IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

HURRA SEASON: My entire family is from New Orleans Louisiana. While pregnant with me my mother ran away from home, New Orleans, with my father to Louisville, Kentucky. I was born in Kentucky a few months later. So part of my childhood years I was back and forth from Louisville to Louisiana. My career started in the city that I reside in now which is Louisville Kentucky the home of Muhammad Ali.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

HURRA SEASON: As a child, I grew up with no friends or family and I witnessed the struggle of my mother raising a child as a single parent. At the age of 12, I began to write short stories about my personal life of what I was going thru. I learned how to turn my stories into rhymes. I wanted to showcase my talent so I performed in talent shows during middle school. By the time I was in high school the word was out that I could rap. I start becoming more popular from rapping and my different sound and delivery at a young age. I met different independent labels in my city, and I became friends with the label Def Shop Record C.E.O ‘Mark Hoosier” A.K.A Def. We started recording songs and selling demos. So as time went by people start demanding the label Def Shop to do local shows around town. I began to open up for top names like Luda, Dj Unk, Missy Elliot, DMX, just to name a few as my name started to grow. My big break came from the song ‘Birthday Anthem’ and still to this day it drives the clubs crazy almost 10 years later.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

HURRA SEASON: I have different songs representing the balance of my life. I have club songs for people who want to go to the club and party and let go and live on the edge for the moment. I also have personal songs that express who I am outside of my career with lots of emotions and feeling. I have female friendly songs for the women so they can relate to my soft side. I have songs about family and friends that I grew up with during my highest and lowest moments. I really love those type of songs. I also have street songs that relates to everyday living as a black male trying to survive in this crazy world. So basically I would say I’m well rounded with my selection of songs.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your favorite song to perform and why?

HURRA SEASON: My favorite song to perform is a song called ‘Day to Day’, The reason being is that this song shows who I am as a person. It shows the other side of the music where people feel like they either can relate to it or they feel like they actually know me. Plus it’s different from the average songs that others will be performing on any giving night.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What has surprised you the most in the pursuit of a career in music?

HURRA SEASON: What has surprised me? One of the things that I’ve learned at a very young age is that there are a lot of untruthful people in this industry who are not in my best interest. Yes, I understand this is a business but it’s some things that make me think twice about entering this Industry. So with that being said what you don’t know can hurt you. Bad management and janky promoters are two of the things that surprised me in the pursuit of my career because I’ve experienced both.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

HURRA SEASON: Growing up I listen to L.L Cool J, Big Daddy Cane, Ghetto Boys, 2pac, Biggie, Scarface, Nas, N.W.A , Snoop, Dr. Dre, Master P, Cash Money just to name a few, but they’ve all showed me different elements that I’ve learned from. For Instants L.L Cool J showed me how to be me and how not to be scared to change it up. N.W.A showed me how to speak my mind when I’m writing and tell it like it is. So did 2pac but these are a few of my personal influences that I still listen to today. All names above are great motivation and examples of leadership to me. There are too many influences to name.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

HURRA SEASON: I feel like my music is fun. It could be hurtful and deep sometimes, but at the end of day my music is my music. Real life that people can relate to it on a day to day basic. My music has lots of feeling and character to it. Sometimes you might catch yourself laughing while listening to certain lines or hooks. So the one word I would use to describe my music is the word entertaining.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

HURRA SEASON: My personality on a record would be one of my best features I would say. The reason I say that is because I feel like the way I am in person is the way I am on wax. My delivery is blunt, my style is Kentucky which would be a new sound for the main stream. I mix my Kentucky sound which is real outgoing and fun. My New Orleans blood line which is wild and aggressive, and that is what creates me. I’m a mixture of both. I dress real simple, but a little flashy at times, but not where you’re scared to come speak but curious about who I am. Another thing, as dangerous as it might sound, but I like to be one on one with my fans. I like being able to go out and communicate with the people who support my brand. I like signing autographs, taking pictures with kids and family.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What would you like to see changed in today’s music industry?

HURRA SEASON: I would like for some of the more wealthy independents create a way to talk to the upcoming generation of musicians. I want them to show the new generations that there’s more to music than drugs and violence. Take it back to the artist development days, and let kids know that it’s ok to talk about school and the things they like without being called square or lame. I would like to see people get more chances and more opportunity without having to pay an arm and leg to showcase their talent. We need more genuine resources.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects that you are currently working on?

HURRA SEASON: Right now I’m finishing up my mix tape series “Err Season Hurra Season: The Winter Edition” with my personal DJ, Dj Slikk, a Official Core Dj. I’ve already released the spring, summer and fall edition from this series . I plan to release the mixtape no later than the end of January. I plan to get back on the road doing one region at a time. I want to continue to create a bigger buzz and fan base for myself. I just recently had a record by the name in rotation on 7 different BDS stations outside my region.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

HURRA SEASON: My career goals are to sell lots of records, merchandise, ringtone, and generate revenue. I want to travel around the world to places I haven’t been. I want to do my own A&R research and recruit my own talent in different genre. Once I become a household name and wealthy I want to open up after school programs for teens. I want to have my team sit down and see what we can do to make their lives better and show them that dreams come true. I want to open and operate some type of housing for Ex-Cons who don’t stand a chance in today society. So in Ten years I see myself being a major influence in thousands of people’s lives maybe millions and being the leader of change.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

HURRA SEASON: Facebook/Hurraseason Twitter/Hurraseason IG/Hurraseason Youtube/Hurraseason


All my sites are operating by me so you will be communicating with me when you search, chat, or network. I use the internet for entertainment and business so when I say “Err Season is Hurra Season” I mean that. #weworking














  1. Man being one of the artist in my hometown I be watched and look up to you are well respected keep grinding you motivation for up and comers like me man HSH

  2. The best artist, hustlers,grinders in my city I haven’t heard this dude put out a weak song he need a deal he is what hip-hop is missing

  3. Been rockin wit Hurra since i started Go Getit Entertainment in 2007. Dude IS KENTUCKY HIP-HOP!!! I like a lot of KY artists, but Hurra DEFINITELY the hardest working!!! Keeps the streets pumping with hot music yet humble enough to let the next shine too. #10Hunnit

  4. Keep pushing. Your story is inspiring. Kentucky isn’t given enough credit for a place to find great talent. Kudos to you for getting out there and making things happen.

  5. This was a nice interview. I’ve seen dude perform quite a few times and he puts on a good show. I even got a chance to chat with him once after he performed in Lexington and he seem like a real humble guy. He gave me a cd with the song he performed that night on it… and it was hot… so I downloaded a few his songs from iTunes… he got some word play… definitely better than most of the industry crap on the radio now. Keep working Homie

  6. Best artist in the city been putting out classics for 10+ years my fav songs is birthday anthem who r ya By myself, Etc and can’t forget that classic with Keke Watts

  7. Hurra is by far the hardest working artist period! His music is real and original. His songs offer something that everyone can relate to. Nobody deserves to make it more than Hurra.

  8. I must admit that I had no clue about Hurra’s lyrical swagga. Whenever I feel down, but want something edgy to bring me back up… I just listen to one of my favorite tracks and chill out. I haven’t been a fan of the underground scene here in Louisville, but Hurra is making me take notice and get up to speed. It is refreshing to hear local talent and not have to jump on someone else’s state.

  9. He’s not just a rapper from my city, also from my neighborhood, he’s a real man, A DAMN GOOD DADDY, a tru gogetta by ANY MEANS NO EXADURATION!!! that birthday song hooked me when i was a BABY LOL this local celeb recently became my personal trainer along with many FOR FREE!!! i’ve seen him load up party buses n hit the road for a show erthang on him he’s just one hunnit! What he raps about aint just talk trust me i’ve been there on several occasions!!! NO IM NOT A GROUPY & I’VE NEVER HAD SEX WITH THIS MAN maybe a friend of mine or two lol i plays but IF U SLEEPING ON MY NIGGA OE TRACK WILL WAKE YO ASS UP

  10. Hurra is not only talented but is very down to earth. Never forgets where hes from, which its important to know and acknowledge your roots. Too many musicians go all “Hollywood” and change once they achieve any level of fame or success, but not him.

  11. If your still sleeping on hurra you need to wake up! He is the definition of what real hip-hop should be! We in da mix! HURRASEASONHOE!! WEWORKING!!!

  12. Besides being A cool,hard working,down to earth,solid dude. He is definately in his OWN LANE very talented and innovating artist, with an abundance of potential. Legend in the making!!! U are gifted my brother!!! I promise you it’s coming!!!

  13. I rock with him on FB n IG. Been up on his music since like 2010. He stay working. Comes off as a cool dude. He has something to say when he spits and I can always dig that.

  14. The only artist i listen to locally from my city i grew up rapping with my brother Dion Lamont Smith (r.i.p.) he always had me listen to his music when i was little, ive always said yeah he go hard uck what they say they haters dude gonna make it plus he serious and been doing it for too long “dream” that song one my favorites “if it wasnt for dreams ill never have a smile on my face”-hurraseason
    When i first met hurra i was a youngin snotty nose. He always been a real and 100 and drop hit after hit keep the clubs jumppin when his music come on. I look up to is movement cause im on the same thing but not there yet im waiting on you to call me bruh for some insight on this mixtape im working on @hurraseason. Fan no doubt to it. Goodluck bruh rs

  15. Hurra is my longtime friend. I am soooo proud of him. He really needs to get to where he should be with his music. He is the man here in Louisville. Keep doing what u doing homie!! My favorite song is the Birthday Anthem!

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  17. No doubt the hardest working man in hip hop in the state of Kentucky!! With the talent nd motivation he possess he will continue to kill the game.

  18. Don’t really know dude personally but I def Salute dude and his HSH movement. Stand up type G.
    Support your good local artists:

  19. Hurra season is were its at if u don’t know him u need to know him he is an all around good person will help you out in any way shape or form keep doing what you do for the city man good work hurra season hoe you know what time it is

  20. I’ve actually been knowing him for well over 13yrs…he’s one of the hardest working men that I know. Hurra is extremely humble, blessed, and one of the positive influences that we do have in Louisville .

  21. Cuz holds it down for da city & da state but always reppin’ da 502 to da heart. Always good to see real people doing real thangs and makin’ real moves keep doin it. One artist in the city who I know really in da city grinding hard for the city on this music and Louisville music will break threw soon and Hurra is just dat cat to do it much respect from #dagreatest to u big homie #weworking

  22. My big bruh is da hardest artist in da city hands down! And been my favorite in da city for years! PLus he flexxed on a few tracks wit me #HSH #SOE

  23. I met you a couple months back in a club named Jt’s. A humble individual and professional. Keep up the good work!!!! #isalute

  24. Great work, love the mix tapes, my kids father has it replay all thee time,keep up the good work, an dreams do come true,I’m real witness to this fact.

  25. He’s the hottest Louisville rapper. He was supposed to perform at my bday party but all was interrupted because of a fight but he surely had everyone pumped for his performance. Keep striving Hurra 🙂

  26. I been rocking dude since high school. Always haf talent and would tare the club up…… Keep gettin it Hurraseason….. We working.

  27. Hurraseason is phenomenal artist he makes the kind of music to have fun with and make a party one OF the best . to artist to artist he has taught me alot i don’t have to entertain violence and use profanity to make the music be a hit i can say he is a inspiration.

  28. Big shout out to Hurra Season, still making moves in music and in the community. I have been rotating his music since I was in High School. I have nothing but love and support for this man, for not only being a innovator in the City of Louisville but an influential member in the community. Taking time out to greet and converse with his supports via social media, I’ve seen his following grow. Which it should because HE’S ALWAYS WORKING. Proud to see him grow and sub-stain his music and way. Keep pushing hope to see you at the top!

  29. As a publicist in the area, I’ve watched and wanted to with Hurra for quite some time. His daily grind and work ethics is unmatched and I can’t wait for Err Season Hurra Season to drop! #weworking #hurraseasonhoe

  30. Big shout out to my homie Hurra Season. He’s a great friend/roll model if u know him.I’ve been rockin Hurra Season music since I was a youngster..
    That “birthday” song goes Hard. I play it every year for my bday, it will never get old. You are a big inspiration towards Louisville’s talent. You make all these niggas wanna stand- up!! I have nothing but Love for u G. Just for the record u are a phenomenal artist and for that I fucks with you dude.. Hurra Season Hoe!!!

  31. Definitely one of the hardest working artists in the industry. Unfortunately had to deal with other’s actions (management) that affected his career, but a very resilient individual. Look forward to what’s next! Continue to look ahead and grind young man grind!!!

  32. OMG! There is not enough room on this page to go in depth on the artist we are dealing with here! I have been a loyal follower of this man since before he was Hurraseason when he was in the Too Big Click. This man has traveled the world with his performances. Not only does his music caters towards any ages but all ethnicities. This man has more recognition and awards than most celebrities who have made it in the industry already! He has not made it yet because God is preparing him for his masterplan! You wait and see this man is headed for greatness!

  33. Mad up’s to the Homie “Season” In this game there isn’t a lot of people with the drive and dedication of this dude. Again mad up for being a positive role model to the community.. Tell them again there are more avenues to greatness than drugs and jackin.. str8 up..

    -put on

  34. After reading this article it just confirmed my opinions on this guy. Real humble person, a straight template of how to handle the spotlight. Everytime I hear a hurraseason song you tune in and by the end of it you can’t do nothing but respect it. Expect nothing but good things from dude cause of the hard work he and his camp put in. #Respect #$alute

  35. This is a man with many arms…! A man that cares about his youth and community. We need more people like this around the world! I salute you! <3

  36. John H he said they THOUGHT he was in a cult cuz he beat his murder case…..please listen carefully….I know Boosie and I kno he ain’t in no illuminati….ppl jus fuck wit him hard….datz why he said he da reason da whole hood ate….if u ain’t from da boot u wouldn’t understand but he ain’t wit dat shit

  37. I expect nothin less from one of the best… Hurra Season got my seal of approval, Real music for real folk… Keep it workin fam

  38. This man is nothing less than phenomenal. There is so much to be said about Hurra Season, not only as an artist but as an individual. His music is truly a work of art as well as inspiring to those who listen to it and he has the awards and recognition to prove it. The vast fan base that he has created outside of Louisville is proof that he serious about his career and has what it takes to sell his music & sell out venues without a major label behind him. With that being said I can’t wait to see his progression with the backing & support of a major label! Hurra gives back in many countless ways and is always willing to help and give advice to up coming artist. Hurra is a great man, father, artist and leader, as well as a true inspiration to many. I’m excited about his future & all that this road to success brings him!

  39. Sooooo what is this guy actually talking about. I do not understand the language. Does he have a speach impediment or what? This is just another rap singer that would be better suited flipping hamburgers or washing dishes. A much more constructive profession. 

  40. Lookin’ back over my years
    I guessed, I’ve shedded some tears
    Told myself time and time again
    This time I’m gonna win