Bianca Raquel is a singer, songwriter, producer, performer and musician. As the daughter of world-renowned musical director/arranger Ray Chew, it’s clear that the gift of music doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

True to her craft and to herself, there is depth to Bianca’s music, with influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to Radiohead. “One thing I pride myself on is having the ability to never be boxed in or labeled as simply one thing or another. As an artist, I don’t have to choose a genre but simply juice every drop of creativity I possess and give the world something new.” Soulfulness combined with rawness and sex appeal, Bianca Raquel is talented beyond her years. With her EP “Hello, My Name is…” set to be released, the world is waiting to hear what she has to say.

IAA: Where are you from

BIANCA RAQUEL:  I am from New York. I grew up between New York and New Jersey.

IAA: What is your music background?

BIANCA RAQUEL:  Basically I have been singing and writing my whole life. When I was little I would make up songs. My day took notice and told me that I should write the songs down. I started writing them down in notebooks. When I was nine, my father took me to the studio, where I recorded and produced my first song.  From there I kept developing my craft and doing my thing.  When I was 14, I was accepted into the first National Grammy Camp.  Grammy camp is a program the Grammy Foundation puts on for high school aged children to come and meet industry professionals.  The purpose is to expose them to the music industry so that they can see if this is the career they want to pursue.  After that summer, I got really serious about honing my craft. My dad brought me a Fantom keyboard, and I learned the keyboard inside and out.  When I was 18, I was accepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston, and that’s where I currently go to school. This past semester I decided that I was ready to venture out. I decided to take my career seriously and pursue this project full on.

IAA: Who is your fan base directed towards?

BIANCA RAQUEL:  My fan base is directed towards woman. I am speaking about the things that I have experienced and I know that women can relate. I would say females between the ages of 13 and 35.  I also have men who are fans. The male fans tend to like the way I look and what I have to say.

IAA: How would you describe your music to people?

BIANCA RAQUEL:  Well I am producer and a songwriter, and I sometimes tend to opt into different genres.  Describing the way I sing , I would say I am soulful. Many people have asked me that, and I have decided to describe my music as  “Alternative Pop Soul” My music is different, soulful, but when people listen they can grasp on to it and understand it.

IAA: What makes you different from other artist?

BIANCA RAQUEL:  Every artist is different in his/her own way. I feel that there is something I am doing that no other artist is doing.  I am being myself. I feel that there is a lane for me right now.   When I perform, it’s just me and my keyboard, and no one is really doing that right now. Also, my music sound different, and I am producing my music myself. There aren’t many chicks who are doing that right now.

IAA: Who are some of your musical influences?

BIANCA RAQQUEL:  Some of my musical influences include Stevie Wonder, Prince, Nirvana, Marvin Gaye, Earth, Wind, and Fire. As far as contemporary artist, I respect and look up to Beyonce and Alicia Keys.

IAA: What imagine do you think your music conveys to your audience?

BIANCA RAQUEL:  I am a young person with an old soul. My parents introduced me to  old school music when I was younger so I have a very wide music vocabulary.   I’m playful, with sex appeal and rawness.  I’m a little bit of everything, and that comes out through my music.

IAA: What are some of your past projects and achievements?

BIANCA RAQUEL:  This is my first project actually. The project is called Hello, My Name Is Bianca Raquel. The music on this project is showing my range as an artist.  You can find songs such as the F*#ck It song, ballads, reggae pop, and dance songs on there. It’s a little bit of everything. I am showing people my soul and I hope everyone likes it, understands it, and can rock out with me.

IAA: Where can fans access your music and contact you>

BIANCA RAQUEL:  I am everywhere!

twitter: @thebiancaraquel


facebook : Bianca Raquel