IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

FORT WORTH PAC: I am from the city where dreams rarely come true. I am from the city that shadows behind another city. The city known as “DFW” or should i say the DF-Dubb but when mention by the radio they know it as “Funkytown.” On the map it is known as Fort Worth. Forth Worth created Fort Worth Pac. My name has deep meaning due to the fact that I am from Forth Worth and the PAC is an acronym for “Prophecy Alkadalic Controls.” Before I even was introduced to music, I had the word “alkadalic” tattooed which in means “One of a Kind.” My name represents being “unleashed” and rings through the streets of Forth Worth.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

FORT WORTH PAC: My music runs deep. I started out writing poetry and then fell in love with basketball. My high school MVP basketball career then ended with missed opportunities from lack of information. The ending of my basketball career created a passion so deep that everything I poured my feelings out through my music. I put all of my energy and passion behind every verse. Some call it rap or hip-hop, but I call it lyrical therapy.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

FORT WORTH PAC: In my city there hasn’t been anyone to take music to the next level. Everyone that’s been close either ended up in jail or become a tear drop on someone’s T-shirt. It’s very important that I break that cycle. My city is waiting for history to be made. There is so much meaning behind Fort Worth, and there is so much meaning behind “PAC.” You will get to know “Fort Worth Pac.” I’m more than just an artist. I’m hope. I’m love. I’m inspiration. But to sum it up struggle is the reason why and like the title of my mixtape they “Can’t Take My Shine

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

FORT WORTH PAC: You would have to put a beat to these words to explain what my songs are about. Lets just say my struggle was a Gift that inspired me to create each track. I have one song on ITunes called “Unleashed.” My first verse answers this question well. Let me give you a taste real quick. 1st verse- I hope to make It but my heart says for me to take it.Dreams are for wishes. My mind says don’t infiltrated It   I’m sorta like Biggie, Im sorta like Pac. I’ll Be killing these tracks until I reach the “what” top.   That’s a little teaser. I can’t give yall no more. You just have to download the track.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

FORT WORTH PAC: I grew up listening to DjQuik, Bone, Twista, Slim,50 Cent,Ice Cube, Nas, Jay Z, Brian McKnight, WuTang, Biggie, Tupac, Master P, Wiz, Nelly, Wayne, Diddy, Lauren Hill, TGT, Michael Jackson and much more. I feel that everyone that has actually made it has showed the World a piece of Inspiration, and every artist should be respected for their craft of music.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

FORT WORTH PAC: My music is poetry of life with a passionate twist and lyrical flow. That’s the best way to describe the impact of the struggle of my Life. I can best describe it through music.   Good and bad, either way you still going to nod your head to it.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

FORT WORTH PAC: I say it’s the Gemini in me that brings out the lyrical energy that makes me stand over most artist. Most people say, it’s my unique voice and the way I deliver my flow but I say I’m still a artist still growing….

 IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in your music career and how did you overcome?

FORT WORTH PAC: I would say excepting my gift. There has been so many times that music found its way back in my life no matter how many times I was distracted. The opportunity and vision always reflected the same along with hearing so many say keep pushing.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

FORT WORTH PAC: I just dropped a mixtape”Can’t Take My Shine.” Two hot singles off the “My Life” album project are in progress. I am also working on putting some creative ideas together for a ground breaking video that will make some inspiring noise in the music game.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

FORT WORTH PAC: I want to top the charts with the number one album. I want to make history in this game as well as create a platform for more talent. I want to make dreams come true.

 IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

FORT WORTH PAC: Rhapsody, Jango App, Spotify, Amazon, and many more such as

Twitter: @FortWorthPac

Facebook: Forth Worth Pac

Email: Alkadalic23@hotmail.com

Itunes: Fort Worth Pac

Youtube: Fort Worth Pac










    • Great article, he’s definitely prepared and motivated to do the right thing and express it thru his music, talented young man representing funky town. Keep working hard, cause it’ll pay off.

  1. Already…… The Passion my Be From Me… But the Grind is For Y’all…………. Weather it’s 1 or a Million…….. I won’t stop until We reach the Top………….

  2. Kordell…… Fam…. U Keep up ur Grind to Reach the TOP as Well…. We Not Built to Give up Even When that Wall is to Big To Climb we just tell the Weak that we See ya on the Other Side “ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVES”


    • @Barry……Already….. I Won’t Stop…. I Can’t Stop…. Passion & the Grind don’t Stop with me…. It will forever Move Forward & y’all are that Gas to the HEAT ima Bring in this Game…. For My City…. My Fam…. My father…. My Mother…. Tha Car Club…. Biker Clubs… Tha Clubs that Allowed me To Rep & Shine to the Peeps & those that support that I can’t Reach Where on are Way we Won’t STOP……….

  3. I’ve seen you put so much time & effort into your music & you have yet to give up…You can only reach the TOP from here! Keep up the good work…The best is yet to come! Represent for your city Fort Worth Pac & show them how it’s really done.

  4. The most boring article I’ve ever read! This dude needs to find his own identity…Fort Worth Pac? Really!? Tupac wanna be ass NIGGA! There are people out there that actually want a chance in the music business yet you have this dude pretending knowing damn well his music is BULLSHIT. You bet your money that his music is like no other…Everyone else’s music has meaning, sounds good but Fort Worth Pac’s music isn’t about to much of anything. What a WASTE of time reading!

    • Some1 stick somethin in his Mouth my Zipper stuck……. Now I’m glad u commented cuz that’s actually all that I wanted from ya… Weather you know it or not…. & Damn with out you Haterz in my Life I wouldn’t make it this far I need you to keep Doing ur Job cuz I don’t have enough of ya…. I need like 2,000 more Haterz like yourself for me to feel good… Matter fact lie make up sum shit tell them MF’z I’m asking for a death wish i don’t as long as ya talking & my Names in your Mouth….. I got Luv 4 ya keep it coming…..

    • Ya they show know how too… See I was just sitting back waiting on the Haterz to have the meeting… & come up with a plan… Shit & that’s all a Hater can come up with… Damn let me help ya out…. Why don’t do sit down think of something real Hard that would make Headline News like sum channel 5 shit… Other wise you Azz wasting my time… & ima loose interest & then u become irrelevant…. & ima sit back & make Dollars while your comment is only seen to not make “Sense”

    • Somebody put something in these N**** mouth my zipper Stuck………. You cant be successful without a Hater not Providing there 2cents…. Usually Pain would occur after moves like this…… But “God” is working Hard on me to Keep piece in my Heart & to remain Humble in my situation…. So no matter how Many fake profile you create Using my pic Showing the World &no matter how many Lies you MF come up with just remember u have a choice & as write & make u moves lol & take the time out of ur life to make them moves concentrating on me lol…… Shit……. I AINT EVEN MAD @ YA…… “GOD” has a plan for you too…. there some lesson in play to be Learn….. And I take this as My 1st test cuz im Pretty Sure more of you Haterz will a merge…. on that NOTE…………………. I am FWPac

      PROPHECY ALKADALIC CONTROL something so Deep a small minded individual like urself clearly couldn’t understand. so let me Break it Down “GOD” put a skill in my Heart & lil task to complete to consume my faith. Life is about choices & learning & each step I take is a vision of his plan for me threw “GOD’s” eyes & I am behind him…. Like My mix-tape “Can’t Take My Shine” my steps our Prophecy’s. So when you see me on TOP of the charts with that 1 album making these World Wide Hits with Major Companies Like “Industry All Access” support the movement & more to come. So keep the shots coming cuz I got a bottle of CIROC that ima take shots with…………………….god3x3god


    • I Guess Anonymous forgot they Name & how to get they facts Str8 it’s all good got to keep it moving on them Busta’z…. I was looking forward to this conversation…… I guess Casper credibility wasn’t good enough to CashOut…..

  5. I want to Take the Time to Thank Everyone that for the support but the wall to climb is Not Over I need Everyone to also check out the New Music & Leave some Feedback on Here to help the Movement……

    • Already Fam……. Fort Worth we was Built off tha Struggles in this Music Game…. Always being looked Over but mentioned like
      Funky-Town ain’t Hot shit….. it’s Our Time to Shine & reach the TOP………….. 3×3


    • Thank You….. Ur Helping me make a Difference & it’s Not just about music with me it’s also about providing more opportunity for others as well & I’m using my Talent & Gift & the Support of Everyone Trust Me Our Movement can make a Change & Be Strong………. Once Again thank you & Help spread the Article & Show that We have a Strong Movement…….

  6. Luv the Article & luv the Music I didnt know about you until I heard it on a Radio in my area so I goggle you & you article info showed up… You have sum pure talent & a very unique voice I’v been around music all my life & I know talent when I see it… I hope I help encourage you in ur journey keep God 1st & stay focus that dream will come True…..


    • Thanks I luv the feedback…. Yea I got sum music on JANGO my Own radio station on their played along with the MainStream Artist it’s a Nice App & also on X-Box radio & spotify & more & there always YouTube.. Once again thanks

    • Yea that’s my Favorite Cut…. Well I got a lot of Fav’s but this one I hope will make the Count Down WorldWide but I got a Big Surprise this Summer for Everyone on this One just Stay Tune….

  7. Not only are you a good father you’re also very talented when it comes to music. This is a good start to get noticed eve more! The lyrics you spit are like no other & I’m proud of you for getting where you are today, like the others said the best is yet to come.

    • @Usheeka thank baby…. I try to Be far as a Father Goes…… I know how it feels to Not Have one truth is I lost my father So young that it put a memory block on me for years far as pain goes….. But his blood runs threw me & that’s where my passion of who I am is transpired threw…. Family well Family is & will always be important even when at times we don’t show it…. We meet for a reason I was put in ur life for a reason & what I do is not just for me… Although you are shy when it comes to Singing your voice is RARE & Very Pure Beauty…. I said ima Write you a Song I Promise I will…. I’m very Poetic & what I write will be Deeply to where you can Feel it… Music is strictly supposed to make u feel a certain Way & that’s what is about…. Always Protect ur Heart & pray to be Pure minded & keep moving forward in life & keep the past in ur review & your Life will Be Beautiful…….

      3×3 ALK 3×3

  8. I cannot wait to see where this passion takes you. Surround yourself with positive, you’ll receive positive…….

    • @Stephanie thank you…. Although I know it’s going to be a tough Road & task I’m built for it… & know there’s a place in the Industry for a FWPac… But I’m thankful for the support that I’m getting & glad I’m still involved when so much Odds are against me….

    • Already…… Dwayne….. Highly Motivated in this Game…. Tired of turn on the radio & not hearing more of that FUNKY-TOWN….. We Deserve a spot in this Game…. & Lyrically one shot is all I Need….

    • Already James…. It would be Nice to See a Big Impact Artist that not just a One Hit wounder in this Biz make sum Major Moves…. & change the music Game far creating more Lyrical Meaningful Real Music like back in the era of the 80’s 90’s the Network of coming together & making good music & the different styles that inspired & had to hear….

    • UpComing show will be In Dallas in around the End of this Month…. I have a lot of Networking Ground work to do 1st to connect build up & let those who don’t know who I am… But I will keep u posted & always be on the lookout for events on Facebook, Adio Mack, Twitter, Reverbnation & more sites to check out video & my events….. Once again thanks for the Luv…

    • Thanks for the Luv Ashley….. Share the Article as well for me…. There is a spot for me in the industry & with ur support & other we can make this happen…. 🙂 thanks for the Luv

    • In 5 years I hope to Have my Own Business to open doors & Opportunities for others that struggle to reach their Dreams….. With the knowledge I have & as much as I learn if I was in Bill Gates shoes I would share my knowledge & show others how to be successful & help others instead of just giving when it’s easier to show…

    • There will never be another 2Pac I’m no where close to his talent he is a Great… I have my own Lane & shoes to fill within myself…. P.A.C. Is something totally different
      ~Prophecy~Alkadalic~Control~ if you listen to the music u will understand the sound is different from the Usual South music u here….

    • DjHeavy appreciate the feedback… Hopefully we can network help each other out in this biz that’s what I’m about… Success….

  9. Reading this right here, makes this native DFW very proud! Keep up the hard work homie! only place to go is up…

    • Thanks Walter….. It’s a Tough Biz special when the Entertainment part of it is not as Big as other area far as on the Music Side…. But the Truth Is a Local Artist has to work Harder in his Own City than a Artist that’s Not from here. Specially when it Comes to Radio support… There’s Sum good artist that have Never been Heard but the platform is Hard for Exposer due also because of lack of Knowledge on the Business Side of the Game…..

    • Poetry…. I Used to Hoop & Reach & was MVP back in the day lol… I mean I mostly eat sleep dream Music far as other talents I can Act…. But Poetry I will say is a strong Point …..

    • No… But I Very Deep into Writing R&B Music Very Deep into that…. I’m a Very Good Song Writer…… Just don’t have that Brian McKnight voice to go with it…. But maybe one day I’ll be in position & Ghost write a song for Someone Famous…..

    • ……….To be Honest a Boyfriend or Girlfriend has less value than a couple that’s Engaged to be Married…. That’s what I value……& nothing Less……

    • I’m working on trying to start my own Business I’v help Sum people I used to work with & I’v trained them in the oil field Driving trucks… I’v trained them far as how to Run a tanker Trailer delivering Sand in a Multi Billion dollar Field… I’m not just a Artist I’m a working Man just like everyone else….. My talent is I try my hardest & never give up

    • Thank you Trale Williams… I Won’t I put a lot of years into this & I found my self as a artist & Craft… Making music is so natural the feel of it when I’m in the studio that feeling I Feel is like this is Where I Belong…. & when I’m on Stage performing it’s like I’m in the Zone yea… It’s a Deep Passion……. Thanks for the feed back hopefully I get a chance to show the world how Alkadalic aka Fort Worth Pac “ROCKS” the Mic…….

    • Quinn thanks I show will…. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop…… From the Bottom to the Top is the vision….. & will be reality….

  10. I seen this link on facebook so i had to check it out. If i know anybody who know what they talking about was the person who added this link on their facebook page. I see he about to put Dallas on!

    • Brain what’s Good…. Thanks it’s a tough biz but wants I get in position ima share my knowledge & help others that have the same Dream & Goals…. I want the passion to Grow…..

    • Thanks Steve…. It’s not just Me you are a Part of this as Well….. Everyone that made a Comment on this World Wide Article is a part of the Growth to Success & with everyone we will reach the TOP

  11. True inspiration to see another local DFW artist tryin to break the cycle and destroy these walls our own city has put on us. Even though Dallas and Fort Worth are separated by a 30 min drive of the mid-cities the entire DFW is still the same place and has been holding local talent back for years. You either have to move out and break somewhere else or have a poppin club dance song to break and get love here and it needs to stop! Hell yeah PAC! Keep us movin forward and the DFW is gonna be thriving with a great music scene in the next few years!

    • I Felt that Passion in this Post…. 24k you said what the entire DFW is feeling right Now I’v been in this Game for a Minute & truly it’s Not the Same it’s Different & it’s not about talent it’s mostly biz & who got the most money to Back u up…. Cuz if it was about talent we wouldn’t hear the Same Artist doing The same Music with the Same folks that’s in the Industry…… Sum BullShit….. I want to hear New creative Skills more Lyrical artist More of everything not the Same shit they play on the radio 5 times within the same hour…. The Game needs a New outfit & I’m Down to contribute that with Everyone that feels the same…..

    • Really on my Facebook wall I do a lil bit of singing they say I sound like Tyrese on a Good Day with the radio play as I lip sing….. Yea I’m pretty Good….

    • I’v worked with a couple I had them shocked with the ideas & we made sum classic tracks… I do plan on working with more R&B artist tho

  12. Your Article looks very professional i hope you make it to the next level. I like the mixtape specially that She Bad track sound like a radio club song

    • Yea that track is a Banger I went to the Strip Club then I went str8 to the studio to put it down I had to get my mind right…..

  13. When’s your Next Show & we ready when your Ready to shoot the Video we got the cars Shine’d Up……. We Behind ya…..

    • Im most definitely going to put a show together in the next couple of weeks…. I always keep my Facebook update with everything I have lined up….

  14. It’s time to Bring Fort Worth out of this Hole it seems like there is No love or Hope for a city like Fort Worth the odds are against ya but for what I’m seeing u can handle it keep Doing ur thang I’m Down to Ride…….

    • Yea it’s about that time… I be listening to the radio & be woundering who will be that next artist to open doors for other artist… I had a homeboy & he was honest but it’s truthful & the % of the local artist in our surrounding city to make it is low only a 1% will take that step & that 1% hasn’t taken that step yet…. Now hopeful my moves will motivate & motivate others to shine & make that transition to be Great… Either way in my MIND in Great if I make it or don’t….

  15. Mine thing about you is that you keep elevating to the next step I remember back in the day they used to freestyle on the Bus & didn’t even touch it cuz basketball was on ur mind. Now I see u deep into music & basketball you won’t even touch it. lol. Either way got to give it to ya Best of Both Worlds MVP

    • Yea those where the Days bro… I still ride around & freestyle in the car trying to elevate my word play… You never know who might put you on spot to rock the mic…. I still got it…

  16. I gots some New Beats when u ready to hit that Studio up…. I gotcha lock in… Keep Grindin… I’m about to Smoke one & Jam this Fort Worth Hitz….

    • That’s a Bet… I got the email from ya earlier ima write to it this weekend… Ima make it a club Banger track… Matter of fact ima hit the club up & make it official to zone in on the track to really give it that feel….

  17. Hi PAC I seen ur Article & you have a unique style & sound I seen sum of the comments & wanted to sho my support…. I would love to come to one of ur shows to see you Rock It Babe……

    • Thank you…! Rebecca…. I will be set up something real soon along with some Big moves this Summer & taking things to the Next level…

  18. With full-time work & family I don’t see how you do it man but I like what you doin not a lot can feel them shoes. Known you for a min and you still hold down ur responsibility very strong minded individual keep it up…. Lol & stay out the Strip Clubs…. Lol…

    • Yea Bro… That’s my relaxing spot to clear my mind & master mind my thoughts… But yea it’s tough what I do but if I don’t no one will do it for me… I have a goal to reach…

  19. Nice article I’m from the east & don’t really listen to the South music it’s kind of slow but you stand out from a lot of other materialistic Artist & I respect ur craft. Ima check out more of ur music.

    • Yea I got luv for that East Coast music that’s where that deep lyrical background of rap & battle rap came from well where it was mostly exposed….

        • I seen u perform B4 & you will I seen you at Club Flo in Dallas doing your thang I think u was the only group with a camera crew it was pretty tight sho…

    • Already Bro most defiantly… You know how we do it… That’s what we work Hard for so we can make Major moves like that on the weekend when it’s time to get down….

  20. I see you still got Game just playing on a Different Court…. Music Game is a Tough game but you’ll find ur way to the top….

    • Yea it’s that Court Hustle in me… It’s Hard to give up something you passion for…. But I can’t lie it is prolly the toughest game I ever played… But either way the love for it never Dies……………

  21. I did know u was deep in the music like that u truly have a passion for it bro…. I still remember when you was shooting a video off Barry over by the Lake… Was pretty tight. Track Fort Worth “We Back”

  22. Y’all check out that Klasziik “Pass the Mic” & “Hold Up” track feat. Fort Worth Pac the Underground King……

    • Lil Bro they ain’t ready… They better be lucky I ain’t hit the lotto cuz the Game would be over & on a New Path…. Yea y’all check out that pass the Mic…

  23. I don’t listen to that much rap but from reading the Article I curious on if ur music matches what u represent. Nice Article very Different.

    • Thanks Amy… Mostly it’s what I actually go threw or what I do… I been through a lot & music gives me a chance to clear my mind…

  24. Check out the music you sent, pretty tight specially the Quality. Where can I hear sum new tracks. Pac

  25. I see you getting a lot of views 300 to now over 2,000 I guess u getting the msg out there ima do my part & support your movement & send ur link out. Keep up the good work Pac

    • Thanks Bryant for the feed back each & everyone of the comments mean a lot to me…. In due time the movement will grow even larger…. Thank u

  26. Love the profile u are sexy than a MF…. I had to check out your Facebook & your have a Handsome lil boy just like his daddy… Pac keep doing your thang Luv…. I hope u shine bright like a STAR….

    • Thank you Diamond yea he is a Hand full but that’s my motivation to keep climbing he so young to realize that he my inspiration & strength…

    • Darian “Can’t Take My Shine” mixtape is already Out on the Scene I just released the whole Album on AudioMack u can find that along with sum exclusive tracks…

    • Add me on Facebook & ever now & then I bless my page with sum poetry sum Deep Poetry… That’s a passion of mine I can’t escape from…

  27. Hi Fort Worth Pac I read the article & want to do my part & support the movement ima add it to my twitter & Facebook to get the word out there…

  28. I seen ur Article on Facebook & look on YouTube check out your videos ima have to get on that Pass the mic track I seen there a open verse ima email it to ya when I bless it bro. I like how y’all rip it.

    • That’s what’s up… Appreciate it Bro… On that track if you do make sure it’s very Lyrical cuz that the concept of the song bringing Lyrics back into the music industry… You don’t see enough of it mostly dancing songs

  29. Fort Worth finally got a artist still lighting up the scene someone needs to bring entertainment back to the Funk & make the clubs Hot.

  30. S/O to everyone that got Luv for “Fort Worth Pac” New music Coming B4 the end of the Summer not Only that i Got a Album Unreleased tracks that Truly No one Heard. I feel im close to reaching the peak off my Prime meaning Mind-state. Truth is i got alot of Luv those that Luv me & the Ones that Dont on the Flip Side thats my Fuel To inspiration…… i love the Struggle the HARD times keep every bit coming i need more Haterz to keep Hating. besides all that lets get to the money…. Success is my Only Option not 4 me to get RICH but those around me to Be EnRiched………

    I Love Y’all….. FWPAC – i Promise to Keep the Grind Going………….

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