IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?
UNITED ZOOT NATION: United Zoot Nation consist of three music artist. Lex Maynetana originally from New Orleans Louisiana.Trilly Yamilton comming from up in Nitta Yuma, Mississippi. Also Dedo born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?
UNITED ZOOT NATION: The United Zoot nation started doing music together in 2006 while stationed in the United Kingdom at Lakenheath Airforce base. While we were all stationed together, our musical background consisted of multiple auditions and performances in the United States. This was mostly freestyling and writing songs for singles and mixtapes. While stationed in the United Kingdom the United zoot nation was formed by Bishop, Lex, and Dedo. During this time we decided to increase our music knowledge. We applied for classes together in song writing, musical production, and mixing. This allowed the group to write better songs and understand how music is made at an industry standard level. Before these lessons were learned we recorded using a laptop and microphone that cost no less than 50 United States dollars. This was used for mixtape projects and studio recording time with higher standard equipment was allocated towards singles. After learning about music production and mixing from 2006-2007 the United Zoot Nation went on to produce several mixtape projects. Furthermore to gain more experience and knowledge we went on to perform more open acts and musical performances. During 2006 the United Zoot Nation opened up for an artist known as Scarface in Wichita Falls, Texas. This allowed us to see what it was like to perform in front of a crowd for the first time. There after we went on to perform in London United Kingdomin, a Def Jam act in 2007, and shortly after doing a showcase in Philadelphia with Wise McGriff. This was all done while maintaining an obligation to defend our country in the United States military. From 2007-2012 we wanted to see how the international crowds overseas would react to their music. We produced a single called ‘’Swagg up’’ that made BBC major radio station in the United Kingdom 2007. Shortly after the positive feedback we went on to fund a short tour in the United Kingdom. The tour covered London, Suffolk, and Essex areas. Between the periods of 2012-2013 the united zoot nation decided to release music videos to 3 singles on YouTube. 1st music video was ‘’Fan’’ by TrillyYamilton gaining over 10k plus views in the course of 1 month. 2nd was ‘’ Hustle Hard’’ by Lexmaynetana gaining over 100k plus views in the course of one month. Finally there 3rd Anxiety by Trillyyamilton gaining 3k plus views in the course of 1 month. From 2014- 2015 we have decided to study more about the music industry, taking courses in business management and product placement strategies. This involves many aspects of music and self-development such as kaizen which means continuous improvement. We also understands that social media is also revolutionizing the music industry. Facebook, twitter and Instagram is where most people keep track of their favorite bands and experiences with their artist. This also allows the artist to keep track of trends and a multitude of behaviors.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?
UNITED ZOOT NATION: Our songs are about what everyone feels. Touching on a majority of topics such as what is current in the world. We like to provide different types of sound to everyone because we understand that not everyone may like a certain song on an album. It is not about what United Zoot Nation likes. We are artist so we try to paint the perfect picture for people. For an example a member from United Zoot Nation would go to multiple night clubs and events. Whilst doing this we survey how people react to certain songs and what they like to listen to most. This can mean mixing hip hop with R&B or pop. Staying current in topics is most important and to what’s popular. Furthermore we have the capability to make songs about anything as any other artist can possibly. Another important factor we take into consideration is the topic or what a song is about is important. However there are many other factors such as how well you can perform or act out your musical art to make people feel involved and touch them emotionally. The tone in your music and how you say it while recording.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your favorite song to perform and why?
UNITED ZOOT NATION: Our favorite song to perform is called ‘’Venaqui’’ which means (come here) in Spanish. We have received a lot of great feedback since the first performance of this song. Both male and females can relate to this song. People who like the song would say it expresses what people would normally think but not say. This track has also been requested by local dj in the United Kingdom and played by Columbia Records. This track makes the hairs stand up on the back of people’s necks from the feedback that was received. However most importantly this song brings out the fun and dancing in the crowd when performed. Seeing people enjoy a good performer is always rewarding for the artist and the crowd. This song funny enough is said to make females hot. Even though this song is not one of our best songs recorded in our opinion. It is still our favorite in all honesty to perform for the people. As said previously we want to entertain the people and deliver the best music they like. We love all forms of music and making it is the best part. It’s like going in the kitchen and putting together a new recipe every time a project is being worked on. The united zoot nation would like to take performing to a different level and do things no one else has done before on stage. We are working hard towards the chance to prove it to the world we can entertain like no one else can.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What has surprised you the most in the pursuit of a music career?
UNITED ZOOT NATION: To be honest there are not many things that have surprised us in the pursuit of a music career. We understand that pursuing a music career there will be many obstacles. We also understands that the music industry indie and major is a business. However there is one thing that surprised us and that’s the love for armed forces in United States of America. While performing people respect someone they may know that has defended their country for them. We have received personal thanks from people for good nights and performances and service to the country. Other than that we expect the unexpected and welcome all challenges and work as a team.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:  Who are your musical influences?
UNITED ZOOT NATION: We have been influenced by multiple genres of music such as.
-Hip Hop
N.W.A, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Three 6 Mafia, UGK, Scarface, Pimp C, C Murder, The Hotboys, Plies, 2 Pac, Notorious Big, 50 Cent, Jay Z, Digable Planets, Arrested Development, Naughty by Nature, Onyx, Das EFX, Chi Ali, Wu Tang, Tribe called Quest, Common, Big L, DMX, Nas
Jodeci, SWV, T.L.C, Joe, Toni Braxton, R. Kelly, Amy Winehouse, Zapp n Roger, Earth Wind and Fire, Trey Songs
Michael Jackson, the Beatles,
Chevelle, Creed, Stone Sour, God Smack, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Nickle Back, Korn, Pink Floyd, Queen, Three Doors Down

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?
UNITED ZOOT NATION: Describing our music to people comes in different ways, one being professionally and the other in short form. We would describe our music using the 8 elements of music for each individual track. This includes explaining the music tempo which is the songs speed and rhythm. Also explaining the sub beats and background notes in the instrumental and why it was chosen for the song. Second is the dynamics that explain the tone of high or low pitch points in the song’s lyrics. Also, explaining why we went high or low during a certain part of the song. Furthermore there is the melody this usually fits the chorus of your song and goes with the lyrics. This sound is separate from background sounds or added intervals. Then there is harmony this backs up the melody and fits well as a background musical effect to add extra quality to a musical beat. Also taking into consideration the tone which I would explain why I didn’t use any other different sounds for the melody or harmony. For example if I used drums to make a beat and then used a flute to do the same rhythm and tone instead, it would explain why drums is more effective to use for that specific song. Finally I would explain the form and text of the song. This would include the lyrics used or what type of lyrical patterns could be used or why there used and how. The form would structure the song such as topics intro pockets and possible break downs in pattern.
In short we would describe its songs to people as being very educational and complex. Most of our songs are never about the same thing ranging from multiple topics. But can be relaxing to listen to with a rate of 9 out of 10 chance to be related to. Our songs bring out peoples inner most desires. We say things people normally think but won’t naturally say. We bring a new type of cool, grown, and sexy in our music. I could guarantee that our music is absolutely amazing I could be giving them a guaranteed piece of crap. I could stick my head up a bull a#$ to get a good look at a T-bone steak, but I would rather take the butchers word for it. This means not everything that’s guaranteed is always good. Also not everything that’s not guaranteed is always good. We are our music from our appearance to the songs on the album or single. Hard work and dedication to entertain the people and provide the best music and sound.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artist?
UNITED ZOOT NATION: We are different from other artist as a group by having each artist come from different locations in the world. This gives a unique sound with Lexmaynetana southern accent, TrillyYamilton northern accent, and dedo Midwest. United Zoot Nation also believes in the core values of integrity, service before self, and excellence in everything we do. This is something we all swore by no matter what service it may be. We are a group of professionals that have vast knowledge about the music industry. We believe that we perform and touch the crowd and get people involved beyond the average performer. Going the extra mile to make sure a show isn’t just good but beyond that making sure each one is better than the last. We also discuss our appearances, trends, and what people like. We educate or selves on any and every topic in the music world. We are good at working in teams and doing what’s best for a potential company and United Zoot Nation. Taking orders well is one of the main things that separate us from many artist. We do what we are told by our superior’s and we can meet deadlines. If it’s working for a company, military, or record label.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What would you like to see changed in today’s music industry?
UNITED ZOOT NATION: The only thing I would like to see change is ideas. A lot of artist I see performing and doing music videos I believe can do a lot better. With today’s technology there are so many different avenues that can be taken. We have a lot of ideas for this to bring entertainment to a whole new level.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?
UNITED ZOOT NATION: Currently we are working on multiple singles and mixtape projects. Also interviews and music videos for a single called ‘’Venaqui’’. While working on that we are putting together a festival with dates to be decided for our promo. These are some of the sponsors and things we have in the works for the project.
– Radio Broadcasting – a United Zoot Nation during prime time entailing competitions and prize giveaways transmitting to approximately 340,000 listeners.
– Have committed to broadcasting the festival live on the day.
– Have offered to conduct live interviews with artists.
– Have offered to advertise the festival and acts featuring.
– Can enable Artist to speak with public over radio broadcasting.
– The Sainsbury’s Excel/Flagship store, located closely to the festival venue, will explore the display and distribution of merchandise, leading up to, including and post show day. This flagship store has pedestrian traffic of 90,000 per week, and has previously generated up to £1,000,000 of sales revenue, over a weekend.
– We will have every staff member at all Sainsbury’s stores, view visual media (via DVD) of Artist documenting/showing his support for the charities etc. – over 160,000 staff members.
– Also text/magazine articles to all Sainsbury’s staff members (reaching staff in England, Scotland and Wales).
– Potential to continue to promote Artist contributions from June until August, by having a presence within the flagship



  1. i first heard united zoot nation about three years ago on the radio here in the uk and i enjoyed their classic hip hop sound, but with a modern day twist! i then saw and met them at a performance in new market England at a Tim westwood performance, music is off the chain and they genuinely are good people and very friendly! i wish such positive groups like UZN unlimited success as they deserve it!

    • thanks a lot joe it means a lot for me to read this message from you. we will keep doing music best we can and also giving our fans and friends the best music they can listen to along with entertainment and time you see uzn you know its gonna be a fun. send me a message anytime bro.

  2. U.Z.N to the world !!! bars and flows for dayssss … got nothing but love and support for UZN .. Definitely the clique to watch this year as they breakthrough , the talent is undisputed and the creativity is infectious !! i drop any UZN tracks any day in the clubs like im supposed to !! cant wait till the world gets to bless their ears with U.Z.N

    God Bless !!

    • Already my guy thank u 4 the love, its been a very long time comming, and we WILL NOT STOP, United Zoot Nation loves our fans and luv input on anything that we do, its a joint effort, we do this 4 YOU ALL, so thnx if u have any ideas on any songs that we do, just let us know because without you we are nothing!!!#unitedzootnation

  3. United zoot nation are original, you don’t just listen, you feel it. With positive messages promoted and stories being told, I have been lucky enough to sit with these guys and listen to their music live. A real inspiration, wishing you guys every success!

    • hi zoe thank you so much and you know how we do. i remember when you were there long ago when we were freestyling. thanks a lot and many project are coming we be sure to make sure you know about them. also i know your in the Colchester area i will be making an appearance and music at silk road night club on the 5th be sure to come celebrate with me and stop to have a talk with me bless you sweet heart. Status night

  4. My first time hearing Lex spit was in 2012, at that moment i new this dude would be great. He’s not just a great lyricist but just a good.

    • in my smokey form Friday voice ” and you know this maaaannnn. :). thanks a lot we gonna keep pushing and stay focused. we are the people and the people are us. its you who we appreciate.

    • 1950’s saying bugsy malone, thanks bro. I know you personally thanks for the support and we love everyone. I know you personally always been a funny guy. thanks for inspiring me with your sayings and outlooks on media and movies your one of kind and true friend and fan of music.

  5. These men are real genuine dons full of knowledge and energy good vibes from thier music and personalitys all the tubes are awesome beats meaningful words no thuggery no bullshit hope you keep the music coming jah bless

    • You already know bru, It’s time to take it to different heights, it’s only getting greater!!!!! #unitedzootnation

  6. U niggaz ain’t do shit around Lakenheath around that timeframe. I was there Money Train and IGB and a few other niggaz that were on during that timeframe. Stop lying….U niggaz still dressed like you stuck in 2007 though. I think the light skin nigga was married to this bop named Tasha tho….ha.

    • Cali goon you are right we didnt do anything around lakenheath. read the article it says that we were stationed there never mentioned anything about performances in lakenheath. also i performed at club m that is now innocence night club in new market with flex, and still have photos with luke and on stage.but we went on to focus on a bigger crowd. no need to be negative we appreciate comment good or bad from all our fans thanks. 🙂

      • Fan???. U out ur gotdamn mind nigga. I was at Lakenheath back when it was Club M in 2003-2005 then went to Korea and came back to it being Innocence. The point I’m making U unfamilar nigga. Ask about me nigga Chad, Cali, Gooch, Big V, Big Marcus,Tre, Keyz (IGB), POTS, Memphis, French, Daytona 5 Bill, Money Mike and plenty rap niggaz from both Lakenheath and Mildenhall can vouch for me in saying U wasn’t doing SHIT. I have never heard of U. WE and Illa Team and my nigga Trice had the area on lock. No reason to hate on U. I’m just exposing a gotdamn lying fraud azz nigga when I see one. See somebody sent this link to me on Facebook asking if I even heard of UZN. Fuck no I haven’t. Niggaz tryna claim some false shit. I know your wife tho cuz she was in my SFS…..thats another story.

        So I suggest U don’t respond and just take this L…
        Keep it 100 nigga cuz U never know who may expose…..#lessonlearned.

        Tell Ms. Wise I said what’s good…..

        • Dam cali goon why so mad bro ? these people trying to do some positive stuff why you feel the need to comment and make you’re self look like a total jealous hater and to be quiet frank a tool haha! im from London and been living round mildenhall for a few years you aint run shit mildenhal is a retirement community for old people/military base place what was you running baths for the elderly! plus why you acting all gangsta now you aint in the air force no more you work for the government same as being a police officer so please stop disrespecting real street people and go put you’re war medals back on because you are a government worker street dudes dont work for the government or police fam for real! so stop with the thug talk! also stop posting someone elses twitter that aint you i wouldn’t like it if some military boy posted my twitter where you’re twitter at ? also focus on your self and not others who clearly keeping it real and that are proud of there military duties! man real talk you just sound like a mad hater man im laughing right now! now go run me a bath captain sergeant wannabe street boy! #woowoosoundofthepolice #officericky

    • Thnx for input my man, I know of all the people your speaking and never had any problems, keep it a bean everyone over there was in the military , some got to be opening acts and one or two videos, performed at innocence, Deneros, all kind of venues , we gotta a venue in London on new year’s 2008, lots of people was on it, Trice n Jersey was on the grind hard, we all recorded in the same places , I’ve recorded with Cali, he knows Bishop, who I went by then, I know Crucial Keys, Carolina boi , Memphis, never had any issues, but as far as lies my guy, that’s your opinion but I am the Founder of United Zoot Nation and can assure you, ask about Bishop, been hungry, been on it, like everyone else, so personal things aside, we are here to finish what was started in England, we’re vets now focused, on the mission, I hope all accomplish they’re goals.. #Bishop #Uzn founder

  7. I loved learning about you guys. It’s awesome you guys were together in the Air Force and started all of this! Unlike most artists you guys are all about the people instead of yourselves. You guys have come a long way and I bet you will go so much farther! Keep being inspiring and you will go a long way.
    Lex, Trilly, Dedo
    Thank you for your service.
    Keep being awesome.

  8. Thank you very much anika, no matter what we go thru in life we have been hungry since we met tho, and we served to honestly serve and we ask for no praise for it but that means alot for real, music happened to be a passion we never gave up on, and we have had to go thru a process, one of which life is the best teacher, but our loved ones like u seeing us thru has fueled it so from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU..#BISHOP #UNITEDZOOTNATION #LUV

  9. Joe: 1st off I respect the grinding I dont respect lying! You prolly don’t know what I’m talking about but these niggaz do! I would be fake if I seen this and didn’t address it knowing who was doing what on the music scene at that time. I’m actually STILL in the military actually in Korea about to be back over there. THIS DIRECTLY TO THIS DUDE JOE FROM London. And nigga im In those pics on my nigga twitter. They not on my FB.
    But don’t think you can talk slick to me and you can get away…put a address on that shit.
    How about if you real like you say tell me your TWITTER OR FACEBOOK and when I touch down IN June I can come where you at with my cousins from
    Brixton and we can see what the talk really about…..

    SO LET ME SAY THIS I GOT NO HATE. IM GETTING MONEY OUT HERE WITH MY CREW. I JUST DONT LIKE LIARS PERIOD. I CALL IT OUT. I got nothing against a nigga that aint did nothing to me.

    • i dont do internet beef! how old are you lol yawn i can just imagine it now he cuz and fam from brixton this guy left me a comment on some website lets go get him lmao i know much more peeps in london than you including brixton im born and raised im done talking to you officer no more internet beef please it will make you look silly

    • lol all the agression i have a smile on my face right now! why you so mad ? id watch these threats as-well cuz i don’t appreciate it!

      • To Joe….I’m done talking…..you making threats to me 1st when I ain’t address you…. write your facebook link. I’LL MSG YOU DIRECTLY AND COME SEE ABOUT U WHEN I TOUCH DOWN in June I swear to you……if you not gonna post your link shut the fuck up.

        As far as UZN goes ain’t no hate here just true shit. Also being a artist who knows about the grind I respect that. Just don’t lie about shit. Fake rappers get exposed everyday for lying. Now I’ll send this link out to some niggaz I know and im sure that UZN know from back in the day then so they can see also. I know Luke, Dj Cap, DJ @ War, DJ Mo Chips, DJ VLC, DJ K Stylez and Tim Westwood and G so U know nothing I’m saying is a lie. These were the heavy hitters in the region.

        This nigga Joe don’t know shit but UZN is familiar with what AND who all im talking about. I RESPECT THE GRIND IN THIS RAP GAME. No hate Just keep it 100…..

          • Joe hi … just leave it alone theres always going to be someone say something about what your doing. the best thing you can do is ignore him. hes talking about things from 4-8 years ago thanks for backing us up but just ignore fam its a waste of your energy. and theres nothing noone can say about my present or past that I don’t already know. point being joe from uzn just let it go fam and ignore best advice from me. and thanks again.

          • Thnx joe your a rider my guy, but it’s cool no explanation needed, what ain’t said is already understood, you what it is let’s rock!!! #nation

  10. What’s good everyone, thanks for the comments! Much luv, even to our one hater… im surprised it’s only one tho…. Thanks everyone!!!!

  11. Nothing but blessings Lex. Congrats united zoot nation on your success. continue working hard and smart on this journey to the top. #StayPositive

  12. It’s been a while since I seen my boy Lex. Time Flies by when you’re having fun. I remember when we met in England back in 03. Hip hop was our passion. We both stuck with it and are bound to see the ultimate pay off. Success is in our Grasp! Keep doing your thing Homey!

  13. goodluck to my fam i been watching you from afar you cane along way you only half way there this isn’t it for you you have much more to do don’t get tired homie do your thang just know im in your corner always and forever blessing to my fam

  14. I love the hustle.in yall guys. It never stops like a heartbeat. I enjoy what come from the United Zoot Nation ALWAYS interesting & informative. Looking forward to seeing more & more hot ppl, & hot issues.

  15. UZN! Didn’t know you guys back in the day but from when i’ve seen and heard your vibe and rhymes are on point. 2015 is just the start for you guys, i see bigger and brighter things ahead. keep your head down, remember you do this for the love of the music and everything else will fall into place. you Niggaz keep doing your thing yo, its always good to see young people making moves.

  16. Known these guys for time now i would say since about 09 all round good guys and extremely ambitious.. given the chance they will blow the music world apart… Loads of people sing their praises and so do I.. We all gotta start somewhere and my guys are on the right path…. Looking forward to hearing more from them.. Good luck…

  17. I love your music. The first time I heard your group was like 3 years ago, am I have been following you ever since.

  18. Great website! I like this interview because it gives us a little insight as to what is behind the music. Which is great by the way! Keep up the good work!

    • im going to keep it totally honest with you. there is much more that needs to be said as well and hopefully we will have chance to do so. thanks for the support on facebook as well. so many of you have followed us and kept track of what we have been doing just know we are all in it together and we will have something for our fans as we push on to be something great and innovating

  19. There is something about your music that makes things pop! When you perform Venaqui, that is so awesome! Thanks for sharing your talents with everyone.

    • thanks a lot for commenting and also being apart of the facebook group conversation. artist stick together and support each other as we always do the same on any possible level that we can from small or big. you are very much appreciated.

  20. I tend to listen to all types of music throughout the entire day. It really depends on my mood, but your music is ALWAYS there for me to listen to. Thanks!

    • the idea at first was to provide music that everyone could listen to something smooth and relaxing to extreme touching on multiple topics throughout everyones daily lifestyles. thanks a lot it means a lot to know that people are listening and enjoying our music. send us a message anytime on any plateform and we will do our best to respond. thanks agian

  21. It appears that you are becoming quite successful! When I first saw you back in 2006, it was good, but unsure of where you were going to end up. Keep up the great work!

    • ooo teddy I remember being outside freestyleing with pope and the rest around that time. had fun in the dorms :D. we trying bro hit me up on facebook be nice to talk with ya bro

  22. By the looks of this interview, it would appear that you have built quite a game from the ground up. As you grow, you will learn the ropes and the success story will get to be even better.

  23. Great interview! It is nice to see that your music is growing and your group is becoming one that can perform on a regular basis. Great work! I have been following you since 2010!

    • to be honest we try to perform when we can but it has been a challenge for us. soon again we will be performing together as we are in different locations at the moment but we will perform together this year I will keep you updated on when. and thanks a lot

  24. I would like to know more about how Michael Jackson influenced your music. He is one of my favorites and now I am curious!

    • on more than one occasion I found myself just like everyone else dancing to micheal Jackson when I was young and wanting his red jacket from ”beat it” . micheal Jackson to me out performed in videos and on stage time after time. he also has the most amazing ideas his music videos where like movies that told a story through his music and always kept me entertained. that’s what I wanna do be just as creative and out perform and come up with the most amazing ideas and entertainment. with todays technology as well this is very possible to do. and no one has done it yet on a level that would be considered above the normal performance

  25. I think you guys are great and the story behind your music is even better. Thank you for sharing it with us and allowing us to be a part of your success!

  26. Great interview! I am so happy for you guys and the success that you have been experiencing. Take the time to enjoy it and do not burn yourself out! Good luck!

    • to be honest we do have break times but then we come back to doing music. it can be tiring but we enjoy doing it. the best thing in the world is doing something you enjoy because you will work that much harder at it

    • well we would like to get everyone to know what we have done and know who we are truly and what we are about. message me anytime on facebook bro we have a lot of things going on and entertainment coming your way

  27. This is great music! I also love the interview, it is like a behind the scenes look at your group and what you are up to when not on stage or in the studio!

    • at the moment there is so much that we are working on because we want everyone to enjoy any projects we put out and become apart of the positive movement. thanks so much and we have a lot coming your way

  28. Great interview guys! I have been following you for about 5 years now and I love to see the growth of your group! Great work!

    • wow 5 years that’s means so much and says a lot bro. we appreciate you to the fullest. there will be much more to come we want to also involve our fans and friends as much as we can. stay tuned for us bro we are always doing much.

  29. I think that if you are going to be successful, the road that you are on is the right one. Now that you say you are taking the business classes to learn more is a great sign that you are serious about being more successful!

    • yes the business classes gave us a bigger perspective on the key elements that are needed in the music industry. we want to have the chance to not only deliver the best entertainment but market the right way so that people can be involved and see the music a lot better.

  30. I love your website, your music and the way you perform on stage, it all gels perfectly and is a story that should be told. This interview is nice as I can see where you guys started out. Built from the bottom up! Good luck!

  31. you make a good point about the ideas that need to change in the music world today. it does seem that as soon as there is a good idea, there are many copies and that is not talent or creative. good work and i love your music!

    • being able to come up with something creative can be a hit or a miss with something that is already popular but when there is a copy you have to out perform your first creative project and make the next even more diverse.

  32. Thank you so much for this interview. It looks like you guys are going to be very busy in the coming months. That is a good thing. Keep the train going and the success follows right behind it!

  33. Love the interview. Your music is great and I cannot wait to see the new music videos that you produce! Keep up the good work and good luck!

    • yes during a perios of time we had multiple music videos up but we decided to take them down as we know we can provide you guys with better quality videos, and also put more ideas into the making of our music that you for eveyting and following gour music your awesome.

  34. It sounds like that festival is going to be something awesome! Good luck putting all of that together and getting the radio show off the ground. Thanks for posting this interview!

    • yes the festival is definatly in the works and was started by a friend of mind named Samir diss. so we are currently pushing forward to keep it going with dates to be decided very soon. thank you so much for being with us.

    • to be honest we are what people make us to be and we cant do it with out each and every one of you. thing is we plan to give back to our fans and also get them involved in a lot of projects developing innovative ideas. thanks a lot 🙂