Having the right manager or management team is critical to the success of every artist. No single person, outside of the artist of course, is responsible for making dreams of success turn into reality, building a brand, and business around the artist than a manager. What’s more, a manager should be the most trusted person or persons within your camp, and in some way, they are the CEO of the brand, which is YOU! Everybody, regardless of who they are in the music business, needs proper representation as most artists are too engulfed in the creative aspects of their careers to mind the store.

When you’re just getting started, management may not be the best use of your cash. Before you go manager hunting, make sure you understand what they do and why you might need one.

  • You may already know your manager. Look around your circle of friends. Is there someone who knows something about the music biz, who is organized and who loves your music?
  • Ask around for referrals to good managers. Ask fellow musicians, do some research to see who manages your favorite acts, ask promoters and bookers when you do your shows and so on.
  • Be ready to provide your management prospects with music samples, a biography and press clippings, if you have any.
  • Give them a week or two, and if you haven’t heard anything, follow up. Ask if they have received the package and if they need any more info. It is ok to follow up at respectable intervals.
  • The next step is to have a meeting with the manager-to-be to discuss your goals and how they would be able to help you reach them. You also need to know the details of the financial arrangement the manager is seeking.
  • For your sake and for the sake of the manager, you should never enter into any sort of management deal without a contract.