IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What city and state are you from? 

ROCC REPLAY: I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I grew up on the north side off 32nd St. and Thunderbird, Paradise Valley. I have lived all over the city. FH, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale. I love it! It’s hot, but it’s home. You can learn a lot in the desert, and its said there’s no sunset like an Arizona sunset.
IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What is your music background? 

ROCC REPLAY: My first instrument I played was a clarinet. I played it for about 2 years through middle school I was good with it but just grew out of it. My mother and my uncle both played guitar. Their influence was enough to make me pick one up. I played guitar for a few years. I also took lessons, but didn’t continue to play. I was 15 when I started free styling to instrumentals then started writing lyrics. I had a homie named Adam Fricky that influenced me to keep writing, but I never really liked it. I was always intrigued by production. I was intrigued by how they get sounds and instruments from every genre and put them in one track. I wrote and rapped for 2 years until I got my first drum machine.

SB-246 as soon as I touched it I couldn’t put it down. I use to tap out all my beats and play all my piano lines manually. I got really good with tempos and rhythm before I even started using the programs like FL studio and Reason. It made going into those easy as far as knowing what you want your music to sound like. I recorded several songs in AZ between 06-08 before I moved to Washington state and met a group of people they became friends who later turned into family. They called themselves Loss Monstarz. They were working on their 3rd Ep titled “Thug Jitsu” following the “The Meth Lab” and “The Pandemic”. We worked on a lot of projects with artists in the Spokane WA area until we decided to do another Ep titled “Monstar Madness” 11 track album I produced fully and the out come was amazing! We performed that album all over Spokane and it got a lot of love. I met a lot of talented people during that time that gave me advice and guidance. My background has strictly been through my pursuit of knowledge for music and inspiration to create and offer what I have. I’ve always been passionate about music. Music will stay in my life till I’m gone. In more of a way then just someone listening to it but living it!

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

ROCC REPLAY: There hasn’t been a piece of music that hasn’t changed my mind, mood, or attitude depending on the situation I was in. I could always rely on it. There are songs that have been made 50, 60, 80 years ago that we still listen to. Classic music! If it’s good it will last! I would like to be an artist that can offer the same. My goal is to make music that carries into the future, and hopefully inspire someone to do something remarkable for the world or even just them selves. If I can help one person I did a lot. I also want people to have my music in Cd form, physical material, and also performances. It’s more than just listening to it. I want people to have something they can call their property.  A piece of me that I’m willing to give.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your songs about?

ROCC REPLAY: I have so many expressions moods and emotions. Most of my lyrics I write are very life relating. I write about experiences. I’ve been through a lot of stuff, but I’m educated and I try to use a good vocabulary. If I’m going to write a concept song it will entail a lot of thought, but also style. The words I try using are words everyone knows but in ways others don’t. I try really hard to relate to issues and circumstances people have. It’s not all about me, it’s about us, and I use that word a lot! My songs give a positive vibe and good style that can be appreciated by the people with a similar thought process. My songs also give a refreshing vibe for people who just enjoy hearing new music. I understand sex, violence, and drug use. I describe it in my songs through my experiences, but do not promote it. I need people to know me as someone strong that had been through the dark and made it to the light. My integrity and my path is what my songs are about!

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Who are your musical influences? 

ROCC REPLAY: Musically my biggest influences are my family, my mother, father, older brother, and my uncle Mike. They got me to embrace music. I started writing with my friend Adam, and that led to parties which led to battles which led to more influences personally. I mean hip-hop has always influenced me as far the culture and identifying with the lifestyles it holds. In my opinion, an influence can come from just an emotion or thought you get or even a piece of advice someone lends. Inspiration is the other thing that causes you to react to that emotion or thought. If I can say musically my biggest inspirations are Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Bill Withers, John Coltrane, Robert Johnson, Nina Simone, Stevie Ray Vaughn, David Allen Coe, Lane Staley, Kurt Kobain, Les Claypool, Bradley Nowell, and the list goes on. Most people would say none of those are hip-hop but in some way these people influenced hip-hop. They inspired an artist like me to think in every genre and try to incorporate a similar vibe! Threw it!

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How would you describe your music to people? 

ROCC REPLAY: My music is hip-hop first then it becomes whatever you want it to be. If you can listen to one song of mine for one minute and you want to hear more? Then I would describe my music as “Good Music”! It has: soul, jazz, blues, rhythm, bass, it has its own unique style, but all within the boundaries of hip-hop. No matter how many instruments I use it’s not techno, pop, or rock it’s Hip Hop. You would say the same, but it’s your job to tell me if it’s good or not.

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What makes you stand out from other artists? 

ROCC REPLAY: I believe what separates me from the rest is that I have always prided myself as someone that does not do what everyone else does. I make my own lane. I have my own stamp. I have a very open mind also. I understand that the way we progressed through technology and fashion. We have been able to explore a lot of different styles. Some would say I dress, talk, and act like I was from the 90s era. I was, so I will always know who I am, but my capabilities will separate me. I can be very diverse and abstract so as we progress further. I will always be working on ways to be original and stand out in my own way. I can’t say it will always be accepted, but I can say it will be positive and upstanding. I would not lower myself to get bad attention, I’d rather keep the better!!

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in your music career and how did you overcome?

ROCC REPLAY: I’ve had many challenges. I think my biggest challenge is not getting my music to the right people. Meaning I never gave myself the opportunity to gain resources and have my music noticed. I have never been placed in a position to grow a career from it. Another challenge is not using my finances properly. There are people who do music as a hobby and there are those who pursue it fully. I have written so much music. I have a project that is five-years old that I still plan to release. I been through 4 studios. I was also working with artists that did not have the same vision. There was time that had been spent that had made me feel, my time had passed, 8 years! A lot of my personal influences fell into drug addictions and crime and would have pulled me in with them if I was any weaker! I never gave up! There wasn’t a day that had passed since I was 15 that I didn’t write a rap, make a beat or just freestyle some words to keep my mind going. So my biggest challenge has always been ” myself”. I cam overcome it by establishing myself as a full working artist within the industry that can provide good music and good entertainment for people who enjoy it. I’m still on a path, but I’m climbing not declining
IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on? 

ROCC REPLAY: I have a project that I been working on for five years that I do not want to release the title until I can publish it. Still to this day I’m very proud that the production and lyrics have not changed in 5 years. I believe this record has potential to be a gold or even a platinum album if can get all the stars aligned and in the right time. The first project I released was a solo double disc Ep titled “Future History”. You can find it on my Reverbnation page. I wrote and produced it all myself and released it in 2011. Since then my catalog has grown with various singles and a number of instrumentals. I plan on releasing an instrumental series in volumes titled “Rocc Musicc”. I have several other projects such as “Rocc Hop”, “Feet Grounded Well Rounded”, “Said N Done”, “Rocc Radio” to be released next year with features and guests to compliment the albums. I also have two mixtapes titled “Good Health” and “Music Has No Color”.  I stay busy with music. I have already released 2 projects this year. The first was a full length Ep titled “Most Don’t Some Do”. I did it with a local artist out of Phoenix named D.O.M. This project was produced fully by myself and D.O.M and was professionally mastered. It did very well. It had great feedback. It is still pretty new so if you haven’t had a chance to hear it can be found on band camp “Rocc & D.O.M” “Most Don’t Some Do” I also just released a 13 track instrumental list of beats I comprised this year so that is very new it is titled “Roccstrumentsls Vol. 1” and can be found on Soundcloud @RoccReplay

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

ROCC REPLAY: My goal is to be established as a full working recording artist/song writer /producer. I also want to be in a position to help others get to their goals. I would choose to continue a career in music and entertainment. 10 years from now I like to see myself in a stable position within the music/entertainment business with a good reputation as some one who provided great music, performances, ideas for creativity and positive progress toward new thinking!

IAA INDUSTRY NEWS: How can your fans access your music and contact you? 

ROCC REPLAY: I can be found on Reverbnation/RoccReplay also Soundcloud@RoccReplay


I have an Instagram as well @RoccReflect

I can also be contacted directly at Tooninhiphop@gmail.com

I’m in the process of getting a full website as well. But if you ever come to Phoenix ask for Rocc and I will answer! Toon In.



  1. Rocc i’ve heard alot of your music through out the years being a resident of Phoenix. Your style is so unique and pure HipHop, not this rap trend but pure hiphop that demands respect..your lyrics are clever and have great word choice..In my opinion you are the most talented lyricist in the state and have the potential to bring a new wave a music that will be timeless with the right team behind you.

  2. I’ve know Rocc for a loooong time!!!! He’s family for sure. Growing up music and skating were definitely a huge impact on his life for sure and now making incredible music.. Rocc keep doing what your doing.. shining like a true star!!!!!

  3. I’ve watched an listened to your music grow over the last eight years. Your lyrics are clear an speak about what’s real. I’m honored to call you family.

  4. I’ve know Rocc along time and watched him develop his skills along the way. One thing that never changes is his ability to keep growing as an artist, producer and a person. He keeps surprising me and Inspiring me daily. Keep doing your thing man, love you fam!

  5. Rocky is a true music artist. Has true passion for the art. I’ve know Rocky most my life and can tell you he has a true talent and awesome skills that are just waiting to be revealed. Love every song he creates for the fact that it’s raw and real….my kind of music. Keep up the excellent performance ROCC can’t wait to hear some more!!!!!

  6. Hey rocky! You are amazing! I’m so proud of you and accomplishments in your dream of working with music. I remember back in the day with you and Adam free styling and always brought a smile and joy to my life! You have always cheered me up with your talent and you being you! Keep it my lil bro! I love you! Take care 🙂

  7. Homies beats are fire , got flows that spark shit in your skull peice .Reppin that underground hip hop dirty skateboarder lifestyle,Rocc is that real shit you didn’t know you needed . One man army soon to have the world at his back. Keep droppin us that heavy Rocc , that real Fukn hip hop!

  8. One of the best mc/producer in Arizona people need to be bumping Roc music all up and down in the valley can’t wait to Toon In for more music from him. I’m

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  10. From AZ to WA Rocco has made his mark not only with his raw lyrics, but amazingly produced beats. I’ve had the pleasure to work with him, and his creativity is contagious. If you have not had the chance to check him out do so, you will not be disappointed! The PNW has love for the Rocc!

  11. “A piece of me that I am willing to give”. Well put Rocky, keep up the great work. You continue to inspire artists of all flavors to stay motivated, to create, and to share the things being created. Love you man

  12. I’m so proud of you Rocky! This article was amazing. Keep going! Good for you chasing your dream! Ally loves hearing stories about her dad and you when you guys were young. Lol

  13. I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of working in the studio with Rocc. Very professional dude and very down to earth and chill.

    Fucking awesome lyricist who can just kick back with the boys.

    I can’t wait to do another track with Rocc!

  14. You are so very dear to me Rocc!…..I smile with the mothers heart at your success…when you do what you love, others will love what you do!…shine on and light the way for others!

  15. This man is a lyrical musical genius his music is the next generation I’m more than honored to call him a friend and it’s about time people started recognizing his omnipotence


  16. Congrats on coming up I see you doin big thangs and movin up in life yo shit be bangin and its gonna be off the charts soon!!!????????

  17. Wow Rocky. ….just wow. So happy you are realizing your dreams. You were always such a kind and sweet soul. No one deserves this more than you. You have arrived my man. We will love watching your star, continue to rise….

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  21. Just wanted to shout out industry all access for giving me this optunity to be seen and say my piece!! Also Thank you to everyone who left a comment took some time out of your day to show respect! I’m really greatfull for that I can’t only repay with good music and maybe a beer at the bar when you come see me live! lol Thank you again this has been a long road to get here but trust this road gets way longer!!

  22. To my baby… so cool. I am so very very proud to hear your words come together & make a cute catchy tune..
    Wow so impressive I knew you were wanting to get this gigantic dream into a reality & you did & you are truly amazing I absolutely love it. Today I woke up. Today I spoke up, today I owned up.. love love your choice of words that give so much meaning. Never knew hip hop would be so cool.. I love you so much my baby…. ❤️