Lyricist, producer, engineer, and father, Future d@ kid aka Vaughn Jackson who was born on February 3 1992 had his eyes set on success at an early age. Growing up in New York wasn’t easy at all; losing his mother at the age of 32 in 2003 was the hardest thing he had ever had to face in his lifetime. After the death of his mother and after his father left out his life, Future da kid who was 11 at the time moved to Oklahoma City where he has been residing since. Music has always been a part of his life, even as a child his father would play some of the most influential artists in the world, some of which include The Notorious Big, Tupac, Michael Jackson, Mobb Deep, Jay-Z, Nas, and many more. These artists all had played a role in the development of his different styles. Future d@ kid recorded his first record when he was 7, with a DJ known as DJ Will. He began to really take his music career seriously and professionally at the age of 11 after the loss of his mother. Music to him is his therapy, his only outlet to express himself, he feels music is the only way he can release everything that he goes through or has gone through in life. Future d@ kid put his first official mixtape out back in 2013 titled ”The Takeover” respectively. Shortly after he released ”Takeover part 2” which both were very successful on Datpiff.com. Over the years he has done a great amount of shows and party’s and has had records played on the radio, which contributed to the fan base he has accumulated. With over 43,000 Twitter Followers, 25,000 Facebook likes, and 3,000 You Tube Followers, and an enormous amount of video views and comments, He is a well established artist looking to sign a record deal and he is a force to be reckon with and will not stop creating hardcore relatable music. Future d@ kid has many different styles, he does not consider himself as a one style lyricist, he is a naturally gifted emcee, with a flow no other rapper on the planet has. Future d@ kid is a remarkably intelligent rapper and at this point in time every record he puts out becomes a hit it seems like he can do no wrong.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?
FUTURE D@ KID: I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

FUTURE D@ KID: My father use to play a lot of different genres of music that helped develop me as an artist, Jazz, Pop, R&B, lyrical rap, all those genres influenced me as a lyricist and help me become the emcee I am today.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

FUTURE D@ KID: Music is my only form of an outlet to express myself, without music I am ”nothing” I am very passionate and dedicated to what I do and I greatly enjoy it. The music scene is missing those lyrical emcees, and I’m here to bring that light back into the music industry as well as give the game a new flavor.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

FUTURE D@ KID: All my music is based upon real-life events, things I’m currently dealing with, or things I have seen or done during my 22 years of walking this earth.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who is your fan base directed towards?

FUTURE D@ KID: My fan base is directed towards individuals ranging from 18-50

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

FUTURE D@ KID: I grew up listening to Capone & Noreaga, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Fabolous, Jay-Z, Keith Murray, Mobb Deep and many more. Like a sponge I soaked up a lot
of the lyrical content from these artists and it helped me craft my own style and flow and allowed me to perfect it.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

FUTURE D@ KID: My music is vivid, deep, relatable, and catchy with intense lyrics.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

FUTURE D@ KID: What makes me stand out from other artists is my variety of styles, my clever flow, and my lyrical capability.

 IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

FUTURE D@ KID: I just completed the third installment of the takeover series, which will drop close to the end of December. I am also working on my album which is entitled
”Death Before Dishonor” which will be released sometime in the next year or so.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

FUTURE D@ KID: In ten years, I see myself owning my own record label while maintaining a distribution deal with whomever I am signed with, developing upcoming artists from Oklahoma City, and opening a lane for them to become stars. There are no emcees from this state that have signed major record deals. I’m going to be the first hip-hop artist to do so and I am going to create a sound for the city to showcase the talent we have here and get this state on the map.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

FUTURE D@ KID: www.reverbnation.com/futuredakid




or email me (Vjackson405@gmail.com)