In Oakland, California R8TED$R was born (Rodney Mitchell Jr.) on February 27th 1987. Growing up in a household full of music R8TED$R became a fan of Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, and even Gospel. During his Junior High School years he discovered his talent by free-styling in cyphers with his school mates. He decided to start taking it serious after numerous friends and family members began telling him he had talent and should do something with it.

Influenced by artist like 2Pac, Too Short, Yukmouth, and E-40 R8TED$R wrote his first rap when he was about thirteen years old and haven’t looked back since. He didn’t know the formula to writing a song so he would just fill pages up with lyrics. Once he learned how to correctly write a song he recorded his first song at the age of fifteen which he wrote in thirty minutes and also produced the instrumental in thirty minutes.

Growing up in poverty led R8TED$R to getting into trouble with the law for almost all of his teenage years. From age thirteen to seventeen he spent his time in and out of the Juvenile Hall Youth Correctional Facility. But once he had his son at the age of nineteen he decided it was time for a change. R8TED$R got his first break on the Oakland based compilation album titled (The Compilation) which featured new up and coming artist out of Oakland, California. Since then R8TED$R has released several underground albums and mixtapes and is now the CEO of his own record label named Family Orientated Music Group.

R8TED$R is now currently working with platinum selling producer Ken K-Lou Franklin and has recorded songs with platinum selling artist such as The Game and Keak Da Sneak. R8TED$R’s rap style brings something new to the Hip-Hop scene with his exciting voice, topic versatility, dynamic lyrics, and catchy hooks.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

R8TED$R: I am from Oakland California also known as the Bay Area. I have lived in other cities around the Bay Area, but I am originally from Oakland.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

R8TED$R: My music background is real authentic raw and uncut hip-hop. I stick with the old school formula of hip-hop as far as staying on subject within my verses of the songs concept.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

R8TED$R: I want to record and release my own music because that’s the best way to do it. If I don’t do it, it won’t get done. I can’t let the talent that I am blessed with go to waste.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

R8TED$R: When it comes to my song topics it varies throughout different categories. My style is very versatile which puts me in the position to rap about all types of real life situations.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who is your fan base directed towards?

R8TED$R: My fan base is directed towards ages 18 to 50 years old, but I still create music that connects with the youth.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

R8TED$R: My musical influences are 2pac, Too Short, E-40, and Yukmouth. Those are the artists that I grew up listening to heavy and in some way I feel like their styles rubbed off on me.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

R8TED$R: I would say my music is like recess at school. I say that because it’s fun, good music, but at the same time you can learn something from it.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

R8TED$R: What makes me stand out from other artist first off is how my name is spelled. I believe I am the only artist with numbers, letters, and symbols in their name. After that my versatility and how I have the ability to literally rap about anything makes me stand out.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

R8TED$R: I am currently working on a project with a producer out of San Francisco that goes by the name of CJ-Tek. The project we are currently working on is titled, Sexual Encounters.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

R8TED$R: My career goals are to me tremendously rich, respected, and successful in the music industry. In 10 years from now I see myself being as big as a Lil Wayne or Drake within the hip-hop world.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

R8TED$R: If you want to contact me you can reach me on Twitter@R8TEDR, on Instagram@R8TEDRF0 (That’s F-Zero), and Facebook.com/R8THAGREAT. If you want to access my music you can do so at SoundCould.com/R8TED-R, Reverbnation.com/R8TEDR,Hulkshare.com/R8TEDR, and on YouTube. I also have my own radio station on iHeart Radio so you can also access my music there too.













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  2. This is a very good article and I think more people should read it. Because it’s slot you can learn from the article and there may be others out there with the same dreams and goals

  3. Being a bay area native myself it’s good to see some positive work. I’ve heard some of the music done and I love it. I look forward to much more. With Kiylan on the hook. ?

  4. this kid R8TED$R is something special, with his creative style and unique flow will have you captivated……. he has everything it takes to be that guy, I want everybody to check him out and give him your support!!!!

  5. Hey Rodney,I just want to say that i am sooo proud of you. Not only have you always had this talent but to see you presuing your dreams is amazing! Reach for all of your dreams and continue to let nothing and no one get in the way of that. Continue to put God first and he will direct your path.?

  6. R8TED$R has a rapbstyle that focuses on passing a message. Not only that but the music its self is raw and uncut with a vibe. You can tell hard work went into creating this mixtape.

  7. I must say I’m very proud of you Rodney aka R8ted$R this article is very good and your music is fire 🙂 you always had talent and I’m so happy your pursuing your dream keep up the great work we are all here to support you in every way possible FOE

  8. Well as a native of Cali the Bay Area and to be the little cousin of this rapper…unknown for a fact everything’s real life.! Nothing added nothing taking away and true life story.!! My cousin is grinding and in proud of you man.!! Keep up the good work and sty encouraged ???????

  9. Love this Hip Hop…. From Cali to Texas …. Nephew keep up the Good work…. We gonna bang yo music in Austin Texas…

  10. ??????Love this article!!! So proud of you for making it this far. Keep up the great work and keep on striving for only the best! ???

  11. Very proud of you Rodney /R8TEdR,
    Your article was very enlightening and I enjoyed reading.Keep up the good work, stay positive and don’t let this lifestyle control you. Don’t forget your up bringing always keep God in the Center of everything you do.
    Love your Mom!

  12. You go! I am very proud of you….but you know my fav….I want a 1000 Islands and not talking about salad dressing….or something like that lol…

  13. My nephew I knew when you were lilttle that you were going to have a great impact in the world. I’m very proud of you. Keep giving them the town business

  14. I know Fanta I heard sum of his stuff and I likey also remeber he started in the bathroom with Aaron rapping bout Mickey mouse ???????

  15. I agree with everyone that has something to say about R8TED$R. He has a versatile way of rapping and he stays true to what he flows about. He’s in the streets, from the streets, and still speaks and relates to the hoods every where. Me and my folkz support R8TED$R and his movement, because he’s is one of the real ones that is speaking on the mic right now. Turn on your high beams, Cus the sun don’t shine in the ghetto. R8TED$R keep doing what you doing mane and shine bright.

  16. This is one of the best rappers I’ve heard in a long time coming out of the bay. Thx for keeping it 100. Your style is unique which makes you stand out from the rest.Keep up the good work Rodney . Follow your dreams never give up.

  17. Started From The Bottom.. Now You Here Baby Boy!! Ride Or Die You Already Know.. Never Had To Ask You Twice.. Keep Up The Good Work.. You Definitely Got This !!


  18. Ive been listening to a lot music since the 90s and was a big fan of Rap ,I don’t listen to a lot Rap from this generation A lot talent is missing its all A popularity thang with dope beats , The Homie R8ted$r is that Talent that caught my ears , So I Decide To Work with The Homie , works fast ,good writer, delivery on point , Very Creative Artist , Check em out , Don’t Sleep on him

  19. I’m proud of you. Keep pursuing your dreams. The bible says, “a mans gift will make too for him and bring him before great men”. Tho gift you have the world didn’t give it! The world can’t take it away. Seek God in all you do. And the rest will always be added. I declare blessings and favor on your life as you strive for Gods best. I love you cousin. Stay strong and keep the faith……

  20. To All The Viewers and Readers Out There If You Have Any Questions or Would Like To Know More About Me Feel Free To Ask Questions. I WILL RESPOND PERSONALLY

  21. Big cousin , it’s good to see you following your dreams , I’m very proud of you . Keep up the hard work and never give up. Most importantly, never forget to praise GOD for all the blessings coming or came your way. Last but not least , never forget where you came from or your loved ones. GOD BLESS.

  22. It’s always a positive thing to see young African Men turn their lives around by first recognizing their own personal gifts, talents, value, and worth. And then using those things as motivate action to sharpen the gift within them. You have certainly done that! I commend you on not only being a great artist, but by also being a great father and role model to your son. Keep up the good work, Rodney, and I’ll see you at the top!

    • FOsho thanks for the support and I believe we need more African American young men to follow their dreams and not let life challenges lead them astray

  23. I see you…Im very proud of you… Do yo thang… People be hateing especially when they see a successful African American male doing something positive with there life… Show them what your about R8TED$R!!! YOU GO BOY!

  24. I have heard your music and is proud to say you have definitely got something going that I am proud of, continue to stay focus and I will continue to lift you UP.

    • Yeah I did but I believe all us artist that has some sort of success have had doubts due to life’s obstacles. But that’s what caused us to succeed by not giving up.

  25. Q1. Do you think your music will make a difference in this world?
    Q2. What will you decide to do if your music career doesn’t pick up the way you want/expect?
    Q3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    • Q1.I definitely believe my music will make a difference due to the fact that there is always a message behind my music
      Q2. I will probably be investing in stocks and bonds
      Q3.I see myself being recognized and well respected in the music industry

  26. What is your first R8TED$R hit that y’all heard and just couldn’t stop listening to? It was Dope Music for me, I loved how he made his lyrics the Dope that he was pushing and not talking about drugs. If you haven’t hard it yet I recommend that you check out his YouTube page and watch the video. It Go…Trust Me. 100%

  27. Your music is really great and this article was a good read. I did notice that you mentioned you’re from the bay; I’m also from the bay too, hayward to be exact! Do you plan on having a meet & greet in the bay soon?

  28. I just came across this article and was wondering where can I find some of R8TED$R music? I’d like to check it out but don’t know where to look.

  29. This music reminds me of old school Bay ARea hip-hop I love that shit, keep doin what you do. I hate how niggas now all sound the same, and talk about the same shit. We need more original shit out there.

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  33. Anyone else hear about this on FaceBook? I saw the post and decided to just check it out. Congratulations, I wish success for you in the future.

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