IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

DANGEROUS D: I am originally from Saginaw, Michigan.  In 2001 I moved south to Jacksonville, Florida and then in 2007 to South Carolina where I currently reside.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background? 

DANGEROUS D: I started writing rhymes and hooks in high school.  I got schooled in the production game shortly after that by a couple of cats from my hometown, Gee Pierce and Don Q.  Those boys are as good as they get; great talent, great minds and great hearts.  They taught me a lot and helped me take my skills to another level.  I’ve been flyin’ ever since.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about? 

DANGEROUS D: Anything and everything. Inspiration can come from anywhere whether it’s something that you’ve experienced on a personal level, other artists or something that you might observe from a far.  Whatever the case is, there is always something to write about.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your favorite song to perform and why? 

DANGEROUS D: A song called “B.O.O.M.” off of my first album, Method 2 My Madness.  That one gets the building shakin’ and the crowd rockin’!


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What has surprised you the most in the pursuit of a career in music? 

DANGEROUS D: I’ve been around for a while and have experienced a lot of good and not so good.  Absolutely nothing surprises me anymore.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

DANGEROUS D: Without a doubt the old school pioneers, Run DMC, Whodini, Cool J, P.E. etc. throw in Dr. Dre, Tupac, Biggie, Scarface, Nas and Ice Cube and that’s all that needs to said.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people? 

DANGEROUS D: I am a story teller.  So if you like a good story with an edge, fused with dope beats and a side of low end, then check me out at DANGEROUSDMUSIC.COM.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

DANGEROUS D: I write, produce and mix.  This may sound cliché but I truly believe that I have a sound and style that is all my own. That’s why I strive to create some stuff that hits the listeners from a different angle.  It’s easy to get caught up in writing about the same tired 3 or 4 subjects. I feel like you need to have something a little different to separate you from the herd, even if it’s one or two cuts. I am definitely my own worst critic, so if it sounds good in my head and feels good in my chest I’ll put it out there and let them love it or hate it.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What would you like to see changed in today’s music industry?   

 DANGEROUS D: The internet has made the world a much smaller place and has created countless avenues that didn’t exist 10-15 years ago for independent artists.  One of the downsides to that is over saturation and that’s one of the biggest factors that stand in the way of getting heard.  It’s all good though, if you believe in yourself, work hard and make good music they will eventually hear you.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects that you are currently working on?

DANGEROUS D: I am currently working on a new album titled DIGITAL IMMORTALITY.  I am shooting for a November or December release time frame.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

DANGEROUS D: I will keep pushing myself to become a better artist, business man and human being.  Also I plan to continue to take full advantage of legitimate opportunities so that maybe one day I will need to do nothing else but music to pay the bills.  And 10 years from now  I hope to still be breathin’.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?










  1. So proud !! Great interview – its going to be really cool to be able to say “I new him when…” Much love going your way!

  2. Dangerous D is the real thing, you can tell by his Article and most his Music. By listening to his work of art (Music) you can tell this man has a passion on what he does to his music. I love that his influence is the old school pioneers, Keep it up “D”. I wish you the best on anything you do in life!

  3. Just got introduced to Dangerous D’s music within the last week, and I gotta say that you can definitely see that he was influenced by older (better, in my opinion) artists. The music is centralized around the lyrics and not the beat or chorus. He tells a story in his music and doesn’t just repeat the same chorus over and over. If you’re looking for a modern old school artist, here he is.

    My brother from another mother. I’ve known this cat for bout 16 years. We’ve torn up the globe from Canada to Jax. FL. to Dallas TX. I wouldn’t have wanted to have done it with anyone else. Love you brother. Proud of you!

  5. You just keep on nailing it brotha…! Was bumpin yo latest thru my KRK’s, bout took the celing down Brah! Gimme MORE!!!!! Ah-hahaha’

  6. All I can say is Dangerous D is the real deal my friends. I been bumpin his music since the first album. My personal favorite is “Sagnasty” but his style and lyrical content is what keeps me hooked. I challenge anyone to find another like him. This man is a workhorse been around for years. Play awwwn playa!

    Big Dad

  7. Dangerous D has been putting out hits for years and it’s crazy to me that the main stream record labels haven’t jumped on his talents. It’s nice to see him get some respect for his skills as an all around artist and I look forward to seeing this dude on stage showcasing the abiilities he has on the mic. D is the real deal and it’s time the world gets a chance to rock out to the tracks he’s putting out. Keep it up bro!! It’s about to blow up and the work you put in is about to explode! Boom!!!

  8. Dangerous not only produces writes and mixes his own music he is also a true entertainer and can rock the mic and the crowd with the best of them! Dangerous is the real deal what you see is what you get he will come without bullshit and tell you like it is. This reflects in his music as I will guarantee you that there will be at minimum one song on every album that you will relate to. I am honored to have known you D for over 20 years and always encourage you to never stop because we are always “good to the last DROP”.

  9. Great article “D”. I really miss doin shows with you “D”; you always rock the house; so much good energy and you know how to use a mic!! LOL Can’t wait to hear the new album. I hope to work with you soon.

  10. Dangerous is the full package; writing, rapping, arranging, and producing. Not too cats can play and mix they own music. Got his last joint and it’s still in the CD player. D style is off the grid; he flows the way he wants to not with rest of the bunch. I believe he is the catalyst for change in the hip hop industry; We want the change, here it is.

  11. I have known Dangerous for a couple of years now and have discovered that he TRULY has the passion and dedication for hard work that the industry requires. It’s just a matter of time before someone really discovers his talent and brings back the old school hip hop that a lot of my generation grew up on. Dangerous, keep up the dedication, someone will discover the talent!!

  12. Dangerous D is tha TRUTH!!!!!! Keep doing your thang your way homie!!! You know me and Funky Frank will always have your back!!!!! TCT and Dangerous D representing Sag Town to tha fullest!!!!!!

  13. I had the pleasure of working with D back in the day in Saginaw. The one thing people should know about him is he is the real deal. He’s not just saying what he thinks will sell, or what’s hot right now. He channels his own experiences, his own beliefs, his own views of the world. So when you listen to his lyrics you’re getting a true picture of the man behind the words. He is genuine. His honesty is refreshing. And his beats are FUNKY!!!!! God speed my brother’s brother.

  14. Loved the interview. Gives you the insight to the man and shows his outlook on life and why he is the REAL DEAL!! Picked up on Dangerous D a few years ago and I’m HOOKED!!! The man has the tools and the talent. A lyrical master and has sick dedication, drive, passion….. Love his new stuff and heard his old stuff from the Saginaw days and that is dope too. Keep rockin’ it D…the world will catch on to you some day.

  15. Dangerous D is a great producer because he creates his own music, not only does he write, he’s always thinking outside the box when it comes to his sound, his vocals and his lyrics. He is the real deal.

  16. I met Dangerous a few years back and have had the great pleasure getting to know him personally and I won’t hesitate to say he is a true class act. It became evident to me that he had a unique talent by being able to master the trifecta! I enjoyed the interview D, you stay true to yourself and I’m glad to be able to say that I know you! Keep doing your thing and pursuing the dream! Stay hustling and god bless! Look forward to your bright future.

  17. Hey “D”, How many music awards did you win in good ole Sagnasty? I went to all of them and I lost count. Never missed one of your concerts, either. I’m a fan and have been for many years! You are awesome, dude. Shoulda been a star long ago. Your music and lyrics are from your creative mind and you are second to NONE! Love the interview, too. Go get em “D.”

  18. Dangerous bro, you one the most creative cats I know.. Writtting and producing.. One package in all… Stay with! Chuck and nem!!!!

  19. Dangerous bro, you one the most creative cats I know.. Writtting and producing.. One package in all… Stay with it! Chuck and nem!!!! Me and boo will polish up our moves…lmao!!! Then we can head up to Ferris State….

  20. My brother keep doing wat u do 2 make it happen. U no how to keep it real & 2 da streets so MF those dat don’t because plenty of us are moving to ur flow!!!!!!!

  21. Soo proud of this guy! Dangerous D and I were introduced through work and I must say, not only is he a committed and hard worker, he is a reliable friend! He showed me around the facility and taught me all the do’s and dont’s.

    He has tons of life experience and is always telling a real story which comes out In his music. Dangerous is the real deal, he’s not writing lyrics about imaginary situations, he’s lived them which is why they’re so vivid. I’ve learned some life lessons from this guy!

    Best of luck to my boy D, I know you’re going to kill it!

  22. Dangerous is the hardest working rap artist i know..Before there was any real diversity in da rap game there was Dangerous dropping real official jewels letting these so call artist know he was the real deal.. Not only he is creative with the pen and pad..he’s also a certified producer and beat monster..D has been on the home front for years and proven his loyalty to da game and he is definitely a star in my book..Much luv homie!!!!!

  23. “B.O.O.M.” is still one of my favourite jams of all time. Powerful, potent, flavorful…and that damned bass.

    Go get it. Seriously…and if U need some homestate flavour on your next joint, U know I got U….

  24. one of a kind music. each album has been a step ahead of artist in a similar category. solid and relatable lyrics make anyone a fan. all the luck in your future success. you truly deserve it

  25. Well not sure where to start I’ve known Dangerous D for some time hearing hits from the beginning that never made it to storage even for memories. I’ve had the opportunity to witness many hours and years to know he is the real deal master artist in the works. Dangerous D’s music is top level it has evolved to a product that millions can enjoy and relate to.
    Keep rocken “D”

  26. Dangerous D i undoubtedly the best kept secret in hip hop in my opinion. He has cuts on every album that coulc and should get mainstream airplay. Rhymes are tight and like he says, tell a story. To top it off, D is a good cat, and humble. Not your average MC. No reason he shouldnt be rising! Good luck brotha!……Kev

  27. What’s up, brother (in law)? Hehe. Man it’s so awesome to see you getting the recognition that you deserve. Props to ya brother! We can’t wait to see you hit the big time. Your hard work, choice lyrics and mixing are reaching new heights every time I turn around. Keep it up brother. We love you.

  28. I have been listening to D since his first CD. He always has something to say so listen up! Drop the B.O.O.M. on them D and watch them scatter like cockroaches!

  29. Dangerous D is one of the most hardest working and talented people I know. You truly tell a story in your music. Keep doing your thing brother. You deserve all the praise your getting. Keep bringing the BOOM! Down on them. Proud of you brother! Proud to call you a friend.

  30. Love the tunes… I rotate through all D’s CD’s on my drive to work every morning. Wakes me up and gets me pumped for the day! Can’t wait for the next one!! Get ’em player!! 😉

  31. Dangerous mutha funkin’ D. Since 1995 Ive been down with the Roach. Always can count on them deep heavy basslines and rich content flows. Heart of the south,and mid michigan hip hop. I give him 5 out of 5 crack rocks! Classic. #Thevillan

  32. Dangerous D…”hammer-man”..’yo ‘da man my man! Love ‘yo music and ‘yo hip hop rapping pretty head too bro! Seriously, I know it’s just a matter of time fo ‘yo hits the big time way down there on that lake in SC. Yours is a real talent….keep mixing the tunes, putting down the words and keeping everybody humping and jumping! I wish you nothing but the best!!!!!

  33. Dude, you got what it takes. I don’t know anyone who works as hard as you do. Keep it up “D”. Remember “In The Rain?” My fav. Nice interview, too!

  34. from the rails of Ike to now my friend to my best man keep puttin tha sh*t we’ll keep pickin it up your music is tight as it was sittin in the skylark proud of you keep provin em wrong

  35. This has been a long time coming and thanks for sharing this page!

    D, your music brings back some great memories of mine, when my brother and I use to cruise around thumping a basstube in his Camaro with TSW trophies. Put the detachable face, back in the case…

    Ahhh, the good ole days!

    Your album has been on repeat in my CD player since you sent it to me. It is that freakin’ good! Keep up the fresh beats and fly, but clever lyrics.

  36. Playa, playa,playa, playa, playa, playa, playa, playa, playa, nice article. Send me that first cut off of the new joint and I’ll spin the sh%$ out of it!

  37. My partner in crime.. One of the best artist out here.The music is dope and lyrics str8 to point…A true fan from day one…. -M.N.S. Ahmad

  38. Dangerous D- what can I say my brother? I expect nothing but greatness from you. From that very first lyric I was hooked and I haven’t stopped listening since. Let the good lord treat you like an “only child” my man. If you should ever bring it through the Dallas area, you know who to call… It’s “D town!” It already has your name all over it! (Darin Baker- lead vocalist for Kiss Me Kill Me)

    • I really appreciate it Darin, you guys are a fantastic talent and are in a zone all of your own. Amazing originality, I love the styles man. I will without a doubt hit you up not if but when I get back to D town!

  39. Love your music and love your style, I’m a fan for life Dangerous! I wish you nothing but the best with your music and in life.

  40. I’m waiting on that next show D, when are you guys coming back up this way? Is Malik still down with you, you guys put on a dope show. Let me know man. Oh, and nice interview too bro.

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