David Dewayne Bins Jr aka “The Benz aka” is a lyricist hailing from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Talented and passionate about music, The Benz Aka knew he was destined to be a star at a very young age. Armed with spit-fire wordplay, smooth delivery, and a knockout flow, The Benz Aka is on his way to becoming a dominant force in the hip hop world.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

THE BENZ AKA:  I am from Chattanooga, Tennessee.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

THE BENZ AKA: I have been involved with music since the 6th grade. By the time I graduated, I had 10 instruments under my belt. My family was very religious, and I wasn’t allowed to listen to hip hop growing up. It wasn’t until I did a class project for black history month where I had to perform Biggie Small’s smash hit “Big Poppa” the audience reacted as if it was my song. Since then I’ve have been rapping and performing looking to make a career out of it.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

THE BENZ AKA: My songs are about life through my eyes, expressed through lyrics to capture my audience. My songs are diverse, but not on purpose. It’s just the way I view music that makes my music extremely different and unique.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your favorite song to perform and why?

THE BENZ AKA: Get Out My Lane (produced by Twan beat maker the hit maker). The reason I like performing this song is because of the energy I can feed to my fans and they give it back with much love. It’s a very crowd involving song.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What has surprised you the most in the pursuit of a career in music?  

THE BENZ AKA: The love and hate that comes along with being a great artist business and talent wise. The love from the crowd/fans is unbelievable at times. I light up inside, and I want to give them more and more. The hate from people is the fuel to make more people hate which will lead to word of mouth promotion. Thanks to my fans both with me and against me.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

THE BENZ AKA: My father, David Bins Sr, Ludacris ,Slim Shady Biggie Smalls.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

THE BENZ AKA: My music is lyrical, universal hip hop, diverse, refreshing. I create a new wave of music, that has never been heard before.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

THE BENZ AKA: I have more to offer than today’s (Monkey see monkey do) rappers have to offer. 95% of today’s artists have nothing to talk about, no storylines, and no since of history about hip hop. I bring new emotions, new sound, new world order with my voice. I was born with my artist name. I believe I was destined to provide hip hop with nutrients through my music.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What would you like to see changed in today’s music industry?  

THE BENZ AKA: The allowance of wack rappers and clowns with microphones. I want to see hip hop flourish back into the beautiful voluptuous women she use to be and not this t.h.o.t. waiting on the next rapper with a mic. Hip hop had standards. I would love to see her change back.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects that you are currently working on?  

THE BENZ AKA: I’m currently working on my 2nd album “Fear The Reaper,” and it will be released spring 2015. I’m working my 1st mixtape called (U.S.B) The United States Of Benz. I’m also doing a nationwide tour called the “Get Out My Lane” Tour.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  

THE BENZ AKA: My goals are to sell myself as a brand and product. This will allow me to make a profit and garner respect and relevance for myself. My goal is to leave an empire for my daughter “Taliyah Bins” so she doesn’t have to struggle in life as much I did. I see my self the CEO of a major record label. I see myself walking through my office looking at the gold and platinum records on the wall. I see a legacy of great music I’ve created for the masses for years to come.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

THE BENZ AKA: All my fans can reach me at these sites   Email: thebenzaka@icloud.com

www.thebenzaka.com  www.reverbnation.com/thebenzaka www.twitter.com/thebenzaka www.Instagram.com/thebenzaka www.facebook.com/thebenzaka423 www.Pinterest.com/thebenzaka











  1. His music is live as hell. I listen on reverbnation all the time. I downloaded “TWERK machine” off iTunes so I listen to his music all day. It’s true he is a lyrical genius. I also love his song about his daughter “Taliyah’s Song” it shows that he can effect human emotion with his music. We love him

    • I have never seen a person so passionate about his music. To be great at something, a person must have a passion that suffice anything else in life. Benz passion for music will help hip hop evolve into new dynamics.

  2. Much love to our CEO, he has been going hard
    All his career leading us to the top. One dog one bone, what we leave by what we die by.

  3. This was my first time listing to The Benz music, and I must say he’s vulgar but his lyrics is undeniable. He said “if you wanna be my lady is only one that I ask you gotta be like comcast you gotta give head on demand” that’s crazy. Big thumbs up to him I want to hear more.

  4. He has change the way I look at hiphop..
    His music saids alot and now I understand
    Thanks to The Benz aka..for putting out music
    That I can enjoy.

  5. Much love to my big brother
    I love what your doing with your music and our family name. You deserve it Keep grinding bruh

    -one dog one bone

  6. Best to you Benz… making it real and keeping it fresh. It shouldn’t be too long until you are the new standard others are judged by.

  7. Love every song I’ve heard. Always been about music since. 6th grade band class lol keep making hits and work your way to the top one dog one bone

  8. Luv it and him
    I absolutely luv the fact there’s a hip hop artist out there that has many dimensions to his music. “Butting your lip” is my fav and “things change made me think of my family that past away. I luv u Benz.

  9. Nice article
    direct and straight to the point
    and i really like the song “goodbye”
    i always got haters in my face.
    keep doing it big homie

  10. The Benz is one of my top five favorite rappers coming outta Chattanooga, Tn.. he always surprises me with his music and is a pleasure to work with man. He keeps us our toes. “Get Out My Lane” is my favorite. #Salute #ChattMusic

  11. Benz you’re not just Tennessee’s biggest star. America’s Next big thing is hitting it all across the country and the web. And it’s you all the way brother. Don’t stop and when they try to make you, give em no apologies and tell em get out my lane. If they got a problem with this. …send em my way. Take it to the top bro. Show em how it’s done.

  12. I like seeing the hard work Benz puts in… and also seeing him acquire success step by step through his efforts and those of his manager/Father…. andddd I’m ready to see you show off at the Costume Ball before Halloween… #SALUTE

  13. I can see the hustle… “Get Out My Lane” and “Get It Done” are dope tracks! The flow on “Get It Done” is nice… I’m trying to network with artist all over the world, so I would love to work with you…

    Also, check out my article and music. Leave me feedback on what you think about both… I’m open to any questions, comments, or concern… It’s greatly appreciated!


  14. So you never listened to hip hop growing up
    Wow to have lyrics like yours you could never tell. My favorite song is “dare me to drive” it’s crazy

    • I was feeling a sense of joy and adventure. Taliyah is my first and only child it was great to express my feelings as a new father. When she was born she didn’t cry, she looked directly in my eyes. Right then her presence unlocked a lyrical master.

  15. The Benz music is great, had a good time workin on my single “Retribution” featuring the Benz off my sophomore mixtape By Any Means, great energetic, live talented artist. Can’t wait until the next project.
    Much Love From All The Way Out Philly!
    – Stizz Raw

  16. Things Change is real hip hop
    And it has a message behind it.
    I can feel the pain in your words and the lyrical onslaught you put threw out the track was very good

  17. Wow watching from where he was to now is a huge transformation! Twerk machine is my favorite song! When he blows up its going to put real lyricists on the map and not these repetitive artist. Big ups Benz

  18. This guy… Dude has been at it ever since I met him in 04! It’s been great to hear and see his evolution as an artist. Get em brown!

  19. Spring 2015
    I call my alias ” Da Bald Head Grim Reaper”
    Because I was in a cypher in Atlanta and I was in the zone, it was just coming to me. I had a black polo hoodie on and when I stopped rapping someone yelled “dat n—a da reaper, he killed dat $h-t”.
    The reaper has no hair, I have no hair lol,
    It was simple.

  20. A bizness man 4 sho
    He up early
    Grinding I see he has been talking to other people too. He is not playing around.
    Go Benz go
    I saw that in a earlier post I just had to say it

  21. You know, just finished listening to Twerk Machine, a couple of times actually.
    Lol.. And thought it was awesome.
    Keep it up.

  22. The Benz aka is the Zeus Of hip hop
    Outstanding music!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have never listen to rap and liked it before
    Add me as apart of Benz nation

  23. Don’t worry, you doing awesome without the full support of your city, we got ya back here in Nevada. We are Benznation keep moving forward

  24. You must look past your city now
    You are be looked at by the world
    And your music has meaning behind it.
    Stay focused your almost there

  25. Hi! I’m searchin for somethin new and fresh on industry all access and Twerk machine one of the best I found recently. I’m glad to be your fan.

  26. Do you know who I am lol google my name
    Just showing some love you been blowing my twitter up Benz keep grinding hunny

  27. YOU got all what it takes to reach a stardom. Keep working hard and stay humble.
    Your message deserves to be heard across the earth and You’ll HAVE my support ALWAYZ! it’s all about loyalty to your music and your fans!
    stay true like you ol’ready do

  28. The benz has got to be one of the best and most serious artists I have worked with in my producing career it is always a pleasure to have him on board 100% when we drop a new single TWERK MACHINE was a huge success from the time he heard the beat he knew what was going to be layed out on it from the start… not to mention we also gave the streets of Chattanooga the radio smash played all over the 423 “THIS IS CHATT-TOWN” and so to have him on my beats is an honor simply because of his lyrical content and his ability to hit you with constant punchlines and with wordplay like that he is a rising force that will hit the major industry by storm.

  29. hey i never thought i will come across such a great masterpiece here on industry all access, i have to admit a new talent on the rise.
    i’m so tired of the same old melodies and you’re like a breath of fresh air.

  30. “Get it done” is cray lyrical “broke girls can’t touch me they might to bum bump me, what’s them two fingers for?” CRAZY!!!! Mixing in kelvin hart it’s was great

  31. Oh my! All the songs are great depending on what exactly you like. I love how every song is different and thats what got me addicted.

  32. I fucking swear your music is better then
    wiz khalifa’s i love “TWERK machine”
    but your “Get Out My Lane” wins

  33. Hey!!!

    Listened to Things Change and already loved this one, it was just wow such emotion.
    So glad you can write stuff like this. One of my favorites and I’m glad you are still around.

  34. Woho!!! You know about Get out my lane, I want to hear this great song again and again!
    THAT’S AWESOME! AND… i love that song

  35. Hi!
    I just heard your Things Change and I think it’s going to be a major hit if you play it on a national level.
    You deserve much more popularity for sure! Fingers crossed!

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