Say J is a witty lyricist, business minded, motivated individual from Carson City, NV. He is the creator and owner of Bossta Nation, He is a leader, a role model and a positive influence on the community. With Bossta Nation, He plans to change the path of music by introducing an unheard sound with a mixture of old school dance type beats, new age flow, and a work ethic rarely seen. In the years to come you can bet you’ll see him as a major factor in the industry setting trends and breaking barriers along the way!

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

SAY J: I am from Carson City, NV. Born and raised!

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

SAY J: Well growing up my father was into old school rock and roll and my mom was into disco. I soaked up more of the disco side of music although I did play guitar for a couple years, I gave it up to write lyrics. Other than guitar, I haven’t played any other instruments but I’ve always had an ear for good music. I’ve been writing and recording my own music for about 10 years now. I’ve done live shows from Los Angeles, CA at Whiskey A Go Go to Oregon and Wisconsin. I’ve performed at multiple fashion shows and opened for numerous big name artists such as Afroman, Keak Da Sneak and Luckyiam. I have also headlined for local shows that have sold out. I live music 24/7 and this is my passion.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

SAY J: I record and release my own music because I create the music that I would want to hear. I use my real life situations to make the music to help my fans going through the same situations. There’s no other feeling like listening to a song that you have produced yourself and hearing the feed back from someone who can relate to it. I’ve done a lot of things such as sports to different jobs and nothing comes close.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

SAY J: My songs contain a variety of material ranging from every day situations, motivational phrases, political issues, all the way to made up scenarios, party music and witty punch lines. I like to touch personal issues because that’s when people can actually relate and feel what you’re trying to get across. I also like to make that feel good music so people can have something to listen to while also having a good time. Basically the one overall meaning to all my songs is to just stay positive an lead a happy life!

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who is your fan base directed towards?

SAY J: I like to think my music is directed towards modern hippies, in other words people who still find happiness and peace for humanity. I find a lot of people in the medical marijuana community enjoy my music which is perfect timing because of the boom of the medical cannabis industry. I find my music is mostly aimed at people in the 14 to 24 age range.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

SAY J: A lot of my musical influences are Bay Area artists such as Mac Dre, Andre Nickatina and Equipto. I also find a lot of inspiration from a lot of old school bands like KC And The Sunshine Band, Elton John and Kool and the Gang. I really pull my influences from anything that can make my head rock.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

SAY J: I describe my music as hippy hop. Hippy Hop is that feel good music that you can listen to at any time of the day. My music is the type of music that can change your mood from down to up in the first 30 seconds of listening. It has an old school feel with a new age vibe that has an unmatched sound to it. My music is completely original and something that is definitely missing from our industry.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

SAY J: My work ethic is among some of the top things that make me stand out from other artists in the industry. My networking skills, my social skills and my newly found sound are all also large factors in me being a unique and original artist. I’m extremely marketable and have proved so by continuing and supporting my musical career as an independent artist traveling out of state an gaining new fans by the day.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

SAY J: I currently have two new mix tapes both set to release in September 2014. I have a music video in process and currently in negotiation with shows in Washington State. I always have songs I am working on. I put out a lot of music!

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

SAY J: My career goal is ultimately becoming a major factor in the music industry. In 10 years I definitely see myself making music professionally following my dreams in making a brand for my music. I see myself making a big name and building a career I can live off of for a lifetime. In ten years I will have multiple albums out, countless videos an mix tapes, an I will have traveled the world by then. The work never stops but it’s not work if you love it.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

SAY J: My fans can get a hold of me on all major social networking sites. Facebook.com/therealsayj Twitter @therealsayj Instagram @therealsayj Soundcloud.com/therealsayj Reverbnation.com/sayj Youtube.com/poormanent Bosstanation.net and my email sayjbooking@gmail.com You can get my latest album “Worth The Wait” on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify an many more online distributors!










  1. One of the hardest working artists in the scene! I’ve watched this kid grow as an artist over the past few years and it’s amazing to see such a progression. This is his whole life and i’m proud of what he has become. It’s only up from here! Bossta is the Nation!

  2. This guy is amazing! Lyrics are dope and he throws those positive vibe out there for everyone. Need to see you him in Colorado soon! We dont have anyone like him out here!

  3. Awesome new sound it’s good to finally hear someone that has a sound that’s not mimicked by everyone else this stuff is new and killer

  4. Say J is really awesome. He’s a hard worker and his music is definitely uplifting and makes my mood change as soon as it comes on!

  5. SAYJ’s music is totally original and very uplifting!! It’s amazing how many songs he puts out on a regular basis! Just shows how hard he works at it with so much dedication, passion and love for music! He’s truly inspirational!!

  6. I’ve had the pleasure of going to a few of his shows and alls I got to say is………………. Always a dope time. And it’s nice to see someone work hard for what they want.

  7. I don’t have a specific “type” of music I like, I’m all about lyrics. Say J has mastered the combo of good beats with lyrics that mean something and it really does just put you in a good mood. I’m not just a fan of his music, but also the whole idea behind “bossta” and the lifestyle. There’s no doubt in my mind he will make it big.

  8. This article is on point. His music and His movement are on the rise. Very few artists are able to acquire the fan base and respect Say J has just in the last year. He is adored and his music is addicting. Completely original and unmatched. I would say the biggest uphill battle Say J has is his originality. He goes so far beyond the basic, repeated music you hear on the radio. People want what he’s offering…they just don’t know it yet. All of the music is so funky fresh with lyrics that actually have meaning. It’s refreshing and exactly what the music industry needs. He offers more than music…but an entire movement that is worth joining. And his uncommon humbleness alone will win you over. An article well deserved.

  9. Keep up the hard work bro! Your beats are one of a kind, that makes you stand out above the rest. Its awesome to see all your hard work coming together and putting you where you want to be with your career!!

  10. Say J is one of the most listen too in my soundtrack, his metaphors are unreal and he continues to bring better music up every time! Most def has people turning there heads, its nice to actually have a rapper with peace and prosperity

  11. I listen to all types of music, and its nice to listen to a fresh hip-hop/rap artist that not the same ol shit! His beats and lyrics are a nice change of pace!!

  12. Salute to some true talent, always dope music put out by SayJ. It’s great to see he’s getting more recognition for the quality of music and starting a whole movement out there. #bossta is definitely doing it big!

  13. I’ve know josh for a few years and seen him grow in many ways he’s going to be huge some day he inspires me!! He wanted something and fought to get where he is today its nice to see someone get some where in this small curropt town that we live in! Keep it up josh you kick ass

  14. This dude rocks! Always have love from the sticks. Like others have said his message, sayings, general demeanor all positive. “worry free living” booya! He has alot to say, keep speaking it man! Big up’s!

  15. I love listening to Say J’s music, it’s so refreshing! It really is feel good music with logical thought, heart and intelligence behind it. His lyrics bring a whole new light to the industry. For the industry’s sake, I can’t wait to see Say J become an international name performing for millions! For real!!

  16. Say J is one of the most dedicated artists I’ve had the pleasure of coming upon. Watching him grow into selling out shows and running his own business has been jaw dropping to me. Although I don’t personally know him, I can tell this guys got mad potential! Bossta!

  17. THIS guy right here!! I’ve been following Say J on Instagram for awhile now and when I checked out his stuff on BosstaNation … I was AMAZED! I love all kinds of music and I believe lyrics are a huge part of really makes or breaks a song. Say J’s lyrics are REAL and dynamic. I think that’s what we need more of in this world… People that are real. You can tell that’s what he’s about and I respect that! I had to listen to his music all day when I first heard it. Haha… ‘Repeat’.. ‘repeat’.. no lie! I love the mix of beats, lyrics and originality he puts into his work. I feel what he’s saying, on the real. I’m a fan all the way Say J!! Do your damn thing!!!!

  18. We have enjoyed SayJ’s performances and the crowds always go wild to his beats. Kid’s got raw talent. Whoever picks him up will be the winner!

  19. Totally stoked on Say J’s new tape dropping soon! His lyrics are on point and catchy as fuck. Maui could use a good show, don’t forget to stop here when you’re touring the world one day!!

  20. Say J music is AMAZING like no other! Great new sound and lyrics. His Hip Hop music is something everyone can listen to! Looking forward to more from Say J!

  21. Watched him go from 19 years old putting all his heart and soul into his lyrics to being a man now and killen it on the mic! His lyrics are on point and hit home to a lot of us. I think everyone can relate to atleast one or more of his songs. Keep doin what you do and never give up! Big things are comin your way sexy 😉 so don’t let yourself get down. Rome wasn’t built in a day 😉

  22. Say j is great, he writes some sick rhymes and raps about what’s good. My advice is take interest in him! You won’t regret it, I forsure didn’t

  23. SAY J and the whole Bossta Family are amazing. I’ve seen him perform live and the energy is insane! It is great to see some locals following their dreams and making ish happen. Much love for Say J and the Bossta movement!

  24. Say J is the man! I can’t go anywhere without bumpin his music. The rhymes are on point, killer beats and smooth flow. The hard work and dedication he shows is outstanding. Keep it up brotha man, you’re doing great!

  25. Say J always puts me in a good mood and he is a very dedicated young man who definately enjoys what he does you can hear it in every song. Keep it up Say J

  26. As a model and a business professional that has worked with SAY J on a few projects, I have nothing but great things to say about this artist! He is extremely hard working, talented, and humble! Looking forward to seeing him climb all the way to the top!

  27. This kid has really made a name for himself. He works hard and comes up with the most original, motivational, dopest tracks!! I can never get enough!! Keep at it, man!!! You’re goin’ places!!!

  28. Josh Berry aka Say J is one of the most hard dedicated workers in the 775. His music is great. He always listens to his fans and always makes upgrades to his music.

  29. The perfect example/product of Hard work & determination, many hours in the studio, would be Say J the mastermind behind Bo$$ta Nation love the beats keep that shit coming!

  30. SayJ is a fantastic musician. His hippy hop style gets the day going and ends the day on a great vibe. Love the type of music he produces. Its fantastic to see him get the recognition of a rising star in the industry. Keep it real SayJ and you will go far. Can’t wait for your new stuff to drop.

  31. Say J is a great new artist. He shows a lot of passion for what he does. Say J is putting Reno on the map for hip-hop artists. He’s making a name for our little town. 🙂

  32. I started following Josh when he was right out of high school… It has been incredible to see his music advance. His drive and passion for music is out of this world. Not to mention.. His lyrical content is on point.

  33. Josh has been a homie for years, been watching him put some hardcore dedication Into what he loves! The kids music flows, it’s actually lerical and not a bunch of bullshit.. It’s nice to hear some clean music for once

  34. Say J has got something new and special going on, his stuff isn’t something you’ve heard before! Kid has a talented head on his shoulders, it can only get better from here!

  35. It is a very hard working man. I was around him before any of this started and i can tell you that music has been his passion his whole life. He has a lot of support from his fans and we hope to see him make it big soon!!!!

  36. I met Say J in Wisconsin Dells, Wi with all of Bossta Nation they were very respectful and professional. He was a very funny outgoing guy has his head on straight knows what he wants and will put in the time and wont stop til he makes himself know and Bossta Nation a top of the line business I was blessed to meet him and the members of Bossta Nation! He’s is looking to change the way people see rap music and even started a clothing line which to me is awesome I hope he never stops til he reaches his goal.,

  37. I have been following Say J since he first start B Nation and he has not slowed down one bit. He’s one of the reasons I gotta go so hard so I can keep up with his work ethic! Someone needs to sign this dude ASAP!

  38. Say j is a good rapper and I know him personally and he is always there for me as well as the bossta crew.He is forsure at the top of my list and I lising to his music every single day!And he also inspired me to start rapping and chase my dream as I am right now.Thanks say J!Keep up the work!

  39. Say J is a brand in himself. With a unique rap style ranging from party music to real life relatable shit, he has a sound made for anyone. He is devoted to making his brand so unique and has the work ethic to do so. Between casting models and hosting his fashion line on the cat walk by day and putting together music video productions and shows at night, he has gained so many followers and supporters that truly believe in what he has to offer. His life is oriented around the whole scene with a professional but easy going dameanor. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is one of the biggest names to come out of Reno. Bossta is the revolution, and he is the captain.

  40. This guy knows what he wants and how to make it happen. I was lucky enough to catch his show in Wisconsin, so dope! There is no doubt in my mind he is living his dream and proves that anyone can do the same if you follow your passion. Big props to Say J for all the hard work he’s done, be sure to follow this guy and what he has planned next. You won’t want to miss a thing. Reppin Bossta from the Midwest all day, every day!

  41. When I was in the hospital for my shark bite he is all I listened to and watched all of his video he’s a good ass rapper 10x better then lil Wayne and wiz khalifia

  42. Send the Bossta Crew to Marquette Michigan! Bring the bossta beauties too, IT’LL BE A BOSSTA BASH! make a wish come true one time, bring the noise!

    Pleases n thank yous ten fold

  43. Say J is a daily artist in my life. I listen to his music everyday because you can hear his passion in his lyrics. I love his music and I love what he stands for. I have mad respect for him!

  44. Say J is the shit!! Definitely an all around good guy who is not only talented, but motivated to be the best. He not only obtained his degree, but also did it with honors at MMI in Arizona. Cant wait for him to go on tour in the SW!!!

  45. Say J is the s***! He is an all around good guy, and very motivated! Not only did he get his degree at MMI but did it with honors. I can’t wait until he does a tour of the SW!

  46. Say J’s got it goin’ on! LOVE his lyrics and his energy. He’s stayed true to his Carson roots and his determination will make him a success! No “flash in the pan” here… Solid Talent!

  47. So good to see some focus on such an awesome and talented person! Say J def. has skill and his outgoing personality and positive energy is contagious!

  48. Say J is the man….he is business oriented and he is paving the way for Reno artists. I am trying to get his music out here in Sacramento he deserves to be spreading out !!!! Support and showing love !

    Come to sac!


  49. Always listen to j tunes when im viibin in the car or winding down after a long day, but he has tunes that will start the party too. Cool homie and fam, pleasure to have made some music with him amd psyched to continue to see his growth as an artist. Guy does it all and its only up from here. Bossta.

  50. Bruh!!!! Say J please come to Nashville TN. You are the best. Your smokes. YOUr music, everything. You make me happy and I wanna be you bro!

  51. Say J is most definitely one of a kind. People can relate to his music, and his songs never get old. I can literally listen to it all day every day..only music on my playlists. He’s also so very humble and actually connects with his fans. He’s not “too good” to reply to his fans. He started an amazing movement “Bossta Nation”. I support Say J & the Bossta movement!! Very very loyal fan, can’t wait for music from him! He’s going to make it far in the music industry.

  52. First off, I absolutely love his musik. He is a lyrical genius and I do love the fact I can relate to his musik as well. There has been times listening to his flows and beats has helped me get motivated to overcome the odds. Josh you are amazing at what you do. I can’t wait to see what all you cam accomplish bc I know you won’t stop till the world is yours.
    Keep making musik and I’ll always keep listening.
    Always a fan
    Queen White Owl.

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