1. Rayne is amazing! I love his music and he always comes up with new things. His music is inspiring and his voice is awesome. I get excited for every new song.

  2. Your hard work and love for music has paid off Ryan, im so proud of you never giving up what you love most & plus this man got SKILL :-)!!! Good Luck we are cheering for you all the way!

  3. I can really feel the emotions within the songs you sing. Especially I Know That I Hurt You, I just about cry and gives me the goosebumps! You have a lot of talent and a unique voice. I cant wait to hear more from you!

  4. Rayne,

    We are miles apart, but our friendship and bond isn’t. There are times when we have not spoke to eachother for days, but I’ve got you inside my thoughts. The talent you have amazes me – even though I can’t hear.

    Keep it up
    DJ Mr. Turtle

  5. Love love love. I love his voice. I love his ambition & drive to make this happen for himself. I love his personality. I can’t wait to be interviewed on ” before they were stars” about him!