IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

DOC NICE: Brooklyn, New York, home of the greatest to ever live. Biggie Smalls was born and raised here, as well as Jay Z. Tupac was born here also. I’m from where the greats make it out of.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your musical background?

DOC NICE: I started rapping at 7 years old, watching my older cousin rapping in his room, wanting to be just like him. We all get inspired by people we want to be like and I copied people like Papoose and 50 Cent verses and acted like they were my songs just so I can rap with him. I was getting so
much love from people hearing a young kid rapping I just didn’t want to stop. Probably around ten or eleven years old I started writing my own songs
just for the love from other people. As I got a little older I began to love it myself, that same cousin I wanted to be like took me to the studio
when I was 14 and I’ve been growing strong ever since.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music

DOC NICE: I got a voice and I need to be heard but in that same breath my biggest inspiration right now is my city. I’m tired of hearing all these artists down talking New York like we didn’t start real hip hop. Some of people in the industry that are from New York don’t represent the city the way it needs to be represented; I’m here to change that.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

DOC NICE: My songs are about pain, joy and real life experiences we all go through. Listening to me you know why a kid hustles and his thought process behind every sale. You know why mothers risk everything they got for the life of their child. You know what it’s like working a 9-5 with bigger dreams than cleaning a toilet. You know why people are the way they are. Whether it is stuck in their ways or successful, I tell you how we are products of our environment and why we do what we do.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who is your fan base towards?

DOC NICE: Anybody that’s not sitting around waiting for a handout. I know what it’s like waking up dumb early for work every day. I know what it’s like not being able to enjoy life the way you want. I know what it’s like to hustle and save every dollar you get. I know what it’s like to grind from the mud. I can relate to anybody in the world. I want my fan base to be anyone grinding.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

DOC NICE: As far as recording, Meek mill and n J.Cole. Two way different artists, from different lives, that brings two different styles to the table. One got that flow and lyrics. One is more storytelling and getting inside the thought process. I love everything those artists do. Troy Ave is kind of how I want my career to be like. Staying true to myself and my city and getting everything I deserve whether it be independently or not.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

DOC NICE: Real. Everything I say has a story behind it or a meaning to it, if you ask me about any line and what it means I’ll give you the back story to it. My energy on every single track will make you feel like you were there when these situations I speak of occurred. I’m different and God sent. If you listen or watch one of my videos you would see for yourself.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artist?

DOC NICE: I’m true to myself, a lot of other artist put on a front for different crowds. And try to be something they’re not for the attention of people they want to be like. I’m fine not being a gangsta. I’m fine not being a nerd. I’m fine not being at every party. I’m fine not being an alcoholic or a smoker. I stand out by just being me. I have an aura to me that only God can give. I have the look, the sound, the voice, the swag. That’s just how God made me. You can’t pick how you look or how you sound, that’s something God gives you. I’m the one in a million that God handpicked.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some of the hardest challenges you had to face in your career?

DOC NICE: Just dealing with being let down. I had so many doors shut on my face. First I was too young, and then I needed more experiences. The hardest challenge in my music career, or even life, is getting back up when they kick me back down. The path is never easy. Anything worth having is hard to come by. I shed so many tears over my music career but I keep persevering. I keep going, when they tell me I can’t, I show them 1,000,000 reasons why I can and I will.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects that you are currently working on?

DOC NICE: I’m working on an EP called “#ImSoNewYork” which represents everything I am. I have a project with Papoose you can find on Complex TV. You can expect project(s) with me and Method man in upcoming weeks as well. Also, Tru Life, who used to signed to Roc, will be released from jail in October and we will definitely be hitting the streets hard with new music.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

DOC NICE: In 5 years I’m going to be a millionaire. In 10 years I’m going to have my whole family working, I’m going to be bigger than music.
I’m going to be an entertainer hopefully starring in movies. I’m going to open up a Starbucks and I don’t even like coffee, maybe open it and LA. I’m going to have a nice house with every car I ever wanted and my whole family is going to be eating because of me.
How can your fans access your music and contact you? I don’t have fans, all I have is Supporters and I appreciate every single one of them. I’m mostly on Instagram @DocNice Instagram: DocNice, email: Carlosmoreira7@yahoo.com ,DocNiceMusic@aol.com www.youtube.com/youngjennings3












  1. Son this nikka really for his city , nothing but respect for him and da way he’s werking best believe he gunna make it . Im all for that DocNice music

  2. I was fortunate to hear doc spit raw material. The kid is a amazing lyricsys. He’s got the ambition of a hustler. Doc’s the next big thing. His time is now. Let’s get it boiiiiiiiiiii

  3. Big Shout Out To Doc Nice.
    Doing his thing,Keeping it Real..
    As Always….
    Making Dreams come True…
    Couldn’t say it better myself
    When he said
    I’m Different and God Sent…
    Stay Loyal to what You believe..

  4. Nobody grinds and works harder than Doc, he won’t stop till he opens all the doors in his way. Great article #teamworkmakesthedreamwork ???

  5. Doc nice is the next best upcoming rapper. His flow is hard ?? i support doc nice music. Making his dreams into reality ??

  6. I’ve been a follower / supporter for years of doc nice he has Great potential to be the next Great 1 for NEW YORK not only he has the look , swag , lyrics, he has the determination and from the looks of it he ain’t stopping NO time soon. Keep up the Good work I look foward to puchashising your music.

  7. I’ve heard artist in the industry now and I don’t see how they even got a chance to be heard on the radio. Give Doc Nice his time to shine and he won’t let u Down. He’s better than half the N*****s out now !!!

  8. DocNice he’s going to make it big ! He’s a inspiration to all young adults and you can feel his emotions through his music it’s really touching to all

  9. My first born grandchild and first grandson.I love you son I know the road won’t be easy but always try to persavier your grandma first rule never give in to less and never ever give up to your potency also yes you have it in you to succeed to reach higher then anyone could ever reach but can not touch for the brightest star that shine is the one you will reach and touch. That is my advise to you my son. Give it your all because all is the only thing that makes us unique and beautiful…may the lord bless you plenty and make your dreams come true….

  10. My first born grandchild and first grandson.I love you son I know the road won’t be easy but always try to persavier your grandma first rule never give in to less and never ever give up to your potentials yes you have it in you to succeed to reach higher then anyone could ever reach but could not touch for the brightest star that shine is the one you will reach and touch. That is my advise to you my son. Give it your all because all is the only thing that makes us unique and beautiful…may the lord bless you plenty and make your dreams come true….

  11. I want to say It have been a pleasure knowing Doc nice since he was a little boy – he always rapping the beautiful thing about Doc Nice is the love he have for his family & friends I am so proud of knowing him he have a humble personality – he calls me ma so cute because our family are very close – he is the next big rapper – God bless love always.

  12. Amazing young dude from Brooklyn. This guy is gonna take over the game, never doubt is work ethic, he gonna make it.

  13. Doc nice Is Grindin Hard doing his things, he has the fire and he’s gonna make it. He’s not only doing it for himself but his family and For the city of New York and Brookyln. Keep up the work brother.

  14. Docnice best fresh new sound I heard in a long time the game needs guys like him in it, the game is to watered down not enough real dudes like him in it don’t slow up keep grinding and let the world hear your story my G respect Real Recognize Real.

  15. Yo i met the lil homie when he just started rapping. Im glad to see you didnt stop. Big things coming your way doc nice

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  25. Who tf is Bill Clinton? ???

    She dont think imma make it wen i tell her what i plan to be
    But she knowz i got planz 2 change the livez of my whole family tree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????

    Doc nice next up is a fact

  26. Not To Be On No DickRiding Shit But Doc Got It. The swag and Composure to last and the Right Mindset. Thats just from The Outside looking In so I May Be wrong but I have a good Feeling About this Guy. All His Freestyles are Dope and he brings the right Energy Every time. Dope lil nigga

  27. Young bull live from the 718 thats my shit. Docnice that next nigga from new york. Hes been saying it and niggas been believing it. The hype is real ?

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  30. Your name keeps popping up on my timeline, theyre really building you up to be some one big man. I hope you live up to the hype. You have the correct mindstate bro, dont let chi chat get to you and continue doing your thing.

  31. That boi goooooooood repping brooklyn n doing it well we need ppl like u so we can point our fingers n say that’s new guy holding it down for us it’s been a long journey n this is only the beginning of a longer path Staying humble with hardwork n honesty u will receive all your hearts desire in GOD’S time. Keep it coming cause it’s what the game been missing so it’s only right that the Doc is in get it nephew!

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    Always rapping on the stage at lunch time
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    Keep it up ???

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  37. Doc nice my man 50 grand cooler than the other side of the pillow lol keep it up and get that money wise one. The industry has lots of it

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    People come nd go in dis game
    After readingthese comments i think you got the long evity
    Fab voice niceeeeeee! Keep chasing your dream

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    Cus most,laws aint sins and if you doing both o fuck well

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    Yung nikka 19 he so hungry as fuck

    I keep that heatrock in my car son lets get it

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  45. His lyrics are what makes me want to hear more. He doesnt follow the lead the rap game is heading into. He does things his way and doesnt talk about shit he doesnt do. Thats whats real to me. Im keeping an eye out for him.

  46. When you make it you better feed your cousin for getting you into this music shit bro. This shit gunna get you everything you ever wanted bro. Money cars clothes and hoes and more hoes lol don’t quit doc nice you got it bro.

  47. Trust me man i know
    What its like sleepin on that flo
    N i know what its like to broke
    Man i dont wanna live that life no mo
    #raw #docnice #real

  48. Doc nice is what the game is missing. As far as lyrics go he can be at the top of the food chain if he just works hard. I havent heard a line from him yet that made me scratch my head or say wtf. Im telling you he will be top 5 one day. Dont believe me just watch

  49. My grandma told me when you make it dont forget your past
    And count your blessings as much as you count your fucking cash *flex bombs* ????? LETS GO DOC!

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  52. Dreams wont work unless you do, food for thought for the homie doc nice. If you dont work hard for this it wont happen. Dont slack you can do it.

  53. I like where you said you can relate to any body grinding because in one way or another we are all grinding for a bettee tomorrow. With the exception of the people on their ass like you mentioned. Its a great direction you are heading towards. Keep it up doc.

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  55. That’s right baby be yourself and every one will accept you. You are doing the right thing doc nice, be true to yourself and believe that you can make it because i do.

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  58. Doc Nice aunt pmo on 2 him a few years ago, she didn’t pmo 2 no bull shit either. I watched this kid develope into a rising star. Any label would be lucky to have him on their roster.

  59. When Doc nice was younger he used to run around sellin his cds in the neighborhood tryna get people 2 listen now the world listening doc nice dont stop ✊

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    Now he served like a king on some lebron shit
    Keep your family eating doc nice they all you got at the end of the day. The streets supporting your movement 100 percent ??.

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  65. It will all happen when the time is right doc nice. Dont rush into anything. No matter what they are offering you. Everything will fall into place. You have amazing talent, work it in your favor. Peace.

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  89. Get your self a good team and tighter circle to surround yourself with doc. They will keep you cool. In a Industry like this you are going to see a lot shit and get hit with a lot more than what you were expecting. Know the difference between snakes and fakes. Some will use you. My biggest piece of advice is recognize whos real and who is not. Kee your team straight and focused on the big picture.

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  93. You get out what you put in & if he is really working hard like these comments suggest then there is no doubt in my mind he will make it. He looks pretty young, maybe 20, 21? so he definitely has time. Good that he started off young. We’ll see where he goes.

  94. Young niggas taking over the game. He reminds of lil durk from chicago. I dont know what it is. But durk is honestly becoming the face of chicago music & i think doc nice can become the same thing for mew york city. And i havent been hearing of any NEW nyc artist either. He may be the one.

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  105. This young man has extreme talent given from the good man above. Now i hope he uses his talents for the right reasons and prosper the way god has planned.

  106. Omg doc nice!! I dont know if you remember me from jerome street but i am glad to see you didnt give up on your dream!! Keep up the hardwork & make us proud!!

  107. Product of Brooklyn huh you better represent and never forget where you came from and who made you. Never forget. There is no place like home baby cmon now

  108. doc nice good bread. he’ll be on every radio station in no time. long as the hard work don’t stop the success will keep pouring in.

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  111. Get this rap shmoney young boy. Dont let these white folks count you out, you got it and its gon stay that way for years to come. Thats facts

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  118. I love that song you did for your sister bro. It made me want to hear your new stuff. I stumbled on this page and read a well put together article and I just want to say good luck with your career you are headed big places.

  119. I absolutely love the song own thang. That was one of the first times I heard you speak on the female aspect of situations. Vid was too cute

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