This artist, remixer, producer and DJ thrives off the edm bass music scene. She is known to mix all different types of Bass music together to form her own unique sound. Her roots are breakbeats, house, jungle and hip hop. She grew up as a house dancer turned break dancer who was compelled by these beat. Her roots also run deep with Reggae and dancehall. Through the years she grew a deep love for dubstep, drum and bass and trap Music. Anything Bass heavy and soulful that evokes good feelings is her kind of style. “There is good music in all genres, as long as you have good taste in music!”

Bliss was born and raised near Philadelphia ,PA, where she embarked her journey deejaying in 2005. She had residencies all over the city and was a big part of promotion for the underground scene. She played many shows in NYC and all over New England. She then moved to Baltimore, MD and soon had many residencies in that city as well as DC and surrounding areas down south.

Bliss always had a love for the bay area music scene for many years and some of her biggest influences are from there. She now lives in The Bay Area, California and plays all over the state. Her style now a days is very bass heavy, breakbeat, hip hop influenced tracks with a dubstep, ragga, and jungle feel. She plays from 70 bpm to 180bpm mixing in many different genres. Being a dancer she is known to bring lots of energy to the decks and knows what to play to get peoples feet moving! There is never a dull moment when she is on the decks.
She has released a bunch of tracks and is about release a full length album. She has been working with producer Tommy D. Daugherty formally of Death Row records. She has been playing guitar and keys since she was a child. She has a great ear for music and strictly uses turntables as her instrument. You can catch her scratching during her sets adding to the hype of the crowd! If your lucky you may even catch her doing one of her break dance performances in-between mixing and scratching!

She has played many massive parties as well as festivals with many big name producer. She has played all over the United States and has performed with major artists such as KRS ONE, Glitch Mob, Russ Liquid, Shortee, Break Science, Eliot Lipp, U-Melt, Sophistafunk,RadioActive,Freaky Flow, DB, Electric Indigo, AC Slater, Charles Feelgood, Bassbin Twins, AK 12000, Annalyze, RSK, Down Jones, Endboss, Dev79, Remarc, R.A.W. aka 6Blocc, DJ Hype, Joker, Frankie Bones, Reid Speed, Nick Argon, Rico Tubbs, B. Rich, Dj Swamp, Dj Logic, Joe Nice,DJ Odi, Andy C., Phantom 45, JGB, Dumpstafunk,Roots of Creation,Skerik, ,Lettuce, Kill The Noise, and Evol Intent, Baby Anne, Heavygrinder, Tittsworth, 2Rip, Venom, and many more.

Bliss tours all over the United States, keeping the Old Skool Vibe Alive and raging dance floors from city to city.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?
DJ MADAM BLISS: I was born in Media, Pennsylvania, just south of Philadelphia.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?
DJ MADAM BLISS: My grandmother taught me to play the guitar when I was 5 years old. I grew up singing in chorus in school and playing the clarinet. I also took piano lessons at a young age and took more guitar lessons with another teacher when I was a teenager. I got into DJing when I was 16 and finally got my own set of turntables when I was 20. That is when I started playing shows all over the East Coast. I started producing about 5 years ago. I just picked up the flute in the last couple of months.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?
DJ MADAM BLISS: Music has always been a passion of mine ever since I was a little kid. Weather I was dancing, singing, or playing an instrument, music is the one thing I could get lost in for a little while and just forget about the rest of the world and all my problems. I want to share the feeling that I feel when I listen to music with everyone and give a positive message to the world threw the lyrics of my songs. I feel like my soul purpose in life is to make music and share my beliefs through the lyrics of my music, hoping to portray a positive message and to help people improve their own existence.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?
DJ MADAM BLISS: All different things. Most of my songs are feel good party songs, where people can let go and get loose. I have been a house dancer and breakdancer for over 12 years and a lot of my music is stuff you can dance to and get into a groove. I also have songs describing my lifestyle which is a little bit of a different outlook on life then the norm. Some of my songs are political, some are about love and heartbreak and a lot are about real life situations I’ve experienced.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who is your fan base directed towards?
DJ MADAM BLISS: I would say a lot of my music is feel good soulful dance music that anyone at any age can enjoy.The majority of my fans are between 20 and 50. I have influences in the bass music scene, jamband scene, hip hop scene as well as the drum and bass scene. I play a lot of different styles, but I am mainly known for my DJing, so you will most likely catch me playing at a club or rave. I am just breaking into the world of being a singer/songwriter and I am hoping a lot of my songs will make it to the main stream and will be heard on college or regular radio.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?
DJ MADAM BLISS: Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy, Korn, Nirvana, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Beastie Boys, Bad Boy Bill, Portishead, Wu Tang Clan, Michael Jackson, Notorius B.I.G., Jay Z, Ta-ku, Sully, Bob Marley, Dj Dara, DJ Irene, Dj Icey, Matty G, Troyboi, 6Blocc, Shackles, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Sublime

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?
DJ MADAM BLISS: Eclectic, I play everything from bass music, jungle, hip hop, drum and bass, rooted dubstep, trap, trip hop, Reggae, ragga jungle, soul, breaks, house and I also play jamband style music, just to name a few of the styles you may catch me playing. I aim to take all different styles of music that I love and create tracks with different elements from each style of music to create my own sound. When I am DJing I like to mix all different genres together in a unique way.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?
DJ MADAM BLISS: I was always told by everyone early in my DJ career to pick a genre and stick to it. I could never grasp that concept, I always have felt that all the fun in deejaying is being able to mix a bunch of different genres together and make it sound good! That is what I strive to do when I play for a crowd. I have always loved using turntables and have continued to use turntables for the 10 years I have been deejaying. You don’t see that much anymore, cause now a days people use their laptops or some form of controller if they aren’t using cdjs. I believe people appreciate it more when they see someone using turntables as an instrument. I really like doing tricks with my turntables like scratching. Also I not only DJ and produce, I am a singer/songwriter and musician that sometimes likes to break dance during my sets if the stage set up is proper. Not many people can say they do the same.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?
DJ MADAM BLISS: I am working on a full length album currently which should be released in the next 2 months. I am working with Tommy D who used to work for Death Row Records. He has produced most of Tupac’s albums, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Korn, TLC, Prince, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and the list goes on!! The album is featuring El Debarge, Willie Waldman, E.D.I.Don, Ash Tray Buckets, 6Blocc, Vast Verbal, Dre Powell, Joey Maramba and Cornelius Mims. Half the album is Bass music and drum and bass and the other half ranges from hip hop, jam band, singer/songwriter and psychedelic music! A lot of the music is in a genre of its own. I also just put out a new mix with some of my original EDM production that is Jungle/ Bass music and hip hop fusion. Besides that I am working on putting out a lot more hip hop and EDM music. Lots of goodies about to be released.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where Do you see yourself in 10 years?
DJ MADAM BLISS: I hope to be working with top industry musicians and to travel the world playing the music I love! I want to put out several more albums that will top the billboard charts. I want to work with all my favorite producers and musicians/singers. I hope to spread a positive message to the masses threw my lyrics and greatly influence the perspective of many peoples lives. In 10 years I see myself being very successful in my music career and continually making music for the majority of my life. I also see myself acting and teaching break dance/yoga classes at my own personal studio.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?
DJ MADAM BLISS: They can find me on soundcloud. www.soundcloud.com/dj-madam-bliss. Reverbnation www.reverbnation.com/madambliss or Facebook www.facebook.com/djmadambliss



  1. I’ve personally met this dj. not only is she an awesome human being, but her music has helped both myself and others in my life. The hard times were then made bearable and the good times that much better. The world needs to hear her musical voice, imo.

  2. I first saw Kristen spin at a venue I was bringing into the EDM scene early last decade. I was so impressed I booked her and asked if she would join my roster of local/regional DJ’s. I am forever grateful for her style and talents and I am very proud of how far she has come!

  3. So to be honest I’m only up here comenting so she can get enough left coast promo to get here back to the right coast so we can get that vibration live and direct again…… Anybody start planning the world tour? Kick that shit off right here in the “Norva”… big up yourself Ma, we miss you back home….

  4. Good luck on your album, i went to see you back in your philly days at club samba. You were great and i always wanted to see you again!

  5. Madam Bliss aka Bgirl Bliss is a one of a kind dj. She sets herself apart from alot of other Dj’s in the industry because she can seemlessly mix through multi genes where others stay within a single genre in their set. Not only is she an amazing dj, she’s also an epic Bgirl as well. I had the opportunity to meet this amazing person least year at Lightning in a Bottle when I was teaching a breakdancing class at the kids village. Three quarters of the way through my class she suddenly appeared and kindly asked if I needed any assistance with the class. She probably noticed the fact I was completely exhausted and needed help desperately at that point. She jumped right in and again seemlessly segued into teaching the rest of the class. She’s one of the most talented people I know and I’m glad the universe granted me the opportunity to meet her. Definitely looking forward to her album release!

  6. This beautiful girl makes awesome, “blissful”, music & has a fantastic aura. She brings it hard & plays correct. It’s a pleasure to witness Madam Bliss :p

  7. OK, 2k5, kinda makes me feel like I could probably get charged as an adult(even though I know it’s all legal), just for how Ms. Madam Bliss makes me feel, when I see her up there on those wheels(or whatever the kids are using these days)…loved her selections, the first time I heard her at a party. 1up. Can’t wait till we cross paths again. Baltmore, Philly, or DC, just because my truck gets gallons to the mile. I still appreciate the west coast invites, and I have been considering going back to Cali,Cali,Cali, but, ” I don’t think so.”

  8. Madam bliss. . Is exactly it!
    such a unique sound, love it when you sing! Such a powerful and beautiful voice. Mixing diverse varieties of musical genres the dancefloor is bliss ,much love ~*

  9. i love me some madam bliss!! philly misses you soo much!! we are sooo proud of you 🙂 hope to see you sooon!!

    • she’s always full of awesome surprises – like seeing her break dance during the middle of a set, or that she plays flute.

  10. Madam Bliss is awesome. Truly one of the best up and comers in the industry. She tops the list of ones to watch.

  11. Such a talented artist. I had the pleasure of meeting her in October after having listened to her music for a few years. She makes it a habit to come thru to Buffalo multiple times a year to bless us with dat bass. Buffalo loves her!

  12. This is a girl thats truely unique 2 wat she does…Have been doing shows 4 26 years and have seen many but she knows how to mixit up and bring out in a way that not many or none at all can dupe…Shes tallented in so many ways..that she has all the others…kringing and taking notes..4 real..,and this girl knows how 2 get a crowd fired up and begging 4 more…She has played w so many big artists allready that..she”s gained a large following from coast to coast…and always and never fails 2 bring noteful bliss n ectasy..2 whom ever she plays 4 and she def knows how 2 gauge a crowd…and bring it on…the hype is real,love,skill dedication make up this artist…but seeing is believing .She really knows how 2 Shread the Decks.shes got the power 2 turn most djs and artists into melting piles a goo..and sends them home with a firm taste of wat its all about..So this is definately one that deserves 2 make it..and by her loyal and huge following ..She will have no problem..making it all happen with ease. ..Love and Best Wishes to an Amazing Person and Artist…Eric Newl

  13. Madem Bliss, your beats are masterful and your passion for life is inspiring! Looking forward to the new album!!

  14. Congratulations Bliss! I was so happy to help promote the last few events with you and friends 😀 Keep it up!!

  15. DJ Madam Bliss makes the music u can’t stop dancing to. All her mixes are high energy!!! Bring it on and keep em coming!!!! 🙂

  16. Mad love to Madam Bliss! Gratitude for all that she does to inspire and bring the vibe. ALWAYS enjoy her sets and got down on the dance floor in bliss. privileged to say i’ve had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Bliss. RESPECT 🙂 Look forward to your new album! Stay listening to your mix tapes 🙂


  18. i love this girl. she is an amazing DJ with a wide range of musical knowledge and ability. She is an absolute joy to watch live, she knows how to read a crowd, and she is as humble as they come. great article. much love.

  19. Good looks on the interview, Bliss!

    You’re nice on the decks, nice on the tunes, nice on the vocals, nice on the flute & nice on the dance floor…. What can’t she do???!!

    Def nice to know ya

  20. Miss Madam Bliss threw down at not one but 2 SoJos! Super stoked she’s coming back for Nights of Fire! Awesome lady & killer dj ❤