IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

KID TRUTH: My parents divorced when I was ten. Since the divorce, I have been back and forth to different cities around Houston TX, such as La Porte, Spring, and League City.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

KID TRUTH: I started out freestyling in the car with a friend. He told me I was better than most people just starting, and he believed that we could make something of ourselves with music. We started doing shows together, opening for Swisha House and other local artists. At this point I knew I had found my life’s calling, and that I would do anything to make my dream a reality. People close to me along with our producer at the time, started to tell me I needed to go solo. It was a hard process to say the least, but I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of achieving success with my new found passion. I went through depression, suicide attempts, and relocated many times before changing my name from Don K to Kid Truth.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

KID TRUTH: To help people through hard times. Music kept me going when nothing else could, and I will go to any lengths to do the same for others with mine.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

KID TRUTH: My songs are about my personal struggles and situations that I have encountered in my life. I like to bring the more loose and playful vibe to some songs to keep it from being all serious.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who is your fan base directed towards?

KID TRUTH: My fan base is directed towards anybody that wants some inspiration, motivation, or just some clever well written music to listen to.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

KID TRUTH: Eminem was always a big influence. He is more of an idol from childhood and on. As a kid, I listened to Ludacris, Nelly, UGK & all the other Houston artists like Slim Thug, Lil Keke, Paul Wall, ESG, Z-Ro, Fat Pat, Big Hawk, Big Moe, and DJ Screw. Some new age influences would be artists like Big Sean, Drake, Lil Wayne, Kirko Bangz, T.I., Kid Cudi, and Lupe Fiasco. I always liked Biggie, and 2pac has to be the artist that I respect the most.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

KID TRUTH: I’ve got some sad songs, some down and out type stuff. I’ve also got music meant to motivate you. The type of stuff that makes you want to get up off your butt and go get it.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

KID TRUTH: What makes me stand out locally is that I refuse to stick with the same sound all the artists I grew up listening to made it with. It’s their style. They did a great job with it, but I have something new to bring to the table. Hopefully that will be the same thing that helps me stand out on a larger scale. I’m not willing to use anyone’s style but my own, and the free will to write about whatever I have going on.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects that you are currently working on?

KID TRUTH: I’m currently working on my next EP titled Destiny. Already very excited with the beats by Chase Moore & Ben Rosen (Producers for Royce Da 5’9, Raekwon, E-40, Riff Raff, Sky Blu of LMFAO, Cali Swag, Atmosphere, Yukmouth, Papoose, Nappy Roots, Brotha Lynch, Tayib Ali & more). Also I have collabs coming up with Miztah Sandman, Gummii Bear, & Shellz Finesse.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

KID TRUTH: I want to sign with a major record label, perform around the nation and around the world. I’ve always believed that one day if I work hard enough I will be able to make money doing what I love to do -making music. In 10 years I see myself with an established career, fan base, and possibly starting a record label or company to help struggling artists.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

KID TRUTH: Http://www.twitter.com/KidTruthMusic










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  1. I have the pleasure of knowing Chris Kester (Kid Truth) personally and I can say, with all honesty, he is one of the kindest and nicest people I have ever met. He has a great heart and a lot of talent and will go far in this world in whatever he decides to do. He is just an overall great guy.

  2. One thing I’ve always admired about you is your ambition man you had the same dream when I met you and you still haven’t given up on what you love. Keep up the hard work, it’ll pay off!

  3. Truly an genuine guy, has helped me out through a lot of life’s struggles. Admire the ambition and it keeps the flame of inspiration in me when I feel like giving up. Good to see a real artist speaking on life and living an example I can look up to.

  4. Chris Kester – Kid Truth – is an amazing person with an amazing talent! He is committed to his goals and dreams. Proud of you, man!

  5. This is a good interview from Kid the truth he gonna make it to the top I heard his tracks hard work keep it up and you get there 10 yrs with a deal.

  6. Smily!! Keep up the good work man. Hard work is going to make your beats go even harder! Proud of you keep up the good work my man!

  7. Chris Kester aka Kid Truth has amazing talent, I was pleasantly surprised when he gave me a cd of some of his work, that was when I first met him almost two years ago. You can tell he has true passion for this and won’t stop until he gets to the top. As a friend, he is as good as they come. Hes been through a lot, but you wouldnt notice by his awesome personality with a heart full of preserverance and kindness. Keep up your hard work, Chris! I support you

  8. Great interview Chris Kester! Adequate word usage & good free spirited individuality… I salute & wish you continued success throughout your pursued career… -Yung GetEm

  9. I’ve been a fan since middle school Chris! You’re a great guy, and an even better artist… Your flows are sick! Keep up the awesome work. <3

  10. Awesome interview! Your positive attitude and hard work are paying off already, so keep it up and I know you’ll achieve your goals. I’ve known you for years now, and you just keep getting cooler. You’re a badass dude and a stand-up guy, so just keep being you and great things will happen.

  11. Chris (KIDTRUTH), you are an inspiration to myself and many others on so many levels. Your transformation as an artist and into a man has been amazing to see. I am blessed to have witnessed this and look forward to what the future holds for you, bro. Stay on track, continue to gain knowledge, express yourself as a lyrical beast… and the sky is the limit.

  12. It’s something special when you find an artist who writes lyrics FOR his fans, but something else when that same artist is talented, humble and eager to extend a helping hand to fellow human beings that believe in their own dreams. Keep it up man, you’ve earned my respect!

  13. kid truth!!! Got mad love for you man. You’ve come a long way , you got heart man. You put your all into your music which makes it real. Proud of you bro.

  14. Keep doin what u love and fallowing ur dreams brother, one day the world will hear the passion in ur music and kid truth will be bumpin everywhere!!!!

  15. Chris you’re an extremely talented young man! In the past few years your music has improved with each song and I truly see a future for you here man! Keep up the great work and keep on motivating us booboo! #TeamKidTruth

  16. I’ve personally grown up with kid, we’ve seen the darkest valleys and the brightest mountain tops together. He raps for the good of others let alone his own struggles. Always has a positive word to speak when I’m strugglein, picking me up from the depths of Hell. Don’t let this man pass you by. I wanna thany you for everything you have done and helped me through, you do speak the truth.

    Christian Hogan.

  17. I love kid truth! Houston makes the best rappers! I can’t wait till he drops more music. my ears want more kid truth! No actually my ears need more kid truth!

  18. Kid Truth is a good friend. Nice guy and has a lot of talent. His personality is one of a kind and it is an honor to know him.

  19. Kid Truth is one of the nicest and most talented people I know. This interview was great Chris and I hope to hear more from you in the future.

  20. I’ve know this guy for a long while. I have never met anyone with as much passion for music as Chris does. He’s shown me over the years that he is fully committed in pursuing this passion. Because of that, he has my full respect. Its not everyday that you meet someone who is willing to follow their dream instead of submitting to anything less.

  21. I have known Chris for quite a long time and can tell you that he is very talented and passionate about his music. After interviewing this young artist, all I have to say is his positive attitude and inspirational words will take him far in this industry!! Uplifting lyrics is what this younger generation needs and Kid Truth just flat BRINGS IT!! Keep following your dream Chris!

  22. Love you man! You’re the perfect example of working your way to the top:) you don’t shy away from hard work and that just shows what kind of character you have. You’re an inspiration to many, and you’re such a talented guy.

  23. Chris is very talented and creative individual, and with the right support and guidance could have an amazing career in the music industry!

  24. Chris the Kid. Your dedication, faith and positive outlook on life are admirable and I look up to you for them. They have taken you far and your talent is showing through your success. Much love wish you all the best and keep it up!

  25. I’ve got a lot of friends in the music industry trying to make a name right now, but out of all of them Chris is hands down the most honest. There’s no gimmic, he puts his heart into his music… There’s enough people in the world, that there’s a nich to be filled there and Chris is it. People are tired about hearing about cars, girls, and 0’s in a bank account. Much respect to you for staying your course and being true to yourself. That alone should be the key in.

  26. From the moment I met Kid Truth I loved him and his music. He came to my Radio Station with 2 banging hits that’s still in rotation till this day. He is the truth his music reaches all audiences and since being on my radio show he has worked with some great artist in and out of Houston. Keep up the good work I will forever be a fan…..Toni Street 93.3

  27. I can’t get enough of Kid Truth’s music. The ‘truth’ really comes out in his lyrics. This kid has talent!

  28. I met Chris when we was coming out of a really tough time. He got himself straightened out and i had no idea he was even a songwriter/artist. He focused on himself and got better then picked up his career. I have much respect for a person like him. Cannot wait to see him inspire and touch others lives.

  29. Chris has come so far!!! He is a TRUE inspiration for many. It’s become very obvious and apparent that whatever he puts his mind to he will conquer to the fullest. I have so much respect for you and your work Chris!! Excited to see you keep climbing to the top.

  30. Ive had the pleasure of knowing Chris for only a few months now, as we go baptised randomly on the same night. Upon first meeting him, I knew he was an incredibly driven person and as a fellow musician, I really respect that as I know it is very difficult to be a solo artist. After meeting him and hearing the trials he has been through, it amazes me to see how well he is doing for himself. Im too excited to see where his career will take him.

  31. Kid Truth has passion, he puts everything he has into his music and loves what he does. I have mad respect for him and the journey he has set himself on to accomplish his goals. I know with support, he can rise up and be a star.