IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

RAYNE MICHAEL: I am currently residing in Fargo, North Dakota.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

RAYNE MICHAEL: I started singing as a young boy. My mom tells a story that the first time I sang was in church. I walked up on the middle of the adult praise and worship team and started belting it out. My family and I are very close and our lives were always filled with music. I had my first solo singing “Silent Night” when I was 10 years old.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

RAYNE MICHAEL: I believe that music has a way of reaching people like nothing else in this world can. There are singers and musicians out there who can make your whole day and even life change with just one song. Music has the power to heal and to teach. It really is my goal to inspire people with my music the way I have been inspired.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:What are your songs about?

RAYNE MICHAEL: My songs are mostly about love and relationships that I’ve had or witnessed but also about the struggles and obstacles that we all have throughout life. I write songs that people can relate to and connect to emotionally. Songs about my life and experiences.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who is your fan base directed towards?

RAYNE MICHAEL:I honestly believe that my music is for everyone. Anyone with hopes and dreams. Anyone who has survived a personal struggle. I don’t sing or write music for only one genre or target audience. I want people both young and old to be interested in my music. I never wish to alienate anyone.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:Who are your musical influences?

RAYNE MICHAEL: Growing up I listened to what my parents listened to so it was a lot of country and 80’s music. As I grew older Top 40 R&B and Pop music were the biggest influences for me. I love voices that are both unique and emotional. That’s the sound that I aim for and have cultivated my own by borrowing from many different genres and artists.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

RAYNE MICHAEL: I would say that it is most definitely Top 40 with main genres being a mix of R&B/Pop/Rock. I would also like to add that no one track will be identical from the last. So there will be something on my album for everyone.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

RAYNE MICHAEL: I’m honest and at times sensitive. I’m not afraid to dive in deep where the truth lies and express that. I do have a fairly large range but the thing that makes me stand out the most is the emotion and passion I put into a performance. I treat every time I’m on stage like it could be the last time. My unique sound and vocal versatility also sets me apart.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

RAYNE MICHAEL: I recently released my first single “But You Lied” on iTunes. I will be working on recording and releasing my next single “I Know That I Hurt You” in the next month. I’m also recording and releasing my debut album “Dare To Dream” this coming fall. I have a few collaborations I have been asked to work on. I’m working on putting together some local shows and getting more exposure for myself. I’m always keeping myself busy and always working. You never know if your next day could be your last.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS:What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

RAYNE MICHAEL: I want to be a professional recording artist and I want to have a song and album chart as well as be on the radio. I want to tour and perform my own music for the world to hear. In 10 years I hope to be successful in the music industry and start working on creating my own label and talent agency.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

RAYNE MICHAEL: All my music and social media can be accessed through raynemichael.com

You can like me on Facebook
You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram

You can purchase my first single “But You Lied” on iTunes at this link

Email: raynemichaelmusic@gmail.com










    • Its people like u that bring people like rayne down n not want to follow their dreams….its people like u that have no respect whats so ever for other peoples feelings…..if u cant something nice to someone for following their dream then mayb u should keep ur comments to urself!!! I think he is great and talented n i couldnt more proud of how he sings from the heart….not many people can do that n make it have meaning so do me a favor n stop being so cruel….

      • Its people like u that bring people like rayne down n not want to follow their dreams….its people like u that have no respect whats so ever for other peoples feelings…..if u cant something nice to someone for following their dream then mayb u should keep ur comments to urself!!! I think he is great and talented n i couldnt more proud of how he sings from the heart….not many people can do that n make it have meaning so do me a favor n stop being so cruel….

    • Your negativity is only going to make him grow into a better singer. People that have the negative comments make people like him work harder and reach for the goals and success to prove you wrong. Have a good day. Remember if you don’t want to listen to him then simply excuse yourself from his bubble. 😉

    • There are some things that are seriously wrong with North Dakota, but this doesn’t fall under the umbrella of reasons why lol.
      Why are you such an unhappy person, Mike?

    • Hey don’t come on here an be rude!!! Hell yeah he’s ND hottest star and you know why because he had the balls to chase his dreams. Bet you ain’t doing the same!! You can just get outta here with your negative self!

    • Something seriously wrong with you…. He’s got an amazing voice and has been working hard on his career in music for years. At least he has goals and isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to achieve them. Didn’t your mom ever teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your fucking mouth shut.

    • There’s something seriously wrong with you maybe…. Rayne has an amazing voice and has been working hard on his music career for years. At least he has a goal and is working on achieving his goal/dream. Didn’t your mama teach that if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your fucking mouth shut. Quit knocking Rayne down cuz your jealous that his goals/dreams are coming true. Best believe if you keep talking shit, you’re going to have a lot of his friends and family looking for your loser ass. Quit hating and support.

    • There is something seriously wrong with North Dakota…you. Do us all a favor and take your unintelligent, untalented, useless waste of space, sorry excuse for a human being and leave. You dont like him then thats fine but keep your rude comments to yourself

  1. I have been following Rayne for quite sometime via social media and quickly became a fan. He has an amazing gift and is truly talented. I look forward to seeing where his musical ambitions will take him.

  2. Not tryin to start nething by rhis just dont like it when other people got to bring someone down……i love his music very talented. Way to go rayne!!!

  3. Love this article. Love this guy. He is the real deal. Beautiful inside & out; and he can sing, to boot. If you haven’t heard him yet, check out one of the links he posted. I’m so excited to see what this world has in store for him!!

  4. Rayne is an artist that holds back no fear, emotion, or passion for what he does, with no excuses.
    Naysayers have no room in his life, as he is strong and loves positive people, positive messages, and exploring his talent in ways that haters will never comprehend.

  5. It is my pleasure and an honor to leave a comment about this awesome and truly talented man. Rayne has the voice of an angel. You can listen to him sing and immediately you are transported to a place where you can leave your problems and truly experience his hard work and determination. I’m honored to know Rayne and I know one day when he makes it to the top I’ll be able to say “I knew he would do it because he loves to sing”.

  6. I think he has a great singing voice and hopefully the industry will recognise this and sign him up. A great all round package. Voice looks writes own material. I’m backing Rayne 100%

  7. Great interview and an even greater guy. Keep following your dreams Rayne and keep setting yourself more goals. You’re an achiever and you deserve to go far! 😀

  8. Let me start off by Rayne is a fabulous singer. He motivates me to keep positive. Not only do I love his music but my mother and son does as well. To Watch him perform and belch out them notes is something I would love to have as a talent. As of every singer just starting out or famous they all have thier flaws. No one is the same. Rayne has such a unique voice. He keeps going threw all the negative. He takes all that negative and makes it so POSITIVE to better his music. He has a amazing gift and is very talented. He is a beautiful person inside and out. His journey to success i know ill be following as well as lot of other people. He is a SUPER STAR★☆★

    • This was incredible! All this support is overwhelming i may shed some tears for sure. Anyone with any dream should never let fear keep them from achieving it! Tell your mother and son I say hello and thanks for watching and listening! :-*

  9. Rayne has an amazing gift to share with the world! I have known him for many years and have had the honor and privilege of watching him grow as an artist! He has been an inspiration for anyone who dares to follow their dreams! His music shines through his soul, it always has and it always will!!!

    • You are so sweet Amber I love and miss you. Thank you for always showing your support for me it really does mesn more than anyone will ever realize! :-*

  10. You are a true inspiration to many! I’m so proud to be a part a of your life! Super proud big sister! You truly turn my grey days into gold! I find myself listening to your music a lot when I’m sad to lift my spirits, and it does just that! keep up the good work ,so excited to see what you come up with! you always cease to amaze me! you my little brother are a true inspirationa! Love you to the moon and back!

    • Aww i love you too sis! I had no idea you felt that way or my music touched you so deeply. This is exactly why I do what I am doing! To inspire 🙂

  11. he is an amazing guy. Kind, talented, and an inspiration to us all. Reminded me of my dreams and that I shouldn’t give up on them. Thank you Rayne

  12. I have followed Rayne on social media for a while now. We have become friends as well. He is a very well rounded young man. Has brought me to tears a few times with his choice of songs, which is a good sign that he is able to reach his audience. He has helped remind me that I should never give up on obtaining my dreams. So Thank you.

  13. You are most amazing and a powerful inspiration – I love your possibility thinking and beautiful heart and soul…you are the best!! Much Love and admiration…Blessings are sent up to the Universe for you. Forever in my heart!

  14. I am so happy for you, you are really talented and you work so hard on what you do. Don’t let anybody ever bring you down about what you love doing. You do such an amazing job and I love that you mean a lot in your music and to inspire people around the world. Great job buddy:).

  15. He sounds like he has a bad cold all of the time, very nasally. Although it’s nice to try to follow ones dreams, i don’t this one will get far. Good luck anyhow

    • It used to be much worse I’ve actually worked very hard to avoid sounding like that. You must not heard anything new 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  16. Rayne, so proud of you and admire you for having the courage to follow your dreams. Many of us don’t or didn’t. Don’t listen to negativity, people with negative attitudes accomplish nothing. Look how much you have achieved already. Be true to yourself, keep singing with your heart, and remember sweetie ( yes I can call you that) God blesses those who glorify Him. Wishing you all the best.

    • Of course you can call me that Oleta! Thank you for the vote of confidence and I’ll remember all these kind words when I come up against negativity! :-*

  17. I have never met anyone so driven to follow ones dreams. People like you end up with it all because you try your whole life even though you get turned down so many times. People like you make it even though it takes so long because you never give up and beleive in your self. When I look into the future I see you in the music business. I have never met anyone who has that much love for music and I think you sound amazing. Don’t let anyone else try to destroy your dreams. The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do!! Love you ryan!!! Beleive and you will go far!!

    • Coming from someone with an amazing talent of her own that means alot Rachel! Please keep using that amazing voice and never give up on singing.

  18. I have watched him grow as an artist and as a man. No matter what anyone has ever said he has always strives for his dreams! Haters gonna hate…but it’s the true fans that love his music del his pain his happiness and everything else he puts into his music! Love the man to the moon and back, he inspires my son to sing also…it don’t matter what is going on in life I can listen to one of his songs and smile because I know how talented and driven he is! So for everyone out here who supports him many loves to you all!! To the ones trying to point fingers or bash others go look in the mirror because your not happy with yourself if you have to be negative!!! RAYNE MICHEAL 4 LIFE!!!! NOH8!!!

    • Thank you Sel! It means the world to me to read that. Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone and all these comments have reminded me I’m truly not. :-*

  19. This is my brother who I am so proud of because it’s not easy what he does and I love you so much ! Hope everything works out ! Your a wonderful singer !!

  20. Go for your dreams. Remember who you are and be true to yourself. No one can take away your self respect. You are an amazing person inside and out. You have true talent and a complete drive to see your music career succeed. I wish you well in all you do.

  21. @therealraynemichael is getting closer and closer to making his dream a reality. i’m so proud to call him a friend, and so proud of him for coming so far and never giving up! the world is your oyster Rayne Michael!!!

    • PS, But You Lied has the best hook. This song gets deep and it sticks in my head! For me, it’s one of those songs that I immediately start hearing in my head when I see the title.

  22. He’s as great a friend as he is a singer. I love the song and it makes my heart flutter every time. He’s moving closer and closer to becoming a big star and I’ll look back and say “I knew him when…” I just hope when he makes it big and has fans clamoring all over him, I know he’ll remember his true friends.

    • Regardless of where life takes me I’ll always remember the people who stuck by me through the good, bad, and the downright ugly. Thanks for all the late night chats James! :-*

  23. This guy is truly amazing and talented! Keep following your dreams! There needs to be more people like you who have dreams and work really hard towards getting it. I hope you continue to do what you are doing because you are amazing no matter what anyone says otherwise. There will always be some negative but just remember for every negative there is a positive to counter act it 🙂 I can wait to purchase your first CD!

    • You have always been one of my biggest supporters and more like family than a friend. I can’t wait to release my first album to the world! Thank you for always believing in me Malinda 🙂

  24. i have been friends with Rayne for many years and have followed his progress. If your just going to hate then quite frankly your not welcome. Keep up the great work Rayne and I hope to be here for many years to come.

  25. Rayne is a remarkable and determined artist who can not be held down by negativity. His music has evolved through the years and he has taken many risks in order to put his brand and career in the spotlight. I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as he has to make his dreams a reality. His music is raw, emotional, and very unique which will help him stand out among the rest. Never drop the mic; keep following your dream. Mad love.

  26. Rayne is an extremely well rounded artist. His ability to write beautiful music is rivaled only by his tremendous vocal talent… With a voice spanning from baritone depths to the soprano stratosphere, he is, in ever sense, a male Maria Carey. Any major label would be wise to reach out to him! Until this happens, this remarkable performer will not attain the status that he so truly deserves.

  27. This young man is so talented and I am so excited to finally see him get some recognition. He is a talented artist and love his music. Get up the great work and pursue that dream..

  28. I’m so proud to call you a friend Rayne. I wish you all the best luck in your future plans. I hope you succeed in everything that you set out to accomplish, and much more!! Keep up the great work!!

  29. Rayne you are an awesome singer and a great person. I’m glad to see his music getting out there. I wish you the best of luck with your music and hope you can take it as far as you want to go. You deserve it with all the hard work you put into it.

  30. He has both amazing vocals and writing skills. His dedication & perseverance will take him far in the music industry. He is the type of artist that is very relatable! Those are the real artist!!! Great job & keep up the work! You are a true talent!

  31. Rayne Michael is awesome! He has the ambition and talent to go far in this business. He will succeed cuz he believes in himself and I believe in him too!! Go get ’em Rayne!! U got this!!

  32. Rayne is one of my favorite artists and is true to himself. He listens to his fans and cares about them. Amazing voice and words from the heart. I don’t just hear the songs, I feel them and love all of them. Always good song choices and is a people person. If you ever have the benefit of meeting him you will instantly love the person he is. Much Love Always!!!!

    • Thank you Sonia! I appreciate you always leaving feedback on anything I do. Your support is invaluable and I love that you have such a great reaction to my sing.

  33. Great interview Rayne. You are very talented and I am so proud of how far you have come. You are AMAZING and very inspiring!!! 🙂

  34. Very inspiring and talented. I hope there is a release party around the area for your first CD. Looking forward to it.

  35. Rayne is my Cousin, he is a very wonderful guy, he will defiantly go places in this world, can’t wait for his fame to catch up with him..

  36. Ryane Michael Is a Great Guy & A fantastic Singer And a Friend He is going to Be BIG On Day Soon I Love His Music!!!!! Will be seeing you On The Music Awards One Day! I Blessed to Know you!!
    Your Friend
    Michael Williams

  37. I know Rayne will go far and do big things in the music industry because he has an amazing talent and the drive! You can tell he wants this! I love “But You Lied” and I can’t wait to hear his next single!

  38. For those of you that don’t know Rayne… He is an amazing person and friend. He’s also very talented. I’ve had the pleasure to know Rayne for years. As the years have gone by his passion for his music career has grown and he is following his dream… His goal. He’s doing something many of us are too afraid to do because of the fear of failure. Rayne has my support 100%. Let him be a role model. Let him show you that hard work and dedication pays off and you can achieve your dreams. My 10 yr old daughter has looked up to Rayne as a positive role model since she was 2 yrs old. Love you Rayne. You got this…

    • This was an amazing comment. I’m so happy i inspire people to go for their own dreams! You are a great friend Tami and your little girl is growing up to be such a beautiful person because of you :-*

  39. I am so excited for Rayne. Such a wonderful young man and such a beautiful voice. I’ve been a fan for a few years now and I’m so excited there is an album in the works! Can’t wait!

  40. I’ve known Rayne for quite awhile and was very excited for his first single to come out. I’m excited for him and I love his music. His sound is very unique and speaks to do many. Someday, myself and his friends will get to say, “we knew him when” and many of us will have excellent memories of listening to him perform. Proud of u, Rayne!

  41. Great article Rayne! Keep chasing your dreams and great things are sure to come. Looking forward to hearing the album!

  42. I have known Rayne for a few years now and I think he has an amazing voice with a wide range of material he can sing as well I wish him well with his career in music and cannot wait till his album to be released I don’t Iive in America and I class myself as his number one Australian fan . Good luck with it all Rayne

  43. You just keep getting better and better. You have pushed yourself so much and its starting to pay off! Love you!

  44. You are truly an inspiration to many,through your music we can feel the emotion and meaning of the songs. Keep delivering the best performance I’ve seen in North Dakota . Reach for the stars.

  45. I just wanna say im from Ohio and I have been listening to and sharing Rayne Michaels post every chance I get . He has a GREAT voice and is a very nice person who is very real in life and in going after his dreams and will be successful someday. I have had personal conversations with him and he is up front and tells it like it is I respect anyone who is like that. As for the haters if you dont like his music feel free to not listen and dont post your hateful comments on this page it really is simple and easy just click off and go on your way. Rayne Michael just go after your DREAMS man ill continue to listen and share. 🙂

  46. I have watched you and listened to your voice grow so much over the years! You are definitely a force to be reckon with Rayne! Can’t wait to hear you all over the radio!

  47. You are a beautiful person and your voice & talent are just as beautiful. Take this world by storm Rayne and show them the influence you can make in the music industry. You have worked so hard and still are at it I know in the long run you will achieve all your dreams and more. So proud of you! We all miss you come visit sometime we are all still here in the hometown. Take care! ~K!M~

  48. Rayne is a wonderful, talented man! His vocals are amazing! I love any chance I get to sing with him. Keep following your dream! Haters gonna hate! Be true to you!

  49. Alright now everyone, I would appreciate a moment or two of your time (For some of you it WILL certainly be longer due to your literacy or AR level, (my 3rd Grader does it) not to mention your individual grasp of word comprehension & weak ass resolve to stay focused. Try not to fade slowly into a brainwave flat-line thus losing your ability to control basic bowel and bladder functions and the ever famous drooling on yourself due to your inability to use critical thinking skills(or in this case read, comprehend, listen, and hold your bodily fluids all at the same time).
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    So, I guess what I’m trying to say here is simple…Build your neighbors and strangers UP, Don’t break each other DOWN!
    When did we start turning our backs on people in need and turning young parents in to CPS for not having food instead of trying to HELP!?
    When did we stop being the people our grandparents would have been proud of and become people they wouldn’t even make eye contact with?!
    We can all say mean shit, but can we all do what my little brother Rayne has been brave enough to do? He will be the man who lived a life with oh, well’s rather than what if’s, and he my friend is LIVING and taking chances and making memories and you….Well I guess you are able to type 40 useless insults per min, but you my friend, will disappear and be true to form (forgotten) as others comment on Rayne’s interview!

    I love you baby brother!


    • Omfg I laughed so hard. THIS is exactly what I needed to see and hear! You always inspire me and keep me in the best spirits! You sister are astonishingly amazing and never cease to surprise me! I am so grateful to have someone like you in my corner! I love you so much thank you :-*

  50. Rayne is truly a talented and inspirational guy. He has an amazing voice. I listen to his music a lot. My daughter has now become one of his biggest fans and she introduces her friends to his music. Its been a joy to watch and follow his career and to call him a friend. And to the few people on here trying to be haters, well i feel sad for you that your life is so pitiful and miserable that you feel the need to spew your hateful garbage at someone who has more talent in his pinky then you will ever manage to have in your entire lifetime, your comments have proven just how little intelligence you actually have. You must feel so proud to be such a big tough guy hiding behind social media. I doubt you would have the balls to say that shit to anyone in person. Just do us all a favor and crawl back into the hole you came out of and stay there. You are just mad because he is following his dreams and is making it like he deserves to and you will never have such a meaningful life like him. I cant wait to buy your albumn Rayne and i and my daughter both look forward to listening to your amazing music for many many years to come.

    • Thank you kimberly! Tell your daughter thank you also! Having this support really means the world to me. It also makes the haters so much easier to take! 🙂

  51. Keep reaching for the stars, & soon you will become a great one…good luck & much love from Kentucky…you deserve it…

  52. Thanks for being a positive influence in music. I love that your music comes from your soul and life experiences. Its true, music is a teaching tool that can really inspire us to change ours lives. Music is a great motivator that gets me through the good time and the bad times. I love your musical influences and i hope your journey is long. Good luck my friend!!

  53. Rayne stay away from the negativity of these kind of individuals, there’s no other name for them, outside a kennel, keep up the good work!!!

  54. Very articulated artical.iz shows alojz od insigtt in the The life of a. Seemingly down to earth artist that We can All relate to..i Wish rayne All the best sucess

    • Thank you very much. I try to be as honest and open about my thoughts and feelings as I can. Ive never seen myself as anything special and try to be humble.

  55. You can really feel and hear the emotion in your voice when you sing! You seem like a very relate-able down to earth type of guy.

  56. Your voice has potential keep on writing and pushing yourself to be better than you were yesterday and you will go far.

  57. I would work on your vocals more. You have potential as a singer but maybe some voice lessons would help you solidify your sound.

    • Thanks I try my best to be realistic and not keep my heads constantly in the clouds. Plus i have family members who would drag me back down to earth real quick!

  58. What can I say Rayne? You definitely know what your doing. You write beautifully and express yourself so well. I see big things happening for you!

  59. Good article. The song needs some work. It sounds like you may be trying too hard or overthinking it. Sing it like you feel it and try to stay dead on the beat.

  60. Absolutely love your voice! Good vibe and amazing range, just watch your pitch more would be my only suggestion. I like that you take risks though! Great article it really shows your heart.

    • Lmmfao! Yes i’m white. It’s a mix of r&b, pop, and rock. Rihanna is still considered R&B and her music is very Pop/Rock. R&B isn’t just about being urban. It’s music that has deep meaning or feeling combined with Melissma vocals.

  61. Just listened to your song twice and your voice definitely grew on me. At first I wasn’t sure I liked the song, but you won me over! Good job!

  62. Music is bad. Vocals are horrible. If i heard this guy on the radio I would definitely turn the station. Don’t quit your day job.

  63. With better production value I could definitely hear this track in a movie or on a soundtrack. I wanna hear more passion from you vocally like is shown in this article.

  64. I am so proud of you Rayne!!! ❤️????? you are a wonderful person, and following your dreams to inspire others with true talent and what it means to be worthy and unique!! ?

  65. I love your voice. Very talented, keep following your dreams. Keep on smiling, and working hard. Don’t let the haters get you down. Hugs. ~ Alex

  66. I love this, and his music as well. I think it’s very male Britney which hasn’t been done by a male. So looking forward to MORE! Absolutely can’t wait!

  67. I’ve met him in real life and his fake ass humble act is tiring. He is so stuck on himself like always. Conceited and prententious should be his identifiers.

  68. Rayne Michael can not only sing but he’s one of the sweetest most generous people you will ever meet. A true friend. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know him at all. He couldnt be further from a diva if he tried. If anything he’s too humble about his talent.

  69. Rayne is amazing. And his music is going to reach people everywhere. And the most important important thing about Rayne is his amazing HEART. Great music from a great person!

  70. It’s quite apparent Rayne’s talent and motivation will escort him to places all over this planet. His music will always inspire and touch the soul. I’m privileged to be one of the many who support his God-given craft.

  71. Rayne Michael is the best singer ive heard by far. He takes pride in his music. I prefer his music more than anyone else. Love ya Rain Michael! Keep up the awewome job

  72. Keep up the good work! Don’t let anyone bring you down. People nowadays have no respect and have their own opinions that sure show what type of person they are. Screw em! Keep working on your dreams and follow your heart!

  73. The best person ever!!! He is such a sweetheart and he is gonna go so far in his singing career cuz he’s so good!!! ??

  74. I’ve known rayne for many years and its good to see the hard work and dedication paying off. You’ve grown into an amazing person, and don’t let the haters change that. Wish you the best!!

  75. Growing up every Sunday Rayne was up singing in church. He always made the church smile when he sang “Washed In Blood” and “Amazing Grace “. Whenever he came over to the house my mom insisted on playing the piano while Rayne sang. He always wanted to have a music career and I/we always knew he would! I’m proud you Rayne for following your dreams! I just purchased your song on iTunes. “BUT YOU LIED” It’s great! You are awesome. Keep it up

  76. Rayne Michael you are in the SPOTLIGHT of success…. Your Talent gives strength to so many who follow your path to becoming an entertainer. Awesome you are for all you do! So GLAD to know you as a friend, Let your Star continue to shine for the Whole World to see and love you!

  77. Your a very talented entertainer as well as a great friend….much success to you & hope the whole world gets to hear such greatness come out from your soul.

  78. You have such a beautiful voice and your music really speaks to people. I was in a very dark place in my life but when I listened to your music it really lifted my spirits so thank you so much for literally saving my life.