Today marks the premiere of the second episode of The FADER and Sprite’s Obey Your Thirst collaborative documentary series focuses on the legendary Nas. The Queensbridge veteran shares how he was driven to succeed as a Hip-Hop artist while sharing advice to the up and comers as only an OG can.

The clip opens with images of New York with the fresh-faced 41-year-old MC walking the block. In the voice over, Nas explains what drives him to the level of excellence he still maintains nearly a quarter of a century into his career.

“My thirst from success just comes from being born in New York, and just wanting to do all the things I dreamed about,” shares Nas.

He adds, “I always had some kind of drive in me, whether I was going to be a screenplay writer, whether I was going to be an artist who illustrated comic books, I wanted to be a business man and I set up my room like an office when I was like 10 years old.”

Nas goes on to share his formula for success to those who want to attain the position he’s rightfully earned, even at the risk of not accomplishing those goals immediately.

“I learn from failures. Mistakes are masterful teachers…Trust in yourself and always push the envelope,” he shared.

Nas is the second subject of four such mini-documentaries from FADER and Sprite. Last week’s episode featured Drake, who also appears in this latest episode. TDE’s Isiah Rashad and Vince Staples will also be featured in upcoming episodes.

Check out Nas in The FADER and Sprite’s Obey Your Thirst artist profile below.