Byron Harris, Lil B Man, began his musical career as a member of the group, Paper Chaserz, who had the song “Franky.” When the group parted, he looked for an opportunity to showcase his vocal talent. Lil B Man launched his solo career with the street single, “Dopeboy Fresh,” which became a catchy tune around the city and helped Lil B Man get his buzz and his name began to ring bells in the streets of Dallas.

Many describe Lil B Man having a little body but with a voice of a giant, similar to Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy with the Dallas roots of artist like Gator Main, Big Chief, Pookey and Lucci and many more that you may know of. He raps about real life stories and things people can relate to.

His illustrious career included a stint with Sko N Go Muzic, which resulted in his mix tape “Itz Lil B Man” dropped late December 2010, which has over 3000 downloads on datpiff.com. Out of this production also came the video to the song “Dopeboy Fresh” which was released on world star hip-hop. Then came his mix tape “Trunk MuSiC,” also available on datpiff.

Early 2012 Itz Lil B Man decided to break off on his own and began FLYY GUUY ENT where he dropped the single “Whole Lotta Ass” late 2012 early 2013 and released the video on WSHH once again. While the song was gravitating the surfaces of Dallas streets and clubs he also released another mix tape called “Itz Lil B Man Vol 2 #IJWBD” on 03/13/2013.

In 2014 Lil B continued to stay consistent throughout the year by releasing not one but two mix tapes, “No Remorse in April and ‘Lil B Manson” on Dec 14th to end the year right. In April of 2015 Lil B released his mixtape titled “Stay Down” which received good feedback from bloggers, and the streets. He then founded and created www.itzlilbman.com to further his brand. Unfortunately this would be his last mixtape in his hometown Dallas, Tx. Lil B and his manager decided to take their talents elsewhere to expand their networking. Lil B now resides in Atlanta, Georgia pursing his music career.

Lil B Man is continuing to find opportunities to display his musical talents, looking for more national exposure. Lil B Man plans on increasing his fan base by a work ethic that consists of consistency, determination, and passion like none other.


IAA Industry News: What city and state are you from?
Lil B Man: I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.

IAA Industry News: What is your music background?
Lil B Man: I’ve been doing music since about 2005, I began and learned how to understand music and its content in high school at Lancaster High. Learning how to produce music vocally and what it consists of by 10th grade, I further pursued music in many ways. I started my music career with a group called “Paper Chaserz” we were known for the sensation song “Franky”, which was popular song in 2010, but after the group parted ways at the end of 2010, I then began taking my solo music career seriously by believing in the craft within myself. Especially when I began to get fans and support from all of my peers. I’ve been a solo artist for about 5 years now.

IAA Industry News: What are your songs about?
Lil B Man: The majority of my music is about everyday life. The good, the bad, the ugly, and funny; I lay it all out into my music. The way I start off a song is depending on my mood unless I’m featuring on someone else song. My music is very inspirational and motivational. I feel like the most important trait about me as an artist is my ability to tell my own story. I am able to paint pictures and help others to relate. I feel like the thing that makes my music significant is that I am able to describe life from my own point of view. I take pride in being very authentic. I also can make songs for the club and any other atmosphere where music is needed; but overall I just enjoy making music with substance a little more because you can’t club 24/7 and everything isn’t always what some songs are to be. I feel like my music helps people get through everyday life, and inspires them to be great and to chase their dream no matter what.

IAA Industry News: What is your favorite song to perform and why?
Lil B Man: My favorite song to perform is my song entitled “Stay Down”. I like performing it because it gives me the opportunity to display the passion I used to create it. It has the most meaning to me because it sums up of some of the things I have been going through. I believe when I perform “Stay Down”, the audience gets the chance to actually feel what I’ve been through on my journey: “ I was down and on my a** them h**s treated me like trash n***a! I just had to Stay Down”.

IAA Industry News: What has surprised you the most in the pursuit of a career in music?
Lil B Man: What has surprised me the most in my pursuit of a career in music is how challenging it actually is to reach the top. It’s never about just talent or the music or the look , it’s always about what I’m willing to risk and sacrifice to make it happen. Most people view music as an easy way out. They don’t realize all of the trials and tribulations you face on your road to success. They don’t understand how much you actually have to invest, and they don’t understand how time consuming this business actually is. I realized that you really have to love the music with a passion and from the heart because you will get more than enough reasons to walk away.

IAA Industry News: Who are your musical influences?
Lil B Man: My music influences are artist like Tupac, Juvenile, Young Jeezy, Jay Z, Scarface, and Pimp C. Mainly artist that tell stories and are able to paint that picture for you in each song where you can visualize what they are rapping about.

IAA Industry News: How would you describe your music to people?
Lil B Man: This is music that can turn your negative day into a positive one. This is music that will motivate you to keep pushing no matter what obstacles are thrown your way. This is music that can change your life; I know because it changed mine. I’ve been through a lot, and I just want the opportunity to share my music with the world because I know there are plenty of people that can relate to what I have to say and what I have been through.

IAA Industry News: What makes you stand out from other artists?
Lil B Man: I have a very unique voice. It’s very different. I’m very passionate, and I’m actually hungry. You can hear it in the music; you can hear it in my voice , on my interviews, and through my daily conversations. It’s all I ever talk about. I have always been willing to put my last into myself, whether I was making money back or not just to continue to live within my dream. I’m not the type of artist that’s into following trends; I would rather create them or set my own. Most importantly, my music is 100% authentic! You don’t get that a lot in today’s world of hip hop and rap.

IAA Industry News: What would you like to see changed in today’s music industry?
Lil B Man: I would like to hear artist make music that actually serves a purpose. I would like to hear music that has a meaning. I feel like the rap music being put out is very watered down. We haven’t had any new artist to come in the rap game that has had some longevity in the last couple of years. I would like to see some artist become legends instead of famous for the moment.

IAA Industry News: What are some upcoming projects that you are currently
working on?
Lil B Man: I actually just dropped a project entitled “Stay Down” so I’m still focusing on pushing this one. You can check it out on itzlilbman.com. I’m actually also getting ready to release a new single called “Trap Sum Mo”, in the near future so be on the lookout for that one.

IAA Industry News: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Lil B Man: My goal is to be the greatest of all time. I don’t set out to be great in one area. I want to be the greatest all around artist. I want to be the best at marketing and branding. I want to work with the best producers. When I’m able to start my own label I want to have the best up and coming artist under my label. In the next ten years, I see myself as a business man still investing my money as I do now just on a larger scale: having my own label , marketing and promotion, branding, producers and management teams. I would love to franchise some of the greatest restaurants and create opportunity for things people will always need in the world .

IAA Industry News: How can your fans access your music and contact you?
Lil B Man: It’s very simple. All you have to do is visit itzlilbman.com. You can follow me on Twitter @itzlilbman. You can also follow me on Instagram @itzlilbman. You can search “itz lil b man” or “itzlilbman” on Youtube. I also have music on livemixtapes, datpiff, soundcloud, audiomack, reverberation, iTunes, Amazon, Google play and various other outlets.












  1. Ive never been into rap. However …. He is truly an entertainer . His performance allows one to engage and feel apart of his story . Dallas finest

  2. Lil B is very hard working and dedicated to his music and family. I deff feel he has the passion and ambition to take it to the top with this music shit. Ive actually had the pleasure to work with Lil B on a couple of projects and he is a down to earth good hearted artist…

  3. Rapping is a talent that some people are not blessed with but Lil B was on of the lucky ones! He will do whatever it takes to take his dream to another level! He is very dedicated and a BEAST on the mic! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Man I really appreciate his kind of music it’s rare these days that’s why I can relate to it , it’s not about what most music is today he represents the struggle and what normal people go through daily

  5. A focused artist, and passionate with his work, watching his growth & grind is motivating. He shows you what it takes along the journey. One of the greatest! #isupport #staydown

  6. I salute Lil B for staying focused and chasing his dreams. His music is dope! One of the top artists from Dallas! #SupportTheMovement

  7. The best rapper comin out lyrics a fool…. Talkin on the mic fr real street real life shit street bangers and club bangers #staydown #beendown????

  8. I been fucking with itzlilbman since the summer & he’s the hottest dallas rapper out right now his music is motivation hes very talented good father & hardworker..when i listen to the lyrics in his music i can understand him i can relate to it..hes an over achiever im one of his bigg fans gotta know that & i wanna see him make to the top him & his family he got it in him

  9. I fwu lil b, hope you have a blessed career bro, all I hope is that you don’t sell your soul bro….keep pushing for your family and fans we all support your movement….appreciate you for being a real n***a

  10. Hey bro been following you for bout a year now a1 music…you gone do it like no other because you ain’t scared to take chances. ..when other niggas play it safe

  11. Raw Talent for real and I have heard a lot of rappers but not the “Real Rap”, that can relate to the lifestyle that they rap about!!! Young and talented….. The best I have heard from Dallas, Tx….# StayDown#

  12. Everything he rap about is realshit he really did r doin , that’s wut make he shit go so hard, ant nobody fuckin wit him rite , one of tha best out rite now …

  13. When it comes to dedication and passion lil b man has it. If anyone deserves to be catapulted to a major success leave its this man.

  14. I absolutely respect this man’s craft….. But even more so I respect the man behind the music you speak on true and relatable topics and that’s what this music game needs people who are not afraid to be HONEST!!!! RESPECT #StayDown #Salute

  15. Too proud of this guy right here. Talk about drive, dedication and talent. His commitment to succeed is unmatched. Don’t stop. #deeperthanrap

  16. Bro keep doing wat you doin….#iswer you got the right mind frame fa this type of industry… Keep ya head up nd ima support you all the way frfr

  17. Been rocking with him since club Mansion talented he got sumn his ambition to put on for the city I admire he has a bright future and I’m supporting 100%

  18. I’be known B since school age and I never imagined him to be the artist he is today. Music is a form of art (his lyrics) and how uniquely (his voice) your style can be displayed. One of my favorites is “Whole lotta ass”, the upbeat of the song makes you want to dance and “Stay Down”, puts me in hustle mode. Him and his manager have big things ahead. The two have been inseparable since riding in Farnks little white car and B’s old little car too! I remember guys! Lol! God Bless! Look at you know!

  19. I don’t know Lil B personally but I supported his movement and purchased his mixtape off iTunes and when I tell you I can relate to each and every one of his songs that’s what I mean young man has lots of talent and I play his mixtape on a Daily . You truly have to stay down to you come up I wish him and his career nothing but the best ! True dream chaser Keep pushing young man !

  20. This is family here. Been watching him grow and mature since Paper Chaserz, learning from the streets and only various entities in Dallas, Itz Lil B Man, has turned out to be one of the top and best artist coming out the D. The move to Atlanta to further his career shows his drive and tenacity to get out and take things in his own hands. Not looking for hand outs, he continues to, “Stay Down “. Much success to you fam, success is not limit to the sky, because your built to go beyond any limits and your showing that.-Gunna PSG4EVA-

  21. Lil B that nigga he need that shot frfr he got that talent and push I been seeing him grow fa yrs and still at it getting better daily the STREETS need his music

  22. I never seen a person so with so much passion for his music. I can’t wait for the world to know who Lil B is. His music is dope. And when he is not talking about his music he speak on shit that inspire people to pursue their dreams and become better people. He one of the best out here doing it. #ISupportLilB #Staydown

  23. I don’t really listen to a lot of the local rappers in Dallas Lil B is the ONLY one tht I would really take my time out to listen to cause I know he gone come with some real ish every time he not like the other local rappers thts trying to pursue a career in the rap game all they worry bout is showing off
    how much money they got and what kinda cars they got and how many brauds they hittin Lil b on the other hand puts more time and quality into his music then all of that and I have soooo much respect for him …… I can’t wait to say hey that’s my school mate when I’m watching his video on bet MTV and vh1 or performing on the stage at the bet hip hop awards gods gotta blessing with your name on it Byron good luck on your journey!!!!!


  24. I don’t really think nobody putting on for the city at the moment like Lil B, we got a lot of local rappers in Dallas but nobody is actually for real with it and trying to make it happen for the D like him..!!

    Keep Doing What You Doing Many Blessings Are Coming Your Way For You && Your Family


  25. I been rocking with your music the last couple years. I constantly see you working and staying down. You 1000 with it and put on for the city and real down south music. Continue to grow in the industry homie, you got what it takes, stay down.

  26. I have known LilBMan for over 10 years and he amazing me how much he has grown not only as an artist but as a person! He is beyond humble and I wish much success to him. The music industry definitely needs this type of music!

  27. I’m happy that someone I actually went to high school with is taking something serious that he has passion about and is willing to overcome ever obstacle there is to reach success. I see you’re no stranger to hard work. I’m proud of you. You got it. I know you do. Continue doing what you’ve been doing and keep your faith in God. It’s yours!

  28. This Guy here is a BIG INSPIRATION, Every since I been following him he gets better and better even in HS!! I already know he’s gonna make it in the music industry

    #Staydown #StayPrayedUp ?✔️

  29. Man my boy glad to see you gettin the love u deserve finally mane it been a long time coming all u did was grind hard take action and #staydown…we riding wit Ya in da USA homie DDD pclbrgang 4lyfa

  30. attended school with B and watched him grow as an artist from a member of a great Dallas based rap group to a solo artist. One thing I applaud is his hunger and strong focus. He’s dedicated to his artistry and pushes the envelope and gives other Dallas music a run for their money.

  31. One of tha realist! ? love tha fact that u not scared to get out there and show everyone that it’s artists from Dallas that actually got talent! Keep it up! Nothing but respect #Salute…KEEP PUSHING! U got it.

  32. Dallas owns my nigga lil b….been cool since day 1 stay putting own for our city……People look over us but this where its at lil B its his time….

  33. #ITZLILB Man I salute ? Over the years his music has been consistent Never gives up very humble and respectful man puts his priorities first and takes care of home. Straight out of Dallas Good music Good Vibe Real N**** Period ii salute yu my boy Keep up the good work… #StayDown

  34. Music for the people,He is always speaking on positive issues, even about the struggle, he is a motivational artist and I salute his talent, his music and his grind,most people are out here only talking about it but he is out here getting it, ain’t no waiting on no come ups,much love and respect #Staydown ???

  35. I been knowing itz lilb man since youngstas in school and he always said and mentioned alot of his love for music and what he wanted to do with it and this long in the game with everything hes done and been through ups and downs, wins and losses he never gave up and kept pushing. I can relate to alot of his music cause i lived a life similar and his music then and even more so now got me through things and getting me through them now by staying real and whole #staydown movement impact everything from Dallas to Arlington to North Richland Hills and is continuing to expand. Thats my friend, homie, partner, and family and his story is real and authentic and the world need to hear him not just the music but lessons in his music and the impact it has dont believe me just listen to blacklivesmatter by ITZ LILB MAN and tune in to what whole 214 already know. GIVE HIM THAT CHANCE AND OPPORTUNITY TO SHOWCASE HIS GREATNESS

  36. This nigga hot frfr. This my lil bro. He done elevated his game and stayed focused and down on his dream. He deserve to be signed. I listen to him all the time fr your gotta fuck wit Lil B shit.

  37. You seem to be really determined and have A LOT of motivation! I have heard your ” Stay Down ” song, it’s catchy and it states facts that I think people can relate to! (&& Your voice is a plus to your music) I wish nothing but the best for you ! I’m sure with the dedication that you have you will make it with your music dreams … After all, all you have to do is ” Stay Down! “


  39. Lil B hands down one of the best to rappers out of Dallas Tx, been listening to his music for about 10 years and he ain’t let me down yet. Keep it up fam

  40. This man is always pushin for the next thing! Lil B deserves everything coming to him. Keep up the hard work B. The city got your back! #TripleD

  41. Itz LilB Man I’m So Proud Of You Brother! You Have Come A Long Way & You Have Truly “Stayed Down”. You Deserve This Success And Many More Blessings! Like You Always Say, This For Lil Scoobie I Know He Watching Over & Smiling At You. ??? We Rocking With Ya Forever

  42. I dnt kno dude personally like dat bt Lil B has his own sound to dis music game……Da meaning of STAYDOWN is something our generation dnt kno bout…..errybdy want da easy way out or in…..Im a artist myself and da top 3 things i see dat Lil B has dat alot of up coming rappers dnt have is #1 originality #2 The dedication the passion the Love nd #3 He has music with meaning/ Da hustle nd Sacrifice…….Lil B keep doin yo thang fam And STAYDOWN is juss not a saying in my book Its Ah Way of Life……SALUTE

  43. You’ve truly grown as an artist, I love that u are real, truly passionate about your craft, and relatable. Your hard work and dedication is paying off..congrats

  44. Nowhere to go but to the TOP! The hunger you have for your music will eventually come to pass & This vision is soon to become YOUR reality. I fwu. ❤ keep up the good work love.

  45. 2015 at 1:40 pm

    Lil B is a talented artist ?..show love and support for local artist straight out of Dallas Texas. Lil B man really has the potential to go far and do great things. If he keeps grinding the way that he is, his career will go far.
    One of tha realist! ? love the fact that u are not scared to get out there and show everyone that it’s artists from Dallas that actually got talent! Keep it up! Nothing but respect #Salute…KEEP PUSHING! U got it. Baby dnt ever stop for none

  46. I had the pleasure of working with The Paper Chaserz on the “FRANKYYY” video shoot this is when I first met Lil B. Very humble , stays on his grind and puts his family first.? Much Love & Success

  47. Itz Lil B man he is an amazing rapper a great friend an outstanding father and he is the true meaning of determined he lets nothing stand I his way to make a better life for him and his children he as taken a few loses and he has used that as motivation to go even harder I feel if anyone deserves a chance it should be him

  48. Lil B Man is one of the hardest working and dedicated artist out of Dallas, Texas. The voice of the streets of Dallas. His fan base is growing and he is determined to let nothing stop him on his path to greatness.

  49. Man I been down by law lil b got a few hits my favorite one is a my name feat.yellabezzy that’s the buzz right now he been down so I kno it’s time for the come up…keep grinding

  50. Glad see doing ur thang. Keep it going its in and very talented! Times when you did ur thang in “Franky” thats my jam hitn it in the club. Keep your head up god continue kind ur path . Much love ??

  51. Man say I been knowin Byron since we was lil kids running track!!! I wish him the best of his success….he putting Dallas on the map fasho!

  52. Well I know him as lil Byron, he has always been a motivational person. His music is A1 every since I heard him rap with the group I knew he was going to outgrow the group and go get it himself ! He deserves it and yunno Dallas rappers can’t link up so you have to go else where. He did exactly what he needed to do in order to get where he wants to go ! I’m proud and can’t wait to see him shine ! I have faith in him and know he gone make it one day. It’s all love ! He my big cousin ?????


  54. “A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but because of its persistence”… You are truly determined and doors are opening!!!

  55. Been rockin with Lil B since he picked up the mic and perfected the craft of spitting real life lyrics over dope beats. I see so much raw talent and pure potential in this man. I give him 6 months to a year and his face will be plastered on every major music network known to man. Moving to the A was just icing on the cake cause he now has a chance to reach fans outside of the Dallas music market. I wish him nothing but continued success. #Salute

  56. Been rocking with Lil B since I first heard my bitch got a whole lot of ass that’s like one of my Faviorte songs ever ….. Best Dallas rappers Hands down!!!

  57. I’ve followed this young man on fb & I appauld his drive. Not only does his music go hard he also shares his experiences surrounding his faith in God. I truly wish you all the success in this world. Also the love & sacrifice you show for your babies is gone payoff #STAY DOWN #SALUTE

  58. Man I salute you 110%. I knew when I got that first CD from you that you were going places and hell I’m not a huge fan a rap so I only got it for support for an IG homie lol but im glad I got it, Especially your most recent one because its definitely inspiring. That “Stay Down” is something serious. You are right nobody knows what you have to go through to reach success. The people that you expect to be there for you are the ones that will let you down in a heart beat. Fake friends, unsupportive family and etc. But one thing about that is, when you got that PASSION….. Even With the Blood, sweat, and tears Can’t shit stop you from going after what you want. You definitely motivate me. &I have learned from you that I have to become more consistant with my work ethic cause that’s the main thing that will lead me to my destiny. Anyway thank you for being who you are. I pray for nothing but greater things for you!

  59. I support my city in whatever but Lil B Man’s music I support because it mean something and it motivates people, especially men, to do better and go out and get what you want in life. That man deserves everything he’s working for and I pray for nothing but the best for him! Keep grinding my boy its go pay off sooner than later!! #staydown

  60. #stay down til you come up ,continue on the path of greatness and letting your passion for music continue to grow and continue putting on for the city.

  61. Words can’t describe how hard he going right now I seen this dude n high school putting on n now its paying off. His music is motivation

  62. One of The Best of the Best Upcoming Dallas RapArtist, I can’t just pick one song cause mostly all the Tracks my Favorite on Every CD you done Drop I Salute you… You Stayed Down so long on this Rap Shit your Time is Here. ?

  63. Been knowing Lil B for a minute I’ve actually watched him transform and really get in tuned with his music the grind never stopped no matter the situation. Ppl might not know but his raps are real life situations it’s crazy how a person can turn a situation into a story and put it into lyrics that ppl can actually relate to…he been had the juice and soon everybody will realize he been had next up…that patience about to pay off. All the sacrifices all the long nights tears all the moves made will all be worth it! #staydown

  64. Ayyyyeeee DALLAS TEXAS… I don’t know him all personally like others but I’ve seen him a lot helping around the community and I’ve been following Lil BMan music for a minute now and for myself to not be big on rap I actually enjoy his music from the club bangers to the life stories everyone may not understand his music and the whole story in behind his lyrics but it’s a lot to be told and learned from it and the beats I love… besides not being a follower he actually stepped out of the box to expand and actually push his music not knowing the outcome of ppl retaliation. On top of living his dream he shows to be a great father with a loving support system with is a wonderful thing #STAYDOWN

  65. Passion is heard in his work! Unique voice and a great positive and motivating young man! If anyone should make it he should be it!! Never gave up despite what others thought or believed!!

  66. Lil B is a natural born hustler. So it’s no surprise to me how he’s continued to grind for his dream. He’s talented, & most definitely hungry. With that combination is destined to win! #DTownStayDown && support our own. They say it’s too much hate in the city but let’s push our own to the top! Keep it up Lil B.!

  67. Love seeing determined and focused artists getting what they deserve. Keep up the great work lil homie! #KiddoTheDJ #CampusKingzDJs

  68. #STAYDOWN Since PaperChasers, your drive has always been there! That raspy voice always stood out! When you first went solo I used to bump yo shit like I bump Boosie shit & my guy used to always ask me, “Who is this”, and that “He got something”, now I hear him telling niggas he rather bump Lil B Man. Keep sacrificing, it’ll get you what you want! Just stay true to you! Your going places my boi, all you gotta do is just #STAYDOWN!

  69. Hands down my boi lilbman is a great artist cold with datt flow his music has great stories a nigga can relate to keep up the awesome work fam.#LBR #Typeshit #LTown

  70. Great artist very humble.. Always had a unique voice and got the motivation and dedication needed to succeed. Jus kee doin yo thang and you will become one of the greatest to make it out of Dallas 100

  71. His shit motivate anigga. Wen u dont have nobody else in ya ear motivating u. Lil b shit brings out the self motivation. He talk about the struggle wen u find yaself askin yaself if you the only one feel the struggle, pop in lil b he gon relate to some shit u either going through are don already been through. Dat nigga stayin down takin risk fr.


  73. My brother I really seen my brother up’s and downs not only as a rapper but as a man and father…. Bro deserve it relentless grind crazy effort and he did it himself… I remember working in the warehouse and him taking his checks to buy studio time…I also remember the times where he wasn’t seeing the light of the tunnel and now it’s finally coming to light somebody sign a real artist who loves his craft

  74. I grew up knowing Byron and I understand his music my favorite from his projects is Stay down!!! Real cool dude down to earth person