome?

JAY CORTEZ:  The hardest challenge during my career was not having a place to live. I stayed in my car for about a year in 2011. No money. No job. Just a pen and a pad. My studio was in the pawn shop so I had nothing. I started working towards the end of the year and was able to get my studio out. See, my laptop is my baby. So once a week, I would check into a hotel and record. Made that a routine till I got my own place. Once again, I was able to make music again and connect with others.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

JAY CORTEZ:  One of my biggest projects I’m focused on is my tour around Texas. I plan to drive from El Paso to Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston. Five cities in five days. The second project is my mixtape coming out in May. “The Book of Jay”


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals?Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

JAY CORTEZ:  Career goals for me are basic. Being a father of three has me determined about their organization to help others. Last, to enjoy the good life. What I mean by the good life is to not worry about rent. Or worry about my car getting repoed. I see myself in 10 yrs as a more mature experienced musician. I never stop learning.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

JAY CORTEZ:  Fans get access to my music either by Reverbnation.com, Soundcloud.com,

Facebook.com, Myspace.com or Youtube.com.

They are all linked to my Facebook so if they want to add me I’m there.










  1. I can’t believe it, three years man , know this guy for three years! Been there through most of his struggles, helped him out when I could and helped me out when he could. I guess our friendship been pretty legit. I see motivation in JayE’s eyes and he does good for the city of El Paso. He has had his rivalries in the past but he has tried to change his ways and had taken other upcoming artists under his wing including myself. His talent has developed as well as his person, attitude and caring for others ! Cheers !! On your way up !!!

  2. It’s good to see someone taking time to do what they love. And it’s good to see that music helped. There are so many out there who give up to quick. Good luck Jay, I hope your one of the few that make it.

  3. Jay has overcome a lot. I have watch him grow with his life and his music. He has such a big heart and always trying give when he doesn’t have much himself. The first day I met him I told him he would make it big one day. And now look at where he is. Of course there are haters and he still has overcome them. You’re on your way up and now there is nothing that can hold you back. This was a great article and I feel it portrays Jay for the true person that he is.

  4. Great interview. I liked that it sounded like you were talking to me while I was reading it, it sounded like it really was in your own words. What a tough life but it seems like you have the motivation and determination to accomplish what you want and need to be successful and happy on your own terms. Keep trekking and one day it’ll happen.

  5. I’ve known Jay since middle school! His music is great and keeps getting better! It’s great to hear music from the heart. Keep up the good work Jay! Oreo says Hi! 🙂

  6. Proud of ya bro! You’ve come along way since we first meet as an artist and a person. You never gave up even when you thought it was pointless to even try and go forward. There gonna be people along the road that are going to try and knock you down. A few may succeed but you just got to get back up and keep going. Just remember everything’s possible through God and keep your head hight bro.

  7. First of congratulations jay this is obviously just the begining of something special the best part this is what u love to do bro love ur music keep up the hard work dnt give up hatters gna hate as u do u like they say out there if they hating then. Ur doin something right eops braaa

  8. Jay we’ve been friends a long time and I say you did an awesome job I wish you the best in life buddy keep up the good work and like you say keep chasing your dreams love ya 🙂

  9. Wow! I can’t believe how far you have come. Keep up the good work and putting out some good music. Everybody download Jays music of tout are looking for the real.

  10. Very inspiring! It takes a lot for a person to actually chase their dreams. You can make it look like there’s really no excuse for anyone, when one really wants it they fight for it. So much respect that’s pretty cool to hear. Keep going!

  11. Hey cuz, proud of you. You never gave up. Just like you, I, we, lost our parents at an early age, either by seperation or death, but we still overcame that hardship
    in the end. Eventually I will be stationed at Fort Bliss and hopefully I’ll be able to see you preform in front of thousands of fans. Keep moving forward!

  12. I’m amazed at all the pain you went through and yet you still managed to turn these negative events in your life into a positive outlook on life. May God bless you on this journey.

  13. Mr. Cortez, what can I say, I am very proud of your accomplishments and overcoming some of your challenges. Keep going after your dreams. Its working! You are a “hottie”,

  14. From here on out its straight to the top no stop homie let’s get it u have done so much already and I just want u to know u got all the support Of me and my fam plus all my homies who o turn on to ur jams

  15. you have been through so many hard struggles….but you have so much inspiration that is going to lead you to the top….and make all your dreams come true…I wish you the very best….and with your hard work…you will be all that you can….God bless and much love and respect!!!

  16. Jay Jay Jay!! I’ve seen you grow in soo many ways. I’ve been riding with you since Day1. You work hard, you are dedicated, and you really really want this, and after all these years and all this hard work, it’s finally paying off…. I’m proud of you!

    – Lorena

  17. Awesome inspiration! I have definitely seen you go through your lows but none the less you keep on. That’s what is gonna mark your success. Keep on aspiring primo and no doubt you will reach the sky 🙂

  18. It’s great that you have been able to use all those negative experiences to do something positive. Way to overcome all those obstacles!! Keep working towards your dreams!

  19. Jay I know we haven’t sat down and talked in a couple years but I do read your posts and keep up with the events you post. I’m proud of you for being able to turn a negative situation into a positive situation time and time again. Keep on living your dreams and taking care of your kids. If you ever need anything, you know where to find me. The sky’s the limit. And props to you for starting a non-profit. It takes real devotion and character to do something like that. Stay up man. Never give up and keep giving the world the gift of your music.

  20. Im so proud of you, Jay. Being a neighbor of yours for a brief time I can honestly say that your are a man of many talents and you have a natural loving and giving heart. Im blessed to have met you and to still know you. Grateful to call you my friend. Keep up the amazing work. God has blessed you and will continue to bless you as your honest and selfless heart grows and shines upon others in need. Way to Go Friend, Way to Go!!

  21. Perseverance will pay off. You sound motivated keep at it you’ll get there. Good interview, interesting read.

  22. Jay, you are a very strong man and I’m so proud of you. Keep it up and don’t give up. Show the world what you are capable of.

  23. Dam bro , this is a very inspiration article . I really don’t know you but I can say I’m proud of you . I hope your dreams do come true . #ChaseThemDontFollowThem love it .good luck

  24. Glad to hear you kept your head up through your hard times. Keep pursuing your dreams, and never give up for you and your babys. (I know you wont give up.) I’ll see you on television real soon.

  25. Hey jay ive known u for a while now and ive noticed how far youve gotten with your music even though you had some obstacles in your way . I want to let u know that im proud of u & im looking foward to your new upcoming songs:) keep it up!

  26. I’ve known Rene aka Jay, since I was in kinder. Knowing his history and knowing what he went through, I’m happy to see that little bad ass I knew has grown up and found a way to deal with everything life has thrown at him in a positive way. Glad you never gave up homie 🙂

  27. Music has to be inside…in your soul…Jay has an abundance of music in his! Life is all about changes…change makes us stronger and that strength is reflected in Jay Cortez talent and style!

  28. Great job Jay don’t give it up. And yes we all do struggle… some more than others.Some may brag about what they have but at the end ours graves will always be the same size.

  29. Rene, I am sooo proud of you. Reading this article made me realize why you behaved the way you did, but now that I am older can surely understand you. Awesome interview, and good positive things are coming your way. Love you.

  30. It was good to get some insight into your life Jay! God Bless You on all of your future endeavors.

    Shawn Dj Bass Davis
    Double Barrel Records

  31. This is the real truth… Words cannot express how proud I am of you. You’re living the dream you’ve wanted to fulfill for so long. Always remember to stay humble and not forget who you are amongst anything that comes along your path. Love you always.. -your other half-

  32. Jay! Amazing! Keep chasing those dreams! Your music is great and I can’t wait to hear more! I’m so glad that you shared your story of how you can get pushed down, but you got right back up! The struggle you went through and being able to use that emotion into your music is so amazing! You have such a great gift! ❤️

  33. I remember the well mannerly child who needed lots of love. Keep chasing your dreams! Only you can overcome the obstacles.

  34. Jay you have a good heart and a strong mind. You do what most wont and that’s pursuing your dreams no matter what obstacles are put in your way. You don’t let anything hold you back and for that I respect you. Not to mention you’re a talented musician. Keep up the good work and keep your head held high homie… The stars and beyond are the limit!!!!!!!

  35. I remember those days. You were the most polite and proper kid in the family and it made my heart hurt to see what you were going through. You are one of the lucky ones. You were able rise above those experiences and channel them into your creativity. Your angst and anguish have become your poetry and you are better for it.

    Keep channelling your experiences then and now into your music. Manage life’s oscillations rather than succumb to them. Balance is your power and music is your path to balance.

  36. Just stay grinding and ingore what everyone says, itll either make you cocky or w a low self asteem. Keep doing what you been doing the way you always been doing it.

  37. Great stuff Jay. You’ve got the talent and you care. I’m looking forward to seeing where you go. Be sure to post updates!

  38. I have known you for sooo many years, and I know it has been a real struggle for you. Just know I will always be here to support you. Keep striving and working harder, you will get to where you want to be. Remember hope, faith, trust, hard work, and your kids are your key to success!

  39. A ma nigga I really enjoyed peepin you, our Im feelin ya bio you hit your whole persona completely , u kept a nigga interested in wat would b next, the whole outlook of your page on point ma nigga, professionally done, real talk good shit ma nigga!

  40. Mi Hijo, I am so proud of you. I am happy for you and your accomplishments. Will be seeing you soon. Keep up the great work. AWESOME!

  41. Keep doing work big dawg. You’ve been through a lot and one of these days you’ll get the recognition you deserve. The more consistent you are with this passion the easier for your music to go viral and have that publicity you need.. stay up bro

  42. Grew up with this Rene and he’s a great guy. You deserve this and it makes me happy to see your music career pushing off in a positive direction. Good job Rene, keep up the good work, and good luck homie.

  43. Your interview was awesome… Who would’ve known about your struggles other than the ones that were there for you.. looking forward to hearing more of your musikk!!!!!! Good luck and best wishes in your music career!! Well deserved!

  44. Great to hear about his drive & motivation fueling him. It’s refreshing to hear an artist want to create art, and to want to share that art. Keep an eye out, he’s making good waves. Proud of you brotha!!!

  45. wow! this is a really touching story, which is good, your music will have a meaning to it, where as now a days rap music doesnt really have a story, you have a story and it should be heard! cant wait to hear some of your music, good luck!