IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

RICHARD NIXON: I was born and raised in Vancouver Washington

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

RICHARD NIXON: I’ve been writing and recording my own music since I was 14 years old. However this past year I have dropped three mixtape projects and a few singles in between work.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

RICHARD NIXON: I do this more for the art, I break down the music to a meaning and it feels more like poetry to me. I believe I have a unique story and I am able to express my self in such a creative way and when you hear me deliver my music would you expect a ginger kid? Because honestly I wouldn’t, I like to keep people on their toes so they really listen deep into the music, I want the fans to find a way to connect to my music so they know they are not the only one who struggles or has factors in their life that makes them who they are today.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

RICHARD NIXON: My songs are about not letting anything stand between you and your dreams, to inspire others to be creative, original, and to have a voice and speak up for what they believe in. The idea of being a a rapper has been in my head since I was six years old, and at a certain point in life you have to be comfortable with who you are no matter what, don’t stress over the little things in life and just continue down a positive path in your life. I put that message in my music because I want the listeners to find a way to relate and understand where I am coming from.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who is your fan base directed towards?

RICHARD NIXON: My fan base is towards the dreamers who turn there ideas into creations. The musicians, rappers, painters, designers, film, and photography. I mean if you have a vision of something in your interest, then you should bring light to your passion in life. Id rather die for something I love than live for something I hate.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

RICHARD NIXON: Honestly I felt like 50 Cent and Eminem were two huge components in influencing me into making music. I remember watching Eight Mile and being able to soak in the atmosphere of a struggling brave man, trying to make a name for himself and it painted this picture of what I thought the rap scene was like. And just being able to see his underdog story was so inspiring and compelling. However a few months after that my mom bought me my first CD which was 50 Cents “Get Rich or Die Tryin” and thanks to 50 I was able to imagine, I would just get lost in the story he would tell and to really hear the pain and hunger in his voice that I was hooked into his music from day one. And since I could relate so much to both of those musicians I feel I am trying to do the same thing for my fans. Other artist I am inspired by would be Tyler, The Creator at number one. Joey Bada$$, Mac Miller, The Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies, Big Krit, Wiz Khalifa, ASAP MOB, Dom Kennedy. I am truly influenced by anyone who can inspire me and to push myself to always do better.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

RICHARD NIXON: I would describe my music like trail mix, you don’t know what your gonna get, but you will get a handful at one time, you taste buds or in this case your ear buds will be so overwhelmed with confusion that by the time you have finished and had time to process what you just heard, I already got you craving for more. My music may be hyped, chill, sad, happy, inspirational, no matter the story I want the listeners to find a way to relate to what I am saying.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

RICHARD NIXON: I feel I stand out the most with my originality and my word play. I am always striving to create a new sound and to say something in a unique way, that way people get to listen and think in a new way. I think it good to always be different and to give your fans a new sound and new work because too much of the same music over time gets boring, and I am here to show the world how interesting life can be. On a lighter note I feel I stand out like Waldo because how many other ginger rappers do you know?

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on?

RICHARD NIXON: Some up and coming projects I am working on currently is my mixtape called “Youniverse” which I cant spoil too much for my listeners but I really hope you enjoy because on this project I strive to be different on each track so you are able to understand Rich Nix a little bit more in multiple aspects of life. I am also currently filming a short series of my daily life as a rap artist and a short film original that is all written, produced, filmed and acted by myself.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

RICHARD NIXON: Some short term goals I have is to continue to put my name out there in the music industry and to be able to drop my solo album as well as starring in my own professionally filmed documentary or even a fictional story would be very interesting. I am super fascinated by acting, it is such a one of a kind talent to be able to portray a certain character and altered persona that is completely different from your own life. – However where I see myself ten year from now is still being involved with arts whether it be rapping, acting, drawing, fashion, designing. I just never want to stop creating and inventing new ideas. I would also love to give back to my community because growing up in Vancouver Washington has influenced me and created me into the man you see today. I would also like to travel around the world and visit different countries and provide volunteer work and to give others a helping hand, it would be great to meet new people and cultures I have never gotten the chance to experience yet.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

RICHARD NIXON: My fans can talk to me 24/7 just message me on Twitter @RichNixMusic or Facebook. And you can listen to all my music on Soundcloud @RichardNixonMusic. You can also shoot me a email if you are an artist, producer, filmer, or photographer if you are interested in collaboration, RichardNixonMusic@Yahoo.com And also be on the look out for my short series on Youtube coming soon, but in the mean time for all my friends peace, love and happiness.