Layem Down Gang is a young and talented group of four entitled to the future and living in the moment of their music. A select group of talent, Layem Down Gang includes DSR, Yung Solow, D.P Tha Truth, and T- Hop who are planning to make a way for making music with all individuals who love the art with individuality. L.D.G. does R & B, rap, and hip hop and their love of music doesn’t intend to die, forever bringing to the music industry their flavor and competition of style and music.

INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

LAYEM DOWN GANG: We come from different parts of the United States. Yung Solow was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey, DSR was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, T-Hop was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, and Truth was born and raised in Queens, New York. Later on our group got together and formed a musical career in Birmingham, Alabama.


INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

LAYEM DOWN GANG: Our music background mainly consists of hip hop but we also can make other styles of music such as R & B, which is rhythm and blues. These qualities give us the drive to create different types of music, which gives the group the ability to stick with most artists today.


INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

LAYEM DOWN GANG: For years we have been wanting to be heard, recognized, and acknowledged by the world. Our intentions of recording and releasing our own music started out as a hobby and overtime changed to a passion for the love of music. Our intentions to put out our music worldwide are to let the people see how we see the world through our music.


INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

LAYEM DOWN GANG: The music that we make consists of love, reality, and struggle.


INDUSTRY NEWS: Who is your fan based directed towards?

LAYEM DOWN GANG: Our fan base has never been toward anyone specific. Our music reaches out to people who relate, understand, or like to listen to the lyrics in our songs.


INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

LAYEM DOWN GANG: Some of our musical influences come from family, politics, and acquaintances who have crossed our paths and influenced us to create and never give up on the love of music.


INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

LAYEM DOWN GANG: We describe our music as entertaining, heart grabbing, and something you can vibe to no matter the mood, circumstance, or situation you are in.


INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

LAYEM DOWN GANG: We stand out from other artists because we bring to the table a mixture of up north and down south music cultures combined.


INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

LAYEM DOWN GANG: We are currently working on putting a mixtape together so the people can get to know us individually and as a group through our music.


INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

LAYEM DOWN GANG: Our career goals include: climbing the charts, starting their own label, helping other upcoming artists, and being a successful group. In ten years we see ourselves still making music, helping others get exposed, and being a big impact on the music industry.


INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

LAYEM DOWN GANG: The fans can access our music and contact us by going to www.reverbnation.com/layemdowngang, www.twitter.com/Layem_Down_Gang, or www.coast2coast.com/layemdowngang.













  1. I Support You Guys 100%, Me And My Sisters Are Starting A Group Also… So Just Keep Up The Good Work And Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You Cant Make It Or Do It… 🙂

    • These guys have the talent and potential to do amazing things. They’re from different places but have similar stories and each one can contribute so listeners can relate. Wish them the best of luck. #SomebodySignTheseGuys

  2. I support you guys 100% ..I know y’all gone be successful just keep working at and when y’all get it y’all gone have em on lock I’m proud of my Lol bro T Hop

  3. Yall Guy Have The Power To Change The World If You Really Want It. Never Give Up On Your Dreams And To Be Successful Never Forget To Keep God First!!!

  4. i know one of the guys personally hes a hard worker and will settle for nothing less than the best!! im behind you guy 110% i know you guys are gonna be big! keep your head up and keep pushing the right people and the blessing coming !

  5. My support and heart is with you guys. Never give up. Your music does make a big difference, and u have each made a hige impact on my life.

  6. I’m very excited and truly proud of you “T-hop”. I’m feel truly blessed to have you as one of my closest friends. You were destined to be in music, just as i was destined to be in and a part of the fashion business. Heres to both of us, reaching out and making our dreams a reality. God Bless.

    One love,

  7. Man this group is dope always talkin the real life an struggle not money cars h@€$ an drugs no this group will tell you about life an experiences an how they never gave up I kno a a guy from the group personally he is like a brother to me been down since we meet it rear to find people like this now but this group is going to be the next big thing in my book as young talented artist

  8. I wish u guys the best of success! Remember your “Why” and don’t let nothing or no one stop you! Special S/o to my former player
    “T Hop”…..always knew this was your path!

  9. Congratulations you guys ! I will be supporting u and my awesome friend T-Hop ! I am really proud of u. I pray everything works out for u guys and I hope to one day meet the rest of the group ! God Bless ❤️

  10. -..Wow, the passion you guys have is absolutely amazing. I wish you guys the best of luck & I hope it works out & you even excell beyond your expectations.

  11. I see you fam!!! keep up da good works and dont look back! We all outchea trynna put bham on da map and i hope yall blow!! dont let nobody fuck up da grind homie, much love!!

  12. Yooooooo LDG!! Man you guys keep doimg your thing, hope to see you guys on BET or something lol but fr keep your head up, keep God 1st, and do your thing!! LDG 1 love.

  13. Love the vibe wanna hear more artist like this spit that shit Ashley sent me and this beat bangin on my mama

  14. Homegirl sent me the music video. I was skeptic at first but once i listened I got hooked. Ya lyrics be on point.

  15. You young men are an inspiration to young people. At first when my nephew came over to show my oldest son a new group that he heard about from his friend Amanda I thought to myself Lord here we go with more crazy music When he started the song two wrongs I soon realized the talent and pure respect toward women you have. My youngest sons ages 5 and 3 quickly became fans to LDG as well as my oldest son 16. It made me smile when my 5 year old Jamari told me Mommy one day I want to be like them. You all provided rolemodels to my sons who don’t have fathers and I am more than proud. Just you made a big difference in two little boys lives.

  16. You’ll find that a lot of up and coming artists have a dream but no real drive or direction (or talent). Well these guys have and are going to do very well. Go get’em!!

  17. Your music is great and I have a lot of faith in you guys! Don’t ever stop fighting for your dreams! I can’t wait to see what you guys do! Good luck!

  18. My brothers from another mother……Hard work pays off…..Keep grinding….Keep rocking the mic…..Proud of yall niccas

  19. I know I have previously commented however my 5 year old Jamari asked me to comment again. He wants to let you know he wants to meet LDG one day and have you young men teach him to rap. I hope one day his wishes can come true. God Bless

  20. My name is Dominic. Im 10 years old. My dad downloaded songs for me that I can listen to with no bad stuff in it. The one I like most is solows song solow.

  21. heart felt and real. these guys are going places. they stay happy and excited for their music and i support um 100% on going the distance and catching their dreams

  22. I want to say congratulation’s to the group mainly to my best friend yung Solow you guys have my total support y’all are a very amazing group god has great plans for y’all I’m telling y’all I love y’all specially you best friend keep doing what you do

  23. My ex gf Amanda do music with you. Real talk i use think she was was bluffin but guess that was my bad. Keep up da work babygirl i aint mean to doubt you. LDG got a good girl on they side. Big ups to the group keep doin yur thing.

  24. Aye bra keep it up! LDG In dis bit! But shiid I remember bak in da day in middle school bra a nigga always singing and shit wit Yu bra in class wit jas dem lol. But Neva knew we could even make it to dis day I see you doin ya thang keep it up don’t let nun bring ya down bra!

  25. This article dont include Amanda as a group member so she sound stupid sayin she part of ya but I think ya good. She my coworker always showin off the music like she part of ya but she not. Ya makin it without her

  26. Well done, you guys have my support, good luck out there and don’t let nothing stop you from reach your goals.

  27. Yall know I support yallll!!! Keep up the good work..!! Dnt let nobody tell yall that yall can’t make it!!! LOVE YALLLLLL!!!

  28. I just want to wish you all the best of luck! I know that with continuous faith in God all the things are possible!! You all have to keep your heads up! And continue to work hard! Because soon and surely your voices will be heard! So always stay true to who you are! Good luck! And may God bless and keep your group for the many years of success you all have that awaits!

  29. Good luck! I wish you nothing but the best! Be grateful for the opportunity, and do what you do. Make this dream come true as you inspire others to do so as well.

  30. Terrel, I may be a little late, but please know I am a very busy individual. only if money came as easy, as the bills do. I have all the respect to someone who fallows their dream, ours may be different but life still gets in the way every day. Keeping going for it man, you guys hard work going to pay off. keep on, keepin on.

  31. this group is going far. take the time to listen .they are great..best of luck in the future .may all your dreams come true..GOD BLESS