IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

CEEB: I am from Fredericton New Brunswick, Canada .I was born in Oromocto New Brunswick and raised in Montreal. I have been living in New Brunswick for the last thirteen years and it’s awesome.  As a young man, rapping came naturally to me. At first it was just for fun. My friends and family told me I was pretty good at it so I decided to try my luck at it by writing songs and making beats. It turns out they were right. I have since released two albums. One most recently called “Still Down” through B.M.E Canada and a previous release called “It’s About Time” independently. “It’s About Time” sold out. I have played everywhere from the Olympic stadium in Montreal to the harvest jazz and blues festival in Fredericton.I have 21 videos on Youtube. I will try to put Fredericton on the world’s stage with my music.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

CEEB: I play a few different genres of music but mostly hip-hop. I also play in a live Reggae band named Dub Antenna, and a live hip-hop band called Socially Exceptable.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

CEEB: It’s a must. I believe as an artist you should spread your music. I believe we artists must share our message with everybody because in reality, there’s a message for everyone. I want to record and release my own music because that’s what I have been placed on this Earth to do.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

CEEB: My music is a blend of hype tracks to real stories. My music is about the struggle, and I like to tell stories. My music showcases my rhyming skills. I like to think my songs are about the better things in life, but they are merely about the reality I am living right now.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who is your fan base directed towards?

CEEB: My fan base consists of any one from 20 to 40 years of age. I rarely swear or curse in my tunes so that demographic might be bigger.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

CEEB: I am currently surrounded by tons of musicians, but I feel like it’s the moments I spend with like minded emcees and all the peeps from BME studios Canada which I am currently apart of. Those are my musical influences.  I am also inspired and influenced by the tons of people who go through hard times and still come out shining

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

CEEB: My music is real life music. Rarely will I mention drugs, fast women, cars, and bling. There are more important things to cover. We are prophets of the struggle and must deliver accordingly.There are kids and young teens who listen to my songs, and I believe I must be a teacher and a leader for them to follow. I believe that sometimes we are role models without even really knowing we are. So I have to shed a better lite.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

CEEB: Well I am the most original artist you’ll ever see. I write all of my own tunes and can freestyle better than anyone anywhere. My live show is second to none, plus I engage more with the audience I strive to deliver the best possible experience ever when it comes to my songs. That’s whether I’m in the booth or on stage.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

CEEB: Well I’m currently working on finalizing the two albums I have been writing and have since recorded. I am also waiting for a television series I play in called “Le Clan”(its kind of bilingual) to come out. It debuts September of this year on CBC and radio Canada.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

CEEB: I wish to be a household name, and I intend to work at it until it has come to fruition no matter how long it takes. In ten years I see my self still playing

music live or otherwise . I definitely still want to be a rapper who is relevant and on time.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

CEEB: Well they can Google me Facebook me, come to a live show, and I have an album on ITunes called “Ceeb Still Down.” The album has twelve original tracks of banging hip-hop. You can holla at BME studios Canada as well. Either way, you’ll get me.






















  1. I have interviewed CeebDread on my show, and he is a real artist and down to earth person with skills and can freestyle his ass off on the spot. Mr. CeebDread has come along way as an artist but nothing will stop him that is for sure. You can always tune-in to my station diggitliveradio.ca hear tracks of Mr. CeebDread and other Canadian artist on “The Marc-Anthony Show”!!

  2. Ceeb is an artist whose work comes from the heart. He does what he does for the love of his art. I have no doubt that whether or not fame finds him, he will continue to preform and write from the heart, from the soul.

    He does, however, deserve a little fame in his life…and you deserve to hear what he has to say.

  3. Ceeb really has the magic musically. I am a huge fan of his original music and the way he free styles is something to behold. Ceeb is a true artist with a true calling. He deserves the support to get him to where he needs to go, straight to the top.

  4. We grew up together, spit in my basement together over instrumental vinyl records. We performed at several venues together, and it is always a pleasure to be in your presence!

    You got this!

  5. what can i say about ceeb dread one man who rock mic freestyle for day and always down to rock a mic the brother got something just needs someone to see what everyone who see him a great friend and roll dog ceebs dope give him a chance and he will show you .

  6. Hello
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    VDot Colei

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  7. Ceeb is the hardest working mc out there, if you want to listen to someone who truly understands hip hop then you best listen to his music. a real O.G!!

  8. Not only is Ceeb a very professional artist, his words are true and from the heart. He has a God given talent to bring me to tears when I listen to his life. If he speaks it, he lived it.
    Ceeb your interview, which I have enjoyed, tells your journey and your goals. Your music tells your story. I believe you will reach all of your goals. I wish you great success.

  9. Not only are his lyrics the realities of life, he can spit them on the spot. It is not hard to tell that he is dedicated to his music and I don’t blame him, if I could come up with the lyrics he does I would be too. I love his music and will always be a fan.

  10. out here in KAHNAWAKE Ceeb Dread is a known name, from rocking shows to politic’n on the radio. we get down even though thousands of miles separate us.
    Ceeb’s been puttin’ in crazy hours to make sure that not only himself but the entire BME staff is noticed as a force to be reckoned with.
    it’s beyond my honor to be label mates with Ceeb.

    keep it 110% brother, #WeDoForWe

  11. Ceeb Dread is the real deal, a true emcee. puts heart and soul into his music… i’m proud to be a label mate… #bme4life

  12. Ceeb’s a tight cat. First caught him a few years back at the Folly Fest in Gagetown while filming for with some folks for Piccaroons. He had a hype set and caught him by chance and busted a Folly Fest Free style for us on the spot. Again, solid guy and I’m glad he’s making his way. Definitely a Freddy vet!

  13. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Ceeb for about five years now. He is an all around amazing man. He is one of the most kind, hard working and giving people i have ever met in my life. He’s on the grind 24/7, promoting his music, doing shows, and always trying to get his hands on the mic. Everyone should be so lucky as to have such an incredible talent. He deserves big things in life and has so much love and support to help him get there. He’s on his way to the top and refuses to stop till he gets there!

  14. great interview! i really respect your work,i’ve checked it out on you tube. i live in boston ma. and i got to say really original. in the states we have great music! but it tends to be very “nothing new here” same ol same ol..so keep it up!keep it going!

  15. You are a very articulate young man I see why your lyrics are so tight I am really impressed that you try to convey a message tell the story that many can relate to and Leave out cursing you are A role model and with such determination no Doubt you will reach your goals

  16. Ceeb dread. Let me try to sum up ceeb for people who don’t know him. This guy. You pop on one of his songs and you can’t help but Bob your head, then you start listening to the words he’s saying, And you think. Damn this is some real situations! And that’s what it is. He raps about real relatable situations, you can’t help but get connected. When he’s not rapping about what’s happened in his life, he’s rapping about how life is going to be for him and his crew. Ceeb dread is not just a artist you can listen to,he’s a artist you can talk to. Hit him up on Facebook or twitter. Want his songs? Theyre on iTunes. Want to show your support? Like ceebs Facebook page. @ceeb’sspot, and if you want to hear other real artists from today’s hip hop word. Or if you are a artist looking for a place to go. There is plenty of room at BME studios check it out @bmestudeioscanada and don’t forget about Canada’s best hip hop radio station diggitlive radio! Playing today’s up and coming artists all day every day. With a show on Thursday nights 7pm easturn where you can call in and free style show your chops and have some fun. Listen live and show some love on their Facebook page diggitlive radio. We do for we. All the love!

  17. Awesome interview. Ceeb is not only one of the most talented emcees and freestylers I know, he’s also a stand up guy and a genuinely good and hard-working person . Glad to see you get more recognition bro. Keep grindin’

  18. Ceeb was slow to talkin as a child but when he did the words came out in full sentences and rhyming! He’s been doing a bang up job ever since. His words are real about the struggles that are real. He’s a kind hearted gentleman, a hard worker, dedicated to his music and happens to be my nephew. Yay to you Ceeb. Proud of ya. You are so deserving!!!! Give the man a spot.

  19. Tight flow, and raps from his heart and soul..I think its an awesome combo…keeping it real, always and that’s what it’s all about! Keep it going and strive for the stars!! 🙂 Oh yeah, he def deserves a deal of some sort…its time!!

  20. Hard working artist from the maritimes with a unique sound. He puts alot of heart and soul into his music and it definitely shines through.

  21. i’ve recorded him in studio, and i sang on one of his tracks, Ceeb is a true talent, hitting you hard right to the soul with tracks of real spiritual prowess. he’s lyrical powerhouse with mad skills, and a drive to take the world by storm.

  22. have known Ceeb for going on 5 years now and have seen him grow as an artist. A fantastic human being and talented artist, his music speaks to a broad audience. Peace out!

  23. Ceeb is a great performer and he’s terrific to work with. He’s got some serious chops on the mic! serious rhythm and hard hitting rhymes. Can’t wait to see this man on stage again soon!

  24. i first met ceeb right after he moved back from Montreal. We met on a walking trail in marysville, he said he rips freestyle. So i asked him to show me… So sick. This guy has mad flow and real lyrics to back it up. He’s going nowhere but up.

  25. Ceeb luckily played at Evolve last year with Socially Exceptable. I say ‘luckily’ because he was close to losing his voice because he literally free-styled for maybe 10 consecutive hours at the pre-party Thursday night. Ceeb is real, and down to earth. Do yourselves a favour a give him a listen.

  26. Ceeb, I have not seen you live yet but it’s on my list. Keep up the good fight Ceeb because I always say it’s worth the struggle if we can help just one person by telling our stories thru music! SA y it with music. Love & light.

    • Update – I really don’t know Ceeb and have never met him. Infact, my former comment was based on listening to one song only. So to be clear, I have not and will not endorse everything he does or says! Just keep-in it real. Thank you.

    • @ Rusty – I really don’t know Ceeb and have never met him. Infact, my former comment was based on listening to one song only. So to be clear, I have not and will not endorse everything he does or says! Thank you.

  27. I’ve known Ceeb since way back..in parks and malls freestyling whenever and wherever we could, years later he still doing his thing but better than before!!..he’s got determination, heart and puts his life in his music! Give my brother a break and sign his ass! Your boy DB

  28. i just wanna take a moment out thank all you wonderful people for dropping those awesomest of awesome comments …i really feel the love…share this with whomever you like and we’ll keep doin for we ….thanks again your friend ceeb

  29. Ceeb has been on the scene with a Fredericton reggae band, Dub Antenna since 2006. As a peer, he is constantly inspiring and motivating others to do their best. He’s a fantastic person and that shines through in his music. Very deserving of any recognition he receives.

  30. Ceeb est un artiste de hip hop que j’ai eu l’honneur de rencontrer lors de mon séjour à Frédéricton dans la province du Nouveau Brunswick, Canada. Son style originale et authentique m’a tout de suite marqué. Son charisme sur scène est sans nul autre pareil, et pour moi c’est l’un des meilleur flow du rap que j’ai eu le plaisir d’écouter.

  31. Absolutely awesome CEEB! You are one amazing man and have the potential to reach every goal you go for! Keep up the amazing work!

  32. My man, Ceeb, is a bad man, I tell you! His rhymes are tight and he spits nothing but the truth. We were youth together growing up in Burgundy, but it wasn’t ’til years later that I heard him first rap. My man is blessed with the gift of the gab and can throw down with the best.

  33. Ceeb being my older brother, I’ve always looked up to him. As a child I remember him first recording on a cassette player using headphones as a mic and he made making music seem so simple and sound so good. He’s a true example of why you never give up on your dreams. Over the years he gets better and better and no matter the outcome of anything in life he’ll keep making music that tell a tale of the struggles, the hardship, the love, and friendships we all go through. Much love brother!

  34. there is no age limit to enjoy listening to artists with great talent and continues to get greater talent. ceeb in time will hit top 10

  35. In my opinion, some of the best artists around are coming from Canada (one of the reasons I’d like to visit soon), and if Ceeb is any indicator of what some of the less known talents are like, then i’m sure i’m right, though i’m even more sure he’s in a class all of his own. One of my fav artists from Canada alongside The Weeknd, I could go on and on about what makes him so great, but i’ll just mention his flow, lyrics, and just being all around a damn cool guy for now. Always a pleasure to hear his newest and latest tracks first hand, and I look forward to hearing him in the years to come. Hip hops future is looking bright.

  36. Hey Ceeb

    We played with Socially Exceptable at the Frostbyte BOTB in Fredericton, NB. You’ve got a good thing going man, keep up the good work!

    A Code of Silence

    • Big ups Ceeb, Nice write up!!!…Keep supporting Ceeb, he is a talented artist with a lot of drive & energy!!!…He has blessed our radio show with interviews & music on Masters at Work CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal many a time with Djs Mike Mission & Ken Dawg!….cool dude with a cool vibe of Music!!!….Dj Mike Mission

  37. New Brunswick is lucky to have such a talented rapper. He is a great person with the ability to throw down some serious lyrics. Much respect.

  38. Good interview. Keep doin it, fam! Mad respect for the hustle, grind and dedication for the culture. Much love. Peace.

  39. I have no doubt that you will make it brother Ceeb…keep the fire burning. Lord make it rain for this brother, So much love

  40. Ceeb is awesome very dedicated to music and being creative with it. I have known him for a long time and have seen him perform a few times. I am always inspired after seeing him perform. The atmosphere created within the reality of the lyrics with the beat.Awesome Check him out. Keep up the great work Ceeb. Can’t wait to see whats next.

  41. Ceeb has the passion that makes him an artist he loves music and he loves making his music for his fans. Ceeb is an artist his small city should be proud of hes non stop and about his art. I have all the respect for Ceeb keep doing everything your doing and keep making that good music bro time to wake em.up dot stop and dont sleep Ceeb.

    Founder, 4indamorning

  42. Ceeb has been layin’ down the truth and the love for as long as I can remember. He brings his pride for our town, friends and family, and art to the stage night after night. Rappin’ with his heart on his sleeve Ceeb shows what is true, good, and strong in people from the Maritimes.

  43. I have always enjoyed your music and sharing it with my friends….congratulations on how far you have come…I knew you could it….

  44. Nice article ,, gave me insight into the artist
    Keep pushing and working hard ,
    With that formula only good things to look forward too
    Peace , love and all that jazzzz

  45. Ceeb gives his all no matter what genre or show you throw him into. It was a pleasure to share the stage with him. He keeps everything real!

  46. Met Ceeb last year at the Evolve parking lot party. We were drunk beating on a water jug singing Jungle Boogie and he just pops over a starts laying down this sick freestyle. Went to his band Socially exceptables set after that and what can I say? Great musician, great guy. Best of luck Ceeb we’ll be gettin ahold of ya reaaal soon!

  47. Ceeb been putting in work for over 20 years! I remember having cyphers with him back in the early 90’s and over the years he has evolved and grown into the artist and business man he is now. Glad to see he never gave up on his dream, he’s now making big moves!

  48. Ceeb dread ,what can i say a fen for the mic and my good friend we do for we one hell of an mc hard working ,writes quick and has it down not long after he works and works to keep his game tight allay on the grind and if the smoke hit the air not hard to find get em ceeb show them what being an mc is about .ive seen my man take on a whole and battle them one after another you think u can battle after 8 months of writing to me and those like me a battle is free of the top for those who don’t know kotd ,sorry its cause people get some light but a written battle come on .ceebs taking on all challengers who wanna battle so hit him up and we will make it happen for you that write your shit we know written flow freestyle battle bring it .NFP RESPECT THE STYLE .GET EM CEEB

  49. Ceeb is a really cool cat and I can’t think of too many other people who put in as much work as Ceeb does with a solid dedication to succeed and progress within the realm of music and entertainment, he’s also a great conversationalist!

    Ceebs interview on my podcast can be found here if you’re interested in learning more.

    Dr. Jay Cole

  50. Ceeb dread ,what can i say a fen for the mic and my good friend we do for we one hell of an mc hard working ,writes quick and has it down not long after he works and works to keep his game tight always on the grind and if the smokes in the air he’s not hard to find ,get em ceeb show them what being an mc is about .ive seen my man take on a whole crew and battle them one after another some at the same time you think u can battle after 8 months of writing ,to me and those like me a battle is free off the top for those who don’t know kotd sorry not dissing you its great what your doing cause peeps can get their shit to the light but a written battle not good .ceebs taking on all challengers who wanna battle so hit him up and we will make it happen those who write your shit and come try to we know written flow freestyle battle bring it .NFP RESPECT THE STYLE .GET EM CEEB

  51. Look at my cuzzo representing the Claybourne family !!!! Way to go cuz, your coming up for real and all the haters gotta “Just accept it” !

  52. Wicked job Ceeb keep making that music n getting your name out there no artist puts in much work and effort promoting music as you do on the east coast keep doing ya thing bruh!!

  53. CEEB – The hardest working multi-talented, multi-genre male artist on the East Coast of Canada,

    A veteran in the game but a legend in his craft!!!!

  54. Ceeb is the real deal. Everyone should be watching out for him. A gifted musician and actor. He’s unstoppable.

  55. One of the sickest mc’s to come out of Canada. Keep representing, good luck and keep up the good work.

  56. Prophets of the struggle…….teachers….we all are. I hope you DO become a household name….the world needs more positive artists and people who are conscious of the effect they have on others. Much love!

  57. Awesome interview, it was straight forward and true , keep on going cuz and never stop you are a true music artist and a great performer you dedicated to the world to show who you are mad love to ya ☺

  58. i just wanna say thank you to everybody who posted such lovely comments ….we still aimin high yo …..i love all a yall ….thanks a mill again