• Rkitech It Was A Pleasure To Get To Honor You And Of Course Be Able To Be An Interactive Part Of Your Career Thank YOu For Coming Thru And Dropping This Comment And I look Forward To The Next Time We Can Interact #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIO #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR

    • It Is Always A Good Thing To See The Promoter For No Limit And #FLIGHTBOY Show Up To Leave A comment Of Suport It Truly Means Alot Derrty Thank YOu Bro FOr the Honor #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIO #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR

    • Vinnie I Appreciate Everything YOu Do For Me And all The Help You Are To The Radio Station I Am honor To continue My Journey Thru This Music Game With You Right Beside Me #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIO #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR #VINISTRY

  2. Twizm is a very unique artist that is so creative and it is evident in just listening to his music and broadcasting. The man should have a master’s degree in engineering education 101 because he is a multi-talented powerhouse with the soul of a kind hearted but still ferocious lion. I call him that diamond in the ruff among other things. His magnetism and charismatic personality is reflected in his radio show and his Love for the Lord and respect for everyone is apparent in his walk in life. A truly rare find that has ambitious blood in his veins and is truly on his way to fame.

    • Tc You Have From The moment We Continued Continued To be One Of The Best Fans Followersa Supporters And Fellow Artist That I Have Involved In My Daily Life As Well As Daily Career Movement It Has been A Pleasure And I Know It Will Continue TO be the Driving Reason Why This movement As Well As The Entire Career OF Twizm Whyte Piece Becomes So historical Thank YOu For Being Apart Of #TEAMELITE And Thank YOu For Your belief And Confidence #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIO #SBP #POZEPRODUCTIONS #XPRESSIVEGEAR I Am Blessed Because YOu Apart Now

  3. One of the hardest working people I have ever met indie support is always ALWAYS on point keep killin em out here brother HIPHOP!!

    • It Has Been My Pleasure And Honor That While I Have Been Independentll TOuring Thru Canada That I have Been Able To Meet An Indicidual As Talented And Dedicated As Your Self It Was An honor To Get To Interview YOu It Was A blast Watching YOu Perform Thank YOu For Your Support And Continued belief In #TWIZMWHYTEPiECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIO #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR

    • Dj Low I Could Say The Exact Same Thing About YOu If There Is Any Other Person That I Know That Is Just As Deserving Of The Attention And The Fans It Is You Always Top notch In The Support A A huge Believer In #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIO #SBP #XSPRESSIVEGEAR Your A #TRUKYNG

  4. It So Spectacular I Remember Liking Those Pics On Facebook When YOu Posted Them Right On Twizm
    Thumbs up From Justin

    • You Kno What so Supa Cool Is That When I Posted Them I Rem The Conversation That We were Having about whether Or NOt TO Send them HAHAH Too Funny It wouldbe The Same Ones We Were Talking about Thank YOu Justin For being A great Friend And Dropping This Comment Of Support LOLOl #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIO #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR

    • Kd Narley Thank YOu For Coming Thru And i do See The Mevement YOu Making As well In ThisGame And I Support YOu Dont ever Hesitate To hit Me up If You Need Anything And Look FOrward To Hearing Your Muisic On Fat Cat Radio #TWIZMWHYTEPiECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIO #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR

        • I Appreciate You Getting Ahold Of Me And Asking First I Would Like TO Take A Moment To Offer YOu tO Connect With #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIO #SBP #POZEPRODUCTIONS #XPRESSIVEGEAR #BITTEDANICCLE On Facebook @ And Second When It Comes TO Promo There Are Alot Of Great Sites And Of Course I Offer Promo Thru The Radio Station I Run AS Well As Thru The #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE Name IT Really Depends on What Your Wanting Industry All Access Has Great Options As Well As Poze Productions And Revival Marketing
          Connect With Me Even Further To Get More Options

    • Gio It Is always A Pleasure TO have Your Support In The Radio World but Even More Awesome TO Have Your Support On A Musical Level Personally Thank YOu So Much For Your Belief And Of COurse Lets Get This Music World In A better Place Together #TWIZMWHYTEPiECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIO #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR

  5. Yes I Am Finally GettingTo See This I Am Impressed I Started WIth YOuAs A host On Fat Cat Radio And Am In Loe With The Way YOu Have Surged Forward Great job

    • Peter Is An Awesome Thing To Have The Support Of A Great Dj From Ireland Thats Means That This Mevemetn And REach IS Everywhere God Bless You Peter Always #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCTARADIO #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR

  6. Me AndMy husband have been huge Supporters And followers Of Yours For A while NowAnd I Love That YOu Still Make Music Family Friendly After AllThis Much Success IKnow You Will be A great Artist In The Industry

    • Jon You Know I Am A Huge Fan Of Yours As Well I Mean That Song Im loaded Absolultely Fun To Play On The Radio Thank YOu For Your Support And belief #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIO #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR

  7. I Knew I Liked The Right One he Is so Supa Cute And ILove his Ladies Songs Like Do YOu Remember And She Want It Yeah I Am So Excited

    • Daze I Mean I Am Trying To Get It In Like YOu With The big Movement I Have been Watching YOur Career The Whle Time I Have been Doing Mine And Your just The Man WIth with It Bro Good Job And Thank YOu For Your Support And Blessings #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIO #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR

  8. Yes #TEAMELITe Is One Heck of a Movement And You Do IT So Well I Am Def Hooked Yo Tell Them They need TO Sigh You To like A million Dollars You Worth It HAHA #NINJAUP #TEAMELITE

  9. It is always a pleasure to show my love and support for my brother from another mother and country. A true friend and professional that I enjoy working with. Do your thing TWIZM. Love ya bruh. #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIOSPONSOR #TEAMBLKLION

  10. Hey bro sorry I haven’t been feeling a whole lot of support but I know you’re doing a real good job at what you’re doing so just keep up the good work bro. Keep up the good work teamelite

  11. my guy Twizim holdin it down we were two of layflats finest holdin it down back in the day. much love my man glad to see your doing so well.

  12. My dawg #TwizmWhytePiece doing his thaaanng ! Excellent role model in this hiphop game. Positive and humble. Keep on keeping on !

    • Bro It Is An Amazing Thing To Say That I Know Some Of the Best In The Game You being One Of Them then TO Have You Come thru And Drop Some Proper Comments Like This Man Thank YOu And Thank You FOr Allowing Me TO be Part Of Your Circle Of Friends #TWIZMWHYTEPiECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIO #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR

  13. What’s pop-a-lockin my G I see you heavy in the game making a good name for yourself
    as always respect and reach for the stars my G Holla.

    [N1M] Ricochet Rock Nice, Weekly Stats

    Sep 30 at 9:29 PM


    Ricochet Rock Nice

    NumberOneMusic URL:
    N1M Short URL:

    NumberOneMusic Weekly Stats

    Ricochet Rock Nice | Wednesday, Sep 23, 2015 — Wednesday, Sep 30, 2015

    Rank #4 in Hip Hop Charts for Staten Island

    • Cozy As I Stated Above You Came OutHere To Make Two Comments Of Support That Means More To Me than You Know Thank YOu And Thank YOu FOr Being Apart Of My #TEAMELITE #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIo #SBP #POZEPRODUCTIONS #XPRESSIVEGEAR #BITTEDANICCLE

  14. A Classic Talent Right Here This Is the Next Sensation I Promise You The stage The Show The Music the Personality So Much better Than What Is Out Now

    • Destiny Thank YOu For Your Support And For Coming Thru To Drop This Comment It Was A pleasure Getting TO Know YOu And Being Your Neighbor #TWIZMWHYTEPIECe #TEAMELITE #FATCTARADIO #SBP #POZEPRODUCTIONS #XPRESSIVEGEAR #BITTEDANICCLE

    • Anthony It Is an Honor ToHave You Come Here And Support Thank YOu And Of COurse It Is My Privilege TO Support You As Well Thank YOu For Your Support #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIo #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR #POZEPRODUCTIONS #BITTEDANICCLE

  15. There Isnt An Entertainer Who Is More Worthy Of being In The Spotlight And Being A Voice For Change Than twizm And teamelite

    • Thank YOu For Your Support #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIo #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR #POZEPRODUCTIONS #BITTEDANICCLE Annette It Really Means Alot That You An Pastor Mike Came Out To Support Thank YOu


  16. Big shout out to the homie Twizm Whyte Piece. You do so much for the hip-hop community, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Keep the positive movement going. Trust me bro. You’re appreciated.

    • Rawboss I Am Merely TRying TO Make The Impact That You do Everyday One Of My Personal Favorites Thank YOu For Allowing Me To be In YOur Career Thank YOu For Your Support #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIo #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR #POZEPRODUCTIONS #BITTEDANICCLE

    • Thank YOu For Your Support #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIo #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR #POZEPRODUCTIONS #BITTEDANICCLE JIMMY I Cant Believe You Actually Dropped This Comment Good Looking Bro Thank YOu

  17. Twizm Whyte Piece there is no body with the heart and dedication that you have when it comes to music or being on stage and for that I thank you #TeamElite

    • Thank YOu For Your Support #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIo #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR #POZEPRODUCTIONS #BITTEDANICCLE STEVE Thank You For Being Here buddy It Really Means Alot Your The Guy Who Is Gonna Play Me In My Biography E hollywood Movie

  18. Inspiration starts from being real. I’m inspired everything I have a conversation with this guy. The way he conducts himself as an artist, dj, father, supporter, and friend shows me that there’s still a chance to bring REAL music back. No matter if it’s rap, hip hop, or even a little r&b he has the independent scene on lock. If you haven’t had a chance to meet or connect with someone that will have to your back, then here’s your chance #respect to my dude, my friend Twizm Whyte Piece.

    • Wow Everytime YOu Show Me Support It Means The Most Simply because I Know every Word Of It Is True Absolutely Humbled by Not Only The Privilege Of Knowing You but the honor Of Being Involved In YOur Life Darae Your A Really Great Person I Want You To Know That Thank YOu For Your Support #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIo #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR #POZEPRODUCTIONS #BITTEDANICCLE

    • Absolutely Top Notch Thank You For coming Thru And Showing Luv And Support I Will make Sure To Connect With You Right Away And Thank YOu For Your Support #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIo #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR #POZEPRODUCTIONS #BITTEDANICCLE

  19. I am proud of my son’s accomplishments, and that the struggles he went through to reach the point he is at in the music industry. He does a Father proud…Love you Alex.

    • Dad It Really Means Alot The ays You Have Helped In Just A Short time And I hope That I Can Finish This Strong So That I Can Make You And The Family Proud Of Me Thank YOu For Your Support #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIo #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR #POZEPRODUCTIONS #BITTEDANICCLE

  20. From New York St., Lafayete, Ind. Full of freestyles to fame. I always respected your game. Get em Twizm. Much love and loyalty from all of us in the 765

    • Nick It Is So Awesome That You Came Thru one Of My Oldest Friends And Fans From Waqy back In The Day Thank YOu Thank YOu For Your Support #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIo #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR #POZEPRODUCTIONS #BITTEDANICCLE

  21. my man Twizm always holding it down since day 1 so that makes him A-1!!!! Big ups my bro!!! Also, Big ups to a lot of you all!!! I see everyone networking and shining together!!!! #BOOM?

    • Absolutely Amazing That You Came Out To Support MeKris Thank YOu And Thanks For Being Apart Of #TEAMELITE Thank YOu For Your Support #TWIZMWHYTEPIECE #TEAMELITE #FATCATRADIo #SBP #XPRESSIVEGEAR #POZEPRODUCTIONS #BITTEDANICCLE