Wesac Wingo, the product of a Bronx hailing mother and a country father from Rome Georgia was youngest of 3 boys. Grew up getting jumped on more than one occasion in school, in his neighborhood, and had an abusive older brother. Without any friends growing up, as you could easily guess he started getting in a lot of trouble, fighting back, doing everything he could to attain what had seemed to escape him that others had….Respect. At age 11 he wrote his first rap, others actually liked it to his surprise, but he didn’t think it was for him. He was white not from the hood, not rich but his family seemed okay, and was talking about violence and fighting in very specific situations in his life. He kept it a secret but he kept going back to it like a smoker does a cigarette… He needed his fix and nothing else but music and venting his problems out would suffice. The first album he ever bought was “straight outta cashville” By Young Buck. He related to a lot of it and was inspired in a lot of ways to just “write one more rap”. The truth of the matter was that he was insecure about a talent that at the time wasn’t really accepted coming from a white boy. Since then much has changed as you know.

In ninth grade he met his first friend Shanks Whaley, who would turn out to be Wesac’s artist later down the road. They started working together on and off with music, like many groups Wesac was in not everyone was trying to work towards the same direction. They still work together to this day and are in the studio every week.

After graduating high school, Wesac started drifting back to old ways of selling drugs, hitting licks, doing odd jobs that nearly landed him in prison; eventually he got his head right and started managing an artist by the name of Daz Wyld. Between the behind the scenes work and his MMA training he had his head on the right road. He was focused, and had started taking music more seriously at the age of 19 for once, maybe more than just a hobby.

While going by the name of Aye Tee Tholo, or Tholo for short (a nickname he got from always showing up solo no matter what the situation was, fight, odd job, a club, or a party) he started recording his own music. His first song “Kush In The Air” [Prod. By Beat Zombies] had over 5000 downloads on limelinx, and good plays on other sites later down the road. He had followed it up by a single that took over the city of Jacksonville, AL. “Only One” [Prod B y Karltin Bankz] which doubles the number of Kush In The Air, it was everyone’s ringtone. He thought he had made it, only to find out at the time he wasn’t ready, he got a big head and fell off, couldn’t get back in the studio to save his life. It was a great lesson to him later on down the road. People that where on his side had started turning on him and he learned firsthand not everyone wants to see you succeed in this music industry.

At the age of 21 Wesac had been selling drugs bigger than before and eventually got locked up by Weaver Police Department, barely avoiding distribution charges only got a misdemeanor for possession and paraphernalia. (Talked about in Love and Hate) He later found out he had been snitched on by an old friend. To settle the score he found his girlfriend and proved her….disloyalty. After taking care of business he addressed it in 2 songs, one that was never released to internet “Oh Well” and the other “Ima Get Her” both featuring former member in a rap group with Wesac Wingo (TTU – Too Turnt Up) YB Flexx. This started back a lot of beef in Wesacs personal life which would make it to enter his music again.

The next summer he was without a studio, and saw an opportunity to make something of himself in Orlando FL. After being lied to about a job set up he got down to Orlando and ended up living in and out of a motel on South OBT in a Latino hood, and one of the biggest crack capitals of the southern United States. Walking 24 miles to work and back through this rough city trying to keep a roof over his head he eventually lost hours and ended up living on the streets. Hundreds of miles away from family and with no food or anything but the clothes on his back he continued to move on throughout the summer. Eventually he found a studio, he couldn’t afford it but it gave him hope. He was back writing and had a whole new outlook on life. He had lived in every situation imaginable at this point, been to the lowest point a human can hit and still be alive. He didn’t feel any discouragement he only saw a way out and it was up.

He returned to Alabama later that year with a promise saying that he would make something of himself no matter what. He would attain all he ever wanted and he would find a cure for his brother. He was walking 4 hours to events to make a name in the city and state. Opening up for The Migos, Travis Porter, Karlie Redd and more. Wesac Wingo is releasing his first official Project “Bout Damn Time” This December and is currently the most highly project coming out of the state.


IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from?

WESAC WINGO: I am from Anniston, Alabama, Zip code 36206. A mix of country surroundings and your usual inner city downtown areas, even the uptown areas are considered lower class by most states.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background?

WESAC WINGO: At age 11 I wrote my first verse joking around with friends in Saks middle school, (town inside the city of Anniston). Picking it up every once in awhile for more mostly fun and therapeutic purposes. At the age of 16 I was rapping in a band called Attrition with a close friend Shanks Whaley, even though nothing was ever released officially due to the lack of recording equipment. With that I built up the ideas of deeper concepts in my music that I would later plan to have in albums later down the road; more down the road than at the point I am at currently. I was also writing for small local rock bands secular and Christian bands. As much as I loved rapping, I developed the skill of writing for multiple genres of music. The conclusion I came to for this was I wanted every detail in my life to be taken seriously and to find the right market to relate to on certain subjects. At age 19 I started taking my music seriously and started recording my own songs and picked up the mic again, it was a long process of finding my own lane and finding beats that where mixed properly. I was managing other artists at the same time so I had stretched myself in every direction, I had been told that my music was good, however I wasn’t satisfied with it due to the fact my delivery wasn’t where I felt it needed to be and I hadn’t found my voice yet. Later finding out my brother had contracted HIV it gave me the constant inspiration to stay writing. Even if I couldn’t get in the studio due to whatever situations occurred having to rely on people I would stay writing.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

WESAC WINGO: My songs range as far the eyes can see, as I mentioned before I am multi-faceted in music. I have songs about past relationships, whether it is amongst friends, family, or the woman I had chosen at the time to spend the rest of my life with. I also talk about the personal affect Doe B had on me as an artist and as a person before he was murdered occasionally. I approach my records with however I feel at the moment and what I am personally going through, sometimes being positive sometimes being negative. I enjoy making relatable music from situations in my life, drama, things in my past, a partying lifestyle I dabble in, and what I see as my future and off intellectual conversations about personal beliefs.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your favorite song to perform and why?

WESAC WINGO: My favorite song to perform is “Love and Hate”. After I get the crowd’s attention usually starting off the show with “Look At Me Now” followed by my single “Roll Up (Scotty 2 Hotty), I slow it down for a minute and talk to the crowd while the outro to gauge who can relate to the song. I have seen people cry to this record and I have never had a single bad reaction to this song. The main reason I love performing this song is because it always turns people that enjoy the music to true fans, as they can relate to so much of it from their personal problems to mine and pushing on through situations even though they have lost what feels like their personality and have become numb but put on a smile. This is always how I end my shows, and it always leaves the crowd with chills, without that reaction I don’t feel I have given a good show no matter how energetic the crowd gets I love knowing they will never forget that night they first saw Wesac Wingo live.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What has surprised you the most in the pursuit of a career in music?

WESAC WINGO: The most surprising thing I have noticed in my pursuit to music is how things can go sour at any time and place. So it’s good to always have something tucked away in case a studio packs up and moves or people become petty. I’ve learned that although you can’t always control your situation, but if you really care about this you will do things that you would never have thought you were capable of to get to the next level. Even if it was walking 4 hours to get to PURE lounge in the city with no guarantee of having a ride home only to perform at an open mic for an opportunity to open up for a larger artist. With great sacrifices come great rewards.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences?

WESAC WINGO: My musical influences range from different genres; Michael Jackson for obvious reasons of outstanding musical feats (Favorite song is still Dirty Diana), Lou Bega for making the soundtrack of me and my mother in my younger years; My girl, Mambo Number 5, and other hits of his. Lil Wayne for his delivery and energy and how he recreated himself, he would have to be my biggest inspiration over all, The GAME for how he paints a picture, Eminem for his constant evolving lyricism and changing of flows. Wiz Khalifa opened up an introduction with his production for beats that I personally sound the best on, his music is fun to listen to. Eazy E had an amazing flow. Three Days Grace for their energy. Chris Brown for his melodies. Breaking Benjamin for their instrumental delivery and a different sound in rock music. Last but not least Doe B for changing the outlook from the outside of Alabama’s culture, and his work ethic.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people?

WESAC WINGO: I believe that my music is relatable to everyone. My music is the inner thoughts of a kid that grew up a loner coming from an area with many different surroundings that avoided the gang lifestyle while being offered parts in a local Crip. Although I could still mix in with every hood in the area and could relate to people in the pastures and farmland as well while earning respect through time.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists?

WESAC WINGO: I have never heard another artist in the lane I am in that is as versatile as me. My songs are relatable in some way or another to just about anyone from all walks of life. I follow the rules of 2pac, basically saying I won’t start any problems because I’m not looking for trouble but I will retaliate. In my more street relatable songs I discuss the problem in the idea of “street cred” and people doing things that I have done in my life to make sure my needs where met without relying on the finances of others in my past while others seem to do it for social status.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What would you like to see changed in today’s music industry?

WESAC WINGO: I would love to see more relatable music than just drug dealing or at least the approach to it. I believe the entertainment industry is very influential, and believe that as much as club bangers, even though they are a strong point of mine and are crucial to a career in southern music, the topics could be more diversified. Another thing I would love to see is more artists that care about longevity in the industry and think long term without over exposing themselves even though it makes money it can destroy the loyalty of a core fan base.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are upcoming projects that you are currently working on?

WESAC WINGO: I am working on my first official mixtape “Bout Damn Time”. Many people have been waiting for me to release a project, it has many different lanes in it as well as some never heard mixes of genres that I have gotten very good reactions to. With the different lanes that I put in this project my plan is to push massive amounts of hard copies and push one single at a time to get the most out of my project, and to find out the production lane that people gravitate towards the most so I know how I need approach my next project whether it is an EP or mixtape with a more professional flowing project from beginning to end.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals?

WESAC WINGO: My career goals personally are to make enough money off of music to invest into finding the publicized cure for HIV mostly for my middle brother. Professionally my goals are to win multiple Grammys, as one honestly would not satisfy me. I want to be remembered as a legendary figure in music and not a one hit wonder. I intend to have multi platinum selling albums and not just enough money to pay off my agreement of a record deal. I want to win awards for songwriting of number 1 singles, not just one but multiple singles and projects. I also want to make a difference in the music industry as far as broadening my fan base to include a more diversified group of fans.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

WESAC WINGO: 10 years from now I will still be in a studio working on continuing to improve my music. Music is my first love and I can’t imagine that changing. I see myself as being a highly respected artist in the industry, and winning video vanguard awards; to being known for my music and not to be known for getting arrested all the time or news in tabloids that give a negative effect on the team and label I am a part of. I see myself as having one of the biggest album deals in history after proving my worth and traveling the world touring.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you?

WESAC WINGO: Soundcloud.com/wesacwingo

Twitter – @WesacWingo

IG – @Wesac_Wingo












  1. Let me tell yall something. I’ve know this dude since the first song he released all them years ago. This dude has got determination and is doing what he needs to do to get shit done. Pure talent is hard to come by and he’s got it. Help this man however we can people. He deserves it.

  2. Wesaco wingo is one of the most dedicated rappers I know of that’s not famous. We got mad talent in Anniston. My cousin Yung Brodie mixtape Drop this week . my group UNO GANG DA SQUAD dropping our mixtape UNO LIFE: THE MIXTAPE ON DEC 31st 2015. Support Our Movement ! #Destined4Greatness

  3. My boy, you have a story for the world to hear through your craft. Keep your head up, strive for the best, keep God first and you can do anything you set your mind to. I believe in you and I know you believe in yourself! Let’s get it! See you at the top homie! #1,000

  4. My boy, you have a story for the world to hear through your craft. Keep your head up, strive for the best, keep God first and you can do anything you set your mind to. I believe in you and I know you believe in yourself! Let’s get it! See you at the top homie! #1,000


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    Me – What would u do if u got a million dollar deal?
    him – Live in a trailor, live broke have a studio, stay ducked off and have my own studio and a shit ton of guns in case someone tried to rob me
    Me – why tf would u live in a trailor?
    him – idgaf about a mansion bruh, im trynna be ducked off and work my ass off and get my brother a cure, and put my team on, i gotta make sure dream teams eating good . when i hit 10 mill then we’ll talk about a big house…..ima still have a lambo tho
    Me – smh u a loyal mfr
    him – aint that how we sposed to be tho?

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  40. This boy has the whole city behind his back. Shot a small documentary video for him in Sept. Of 2015. Ive never heard his music before hand. I was amazed to what I was hearing. I’m not even into the rap scene and I wanted to drive around bumping his music with the windows down. He showed me how he works in the studio and the support of the local scene. I knew from the start of his first track I had no idea how I was so blessed to pick this kid up for a behind the scebs music documentary.

    -John Blair Richards of Kilzo Films

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    • My homie tried the same thing, Steve walkers a con artist low key, he’s gonna ask you for 200 more bucks on your consultation call when u hit 400, and he’s gonna change your sponsor at the last minute. And if u do get signed they get 10% of everything u make, so by the end of it you’ll make about 3% off what u make. Get all u can from them and then ditch IAA. Only way you MIGHT make some $$

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