IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

YOUNG FROSTY: I was born in Knoxville, “Gunzone” ( which is the eastside in Knoxville) Tennessee where I have spent most of my life. I also lived in San Diego and Murrieta CA. with my father on and off. I think seeing both views of life in two completely different states effects my music and some of the choices I’ve made in my life. Knoxville was a lot slower and more calm being that we’re in the south where things tend to be more tradition. California is more of a in your face, can you keep up with us type of place, but I love them both.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

YOUNG FROSTY: I wrote my very first rap was for a summer program when I was 12. I kind of stole the melody from the Knoxville Zoo theme song at the time, but other then that it was very original. I then continued with battle rapping in high school in California. There were battles everyday and I finally grew the courage to rap in my first battle. I was a good battle rapper, but not the best. I got a little bit big headed after winning a couple of battles. I lost greatly to a guy who had been rapping a lot longer then me. That was motivation to get better and practice my craft more. I was then involved with a group called “Goonsquad”. We had the opportunity to open up for a lot of big names such as Plies, Jeezy, and Soulja Boy. We also traveled to different states performing. We did a lot of showcases in the Atlanta area, which put us in places where we could be discovered, but we just lacked the knowledge of the promotion side of things. I’ve since learned to focus more on marketing myself and my music.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

YOUNG FROSTY: My music is centered around my life. Everything I rap about, I know about or have experienced in some kind of way. Everything from family and friends, to the world and what is going on around us every day. Someone somewhere will be able to relate to all of my music. I like to make music that hits close to home because that’s the type of music that last through out the years. I also like to touch on things that are happening around me or in my neighborhood because that shows you care about where you come from.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your favorite song to perform and why?

YOUNG FROSTY: I would have to say my favorite song to preform would be “NikeGang” . It always brings the crowd out of their comfort zone and just shows their enthusiasm for my music. You can really see the want and just all around love for the music when I perform this song. I truly saw the power of this song when I opened up for 36 Mafia at club BlackStock. The people there hand no clue who I was, but as soon as the beat dropped and I started performing the song, you would’ve thought it was my show. The song is very interactive and up-tempo. It’s easy to lose yourself in it.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What has surprised you the most in the pursuit of a career in music?

YOUNG FROSTY: Probably the most surprising thing for me is just people over all reactions to my music. I love the feedback and the love people have for my music. When people like, download, share, give feedback its an amazing feeling. It’s a feeling of accomplishment in something that I truly love. Another thing that has also surprised me a lot is how tough it is to get where you want to be in this industry, or even making contact with the right people can be a great challenge. I also have been surprised by how fast you can fall off in the rap game nowadays because of how trendy it’s become. You also can’t limit yourself to one audience because being able to grab the ear of different people could determine your fan base and your record sales.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

YOUNG FROSTY: Tupac would have to be one of my big inspirations, he wrote very influential music that touched the lives of a lot of people including my own. With songs like “Dear Mama” or “All Eyes On Me” he really set the standard for the rap game. Those songs also helped me through life situations I dealt with while growing up in the ghetto and being less fortunate then others around me. It’s nice to have an outlet such as music when life isn’t going as well or as good as you want it too. Rick Ross is another influential person within my music. I like that everything he does isn’t the same. He’s ok with doing different things and trying out new sounds and new things with his music. Also, he’s helped a lot of dreams come true and you can’t do anything but respect a man who has the heart to help someone the same way someone helped him reach his dreams. Plus everybody on his roster eats and gets the right promo for their music. I really like that he cares about his artist and their success just as much as his own. Jay Z would also have to be another person because his music is great. I am really influenced by his business ethic and just how far he has come with his career. He is an amazing example of everything I would like to accomplish in the future. I would love to own a pro basketball team coming straight out of the projects. The success he had with Roc A Fella Records and its clothing line is inspiring because it shows you can do whatever you put your mind too.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

YOUNG FROSTY: I would have to describe my music as a “tool” or maybe an outlet for people. In any situation life might throw at you, you can always “escape” or cope or just all around deal with it with the help of my music. It can comfort you, show you some much needed lessons, uplift your spirits if your down, just provide a sanctuary for you to retreat to when life gets the best of you! My music is from the heart. I don’t make a song if I don’t truly feel passionate about it. I feel it makes it better for the listeners. I feel I have the voice for rap. I feel that when you turn on a song by me you know it’s me right away. My music is for the people. I make songs about things I’ve been through personally, but also things I know others have been through as well. My music can be a voice for the people. I have no problem saying the things you may be suspect or nervous to say yourself. My music will last forever in my eyes in the next best thing.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

YOUNG FROSTY: Just my overall want for more in life! I feel like if I am given the right opportunity with my music I can be one of the best. I can be different. I can do different. I can do anything you throw at me! I’m a very versatile artist with the hunger to succeed, so anything thrown at me I will always put 100% into it. I want to live in the studio because I feel you can always be better then your last song or album. I’m not scared to be me I never feel the need to follow any ones trends or way of life. Standing out or being different is a very important part of my music. I am willing to take risk with my music as well. If I feel that I need to sing I will, or if I need to be aggressive I will. I’ll almost do anything to not be like or sound like anybody else. I want to be the best. I want people to still enjoy my music long after my time is up.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What would you like to see changed in today’s music industry?

YOUNG FROSTY: Really multiple things, but probably the first thing would be more daily life topics. Our world today has gotten to caught up on the whole “money,cars,clothes and hoes” era. I’d like to see that fade out and all of us work together to relate to everyday people. With events such as the Mike Brown shooting or Ebola outbreak, you know that real things are happening in the world. I understand people want to be secure financially, but there are times when you should speak for those who helped push us to that secure place in life. I feel like more unsigned artist should be given the opportunity to prove they have the work ethic and dedication to make it on a larger scale.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects that you are currently working on?

YOUNG FROSTY: My current mixtape is my biggest project right now, it will be called “L.I.F.E” which stands for (L)iving (I)llegally (F)inancially (E)ating this will be my first solo mixtape. Songs from the mixtape have put me in the position I’m in now to do this write up so I think it’s going to be a big success. I’ll also have features on the mixtape from “Triple Threat” and other local artists from my area. We came together with the plan of trying to help one another reach a bigger crowd of listeners. We have two projects in the making “Eastside Life Vol. 1” and “RepoMen”

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

YOUNG FROSTY: My career goal would be on top of billboard! I hope to be a household name to everyone! I want my music to be timeless! I’d also like to be financially stable and maybe even help other upcoming artists make their dream come true like mine. Hopefully I will! I feel like with the proper guidance and the right people in my corner I could be one of the best to ever do it. In 10 years, I want to have a brand I can stand on and a few artists of my own. I would love to win Grammys, MTV, BET, and VIBE, awards. I want to sell millions of records and star in movies and TV shows. I just want to show the world you can come from nothing to something if you just believe and keep God first, anything is possible.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

YOUNG FROSTY: www.Reverbnation.com/youngfrosty


















  1. Man it feels so good to see someone from my side (gunzone) begin to break through the veil and get recognition for something other than crime. The fact it’s a homie makes it even better. I’m in full support! Es up

  2. Yoooooo this is my boy young frosty man your misuc is awesome man coming up from nothing to become everything man wish ya the best of luck I’ll be bumpin your music till the day i die man keep it real

  3. So very proud of my cousin… This shows that dreams do come true.. just have faith young frost because you can only increase from here..

    Your younger cousin Boo loves you!!!!!

  4. Congrats bruh im so proud of u frfr u did it .. Now let’s take it all da way so I kan tell my kids yal Unk/Kuzin is da mane lol I love u frosty now show em how u gt down hard work pays off n bruh u know u go hard so keep up da good work love u

  5. To watch my brother chase his dream and come thus far is a blessing. God is taking you very far and many are upset they weren’t chosen but remain humble and continue to go after what you love!! I love you and beyond proud of you brother ❤❤

  6. I have been watching this young man evolve for years. His music is a tool as he stated in the article. Greatness is in him. He has a hunger for music and an the ability to express it fluently. His life has been peeks and valleys to say the least but music has always been a outlet for him. So in say that I love him and am looking forward to what’s to come.

  7. Soooo PROUD of him! He is going to the top!! God has brought him so far & I know he’s not done with him just yet! Keep faith Frosty!! Your family, friends, & fans believe in you!!

  8. Wow 3 you are truly blessed and using your god giving talent the way you should. I wish you nothing but the best of luck. I can’t wait yo see your name in those frosty lights. Stay hungry and motivated for this and you’ll receive it. Love you boo. Oh and um p.s. you ever need a hair stylist you hit me up…lol much love.

  9. this nigga is lame he sucks ain’t gonna be shit and never will just another nigga from the hood….well that’s what they used to say but look at you know my dude putting in work and it’s finally paying off…it’s gonna be a great day when a nigga from east Knox aka the gunzone finally makes it and why not make fresh out the box frost the first one….1/3 triple threat…black frames…Nike gang…Taylor made Taylor paid signing out

  10. Bd you know I’m so proud that you have came this far from the first day I met you I knew this was your DREAM from the talks we had back then and the time I was at the studio with you and was on one of your songs that day you was so happy and from that day on I felt you was going to be big you have never gave up on your music and I salute you for pushing yourself to make your dreams come true cause a lot of ppl would have been gave up much love from me and Rhianna and Raquel we love you to the fullest and btw Rhianna new favorite song is “money machine” lol every time she hear it she tell everybody that’s my daddy lol……OAN: Whatever big rapper is watching this website you should sign young frosty he has been waiting for this day for so long and he deserve it.

  11. After reading this article and hearing your music , I wish you the best and I hope you become super successful! You are definitely a future star, your sister Waltisha is my best friend and my roommate and she talks about you and your music all the time! Keep striving, and shine on!


  12. Awesome interview!!!!!! I love how real he is. I know this is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see him on top of the Billboards, MTV, BET, and accepting his Grammy. All I’m waiting for now is L.I.F.E!!!!

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  16. This young man has been struggling for years trying to promote himself and his music. He has put in long hours not only in the studio but working and supporting his family as well. He has a huge heart and is always there if you need him. I admire his strength, dedication, passion and motivation. Through all the tough times he has faced he has never lost track of his ambitions and goals. He puts his music aside when he has to focus on family issues, but he is always writing, rapping, and thinking of ways to try and “make it”. Frosty you are a very talented young man. Never lose your drive. I have so much respect and love for you. Keep pushing Nephew. God is good and will see you though. You are already a superstar and hero to so many.

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  24. Son…son…SON!!! Its nothing to say I am PROUD of you…The joy I’ve had from day one I still have on this day. I know the road has been rough for you. But so has a lot of things in your life… But you’ve made it. And that you always will. I just think back to some of things you have humbled yourself and done. Like when you would wait on your Christmas so the younger ones could get something they wanted. How you talked the KUB man into waiting on cutting out our lights and came up with the money. And when you would tell me “Mom when I make it I’m going to buy you a store…and you keep all the dolls you want and just sale the others.” Joe you’ve always had a heart for other people and someone will have the heart for you and sign you just watch GOD. This is your SEASON. Not because I say so…but because GOD say so. Baby I love you with all that’s in me. And no matter what nothing will ever change. Your always and forever MY RAPPER. Now LET’S GET IT

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    #SIGNFROSTY I’ve always respected his music because regardless to what the world is vibing to, frost has always told stories, literally rapping what he’s living and only the real can relate! Front row at every show, I wanna see you grow! you know I can’t say none of this about a lot of other “artists” in our city. Good Luck dude!!

  32. Ur Girl Patrice Showing love and dont let these Haters get to and ts time to get this $$$$ and F*** all the ppl that said u ain going to make it

  33. Like I told you before bro. It’s good to actually listen to a man’s music and know that this dude talking about something that he know about or has experienced. Some rappers making it big off lies, so imagine where the truth will get you. Keep it G. Keep it real. Keep it Joe Blow. Make your kids proud homie. #100

  34. Congrats to you my guy. Hard work and dedication will ALWAYS pay off. Continue to pursue your dream and continue to shock the world. Keep God first and stay hungry…This is just the beginning. Rumble young man rumble!


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  36. I’m so proud of you nephew.. this is just conformation that God is working in your life. No matter what stay strong & humble and let God continue to guide you!!

    Proud Aunt

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  66. When I think of the next successful, mostly music driven, & motivated for a change type individual from my city Knoxville,TN I think of Frosty . simply because when he writes , it connects to many people. Whether you know frosty or not , you can be drawn to the effect, the Realness, and the connection you may feel when you listen to the variations of music that is being presented from this young talented man. Not only is he driven, but he is a Leader for all those who inspire to write and feel as strong as he does when he connects to his music. Real Hip hop is meaningful and catchy and frosty is just that !

  67. Joe is a funny and sweet young man , seeing him strive for better for not only him but for his kids is a big plus ..not to many out here that’s willing to make better choices in life ….chase your dreams the sky is the limit and all things are possible …keep God first ! Good luck while your heading to the top !

  68. I read the entire interview and I will say “Keep Pushing ” Being born and raised in East Knox myself your surroundings and circumstances sometimes deteriorate your vision and the lack of support discourages you. This does not seem to follow you. I am Amazed at the Love you are being showed and it makes me proud that we are able to come together for something and someone positive. Blessings overflowing to you, We wish you well on your endeavors. You make us proud.

  69. Joe, good luck in your pursuit of music. You got a great heart and incredible mind. Your going to go places. Stay humble and keep your head up.

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  71. I admire any young man that cares enough for himself, family, and social injustices to speak about it, write about, and rap about it.

    I pray that he has much success!