‘Stromile’ born in San Diego raised in Bakersfield, CA, began carving his niche in the music game after receiving the nickname ‘turned stage name’ in the neighborhood and numerous night clubs, while being recognized for his freestyle and battle techniques. He soon made the name “Stromile” an unforgettable one for himself in his own town as well as out, as an up and coming fledging artist who’s charisma and captivatingly electric personal and stage presence, is currently making waves in the industry ripping stages and gaining followers where ever he performs. Stromile has hooked up with a variety of talented DJ’s (including but not excluding: DJ Ogre of Hot94.1, DJ Editt, and Dombeets who also DJ’s for fellow rapper Casey Veggies, to name a few) and began doing shows on a weekly basis starting in his residing town of Bakersfield, CA, as well as branching out to major cities which along the West Coast include: Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, Burbank, Santa Barbara, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Porterville, Delano, San Diego, Fresno, Sacramento, Ventura, Valencia, and Hollywood etc. Currently featured on the ‘Cali Spring Feat. Me Tour’, Stromile has also ventured beyond the California sunshine to do shows and tour on the East Coast, in places like: (-North Hampton, Massachusetts; Harlem, NY. Brooklyn, NY. North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Hartford, CT; as well as Tempe, AZ and Las Vegas, NV) all in the name of trying to expand his brand, his name and most importantly, his fan base. Stromile’s name and songs (“which I don’t physically write, I organize them in my head” -Stromile) have also touched a few airwaves and web casts such as Star106.3, TX. 91.7, WI. TheBak, TheCoreLive, TheCoachesCorner, DaRadioShow, and Indie100 (Thelowriderliveshow)! With the support of the numerous radio stations and Web radio shows, ‘Stromile’ tracks are not only BANGING the airwaves but popping up all over night clubs, strip clubs and major music download sites! Hard to believe all of these events have taken place within a short time period of 5 ½ years.

“Music has been an intricate part of my life…from embracing the music culture and allowing music to take my life on a journey with all of its ups, downs, twists and turns. Hope you enjoy my music as much as I do making it!” -Stromile

Since, Stromile has inked a non exlusive Digital Distribution deal with independent powerhouse LRT, accepted an Independent Urban Music Appreciation Award for Best Male Rap Artist (Angel’s Clubhouse), took a step in fashion with the Sponsorship of hat company Brim Of The World, appeared on the filming of Who’s The Best EmCee (MindPowerProd), competed in a live on-air radio competition called Bakersfield’s Got Talent (Hot 94.1), Has recently released one album, one mixtape and two singles on iTunes which include: 24hrs (No Sleep) ft. Bravo and Work Hard (Play Harder), Has already created major buzz in the industry, and now with his New Break through album, titled “Road2Success”, about to drop this December 2014, the mysteriously appealing title alone has us all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear… What’s next for Stromile?…

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

STROMILE: I was born in San Diego, California and was 3 or so when we moved. Shortly after my Pops passed we relocated to Bakersfield, California. It was Bakersfield that raised me. Bakersfield made me who I am.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

STROMILE: Honestly, I’ve been surrounded by music my whole life. From the singing and dancing at family gatherings to those early Saturday mornings doing chores; it was always there. Music basically lived in me, almost seemed like the norm. Here’s an example: When I got my first car, I put a sound system in it before I even touched the rims. It was already second nature by then.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

STROMILE: Because its my passion; my music. I mean I accidentally found something that I was good at that made my friends and family look at me different, it made me unforgettable. I put my blood, sweat, and fears in this. I needed an outlet at the time and this was the only positive thing around. Remember I told you I’m from Bakersfield, I love my city, but sometimes it’s just different out there. And yea, getting paid for what you love to do ain’t so bad either lol


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

STROMILE: Well since I don’t physically write my lyrics down (I write it in my brain) I gather my thoughts and it comes out. I gather thoughts of life through my eyes. Life through the eyes of others, told by me. My environment. Things I’ve seen. Real past experiences. Creatively made up ones. My goals and dreams to be unforgettable. Really, they are mini soundtracks of different phases in my life on my road to success.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who is your fan base directed towards?

STROMILE: Let’s see, I am a young human being in the world created by my mother and my father just like everyone else, so I would like to say everyone. But to be specific, I would have to say young adults who are still understanding and still figuring out life. The ones who are working towards being something; whatever drives you. The ones who still like to party yet have questions about insurance. Those in fashion (shout out my sponsor!). My music also goes out to all those ‘go getters’ and ‘leaders’ and vessels who are all about change.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

STROMILE: D@#n, Everyone from 2pac, Jay Z, B.I.G., UGK, 50, Kanye, Wayne, Game, Kendrick, E40, Future, T.I. to artist like Beyoncé, T-Pain, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Maroon 5. Really, you can put me in a room with Pandora on every station and I would be able to sing along with every station. Basically I’m saying if I didn’t list you, don’t worry I’m pretty sure I’ve sang your song before lol.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

STROMILE: Unforgettable. I think the title to one of my mixtapes actually describes this perfectly, ‘#MyLife;UrEntertainment Vol.1’. My inner thoughts, emotions and situations all displayed on a platform that is relatable to everyone. No matter what side for the globe your from, I will have a song that you can identify with.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artist?

STROMILE: Well I’m sure I’m going to sound like a broken record but I feel I am amongst the few artists who are still trying to make unforgettable music. I can also bet that you don’t work harder than I do. People love originality and respect authenticity, and it oozes from me. And according to my zodiac, this comes naturally.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

STROMILE: Where do I start? I’m releasing ‘#Road2Success: The Ep’ on my birthday January 13th 2015 to follow up both of my earlier projects this year ‘#MangoLemonade’ and ‘#MyLife;UrEntertainmentVol1’ , be sure to go get that. I’ve also recorded a fellow artist’ entire mixtape ( ‘#H.I.T.S. by Yung Hooch) as well as featured on a few tracks on that same project. I have a deluxe project coming February 2015 as well as a mixtape in April 2015. Not to mention a couple joint mixtapes with a few artist coming very soon as well. We also have a new line of hats coming in 2015 (Brim Of The World – www.seekconquerdestry.com ) and I am still doing small tours and shows in cities pretty much everywhere I can.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

STROMILE: Truthfully, my career goals are to be larger than life. I want the reality of those goals to surpass any and every expectation previously set in my mind. I want the people to love me. I want the people to love me and love my music. We all want to be accepted. Keep it real, we all want to be unforgettable. In 10 years, the imprint that I leave on the music, fashion and entertainment industry will live on to help feed my kids’ kids, and maybe your kids; wealth. Seriously that’s the thing, with good music and a savvy business sense, the possibilities are endless.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

STROMILE: To find my music, you can find me online on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rdio, etc… Just search: Stromile. Also, when you come to one of my shows you can pick up copies from me or someone on my team. And I do have copies in a couple stores out there, example: Midnight Records (2867 S. Robertson Blvd Los Angeles, CA)

To get with me on social media:

Facebook: Stromile Sinatra // Stromile (Fan page)

Twitter: @StromileU1Ent // @TeamSupportStro

Instagram: @instastro // @teamsupportstro


Stay unforgettable…Peace















    • Stro is a creative young individual what talent beyond belief good music and a real nice stage presence and a charismatic personality

  1. As one of the owners of thecorelive I’ve had the pleasure of listening to alot of artist submittals local and abroad, Stromile was one if my favorites I became a fan of his music,dedication, and personality. I e of the few artist that really takes pride in his craft his stage presence is none other it’s amazes me to see an artist hit a stage and not be able to connect with the crowd and Stromile has the ability to connect on and off the stage keep it going g fam you’ll always have my support…

    Phillip Zaragoza

  2. Love watching stromile perform… Such a creative artist!!! Great music, great stage presence & even better to look at, with his sexy self… MmmMmmMmm 😉

  3. Unforgettable 1. ☆
    If I had to compare I would say he puts me in the mode of Nas (lyrically) meets JayZ (sound) with a early days LLCoolJ (sex) appeal, and an undertone of 2Pac (milatant&purposeful) throughout most his music. Stromile is very charismatic, intelligent, creative and in touch with his audience. Main stream he is just as relavent as say Kendrick, Drake, Wayne, Kanye……..and is and much more HOTTER!
    His rap talent is pure as he both groans & he giggles on the mic and makes the listener feel included alongside him on his jouney. Weather be his recorded music or during his live on stage performances Stromile goes hard giving his ALL to stay connected to his fans. Proud he is from the city. He represents Bakersfield well.

  4. Stromile music is the dopest dope, better than music we hear on the radio. Not only is his music good, he is one of the most humble artist I know. He is so thankful of people that support him. Shit even his haters he probably thankful of them too.

  5. Heard about stromile theough a friend. Been supporting and listening for a while now. Keep up the work and keep moving forward!

  6. Been knowing you since you where a young kid! So proud of all ur acomplishments!! Your music is def one of the hottest!!!!! Keep up the good work fam!!

  7. Stromile has renewed my faith in hip hop. As an Alternative/Electronic artist who formally produced hip hop beats, I’ve grown weary over the years with all of the watered down and over-egotistic new rappers. Stromile is the REAL deal in both talent and personality. His social observation of life makes you think, while his charisma and down-to-earth attitude makes you smile and want to party when you listen to his music. His ever positive outlook inspires and entertains infinitely. I am officially a fan of hip hop again because of Stromile!!

  8. I’ve bought a lot of cd’s from rappers trying to make a name for themselves in Bako, but Stro’s albums dont sound new. He puts a lot of work into editing and perfecting his sound. He’s gonna be one of the greats.

  9. With a stage presence that’s larger than life and a remarkable force of talent to be reckoned with, Stro keeps it real… #Staystrong #staytrue2U. #localboimadegood!!

  10. One of the coolest, sincere and talented person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Stromile has a great flow and a great soul. Don’t sleep on this man!!!!

  11. Stro is the real deal. His thoughts turn to words and his words turn to hits! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this guy work behind the scenes. I’m blessed to have witnessed someone who is passionate, yet composed at the same time. Beware because this guy is going to change the west!!

  12. I live in Bakersfield and watch the determinstion stromile have,it is a honor to see this young fine man continue to do what he loves (MUSIC)!

  13. Stromile has a strong stage presence. He is handsome and very creative in his rhymes, he has rhythm and determination. Every show he has done in Bakersfield has been a hit. He encourages young people to do what they love and love who you come from, he knows how to represent the love of music!

  14. Stro is one of the best artists coming out of Bakersfield. And this article pointing out his authenticity sold me even more. This dude got my vote all day.

  15. I was involved in music as a performer/songwriter/management for many years. A lot of game players have given me music to listen to over the years and since I have a strong music background I’m pretty critical. Most artists I listened to didn’t survived past the second song. I’m hard to impress. Stro is amazingly refreshing to listen to. I listened to the My Life mixtape all last night to let it marinate and right now I’m listening to Mango Lemonade. I like what I hear. I’m in my 40s and I hear some old school influence in the melodies and the bass yet Stro’s youthful, modern approach with down-home lyrics bridge the gap between the eras bringing everyone together. His music takes you on a journey. Eac song touches on different emotions. Definitely “feel good” music.

  16. Stromile keep doing your thang making good music… You’ve been grinding harder then anyone I’ve met sense the day I met you like 3yrs ago, putting Bako on the map.

  17. I am Glad I met you in the Studio! You are not only a great Artist but a Wonderful Person to be around as Well….Congratulations on your Success!! I will Always be a Fan, a Friend and definitely a SUPPORTER…..Continue to Grow Positively with Your Passion.

  18. Stromile is the an Awesome artist. Always positive and has the drive to succeed! His music is in a category of it’s own and I can’t wait to see what comes next! Great work Stro!

  19. You never forget the first time you see Stromile on stage! You can Def. Tell he has true love & passion for what he does… & so much love for his fans
    Keep up the good work 🙂 .. We’re all waiting to see your name in big lights …(real soon)

  20. such a creative artists..Music is tiight something that i kan trurly see lots of people bang to! Keep up the awesome work!
    Hard work and determination and dedication is the key to all success!


  21. Stro is the most down to earth person I have ever met, good people to have around you!!! Always shows me love when I see him!

  22. I met Stro in NYC, summer of 2010. His work ethic and dedication was refreshing and relentless. He takes pride in his craft and you can really hear it in his music. I look forward to him getting a larger platform, so the world can share in his strory telling…

    “Keep doing what you doing… I love the way you do it”-Stro

  23. What more can I say! I’ve been head nodding to Stro since 08. He is one of the realist dudes I’ve ever met. We been Rockin together ever since. Lyrically insane and heart of a lion!! Thanks for the love and look out for the mix tape Brim of the World! And Seek Conquer & Destroy.

  24. Whats up Stro….you know me an Rene got you!! Much respect for pursuing your dreams an being professional at what you do!!!

  25. It’s really and honor to know strolmile and to be apart of watching him work so hard to achieve his goals he is so determine and strong minded i believe that he will become one of the rappers of our future i love your music and may god bless you and make all your dreams come true

  26. My little brother is one of the hottest up and coming rap artists out there! He’s young, driven, and has a passion for life and his music! Everything it takes to become successful he’s doin just that! I’m so proud of you! Can’t wait to see u at the top!

  27. love that Stromile is talented and very goal oriented…. Hrs on the rise can’t wait to hear more… Stoked that i have the great gift of knowing him as a real person in life.

  28. I believe in ur talent and I wanna c you succeed to the next level!!! Stay blessed! Listening to your tracks right no!!

  29. Truly one amazing friend, artist, performer, father, and all around person!! One of the few artists i really choose to work with!! stromile understands how the game works. He gets the formula! Always ready and willing to take on any project!! 2015 is your year!! Hats off to one helluva talented individual!! Salute to mr. Stromile Sinatra!!

    DJ Ogre