R&B / POP Artist Ellis Bailey, born in Aurora IL the young artist lived a life of struggle and hardship. Shortly after his 8th birthday he and his family watched as their home burned down in front of them in the summer of 1995 leaving them homeless for years. Growing up in the tough streets of the Chicago suburb Aurora IL, during the 90’s gave Ellis a tough exterior and a hustler’s mentality; he soon found relief through music and sports. At the age of 19 Ellis suffered from server headaches which later would be diagnose as an enlarged left ventricle of the brain which has led to many painful migraines and dizziness throughout his daily routine. The singer spent 4 years in the US military serving in the United States Air Force; he currently has a brother and other family members along with friends serving in the military and is a firm believer in Supporting Our Troops. His current music project displays his “Mortal Coil” a testament of his life’s endeavors. His talents reach far, Ellis also writes all his songs that engage his listener’s with unique metaphors such as, “I remember way back when I use to crash you like my car” (meaning making love to his ex) from his new song “Crash”. Ellis Bailey is the one to watch !


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What city and state are you from? 

ELLIS BAILEY:  I was born in Aurora Il., but I started my music career in Chicago IL. So now I rep both cities  


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What is your music background?

ELLIS BAILEY:  I have always loved music. I fell in love with music at a young age, but I was a shy kid. I remember in high school I would walk around with my head down writing songs. It took me until I hit my 20’s to break out of my shyness and start my music career. My music career took off in 6 months. Ever since I first took the stage and wowed the crowed I have never looked back. Some of my accomplishments to date are receiving a Chicago Independent Music Awards Nomination for R&B singer of the year, along with my first EP released On ITunes titled “Blissful Dreams” and joining the Respect the Rhythm tour. 


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Why do you want to record and release your own music? 

ELLIS BAILEY:  I want my voice to be heard around the world. Because I write my own lyrics, it gives me my own identity. Along with that I get feel great being able to take my darkest moments and happiest moments in my life and bring it out through music.  


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your songs about? 

ELLIS BAILEY:  My songs are about love, relationships, and my life’s struggles.  


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Who are your musical influences? 

ELLIS BAILEY:  Usher, Ne-Yo, The Dream, and Kanye West have always been some of my favorite artist. It took me to understand their faults and struggles that helped me understand that even when the chips are down you can live through music. The success each has had only gives me the courage and drive I need to make a difference in my music.  


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How would you describe your music to people? 

ELLIS BAILEY:  I don’t stick to a particular genre. It’s  R&B/Pop along with a New Age and alternative feel. 


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What makes you stand out from other artists?  

ELLIS BAILEY:  I use different elements of each genre listed and mixed it to make it my own. This makes me stand out from other artist and keeps my music fresh and new. Along with my drive, professionalism, integrity and passion. I believe there is no goal out of reach and there is endless success ahead for me.  


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in your music career and how did you overcome? 

ELLIS BAILEY:  The hardest challenge I faced was overcoming my shyness. In order to break out of that I took the stage and took control over my shyness. After my first performance I wowed the crowd, A rush came over me and I never looked back.  


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?  

ELLIS BAILEY:  After releasing my first EP “Blissful Dreams” available on iTunes, Google Play and all online stores. My new project is titled “SPACELAND” with a release date coming in late May 2014. It’s a little different from the R&B /Pop tracks on “Blissful Dreams.” It takes a slight turn towards the New Age and alternative feel along with a bonus Hip-Hop feature. 


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  

ELLIS BAILEY:  I want to build great relationships in the music industry that will help me build  a business as a writer, entertainer, entrepreneur in my own brand of fashion and arts.   In 10 years I see myself executing my business plan, keeping my brand fresh, and maximizing my potential as a artist and business entrepreneur. I will be establishing myself as a positive role model for my fans and will be an elite artist in music. I will be setting new trends in music and fashion.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  How can your fans access your music and contact you?

ELLIS BAILEY:   Please buy my music on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and all online stores. You can stream my music on all my social sites  





















  1. Ellis has been a close friend for many years. We served together in the Air Force; since our first meeting he has been one of my truest, and most influential, friends. His music truly is a testiment of his life, and since he began I have listened to his work every chance I get. I truly see him going great places, and can’t wait to see where his path leads him. Best of luck bro!

  2. Ellis B. Is A Very Talented & Skilled Musician & Entertainer. His Music Is Top Quality & The People Who Love R&B, Soul Should Defintely Listen To His Music. He Has The Dedication, Motivation, Mindset & Passion To Become A Special Talent In The Music Industry. Great Work Ellis & Keep Striving To Be The Best & Deliver Great Work!

  3. I produced most of Ellis’ most recent EP and I have to say that he is one of the most talented artists I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. Every single note has meaning and I feel it when I hear them.

    This guy will go far. Believe that.


  4. I grew up on the same street as Ellis in aurora IL. As a kid he was always really shy, he didn’t really say much. I knew he ended up going into the military by staying in contact with his sister who was closer to my age. Just a few months ago his face shows up in my news feed on Facebook….I couldn’t believe it not the shy Little Ellis. He completely blossomed. I got a chance to listen to his music and I was totally floored. He sounded amazing. I had no idea he was so talented.

    • Ive known Ellis since I was a kid… he was one of the few older kids who showed me positive outlets in sports growing up when there was nothing but gangs, drugs, and violence outside our doors… now that we get older and muture he is still a positve influence on me as im pursuing my music career…. hands down hes one of the best musicians coming out of my hometown Aurora

      Salute my brother

      And if you havent heard yet go out in get his EP BLISSFUL DREAMS

  5. Mr. Bailey you have an amazing voice. I can listen to your songs over and over again. People want to see more musicians like you that sings things that come from their own mind and own heart and I must say you are doing it 100%.God has bless you a special gift. I wish well in the music Industry. The best is yet to come.

  6. Aside from being one of the most genuine friends I’ve come across, Ellis is a great talent. I had the privilege to hear him sing all the time while we lived together. His life is an inspiration, and proof that no matter where you come from, you can achieve your goals. He deserves every bit of success he has coming.

  7. Hello ellis, I’m happy to hear how you’ve got to be successful. I’m happy that you’ve came a long way from being homeless to now becoming famous for your amazing singing voice. Keep up the good work young man,and may the lord continue to rain his many blessings on you….:)

  8. Known Ellis for many years never would’ve pegged him to be a great singer or as musically talented as heis! U heard the EP Blissful Dreams & knew instantly he was a force to be wreckoned with! The icing on the cake was my first time seeing him live at a Respect The Rhythm show in Bolingbrook,IL & it was obvious Chicago has another great undiscovered artist just patiently waiting his turn!

  9. I think Ellis is very talented. He is a very strong young man with big goals and ambition. I admire his drive to be the best at what he does. Aurora is lucky to have him as a representative of our city. Keep up the great work Ellis.

  10. I served with Ellis in the Air Force, and he has always been a hard worker. I’m not surprised at his success at all. Due to the fact he has always earned his own way. Congratulations, Mr. Bailey.

  11. As we all know the stress and strain of this world, we also know how hard is to become something you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Words of wisdom; Never ever give up on something you love to do. Keep fighting and always believe that anything can be achieved. Remain humble and always think of yourself AS THE BEST.

  12. I worked with with Ellis Back when he served in the air force and i always knew that one day his beautiful voice was gonna get the recognition it deserved. You could always tell where he was in the clinic because you could hear him singing. I never knew too much about his personal life until i read this article. He is truly and hard worker and deserves this chance to succeed more than anything. Keep doing big things ellis. It was pay off in the end. From one of your proud supporters and fans!!

  13. hi my name is Tara I meet Ellis a couple weeks ago when I was at a rehearsal I must say he is a very talented person he blew my mind he is on his way to the top

  14. Ellis and I attended high school together, he has always been a sincere and humble guy! I have witness the love he has for his family and friends, and honored to be able to support him with all of his dreams! Ellis deserves nothing but the best. A great artist! I look forward to hearing what I’m sure is currently in the works! 🙂

  15. I knew Ellis from elementary school to high school. Always knew greatest was bound for him. I couldn’t be more proud to listen to his music and know everything is looking up and bright for him and his beautiful family! One love Ellis!

  16. Ellis Bailey is an extremely talented artist whose music comes from the soul. He is a real person with a real story and I think that helps people connect with his music. I am completely blown away by the impact his voice has and how he has managed to break out of his shell and share his gift with the world. When you hear Ellis Bailey’s music, you know this guy has got something special and is headed to the top. I’m so proud of and inspired by him for following his dream and making it come true. Very excited for the debut of ‘Spaceland’!

  17. Not sure why but I never heard Bailey sing. He would be humming all the time but never singing. I served with him in the USAF. I can’t express how happy I am to see him doing so well. He is a true role model to follow your dreams. Bailey I was proud of you before, I’m proud of you today, and I’ll be proud of you tomorrow. Keep it up! One day I’ll be able to say… Oh I knew him when… Proud to have had the privilege of meeting and knowing you. Keep moving forward. You should be very proud!!!!!

  18. Ellis is a very talented musician. I see great things in his future. The sky is the limit for his music. Keep up the good work. When will you be performing in Dallas, Tx?

  19. I think Ellis is a very talent strong willed young man who God has blessed to go through things to come out on top and be able to tell that story of what he has been through and how he has made it over. Just keep being real don’t let nothing or anybody change who u are. God has a plan trust and believe and watch u take off.

  20. Wow!!!!! Words from me do explain how my lil Quiet cousin has harbored all this talent for Sooooo many years!!!!!Ellis Bailey has put a Huge STAMP on Aurora IL!!!!!!!! His music is More than freaking amazing!!!!!! Ellis music is real….he observes real situations and puts the Shiiiiii on paper like No Other!!! Loving the music! The talent! The person and especially that motivation he brings to all in our town!!!!!!
    Ellis, you are the HIT we’ve been waiting for man!!!!! Much love!!! Angela G.

    • Ellis Bailey is exactly what is missing in music today. His style is a breath of fresh air. I can listen to him anytime at the club, or at home just chillin. Everyone, please don’t sleep on him, he is the real deal! xoxox!

  21. I went to High School with Ellis and had no idea he had all this talent. It’s great to see someone representing my home town in a positive light. Reach for the stars and beyond!

  22. I’ve known Ellis all our lives! I’m so glad he has “found himself” and he is letting his light shine!!! A lot of us never knew he had so much talent! I mean, I always knew he was athletic, but he can saaaaang!
    Not sing, but SAAAAAANG!!!! lbs
    I can’t wait to hear more and more of ELLIS BAILEY!
    #Love #Proud #Support

  23. I think Ellis Bailey’s talent is amazing. Its really refreshing to listen to music that is authentic and nonpolluted. I have the honor to know Bailey as a friend and I am so proud to witness him achieve his dreams. He’s motivated and genuine and real. And I think all those wonderful attributes of him as a man are projected into his music. Cant help but to respect that kind of drive and love for music! Keep it up Bailey! Youre so close to greatness!!!

  24. I’ve knon Ellis Bailey for a while now and knew when I first heard him sing he would be a star and game changer with his talent! I’m so glad to see pursue his dream and wish him many blessings and success!

  25. Ellis is my lil cuz and he was quiet, always been positive and kept a smile on his face!! I didnt know he was talented in music and the last I recall seeing him was when him and his brother were joining the Military at a family gathering and now hes on TOP in Chicago!!! I seen him on facebook all of the sudden pumping his music I’m cheering behind the screen hitting likes and comments….. Get it CUZ!!! I LOVE YOU CUZ keep your love for your passion not for fame!!! I’ll always support and I”m cheerleading NOW!!:):) KISSES HUGGS and LOVE!!

  26. God has really blessed our son! I know he will go places with his passion for music. Even though he is somewhat quiet. When you hear his music you would never think that! He is so gifted.

    Keep up the good works and enjoy the ride Ellis. Love Mom/Dad

  27. I have known Ellis since he was born (my nephew)he was always the quiet one among his siblings. I didn’t know he had a hidden talent, singing brings out the best in him! We were proud when he got married to the love of his life and joined the airforce.Then he became a father and he was so proud of his little girl. Now his lastest accomplishment, his voice and music is amazing. Only good things more for him to come. We all love you and wish nothing but the best!

  28. Ellis loved the article. I’m extremely happy and proud of you. As your wife, I support and love you 100%. Don’t worry. You will blow up

    Keisha Bailey

  29. Much love to the homie Ellis Bailey. As a fellow Aurorans its always great to see someone from the Town making some noise. Blissful Dreams is a dope and different sound. Looking forward to Spaceland as well as working with him in the VERY near future. #Salute

  30. Love the tracks its a sound we haven’t heard out here in Chicagoland EVER! great to see Ellis working so hard and living his dreams.

  31. First I would like to say this guy here is awesome and has so much talent. His voice is different and I love to hear his music. the article is great love to hear the struggles and really to get to know the artist and his past. Great job keep it up Ellis.

    • Love your music…..can’t wait to meet you in person you have such amazing voice,i support you all the way baby.keep doing your thing.

  32. Yo, this article is on point and it goes to show we need artist in this music game like Ellis. Hard work and a great sound I see nothing but clear skies for Ellis and I hope the best for him. I’m a fan and can’t wait to hear more.

  33. Had the pleasure to work with Ellis doing the start of his music career and the first time I heard his music I was surprised to hear a unique sound. I have to say Ellis is a really humbled person and a hard worker and everything is due to him because he believes in his music and it shows in every song. Good luck Ellis!

  34. Love my Cuz!! and reading this article is so dope. I can see him doing great things for the music world. I remember always thinking he was so going places in this world and he found his calling in music. LOVE you cuz!!

  35. Dang you know this dude is a hard working he got us all standing in line one by one reading his article and commenting its good to see artist out like Eliis out here on foot getting his fans. I know he wants to great things I could always tell and after reading and listening to his music this dude is on his way. #yallanitready #Standup

  36. Ellis has always been a great person since I’ve known him he has always been the person you knew was going to do great things in life. I’m a fan because I love his music it different and we need new artist like Ellis to help set new trends in music. You have my support.. Congrats and best wishes

  37. Huge fan of Ellis’s music and this article speaks volumes about who he is as a artist. Love to see him killing the stage at his shows.

  38. Thank you …To you an all those who have an still do Serve our country. Praying all your dreams come true . Looking forward to more of,your music.

  39. Just saw Ellis perform tonight and was amazed by how he grabbed the crowed and that song MOMENT is a hit in my book. Can’t believe he cried on stage I was so moved. Huge fan

  40. Huge fan of Ellis Bailey, I love his music and I became a huge fan at one of his shows at the Music garage in Chicago. This guy can sing and I love his voice great work. Keep making great music..

  41. I am truly proud of my nephew Ellis, this young man has shown me he has the talent to do really big in the music industry, keep working hard and stay positive and most important keep GOD first. Love ya man.
    Uncle Darrell

  42. My nephew Ellis is doing his thing! I love the fresh new sound because all his songs have meaning which is missing in our music today.

    Ellis truly has the talent to soar in this industry so stay tuned because this is just the beginning and the best is yet to come! Keep up the good work nephew! Your simply the best, great article, Love you!

  43. The rebirth of R&B, Great article!, Love too see your grind with music taking leaps, keep up the great work in the studio and everything will fall into place , God has a big plan for you, Much love and peace cuzo.

  44. Had the pleasure to meet this artist at the Music Garage he was a great perform and I became a instant fan. I can’t wait to see the rest of the world lining up to hear Ellis.

  45. Ellis Bailey is the epitome of R&B Talent and Skills, I always look for top R&B artists because I DJ and record Hip Hop music. I feel that R&B is the highest level of musical expression. I listen to international music and always am attracted to the clean clear sound of R&B. Ellis Bailey does just that and some, He is a true success, very sincere artist and will go even farther than imaginable. “Moment” is one of Ellis’ hottest tracks and I am sure that if you like R&B it wont be hard for you to find a song that really clicks with your expectations. Great work Ellis in the spotlight and great job at rep’n Chicago through R&B!

  46. Ellis is very talented and definitely a go getter, it was apparent even in school!! Love the music and very inspirational to anyone who is struggling in life- never give up on your dreams. Rise to the top

  47. Ellis Bailey
    Just wanted to tell congrats from Afghanistan on your achievements… It looks like your doing great… Keep up the good work love the music I’m a huge Fan.

  48. I had to honor to meet Ellis when he performed at his last show in Chicago and I have to say that there aren’t artist like him anyone. He performs like a true star and he is also a very positive person truly a great artist for this music world to hear.

  49. never met a artist who is so active with his fans like Ellis. Most artist just want your money but he truly shows he not only just a great artist but a great person. I’m a fan and can’t wait to see him blow up .

  50. Ellis is a great performer and make some of the best music I heard in a long time from a independent artist. I want to see him do great things and hes a hardworking artist. I can’t wait to hear Spaceland. #Crazy #Spaceland

  51. I love Ellis’s music its very unique and different from what is on the radio everyday. I believe he will make a huge difference in the music world with his music. I love Power its my favorite song. Blissful Dreams rocks!!!

  52. I was an overseeing Officer of Ellis’ when he was in the Air Force. He worked very hard at that time and I am glad to see him continue his hard work ethic. Ellis, you will go far as long as you continue to believe in your dreams and keep working hard to obtain them. Remember, Imma call you.

  53. Ellis has come so far. He has amazing business skills and he is a very quick learner with this business. He has an incredible ear, very talented vocals, and has a creative energy that I have not seen in many people before. He truly is an artist and I know he will be extremely successful.

  54. Huhe fan of Ellis he makes great music, I love the article to I love his back story it really shows he’s a hard worker.. Much success will be on it way to Ellis I believe in him..

  55. Love Ellis’s music and the article is just the iceing on the cake this guy is a great brother in law and a talented singer. I know he will be successful in hisusic career and I can’t wait to see him do so.

  56. I had a great time watching Ellis on stage and I was moved by his voice. Instant fan. Can’t wait to hear more about his success and his music is awesome.

  57. I love his music, I met Ellis at his show at tailgaters and I have to say not only is he a great performing but a great person and I love his voice. I can’t wait to hear more from Ellis and see him succeed on his dream.

  58. Big fan of Ellis I love his music. I follow him everywhere FB twitter IG and he has my support. Congrats on the success keep up the good work.

  59. First off I want to say I’m a fan of Ellis and I love the headline picture for this article is shows he expressive and after watching him perform I can see it. I hope the world is ready for Ellis because he is on his way to the top. Keep up the hard work

  60. I heard Ellis’s music and was instantly amazed at his talent. This dude as only been in this league for a short while but he has made a major impact on music in the city and I can see him doing great things and making major changes to the music world.

  61. Bailey is a good guy, and an even better artist. i wish him the best of luck on the path to achieving all of his goals.

  62. ELLIS BAILEY! congrats on the nomination and keep doing you bro. Your without a doubt an inspiration and an idol for many people as well as children in your neighborhood and all urban areas. If ellis can do it, so can you!

  63. Huge fan of Ellis’s music I know hes on his way to the top. I love the article and his story wow didn’t know all that happen to him that just makes me like him more. Great job and keep up the good work Ellis.

  64. Big fans of Ellis we follow him on Reverbnation.com and I will have to say his music is one of a kind this guy will go far. best of luck to you Ellis and We stand behind you.

  65. Love this article is so touching to read and it shows Ellis is a hard working person and I’m a fan and I love his music keep it up Ellis good luck..

  66. I love his music it’s crazy how he can grab a crowed at his shows I know Ellis will be on top of the world very soon and we all are behind him. Huge fan!

  67. I met Ellis when he was in the Air Force. He is such a wonderful person! I never realized what beautiful music he had inside! I am so proud of him and I am thrilled to see where his life is taking him now! The sky is the limit for you Ellis!

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  70. Ellis is such a great artist and he is really putting the city on the map I love his new song Rollin stone that’s a hit but my favorite song is MOMENT!!! Yes!!

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  92. Ellis,

    You are doing great things and I want you to know that you have my support. Our family is full of talent, I am glad to see that it is not going to waste. Keep pushing, keep striving, keep grinding! Much love and success to you!


  93. I love his music just heard Rollin Stone and now I’m a instant fan wow I’m a fan and happy to be part of making Ellis the next big thing.

  94. I had the privilege of serving with Ellis in the military and I must say he is an exemplary young man and an all around pleasure to be around. His music is outstanding and his voice is phenomenal. I’m so excited for him! I can’t wait for him to make it big, no one deserves it more! When he comes to my town on tour I will be in the front row!

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  100. Ellis is a great artist and he is one that is personal with his fans and it shows alot in his music and the time he takes to make sure each person has a great time at his shows. I remeber I forgot my ticket and he came out and got me in for free. Thanks again and I love your music.

  101. This boy has some of the best music I’ve heard in a while out here in the city its new freash and needed for the people to hear. The article was great and I think this makes him so humble and a hard working artist. Very talented and I can see him going far.

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