IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What city and state are you from?

THE ORIGINAL PLAYBOI:  I was born in San Bernardino, CA on Dec 14, 1983 I was born on an Air Force Base. I grew up most of my life in So Cal and lived 10 years in Seattle, WA, but now I am currently located in Phoenix, AZ    


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What is your music background?

THE ORIGINAL PLAYBOI:  I began singing R&B at the age of 6 at The Church Of Religious Science in Long Beach, CA. I started rapping at the age of 15 in 1998 in  Seattle WA. at Ballard High School. I was the first male vocalist to start the male choir!      


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Why do you want to record and release your own music?

THE ORIGINAL PLAYBOI:  Recording and releasing my own music has been a dream ever since I can remember. I love making music that captures the emotion of the listener. My music allows me to express my thoughts and emotions to my listener that can relate to the life long struggles I’ve been through.  I represent the  American dream of getting paid to do what I love while changing people’s lives with my words.      


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your songs about?

THE ORIGINAL PLAYBOI:  My music is about real life experiences that I have lived. I write about ideas and topics that anyone can relate to. I touch a wide variety of people with my songs through hip-hop, R&B, gangster rap, trap music, and down south style. I try not to limit myself as an artist but agree that there are multiple listeners that want to hear a variety of music. Therefore, my music captures all genres.      


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Who are your musical influences?

THE ORIGINAL PLAYBOI:  My musical influences range from Tupac Shakur, UGK, E40, Celly Cell, Spice1, Notorious B.I.G., Bone Thugs and Harmony to Boys II Men,R. Kelly, The Isley Brothers all the way down to Prince, Gladys Knight and The Pips, and Harold and The Blue Notes. It’s a wide variety of influences I know! I don’t limit myself to one style and I’m very versatile with my music.      


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How would your describe your music to people?

THE ORIGINAL PLAYBOI: I would describe my music to people as influential and emotionally capturing music that does not just target one audience. My music is all based on true stories or real emotions. I make real music that real people can relate too.      


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What makes you stand out from other artists?

THE ORIGINAL PLAYBOI:  I definitely stand out from other artists because of my universal talent. I am a singer that can touch the audiences that prefer smooth listening with a rough background growing up in Southern California. I can also rap lyrics that even your hardest gangster audience can relate to.  I do not limit myself to one category in music, I am a “Universal” artist  and that is exactly what separates me from today’s artists.    


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in your music career and how did you overcome?

THE ORIGINAL PLAYBOI:  The hardest challenge in my music career thus far has been an almost crippling, near death experience with my motorcycle. The accident unfortunately almost ended my rap career. However, I use the energy as momentum to revamp my focus and overcome the tragedy. I remained positive and pressed forward through the negativity.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are some upcoming projects that you are currently working on?

THE ORIGINAL PLAYBOI: My independent self titled album “The Original Playboi” is currently on ITunes.  However, I have three upcoming projects that I am working on.    The first project is an album titled “Radio Hits.” It is an album that has features from Spice1, Celly Cell, Glasses Malone, Do or Die, Lil’ Flip, JT  Funny Money, Hannibal Lec, NoClue, Coke Boy Red Nose, and GrandPre. It is a 15 track album that are all tracks that you may hear on the radio, hence  the name “Radio Hits”. My second project, is a mixtape called “Thieving  Beats.” It is a mainstream mixtape that will be free to the public to download and enjoy. The features are to be announced. My third project is an album due in the middle of 2015. It is a double disc album named “Blueberry Passion – Banana Clip Crazy.” The Blueberry Passion disc is  12 tracks of R&B and easy listening feel good music. The “Banana    Clip Crazy” disc contains 12 tracks of gangster rap, trap music, and new school rap. This album will target all audiences in one double disc. The features are to be announced.     


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

THE ORIGINAL PLAYBOI:  My career goals are to be successful in creating music for people to love and to be known world wide for the gift God has given me. My goal is to speak to the people and to be able to touch their lives in a positive way that they can relate to. In 10 years, I see myself still being in the music scene however and with whomever has been blessed with the gift to speak to the world through music. Music will be a part of my life until I’m 6 feet under. It will live on even after I’m gone.    


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

THE ORIGINAL PLAYBOI: For my fans, first off God bless you for having belief in me and for helping me achieve greatness. You can find me at:        




google “The Original Playboi”       


instagram @theoriginalplayboi














  1. Great article! Playboi is def an inspiration and clearly the next up for AZ and the North west. His hustle is unmatched and music is timeless. Can’t wait to see some future projects from this man – DJ KBK Arizona’s premier Hip Hop DJ

  2. I bought Playboi’s first album and was very satisfied with his work, the talent is true and he deserves to keep movin up. I cant wait to hear the up coming albums he will be releasing.

  3. The original playboi is a sure shot I’m the industry..I’ve seen him live and dude is a real artist and true performer.. I don’t know why he hasn’t been signed yet. .

  4. I absolutely love the music this man performs. I’m at every show I can be. Wishing the original playboi luck all the way from flagstaff az

  5. Playboi’s shit is bad ass. Buy his cd’s they are worth it. Playboi is what we call in the SXG “Hard as Fuck”. The real deal people. Follow this Artist big things are around the corner for him.

  6. Original Playboi is a very talented upcoming artist. He makes music that you can relate to. Keep your eyes and ears open for this guy.

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  8. PlayBoi keep doing your thang, God 1st keeps ya on the right; everything else falls into place. Keep Pushing!

  9. Nigga when we met I thought you wer already a star lmao. It’s only a matta of time my nig. Showing luv from chiraq
    The real chief keef

  10. Playboi is one of the hardest working artist I’ve worked with. His music will touch a lot of people he’s original and strives to be the best.
    Look out world this guy is gonna change the game.

  11. I see you playboi. . Love what your doing and where you’re headed! Your music is too good to not be recognized. A truly talented individual ..
    Steve parker chase bank..

  12. Get it cousin. You deserve all you have worked for. Your music is one of a kind and gives me chills when I listen to it. I love you and wish you great success.

  13. Yea my nigga Playboi the truth , Harmony Howse and Mo Thugs have done some work with him that came out dope ! We enjoyed workin wit homie he definitely a Real one – Rocky Da Don

    (Instagram – MrRockyRock)

  14. Man, I am so glad to have met you and to get a chance to listen to you live! You have what the industry calls an “it” factor and you’re a triple threat, I can’t wait to see what the next year brings in your career fam!

  15. I see the true passion, dedication, and worth this guy has. I am all for you as an artist and also in your movement. Your versatility is what will make you stand out amoungst the rest and I am just so glad to be a small part of your bigger picture .

  16. Your a Awesome rapper not sure why you havent been signed yet either. Love your Speed rap, and you treat your fans real good. Cant wait to get a chance to see you live. Much love

    • You aint ever been to the South Bronx and the real KRS ONE dont know yah stop faking it to make it


  17. bro do your thang independent s*** I love it Seattle’s going to love it the world’s going to love it to keep on doing it Intel is realized that’s the key keep it pushin make this music fun real exciting West Coast NW that’s how we do it you got love out here enough said hit me when you’re in town

  18. Yo OGPlayboi thats my native.he definately about his bizzness and his music is up to par wit the top artist in the game. I respect his hustle and appreciate his hospitality. That native down to earth. I see big thangs for him and the phoenix movement. #da Zone

  19. I’ve worked with many underground artist but none that have the drive like playboi! He has gone beyond my expectations from lyrical content to song concepts. He’s a good look for the industry.

    bra just do ur thing regardless thats all it is. I see u striving and the ambition, drive and focus that you possess aint gonna let you down cutty, ha its all good bra, patience perseverance thats all thats needed rite now big things are happening so d-up and work hard during pre-season cause u rite there main…

  21. PlayBoi is dedicated and passionate about his overall craft. Truly an inspiration and someone to look up to and look out for in the near future. His devotion to music speaks for itself! Can’t wait to see upcoming projects from this beast!!! Much love to Playboi ❌⭕️❌⭕️

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  23. SOOO Many people are SLEEPIN on The Original Playboi!! I know from person experience he lives what he talks about. He’s not one of those “drake” artist sayin whatever he feels will appeal to certain ppl, without even knowin what he’s talking about… He is an INCREDIBLE artist Rab/RnB this dude is the truth! He deserves all his Hard work, his UPS and his downs 2 pay off. There is nothing more I want to see them my big brother have his dreams come tru bein known as the greatest rapper alive “which he is already imo”

  24. Great article. Glad to c u have different styles of music that way everything doesn’t sound same. Also happy to hear u write bout mostly ur life n not make believe stuff! Good luck!

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  26. I’ve seen playboy live and he’s a crowd pleaser. Not only a talented artist but a real people person. I will definitely be paying for his album no matter the cost. He’s the epitome of talent
    Luke wright

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    Celly Cel

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  36. Not only does he have talent, but he is personable and sincere. Anyone can relate. He works his butt off, but he is still humble. Good luck Playboi!

  37. He’s really a real one putting on for both the South and North WEST Fav song hang on homie

    “Fuck a battle rap homie im a addict for this she counts the cash while I mash the whip”

    That shit is a slap

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  42. This nigga is garbage wity these fake comments. Krs one dont know this dude because I manage him. fake it til you make it seems to be your motto

  43. This dudes music is making me turn over in my grave its so damn bad they should have buried me facedown so i could tell him to kiss my ass and stop rapping

  44. Nigga trying to sing and rap ? He can’t do any of them good let me go back to my grave cause this niggas horrible shit woke me

  45. 99% of the reviews of this dude is fake, he sat at the computer like I’m doing and making up reviews. You do not have to put a valid email, you do not have to put a valid name or contact this is all garbage. He claims warner bros are intested in him but he’s lying have you seen this dudes soundscan ? me neither because he doesn’t have one. He claims to know so many people but yet when they are in town he’s no where to be found hmmm suspect especially if you have sooooooo many connects you would want your followers to see pics of you and them together to see the moves being made smh. This nigga is a fraud

  46. You are doing the wrong thang, rapping and singing is not in your stars son you are horrible at it. You look like you should be a bouncer at a strip club.

  47. I received word that this person have been saying he knows me. I did a show in Phoenix on May 9th and he was no place to be found. I do not endorse bullshit music i am about quality not bullshit. I do not know this artist nor would i want to know this artist.

  48. To the dude talking shit on my posts. .first off your a pussy and I’d smash u. Second off don’t be mad at me cuz I bench 300+ lbs and ur girlfriend or wife adores me! Third the people that posted are the real ppl I don’t need pictures to prove nothing . Keep hating it helps my career and if u still want a problem let’s get into some gangsta shit u ignorant non talent having piece of shit I’ll smash ur grill in punk pussy!! And if u were smart ur would spell Elgin Lumpkin name right it’d “ginuine”- u uneducated piece of shit! And check his page from a year ago he posted about my music videos talking about how I got talent so keep hating u scared bitch!! And this is for Warner Brothers idiot or why would I post about it. Ur a jealous scared bitch… come see me head up if you bout that life….
    The original playboi

  49. This is for warner bros but yet you still aint signed ? what let me guess u gonna use the story that you are in negotiations lmaooo …we don’t believe you, you need more people !!

  50. I just heard this dude in the radio 98.3 so I googled him and this is the ONLY article I could find on him from two years ago…and his music is absolutely horrible. I could tell the DJ was embarrassed to be playing it. If you still haven’t made it (in 2016) I promise you ain’t ever going to “playboi” (and what an absolutley stupid name). I get that you have a dream, but so does my 9 year old nephew. It doesn’t mean shit. And you guys are about as equally talented. Disagree? As many labels have tried to sign you as have tried to sign him. He’s 9. Give up. Go home. Be about that life or whatever lol