IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

TWIZM WHYTE PIECE:   I was born in a small tourist town, Page, Arizona. I had a rocky childhood, and moved at an early age to Lafayette, Indiana. I eventually moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where I started my musical career. I currently reside in Toronto Ontario, Canada. I am “AZ born -Naptown repping -Toronto based – worldwide know.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

TWIZM WHYTE PIECE:   My musical background consists of the thought’s emotions and physical memories of my life. It consists of my own music, people I have met, and other artists’ music. I started out as an outcast kid clutching his cassette player cowering in the corner. I was very curious and often listened to Tupac’s Me Against The World, Dr. Dre’s Chronic Album, Bone Thugs n Harmony, and TLC. I was a rebellious teenager trying to define myself through the music that was my life. I enjoyed Snoop Dogg, Eminem, SPM, and various other 90s rappers. I am now molding myself into a true musical icon and money making machine. I now enjoy listened to 50 Cent, Nas, Jay Z, and various others


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

TWIZM WHYTE PIECE:   My songs are about my life. I write about my: thoughts, feelings, reactions to physical surroundings, dreams, goals, and aspirations. I write about my experience dealing with life, children, a wife, street life, nearly dying, failure, and success. My songs are my musical autobiography. My songs are a testament of my life. They are my heart, my soul, my body, my essence. My music is proof that I am hip-hop.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your favorite song to perform and why?

TWIZM WHYTE PIECE:   I enjoy the stage way more than the booth. I have performed over 148 shows. I have performed in crowds that consisted of anywhere from 5 fans to thousands. Each crowd reacts differently to my songs. My favorite song to perform is the song that the particular audience enjoys the most during that particular performance. I enjoy causing the crowd to engage. The more involved an audience is, the more entertaining the show is. My top three songs to perform are, I’ma Titan F/Knowledge Bone, Muy Beuno, and Do You Remember.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What has surprised you the most in the pursuit of a career in music?

TWIZM WHYTE PIECE:   I would say that the one thing that has surprised me the most is the support I have received from family, fans, and supporters. I appreciate those who have had a taste of my talents and believe that I am capable of entertaining the masses.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

TWIZM WHYTE PIECE:   My musical influences tie into my musical inspiration, and how this whole dream is polished to perfection. I have to thank my Savior, first and foremost for giving me the gift of speech and the talent to make it. I am influenced by my children who have provided the most encouragement, confidence, hope, criticism, and understanding to write the songs I do. I am influenced by my wife who has gone through a life with me giving me the thoughts, ideas, opinions, and understanding to write the songs that I do. I am influenced by my life for being the cause of such a great musical story. My last influence is the music I listened to growing up: Tupac, Biggie, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Nas, Jay Z, Trick Daddy, Will Smith, LL Cool J, Bone Thugs N Harmony, TLC, No Limit, Puff Daddy, and various other 90’s artists


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

TWIZM WHYTE PIECE:   If you want a song for any mood, a song that when you hear it, you feel exactly as if that song was meant for you, then listen to my music. My music is a breath of fresh air from the repetitive social stereotype hip-hop music that you have heard . When you hear my music you, I can guarantee that you will be addicted.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

TWIZM WHYTE PIECE:   Standing out is something that is easy to do if you’re being yourself. If you’re holding firm to the belief that you define you, and that you aren’t defined by other people’s opinion. I am a better representation of not only Caucasian hip-hop, but exactly how to take hip-hop and rise above the stereotypical ideas and beliefs in order to create a better life for everyone around you. I am hip-hop. My family and I carry ourselves as if we are hip-hop. What makes me different is that I believe in me and my confidence makes others believe in me.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What would you like to see changed in today’s music industry?

TWIZM WHYTE PIECE:   I would like to see more awareness of self. Even if the industry is shady or money-orientated, who cares? The artists need more awareness of self. Stop misrepresenting hip-hop. Stop putting a black mark on a pure art form. Carrying yourself to a higher level and expectation causes others to perform to a higher standard. Therefore everyone gets better at the same time. The industry needs more self-aware artists and less gimmicky artists.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects that you are currently working on?

TWIZM WHYTE PIECE:   Besides the everyday pursuit of signing the deal that changes my children futures; I just released the third mixtape. As a DJ each of the 3 have over 1k views. I’ve received an award for DJ Of The Year and Show Of The Year. I am releasing my first CD. I am the host of a underground radio show that airs 3x a week. I am also working on my 4th hosted mixtape and working with a consultant to make my package more polished.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

TWIZM WHYTE PIECE:   In 10 years I will be a signed successful artist with a career full of great shows under my belt. I want to meet great people, win a lot of awards, and create great memories. I will own a restaurant, 2 houses, and have a bank account that is capable of paying for my children’s futures. Above else, I will still be a hip-hop artists father of 5, married, who came from nothing to something. I want to prove that dreams can be accomplished with hard work. Thank-you and much appreciated from Twizm Whyte Piece.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can fans access your music and contact you?

TWIZM WHYTE PIECE:   ww.twizmwhytepiece83@yahoo.com , www.twizmwhytepiece.vpweb.com











    • You are instilled with all the qualities to be a great performer as well as DJ. God has made you a beacon of light for others to follow and be inspired of. I’m very proud not only to call you a colleague and a supporter of my company’s artists and music, but even more prouder to call you a friend and a brother-in-Christ. I applaud all of your accomplishments and wish you nothing but more success.

      • Wayne i Am So honored And Blessed That You Came On Here To Show That Real Love A Friend And A brother In Christ You Are but You Are Also A support Both Mental And Spiritual And for That I Am always In Debt To You God Bless You Watch Over you And Of Course I hope To Get To shake Your hand One Day

    • A most well deserved hard working dedicated and talented artist. I look so forward to following what’s coming next with Twizm He definitely is where he belongs and the future belongs to him and the great people he networks with. God Bless Him. One Super talented gentleman. Love TC

      • Tc You Have Honored Me And Of COurse Humbled me With YOur Support And Your amazing belief In #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIO I Am Deeply Grateful TO have Your support and TO have Your Faith Thank YOu And God Bless You And Guide YOu

  1. #WinnerCircle congrats homie. keep them wins coming. Nice to get to know a little more into the man behind the mic. twizm white piece is an artist to keep your eyes on!!

  2. Keep up the good work twizm. You what they say hard work plays off. With that being said your on your way to greatness #WinnerCircle

    • One Of My Best Friends For Ten Yrs and I hope That when I finally Make It I Get To share It With You TEN Years From Now I am So Happy I got to Become Friends With You thanks For The Support And belief

  3. There’s alot of artists out there who spit garbage, or have decent lyrics and horrible beats. Twizm in my eyes has both superb beats and will rock your ass with his MIC. I remember hearing the song Do you Remember or the first time, it was an immediate flashback to my first love. I even called her and had her listen to it. Twizm is a man who gives you quality over quantity, yet pumps out alot of songs and keeps them in the quality bracket.

    • i Want To Let You Know That From The Moment I Met You you have been One Of The Most Stand Up And Phenomenal People I have ever Met Your Support And Loyalty Has Changed The Game For Me in So Many ways i am Proud To stand by Your side working to change The hip Hop Game everyday Thanks For Your support Your Friendship but most of all Your Belief

    • Colt It Was Amazing To See You Perform even More Fantastic To get To Know you And The Work Ethic and Drive That You have Is Iconic Thanks for Your support and Thanks For Taking The time To Drop A comment

  4. this is a good dude right here he got some high quality shit going on. he got me heard like he said he would he da truth. much luv and respect yall got to show my guy sum love he can deliver beleave that

    • C Dubb Ya Talent Is One Of a Kind And Of course Your Heartfelt Words And Amazing Support Is what Makes you a Stand Up Artist different Than others #RESPECT For The Support And You have Mine For Your Grind

  5. A great dude putting in great work as always, most inde radio stations play ANYTHING, but T plays GREAT music, rarely you would find someone playing GREAT music from TWO inde radio stations AND has the ability to cook up heat himself, keep doing ya thang bro ! you know you got my support

    • Ace To have Your support Is Incredible The Heat That You Produce Is True Art And then To hear someone I respect And Support Have Theconfidence and belief In Me In even More Rare And One of a Kind Blessings Bro And Thanks For the comment

  6. This industry is full of amazing people. I’m glad to have met and talked with you. Appricate you playing and listening to my music. I never met a person that would push unknown independent artist and promote them. to put you in 1 word it would be DRIVE. you have a DRIVE for success. You DRIVE me as an artist to push myself further and make great music. I salute you in all your accomplishmen’s and success and honored to call you a friend.

    • Darae Your Music Is Amazing anyone Would be a Fool not To Support such great Art Of Course #UNITY In Hip Hop Is What Is Going To change the World and i am Honored To Make The connection With You Have Your support And Of Course Support YOu To The fullest As Well You are a Better Form Of Music

  7. Hey fam, I just had to stop by and show some support for one of the hottest DJ’s in the business – that right y’all I’m talking the one and only “Twizm Whyte Piece” – just wanted to personally that him for putting my song “Technically Speaking” on the map on an international level helping me get some recognition and rotations on an international level….

    Nothing but love, respect and admiration for you fam – doing what you do!!!!

    Major shoutouts to my boy Twizm!!!!!

    The streets are listening fam!!!!!!

    • Double G I am honored To be In The Same Game As Someone Like you The Level Of Energy And Lyrical Talent You displayed On That Song Is amazing and Of course The love and Support that you show me on so Many Levels Speaks Volumes About You Integrity Thank You Again bro for the Love shown

  8. Very down to earth dude, I wish you nothing but success! Keep on making thst music and keep grinding hard! We need more ppl like Twizm in the industry!

    • Jay For You To Say That the Game needs More Like Me Is Truly a unique and blessed Comment I really Appreciate You time To come On here and Support then To support and Drop a Bomb Like that Makes It even More memorable

    • solar Facts You have Been a great Friend And Connect and always One Of the realest And most knowledged About The game that I have Met And to Have you here Means alot Thanks For dropping The love



    Martu (Mar2) Lamar Moore aka


    • Martu I was HONORED And HUMBLED To SEE You Perform One Of The Most Memorable People That I have ever Met I Respect Your Grind So much and Of Course I appreciate All The years of Support and belief We Will Collab again For sure And Of Course anything I Can ever do To Help Would Be always available

  10. Yo this dude is very professional and he wants to help! One thing I noticed about Twizm Whyte Piece is that he doesn’t let bullshit get in the way of business!

    • Dluv As One Of The First People I Met When I Got To Toronto The Way You Showed Respect And Support From The Gate Was Amazing You showed True Character By connecting With Me On so Many Levels After The show In where We Performed For THE COMPTONS YOUTH CENTER I hope To See great Things From You As Well My Friend Thanks For Taking the Time To Drop a comment And show support

    • K Trill the Song We Collabed on Is One Of My Favorites You Delivered Such A Great Hook About such A Great Subject And then on Top Of that To get To see You Perform At The Blake Selby show and To be able To Shake Your Hand Makes Meeting You A Truly Memorable event i Am Honored To be able To be From the Same State As you bro Thanks For Dropping By And Showing Me Support I Truly Appreciate ya

  11. Since I’ve known Twizm. I gain so knowledge about the industry and about the cadence needed in the music. I feel that with the help of people like Twizm we can get the support and the push needed to break into the industry. He is a great man and a great friend. If you need help and believe in your music and your career, then get connected with the award winning Twizm Whyte Piece. You won’t be disappointed

    • Genuene I Want To Say It First that I have Learned More From You Than You Know I Have Watched your Intensity Your dedication Drive And Commitment Outshine So Many Who really Believe They Are Doing Something Your Support Is My Honor To Have

    • Gabrielle From The Moment I have Met You there Has been this amazing Surge Forward And I Know That You had Alot To do With It so I wanna Say Publicly i thank You Watergate Gabrielle Linton Samme Sosa You have My support for Life

  12. I just want to send my boy a HUGE S/O for all his hard work!!!
    He works so hard and hustles so hard for what he strives for. I’m so proud to know him and blessed to have met him. He is so confident yet so humble.
    He further inspires me to pursue my goals and aspirations as an r&b/Soul singer-songwriter. He pushes and pushes and pushes and never stops. That’s a key ingredient for success that many need to learn from. He’s very selfless in what he does and through the help he provides other artists and other Individuals. Thus, he understands and appreciates the fact that we all need to help eachother to thrive in the world.
    God bless you and yours homie! You deserve every ounce of your success.

    • Coco thank You so Much is was Awesome To Get to Meet You and Of Course It Has been An honor hosting Your Songz on My Mixtapes i look Forward To More Interaction And more Songz Thank You so Much for Your Kind Words your support And Your belief God bless You

  13. I’m very proud of you for all the connection you do the hard work you put in and still being a good father and a husband trust me I know that takes a lot of work.Keep up the movement and doing what you do much love from me and remember i got your back

    • Jerry Wilson i want to Personally Say This In Front Of Everyone I wouldn’t be anything Today If It Was not For you Finding The Diamond In The Rough i Will Always be Your Most Loyal Friend Simply For what you did for Me God Bless You Jerry Wilson And everything you have Done for Me My Family and My Career

  14. Ive know him since his Lafayette days. He’s always had a passion for music. Having a powerful drive to make his own contribution to music. I have seen his passion. Witnessed his growth as an artist. I can see a future where he succeed. I haven’t been a support. After seeing his effort and dedication. It’s hard to doubt.

    • Nate It Is An Absolute Honor To Have One Of My Lifelong Friends On Here Showing Me Love And Support I Appreciate It so Much I Hope That You Continue To have The Faith and Belief that I have Earned From You And I Will Continue Put My Best Foot Forward God Bless And Thanks again

  15. Twizm… Cool dude.n great radio host… Good connect for those who need or want the help…….Not shy of criticism neither..n that’s what makes a good artist… Damn. Good artist…

    • Deejay Bone You Were A Great Friend And co Worker And As Always Deliver That Top Notch Critizm So i Would be a fool Not To Listen UDIG!!! but as Always My Guy Thank You so Much For Taking the time To Show support And Drop some Very Well Said Words

  16. Shout out to the big homie Twizm. keep puttin on for Naptown. the city need dis. You know we all bhind you bro bro.
    Its grindtime LET GET IT!!!!

    • Yung Cain i Remember the First Time i met You I was just As Inspired From You as You were From me When I heard Your Song ” Go” I Said yeah This Guy Is talent Man i am truly honored That You Would Take The Time to Go and Leave a reply For Me thank You truly Thank You

    • MC Karl It Has been an honor to be able To look at the comments And See Your name here Supporting thank You For Taking The time To come and show Luv If there is ever anything I can Do Plz just hit Me up

  17. There is two sisdes of twyzm, radio host and artist. As an artist he entertains, as a host he not only entertains but always has a stellar selection of music! I listen to him and his show as much as I can. I love it!

    • Angie Thank You It has been an honor To hear To that You enjoy both aspects Of My Musical Talent As always I Will diligently Work to continue To make Listen and play the music you Love To Hear thanks For Taking The time to Support

    • Wiza I am Truly Humbled To be In YOUR Presence My dude the Music You make Is Amazing and Of Course You are Such a stand up guy i was Truly honored To be able To host Your Song On a Mixtape Thank You for Your support and Your time

  18. On behalf of Brecon Indie Music Reviews and myself, may I provide the utmost acclaim, pride, respect and support, to a most talented DJ; stellar Rapper and absolutely fine person,
    Twizm White Piece. (Piece!)
    I am very discerning, among the large number of Bands, Musicians, Artists, Writers, Cinemas and other Co-followers, with whom I become close, beyond a professional level.
    Of course, Music is the most common, initial connection. Usually, from there, I have great professional, individual and fun relationships with each Indie Musician or Band.
    Most important, to me, especially, regarding those few, within my inner circle, are “Intangible Qualities.”
    I am referring to standards I hold to myself and those of whom I speak, as follows.
    A person I trust and respect, shall prove and maintain: honesty; loyalty; integrity, a kind heart; strong work ethic; team attitude; motivation, tempered to avoid egotism; rolling straight up, own words, from the heart; daring creativity and imagination; ability to receive and utilize positive critique; share wisdom and encouragement; volunteerism to less fortunate or those in need; a slammin’ sense of humor; a passion for music AND, KNOWING NO ONE CAN DEFEAT ME IN AN OLD SCHOOL FUNK OFF!
    “Piece,” my nickname, for our heralded subject, exceeds these criterion, really!
    Professionally, he is a guide, teacher, willing and wonderful expert in his genre, for myself and others. (Though I can 70s OUT FUNK HIM IN MY SLEEP 🙂 )
    Personally, he is among a handful of close to 1800 Co-followers, during the year I have been on Twitter, I consider a true, wonderful friend and Funk Brother!

    Brecon Indie Music Reviews
    Mary Wood

    • MARY My Funk sista WOW i Am truly Taken back by the amazing compliments And Well Said Words That You used To Describe Me i am Unworthy Of your Funk but am very #HUMBLED By your Support God Bless you dear As Your Presence And Support has Been a Blessing to me

  19. Congrats big homie I remember wen we was in that popeyes kitchen slaving U said u was gonna make it and u did stand up for the 317 gotdammit

    • Andres My guy Man It was those Times At Popeyes that Were The Most Fun I have had since This whole CRAZY Thing Has started man I am so Glad I got To meet You And become Friends With You ima Pop back In On You bro better Have My Chicken Done Right hommie

  20. Shout out to Twizm Whyte Piece. I respect his grind and keep pushing towards the top. Remain hungry for that success and you’ll get it.

    • Jon Lock wow brother You amaze me We Have Only been Connected A short Time and you have the respect And support to Still soe and drop a Comment Thank You bro that Is appreciated I am honored To have your belief

    • Beast Hollywood Bro Your another one Of those Artist / Musical Entities that I am honored To be In The Presence Of and I am Deeply honored To have You come here and show Some Luv You know I support You and i am grateful To have Your support #MADLUV

    • MB One Of The Few New Artist That I have Met that I have Come To Have such Admiration and respect For Your Craft Your Personality Your Respect Level It Top notch Thanks For Dropping a comment

  21. The best part of Twizm is his uncanny way of putting words together, he has great lyrics and beats… Also I listen to him on Fat Cat Radio… Hes an awesome host as well..

  22. Theres nothing i can say but the best… Hes a great musician, a great host on Fat Cat Radio… And from what I hear a very humble man who knows that family always comes first, well, thats what i hear on BigLous shows…

  23. Twizm Whyte Piece is Hot on the scene of hip hop… Lyrics that mean something and not gangster is what i like… Twizm deserves big things

    • Dominic amazingly well Said i am Taking By by such great compliments And Do hope To continue with the Support From You and Of course keep Tuning In to the shows Thanks again For Taking the time

  24. Yo Twizm, you make other artists look like amateurs. And youre a seriously bad ass host on Fat Cat Radio

    • Mike the Support Your Dropping Is amazing i Mean To come here Take Your time out and Drop This Kind Of support Is exactly why I know that I am Doing the Right Thing thanks again for Your support

  25. When I first heard twizms “Do You Remember” On one of BigLous shows I fell in love with Twizm. His Music Touches your heart, and Mind

    • Brittney Your comments Have Stolen My Heart thank You For such warm heart Felt compliments I hope I can continue To Keep That Same Love thanks For Your Time and Thanks for Your support

  26. Defining Twizm is like trying to define theoretical physics, its completely intricate and astounding. Complex, a structure of parts that comes together without proper definition. The difference though, is Twizm can be defined at the end point.. Seriously Complex, simple yet elegant.. Outstanding and fulfilling.. #TwizmRocks

    • Heather Thank You so Much For That well Said Comment I appreciate Your support and i highly Value Your Time TO Come here and Drop a comment I hope To Keep up the Good Work for Ya Have a blessed Day

  27. To put it simple…. Twizm Whyte Piece is on the path to change the ENTIRE game… Keep up the momentum Twizm

  28. I like that Twizms Music is all about real life stuff. I get sick and tired of the same ol gangster crap Twizm brings hip-hop to a whole new level

    • Vinny Thank You for Taking the Time To come here and drop A Supportive comment i am Honored That you believe In Me To change the game And i Will honor Your belief by Doing exactly That Again Thank You so Much My Friend

  29. Whyte Piece is #1 in my book. I was Listening to a show on Fat Cat Radio, and Big Lou played a track by Twizm. I asked him who it was, and from that moment I became a fan… Then a few weeks later, I was listening to another Big Lou show, and when he played Twizm, I of course left a positive comment in the chat room on the Live show. Big Lou then told me that Im able to listen to him as a Host on Fat Cat Radio as well. Twizm plays such great music.. Im hooked on Twizm

    • Gary Thank You so Much For Your belief Your Enthusiasm and Of course The Confidence In #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE Thank You so Much For Taking the time To come and Drop A comment It Is Truly RESPECTED

  30. I want to give a big shout out to Twizm Whyte Piece. It was a pleasure to be a part of your show on Fat Cat Radio, to be receiving airplay on 2LocoRadio, and to be on the new mixtape “Hustalaz Playground”. The industry needs more people and personnel like yourself for real. You and Big Lou made me feel comfortable and right at home when I was on the show.

    • Rawboss The honor And Privilege Is all mine your Drive and Commitment Are #! And Your Talent is amazing I am So glad I Got To meet you And be Apart Of Your Career Ty For Dropping That line Of Support

    • Lori i Must Admit I work hard To keep My Image better Than The Rest No Cussing Professional And Of Course Lots Of Supa Sacuiness Thank You for Your Support And For coming Thru And dropping a comment

    • Lindsey Simply because You Came on here And supported by Leaving A coment I believe The Industry Will See a Truely Talented Hard Working New Face Of Hip Hop i Am honored To have Your Support And your Belief

    • Calvin This Right here Is My Favorite Comment I Think To Read This And Know That Someone Out there is Deep Into TWIZM Whyte Piece Like That Makes Me Wanna Go Extra hard This next Round Bless You For This kind Of support Ty For Your Comments

    • Bernie Not Only Am I a Smoker But I See That I have a Friend i want To smoke With one Day not Only do You Know The Name TO My Song you also Know The Words USING ” SO Supa Cool With It ” My Man I Love It Ty And Thanks For Dropping By and Supporting

    • Dori Thank You So Much I am So glad You Listen To My radio Show i love To Have An Interactive Audience So plz If you Read This Dont hesitate To jump In one day With Some Comments For The Show thank You For coming By And Supporting

    • David You And your Family have My heart Thank You For Considering My Music Great I Will Work To Keep that Same Drive Going And Making That Same Great Music Ty for Taking The time To drop A Comment

  31. I Just Wanted To say That It Is nice To have A Better Form Of music And Rap i Like The Way he Thinks About His Image FOr Kids

    • Kathy You And your husband Dave have My Deepest Appreciation For The Time You Guys spent Expressing Yourselves Thank yOu so Much And I am glad That Your children enjoy the Music As well

  32. I Got To see His Show In Ohio And It was Crazy To see him Perform In Front Of So Many People And Still Act Like A Superstar You know That Twizm Is Ready For his Turn In The Music World I Loved It and Support Him fully

    • Caleb i Love When I have People Come support who have Seen My performances that Is The Real Taste Of Twizm Whyte Piece And The Most Addictive Thank You For The Awesome Comments And The Support Next Show Make Your Self Known

  33. I Listen To His Show On Fat Cat Radio And IListen While At Work It Helps Me I Like It And So do The People i Work With

  34. Everything This Man Does Is Top Notch even If He Does not Have The Best Equipment Or Has To deal With Doing It On his own his Drive Is Unmatched His Courage Not to Messed With And his Talent Is Super So I think that Twizm Whyte Piece Deserves his Shot

  35. This Is My Father And I Think he Is Awesome I Talk About Him To everyone one Of My Friends I Love his Music It Is Not Bad To Hear He does Not Use Cuss Words Or there Are alot Of Songs That he Does not use Cuss Words My Dad Is the Best

  36. I Let My Kids Listen To his Music Because He Is A unique Rare Breed That Doesnt need To use Foul Language To Express himself And He Runs A great Radio Show

  37. A Great Radio Host he Brings Alot Of Attention TO everyone Rather Than Just
    Himself I Could See him Rocking Out Alot Of Places

  38. If There Were More Artist Like Twizm When The Shows And Songs Would Be Better If there Were more Radio Host Like Twizm I Would Listen more If There Were More Of Twizm i think That would be Just Right

    • Right On Derrick Thank You So much For that Amazing Display Of belief And Support I Appreciate You Coming Out here To show Your support And Leaving that Kind Of Comment Absolutely Top notch Ty

  39. This Is The Artist Of The year Every Year I need Him To Make It cuz He Inspires my children To Rise above This ghetto environment And be Better

    • Oh man Logan Well Said Thank You For That Kind Of Support i would Love To be an Inspiration To the whole World If they Would Let Me Ty For Taking the Time To Come On here and Drop A Comment

  40. I Dont Like Hip Hop Music but I love Twizm Whyte Piece He Is so Unique And better To Hear Than This Stuff Now

    • i Do Appreciate The Fact That At Least You like My Music But I would Love To Show you A whole World Full Of amazing Hip Hop Still Tho thank You For Coming and Dropping A Comment f Support

    • Bobby your Support Out Of The clear Blue Is AWESOME I Truly appreciate You Coming Thru And making A Statement Of support Absolutely Top notch And Of Course If You need Me For anything Let me Know

  41. In Toronto, your name is really getting around!!! Seriously, you’re a poet, in an industry that has very few..

  42. Twizm man, I’ve been a fan for quite some time and I’m seriously happy with all of your work. Theres nothing better than an artist who pushes forward no matter what comes his way… Don Corso

    • Donald Wow Amazing Thank YouI am So happy To hear That The Support From You Is Top notch wow Ty for Coming Thru And Showing Respect And Support by dropping This Kind Of Compliment Someone Who notices The Hard Work Involved Bless You My Friend

  43. Do you Remember is one of my most favorite songs I ever heard. Twizm, thanks for makin music that my kids can listen to as well….

    • Courtney YEAH that Was The Whole Point behind The idea That i Started With It Warms My Heart To hear That You Let Your Kids Listen To my Music Ty Ty From The Bottom Of My heart Thank You

  44. Yo homie!!! Keep striving for success.. You’re one of the few that WIILL make it.. Nice work with the #TEAMELITE too..

  45. From Wolverine Radio to Fat Cat Radio, youre spreading like wildfire… I love listening to your shows as well on Fat Cat Radio. What inspired “Do You Remember”?

    • Michael Excellent Question Thanks For Asking the Music I make The emotions I display Are Wrote From What I Am Experiencing at That Moment As If I Am Talking To that Person like A diary So To Speak Some Entries Lol have Made Great Songs

  46. When BigLou turned me on to you it Changed my Life Twizm. You’re so inspiring and professional at everything you do. Thanks for being you Twizm.

    • Mary I So Very Much Appreciate The Recognition That You Have For The hard Work And Professionalism That I Try TO display I believe That the Music Game Can be a better Form Of Connecting The world Together Ty For The Support

  47. I just heard about you the other day.. I’m seriously glad Martha Sciarro turned me on to you because youre music is smooth and easy to relate to.

  48. he’s more then just DJ. He’s an awesome supporter of independent artist. He’s truly what I call a friend. in this industry today it’s not that common to see someone put as much effort towards other artist careers while doing the same for his own. I’m honored to call him friend

    • Darae I have And Always Will be honored To Be In your Company I Am Most
      Humbled TO have You Always a Part Of #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE And #TEAMELITE God Bless You My Friend With success And happiness In Your Career

  49. Thanks for inviting me to the BBQ last week.. You’re a humble man who wears many hats.. Father, Son, Husband and friend..Keep on keepin on…..

  50. Twizm Whyte Piece has phat beats with great lyrics… He is a great artists who deserves to be renown, as he is right now!

  51. I listen to Twizm on Fat Cat Radio. He is a superb and professional host. His mixtapes are hott and his music is hotter… Go #TEAMELITE

  52. Twizm this is BigLous Cousin Bobby (Mack). Since you came aboard Fat Cat Radio, you have made my cousin so damn happy.. You really work hard for what you want. Thanks for everything.

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    • Nvee I Thank You So much For Coming On here And dropping That Comment For Support You Know I be repping That naptown Wherever And Whenever I Can and Of Course The Tracks We collabed On some Of My Familys Favorite i Ty for coming here And Showing Luv

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    • Louis It has And always Will be My honor To be not Only your Friend but An Inspiration And Of Course The New Music choice For You Ty For EVERYTHING you Do And for Being a True and Loyal Friend

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